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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
This page is currently being maintained for archival purposes only. For the latest information, please visit us here.


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Rodney Ewing sitting in a chair
Lab beaker of CO2
Silver sedan
Stanford architecture
Dollar signs
Nuclear power plant
Zach in a kayak at Hobbit Hole
A group of people standing in front of a ribbon
A man and a women working on a compost pile
Water on Mars
Chris Field
Pam Matson
Cartoon rain storm
Sonoma creek (courtesy L.A. Cicero)
First year economic graduate students
California river affected by drought
The Earth re-imaged as a human brain
Methane monitor checking for leaks
Map of the Earth representing a rise in sea levels
Purified Water
Western Tick
Three people standing around a laptop
High school teacher Monica Sircar watches a model convection system in a bowl of water
Librarian looking over a map
Interns looking at fossils
Science magazine cover
ESA 100 years
Military tank
Ice flow
Sumeet Trehan
Barron tree
Tony Kovscek
Photo by Jenny Downing
Chris Field
Water drop
Alumni Council group
Stanford Woods logo
Bill Dickinson greeting Jon Claerbout
Tony Kovscek
Dennis Bird
Globe of the Earth
HIV education sign in Africa
Oil rig
Joanna Sun
Nik Sawe
Rosemary Knight
Pamela Matson speaking to Stanford Earth graduates
Mark Zoback with student in front of a computer
Hannah Black holding a snake in front of a child
InSAR image seen through a water drop
Storm over India's Western Ghats mountain range
Geothermal plant
Ship grounded after tsunami
A large boat at the dock
Julie Kennedy
David Lobell
Image of an asteroid impacting Earth
NGI Hexagon
Fracking well
Rescue workers searching through earthquake debris in Nepal
Fracking operation site
Catalina Island
Animated image of a fissure in the ground
Geological map of California
Man watching an approaching thunderstorm
Praveen Bains, Kyoungjin Lee, Charles-Francois de Lannoy
SESI plant
Bay Area students listening to a Stanford scientist