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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
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Workers install a natural gas pipeline
Stanford's O'Donohue Farm
Edgar Rangel
fracking well in Midland Texas
U.S. Geology Maps
oil well fielder works on a well head
China’s greenhouse gas emissions
summer of 2012, a series of punishing heat waves
EPA staff sampling a monitoring well
Simply blowing air bubbles in the seawater
The Farm
Student working on the farm
bubbles rising through water
two kids holding the Earth in their hands
Earth horizon from space
view of Cajon Pass
Audience listening to a reading on in the field.
Fukushima power plant worker standing over a railing
Students standing on a hilltop
Fukushima power plant worker pointing his finger
Apple tree
Deforested hill
Mark Zoback
Woman filling containers with water
Sally Benson at podium
Student holding a Stanford Earth t-shirt in the bookstore
A large heart next to a small heart
Stanford Scientist next to a machine
Two residential towers
COP21 participants
Sparks, Oklahoma resident Chad Devereaux examines earthquake damage to his home.
A butterfly resting on a pile of rocks
A shovel with lumps of coal
Fiona Noonan standing next to a man
A map of the earthquakes in Oklahoma
Rice farmers in the field
A cow standing in a field
A group of indigenous leaders
A lake surrounded by forest
Miles Traer drawing a picture
Kate Maher holding containers of soil
A man writing on a piece of paper
Report cover
A picture of Cassandra Brooks in the snow next to a picture of Daniel Swain
Elsa Ordway in Cameroon's rainforest
Algorithm earthquake data
Stanford football players
Stanford @COP21 next to a picture of the Eiffel tower
Stanford students at a mock COP
Stanford COP21
Flags from numerous different countries
Roland Horne GRC Award 2015
GRC Award
Satellite image
Adelie penguins
Students standing in front of solar panels in a field
Three men standing with a plaque