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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
This page is currently being maintained for archival purposes only. For the latest information, please visit us here.


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Hands holding a rope
Marshall Burke standing next to a tree
Frank Gehrke, Jerry Brown and Mark Cowin at press conference
Branner library stacks
Rob Jackson
Victor Xu talking to a class
Tiziana Vanorio standing in front of the Rock Physics Laboratory
Oil drums
Hand next to an ugly carrot
Gorelick, Lobell, and Lambin
Test facility for post-combustion carbon capture
Contestants at table
Earthquake epicenter of the coast of Japan
shasta lake
Grain field
Jonathan Payne
Noah Diffenbaugh
Image of novel carbon bonding at high pressure
Stanford Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences logo over a picture of the Earth
Wheat field
Turtle swimming in the ocean
A picture of the Earth with the Stanford Earth Logo
Precipitation map of North America
Offshore oil rig
Margot Gerritsen
Daniel Swain
Emissions from a coal fired power plant
Owen Liu
Noah Diffenbaugh
Cartoon image of the Earth receiving an injection
Rob Jackson
Wreckage from Japans 2011 earthquake and tsunami
Miles Traer's cartoon drawing
Sterling silver inductor created by 3D printing
Page Chamberlain standing in a research lab
People standing under umbrellas
Tire over dry, cracked earth
Beach in Monterey Bay
'Clue into Climate' ibook icons
Lynn Orr
Fracking well
Dead Chilean sea bass
Eric Lambin
Math on a blackboard
Sensory Earth Image
Jenny Suckale writing out an equation
Potable Water tank
Kate Maher holding post-it notes
Symposium Banner
Peter Vitousek lecturing students outside
Kevin Arrigo standing in front of a U.S coast guard ship
Margot Gerritsen
Power plant releasing carbon emissions
Chris Field
Eric Lambin in front of his computer screen
Mexican flag animated as drought affected land
Leslie Stahl
Crack in the road caused by seismic activity
Roz Naylor
power lines
Students looking over a map
Laura Katz
Map of Stanford's new grad students
Approaching storm
Natural gas plant
Kevin Boyce, David Lobell
Assistant Professor Tiziana Vanorio in her lab
Thermal image of a weather system