Use policies

Last revision April 12, 2015

Specific Policies:

Computer facilities provided by the School of Earth Sciences are intended to support the instructional and research missions of the School. These facilities include the School file server cluster, web server pangea, and other network servers; the computer labs operated by the School in Mitchell A65, Mitchell A59 and Geology Corner 114; and the School computer network. These facilities must be shared among a user community of several hundred people.

Access to and use of the School's computer resources is conditional upon adherence to the policies established for those individual resources, and to the general University policies on Computer and Network Usage and adherence to copyright laws.

The most important computer usage policy is one that applies to all University resources: commercial or illegal use of these computer facilities is prohibited. Occasional private use will be tolerated, but any use for private financial gain is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, you may not attempt to monopolize use of the computer facilities, or attempt to gain control or modify them in any way that interferes with the legitimate uses of others.

Specific policies linked above describe what support and help the School provides for workstation hardware and software; computer power management settings that are enforced to save energy; and the requirements for storing and accessing confidential research data.

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