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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
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Ross Stein
Stanford Undergraduate research in Geoscience and Engineering students
Earthquake damage
Stanford PhD student in Alaska
Online forest monitoring course
David Lobell
Arid mountain range in Central Asia
Scientist measuring Magnesite levels
Bucaramanga cluster
A man holding a watering can in Mozambique
World Wildlife Magazine logo
Earth Sciences graduate brochure
Volcanic eruption
corn field
Lynn Orr
Man standing on drought affected land
Wendy Mao
David Lobell and Kevin Boyce standing in Stanford's stadium
X-ray image of iron linkups
Mark Zoback
Greg Beroza
Iron melt network
Kevin Boyce
David Lobell
Kevin Boyce, David Lobell
Storm clouds
Earth Science grad students at an Alaskan fish hatchery
Wind turbines
Drought affected field
Noemi Walzebuck
Hari Mix standing on a mountain
A woman standing over a running well
Rosemary Knight
Page Chamberlain
Climate map
Illustrated Change in Annual Temperature map
Stanford students surveying coral reef health in Palau
Antarctic ice
Abandoned gas pump
Smoking volcano
Corn field
Chris Field
Coral reef
Mike Osborne, Miles Traer