School of Earth Sciences Computing Resources

School of Earth Sciences File Server -

  • High performance, high capacity network file server for entire School of Earth Sciences.
  • Individuals each have a 10 Gigabyte "home share".
  • Research groups can get large shares to store data and analyses.

Pangea Server

  • Web server for entire School of Earth Sciences - hosts School, department, research and personal sites.
  • Also provides anonymous ftp service for sharing files with outside colleagues.

Computer Network

  • Network use policies for the School of Earth Sciences.
  • Tips for securing your computer on the network.
  • Connect a computer or printer to the Earth Sciences network.
  • Configure a computer to work on the network.
  • Overview of Network Services.
  • Overview of the Earth Sciences network architecture.

Computer Labs

  • The School maintains computer labs in Mitchell Earth Sciences.
  • Mitchell A65 teaching cluster.
  • Mitchell A59 G.R.I.D. cluster for graphics and research.

Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Science

  • Operated by the School as a shared facility.
  • Provides high performance multiprocessor and cluster systems for computationally intensive research.
  • Sponsors courses and workshops in cluster programming.

Workstation Backup Services

  • It is crucial that you keep all of your important files backed-up in one form or another in case your computer is stolen, damaged, or has its memory erased as result of a virus or hacker attack.
  • Free computer backup services are available in the School.

Computer Power Management

  • The School of Earth Sciences automatically configures supported computers to use BigFix power management and encourages its use on personally-owned computers to save energy.

Video Conferencing Facility

  • The School of Earth Sciences has a self-service video conferencing facility in the Green Earth Sciences conference room 361.

General University Computing Resources

  • University licensed software, computer clusters, multi-media technology labs, and time-sharing computing, plus hardware and software support.

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