School computer labs

Last revision March 20, 2009

Priority for class use or homework assignments; otherwise drop-in 24 hours/day. These are not your personal computers. Don't modify system settings or try to install software. Pirated software will not be tolerated. Files that you save on local disk will be erased periodically, possibly without warning. Any files that you need to save beyond your current session should be saved on removable media (USB "memory sticks" are inexpensive) or moved over the network to the School's file server or another computer.

Mitchell A65 Computer Classroom

This is the School's primary computer cluster, designed for instructional use. The classroom features 20 PCs and a video projection system. When not scheduled for a class the room is available for drop-in use by all faculty and students in Stanford Earth. Contact the lab manager with any questions. For more details, see:

G.R.I.D. lab in Mitchell A59

The "Geo-Imaging, Research and Design" lab is maintained for Stanford Earth graduate students, staff, and faculty. This computer lab has both Macs and PCs running applications like ArcGIS, ENVI, Matlab, Comsol, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office. CD/DVD burners, scanners, printers, and large format plotters are also available. Contact the lab manager with any questions. For more details, see:

Geology 114 computer cluster

Geology Corner room 114 is a general use drop-in computer cluster for the exclusive use of undergraduates who are majoring in a Stanford Earth department or program. There are four computers with a selection of software.

Branner Earth Sciences Library

The Branner Earth Sciences Library, on the second floor of Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, contains many GIS workstations and many electronic data sets in addition to books, periodicals, and maps. Get general information about Branner Library at:

Information about Branner's GIS hardware and software is at:

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