How do I attach another computer to the network if there are no more active jacks?

Last revision September 6, 2011

The wired network operates somewhat differently in the three main Earth Sciences buildings (Geology Corner - Braun Hall; Mitchell Earth Sciences; and Green Earth Sciences) than in the interdisciplinary Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy (Y2E2) building.

Geology Corner (Braun Hall), Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, and Green Earth Sciences Building.

In these main Earth Sciences buildings, orange RJ45 modular jacks in the Telecommunications Service Outlets (TSOs) are used for both computer and network telephone (Cisco VoIP phone) connections. This is called a "converged communications" configuration.

To connect a new computer, printer, or other device to the wired network, first see if you have a Cisco VoIP phone with an unused RJ45 jack on the bottom (with a small "PC" label). The phone acts as a network switch and can "pass-thru" data for another device. Plug your computer into the phone if the jack is available.

If the pass-thru jack on the Cisco phone is already in use (or not convenient to access), you must plug your computer or other device directly into one of the orange network jacks in the wall. However, they are not all active! Active jacks generally have a small green dot next to them. All active jacks are listed on this web page, which also links to maps of the jack locations in each building.

Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy (Y2E2) building

The network in this building is managed by the School of Engineering. They also use VoIP phones in Y2E2, but they dedicate a jack to each one. Their network is not "converged" and their phones cannot pass-thru traffic to a computer.

Network jacks on the wall TSOs in Y2E2 are a blue color. Generally, the top two jacks are reserved for use by telephones, and the others are available for computers and other data devices. However, there is no way to tell which of the data jacks are actually active. You must simply try them to see if you get connected to the internet.

There are no active jacks for me to use - what do I do now?

If there are no active unused network jacks available in your room, you will need to contact the Earth Sciences network manager. He will be able to activate one of the remaining jacks for you.

However, if all the jacks on the TSOs are in use, you will need to purchase a small switch to use in the room. A special type of switch is needed if you want to connect multiple computers and a Cisco VoIP phone to the same wall jack. Contact the network manager if you think you need an in-room switch.

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