Stanford Geothermal Workshop
January 30 - February 1, 2012

Monday 30th January 2012
Chair: Kewen Li

(1) "Introduction to the Stanford Geothermal Workshop," Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

(2) "DOE Geothermal Technology Program Overview 2012," Douglas HOLLETT

(3) "Development of Geothermal Policies in the United States - What Works and What Doesn't Work-," John W. LUND and R. Gordon BLOOMQUIST [Paper]

(4) "Building a Community-based Data Network for Geothermal Energy," Walter S. SNYDER, Joseph N. MOORE, David D. BLACKWELL, Tonya BOYD, Roland N. HORNE, and Lisa SHEVENELL [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A) EGS 1
Chair: Pat Dobson

(5) "Status of the Soultz Geothermal Project During Exploitation Between 2010 and 2012," Albert GENTER, Nicolas CUENOT, Xavier GOERKE, Bernd MELCHERT, Bernard SANJUAN, Julia SCHEIBER [Paper]

(6) "Recovery Factor for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Malcolm GRANT, Sabodh GARG [Paper]

(7) "Regulatory Nirvana for Geothermal Resource Development," Barry GOLDSTEIN, Michael MALAVAZOS, Belinda HAYTER, Alexandra. LONG, and Betina BENDALL [Paper]

(8) "Design of Geothermal Energy Conversion Systems with a Life Cycle Assessment Perspective," Leda GERBER, Francois MARECHAL [Paper]

Chair: Abdurrahman Satman

(9) "Roosevelt Geothermal Field, Utah – Reservoir Response after more than 25 years of Power Production," Rick ALLIS and Garth LARSEN [Paper]

(10) "Downhole Monitoring During Hydraulic Experiments at the In-Situ Geothermal Lab Groß Schönebeck," J. HENNINGES, W. BRANDT, K. ERBAS, I. MOECK, A. SAADAT, T. REINSCH, and G. ZIMMERMANN [Paper]

(11) "Relationship of Local Seismic Activity, Injection Wells and Active Faults in the Geothermal Fields of Mexico," Edgar URBAN and Javier LERMO [Paper]

(12) "Discretization of the Capillary Pressure, Resistivity and Relative Permeability for Naturally Fractured Reservoir," Alex VALDES-PEREZ, Hector PULIDO [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 2(C) GENERAL 1
Chair: Corrie Clark

(13) "Gigawatt-Year Geothermal Energy Storage Coupled to Nuclear Reactors and Large Concentrated Solar Thermal Systems," Charles FORSBERG [Paper]

(14) "Research Priorities for the Australian Geothermal Industry," Cameron R. HUDDLESTONE-HOLMES, Anthony BUDD, Hal GURGENCI, Martin HAND, Peter LEARY, Behdad MOGHTADERI, Tim RAWLING and Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB [Paper]

(15) "Hydrothermal Exploration Best Practices and Geothermal Knowledge Exchange on OpenEI," Katherine YOUNG, Timothy REBER, Kermit WITHERBEE [Paper]

(16) "Online, Interactive Assessment of Geothermal Energy Potential in the U.S.," ALLISON, M. Lee, RICHARD, Stephen M., CLARK, Ryan C., PATTEN, Kim, LOVE, Diane S., COLEMAN, Celia, CHEN, Genhan, MATTI, Jordan, DAY, Janel, PAPE, Esty, and MUSIL, Leah [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A) EGS 2
Chair: Trenton Cladouhos

(17) "Modeling 3D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation and Thermal Fracturing Using Virtual Multidimensional Internal Bonds," Kai HUANG, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(18) "On the Role of Thermal Stress in Reservoir Stimulation," Sergej TARASOVS, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(19) "Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling of Working Fluid Injection and Thermal Energy Extraction in EGS Fractures and Rock Matrix," Robert PODGORNEY, Chuan LU, and Hai HUANG [Paper]

(20) "Microholes for Improved Heat Extraction from EGS Reservoirs: Numerical Evaluation," Yingqi ZHANG, Lehua PAN, Patrick DOBSON, Ken OGLESBY, Stefan FINSTERLE [Paper]

Chair: Jim Combs

(21) "Geothermal Seismology: The State of the Art," Bruce R. JULIAN and Gillian R. FOULGER [Paper]

(22) "Use of Seismic Imaging to Identify Geothermal Reservoirs at the Hot Pot Area, Nevada," Michael LANE, Richard SCHWEICKERT, Ted DeROCHER [Paper]

(23) "Mapping of Fluid Compartments with Micro-Seismicity and Seismic Velocities Within the Coso Geothermal Field, California," J. Ole KAVEN, Stephen H. HICKMAN, Nicholas C. DAVATZES [Paper]

(24) "An Investigation of the Microseismic Events in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field," Jingbo WANG, Dennise C. TEMPLETON, Dave B. HARRIS [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(C) TRACERS 1
Chair: Mitch Plummer

(25) "A Tracer Test at the Soda Lake, Nevada Geothermal Field Using a Sorbing Tracer," Peter ROSE, Kevin LEECASTER, Scott CLAUSEN, Raphael SANJUAN, Morgan AMES, Paul REIMUS, Mark WILLIAMS, Vince VERMUEL, and Dick BENOIT [Paper]

(26) "Use of Safranin T as a Reactive Tracer for Geothermal Reservoir Characterization," Kevin LEECASTER, Bridget AYLING, Greg MOFFITT, and Pete ROSE [Paper]

(27) "Evaluation of a Cation Exchanging Tracer to Interrogate Fracture Surface Area in EGS Systems," Cynthia DEAN, Paul REIMUS, and Dennis NEWELL [Paper]

(28) "Use of Tracers to Interrogate Fracture Surface Area in Single-Well Tracer Tests in EGS Systems," Paul REIMUS, Mark WILLIAMS, Vince VERMEUL, Peter ROSE, Kevin LEECASTER, Bridget AYLING, Raphael SANJUAN, Morgan AMES, Cynthia DEAN, and Dick BENOIT [Paper]

3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A) EGS 3
Chair: Joe Iovenitti

(29) "Mechanical Properties of Intact Rock and Fractures in Welded Tuff from Newberry Volcano," Yawei LI, Jihoon WANG, Woodong JUNG, and Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(30) "Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration - Phase I Results," Trenton T. CLADOUHOS, William L. OSBORN, Susan PETTY, Daniel BOUR, Joe IOVENITTI, Owen CALLAHAN, Yini NORDIN, Doug PERRY, and Paul L. STERN [Paper]

(31) "Overview of the Northwest Geysers EGS Demonstration Project," Julio GARCIA; Mark WALTERS, Joe BEALL, Craig HARTLINE, Al PINGOL, Sarah PISTONE, Keshav GOYAL, Melinda WRIGHT, and Tim CONANT [Paper]

(32) "Hydraulic Stimulation of Well 27-15, Desert Peak Geothermal Field, Nevada, USA," Ethan CHABORA, Ezra ZEMACH, Paul SPIELMAN, Peter DRAKOS, Stephen HICKMAN, Susan LUTZ, Katie BOYLE, Amber FALCONER, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Nicholas DAVATZES, Peter ROSE, Ernie MAJER, Ste [Paper]

Chair: Sabodh K. Garg

(33) "The Application of 3D Modelling and Visualisation Software to Reservoir Simulation: Leapfrog and TOUGH2," Juliet NEWSON, Warren MANNINGTON, Fabian SEPULVEDA, Richard LANE, Richard PASCOE, Emily CLEARWATER, and Michael O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

(34) "Sustainability Factors for Doublets and Conventional Geothermal Systems," Abdurrahman SATMAN, O. Inanc TUREYEN [Paper]

(35) "Effect of Flow Configuration on the Relative Permeabilities of Water and Steam in Two Phase Flow in Geothermal Reservoirs," Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Jonas ELIASSON, Gudni AXELSSON, Halldor PALSSON, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR [Paper]

(36) "Quantifying Water Saturation in Steel Pipes using X-rays," Haraldur SIGURDSSON, AUDUNSSON Haraldur, SAEVARSDOTTIR Gudrun, GUDJONSDOTTIR Maria Sigridur. [Paper]

Chair: Graeme Beardsmore

(37) "Monitoring EGS Fluids with Magnetotellurics," Jared PEACOCK, Stephan THIEL, Graham HEINSON, Mathieu MESSEILLER, Peter REID, Martin HAND [Paper]

(38) "Integrated Approach To Interpretation Of Magnetotelluric Study at Wairakei, New Zealand," Fabian SEPULVEDA, Warren MANNINGTON, Jacques CHARROY, Supri Soengkono, Greg USSHER, [Paper]

(39) "Integrated MT and Natural State Temperature Interpretation for a Conceptual Model Supporting Reservoir Numerical Modelling and Well Targeting at the Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand," Steve SEWELL, William CUMMING, Lutfhie AZWAR, Candice BARDSLEY [Paper]

(40) "3D Inversion of MT Data in Geothermal Exploration: a Workflow and Application to Hengill, Iceland," Gudni Karl ROSENKJAER and Douglas W. OLDENBURG [Paper]

Tuesday 31st January 2012
08:30 am SESSION 5(A) EGS 4
Chair: Susan Petty

(41) "The Effect of Fault Zone Development on Induced Seismicity," Mark MCCLURE and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(42) "Toward Understanding Induced Seismicity," BENDALL, B., LOVE, D., HOUGH, P., MALAVAZOS, M., LONG, A. and PEPICELLI, D. [Paper]

(43) "Why Geothermal Energy Research Needs Statistical Seismology," C.E. BACHMANN, S. WIEMER, B.P. GOERTZ-ALLMANN, B. MENA, F. CATALLI and J. WOESSNER [Paper]

(44) "Spatial Relationships Between Dynamic Reservoir Characteristics and Induced Seismicity in the Northern Geysers, California," Katie BOYLE Ernest MAJER [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(B) MODELING 1
Chair: Jeff Tester

(45) "Impact of Silica Gel Deployment on Subsurface Flow and Heat Extraction from Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Souheil M. EZZEDINE, Jonathan D. HUNT, William BOURCIER, Sarah ROBERTS, Jeffery ROBERTS [Paper]

(46) "Modelling Geothermal Flow and Silica Deposition Along an Active Fault," David DEMPSEY, Julie ROWLAND, Rosalind ARCHER [Paper]

(47) "A Fully Non-iterative Technique for Phase Equilibrium and Density Calculations of CO2+Brine System and an Equation of State for CO2," Akand W. ISLAM, Eric S. CARLSON [Paper]

(48) "Temperature Induced Dissolution or Precipitation In Geothermal Reservoirs and their Effects on Pressure Transient Analysis," Serhat AKIN [Paper]

Chair: Yingqi Zhang

(49) "Deep Geothermal Reservoirs with Fluid at Supercritical Conditions," Mario-César SUÁREZ-ARRIAGA, and Fernando SAMANIEGO V. [Paper]

(50) "Exponential Euler Time Integrator for Simulation of Geothermal Processes in Heterogeneous Media," Antoine TAMBUE, Inga BERRE, Jan NORDBOTTEN, Tor Harald SANDVE [Paper]

(51) "Laboratory and Theoretical Results from Investigations of CO2 Solubility in Geothermal Reservoirs," Sarah PISTONE and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(52) "The Interpretation of Liquid Column Presence Inside Wellbore in Vapor-dominated Geothermal Reservoirs," Nurita Putri HARDIANI, Zuher SYIHAB, Jantiur SITUMORANG [Paper]

Chair: Albert Genter

(53) "Preliminary Study of Down-Hole Resistivity from 72 Boreholes in S-Hengill Geothermal Field, SW-Iceland, with respect to Surface Resistivity Data and Alteration Minerals," Svanbjörg Helga HARALDSDÓTTIR, Hjalti FRANZSON and Knútur ÁRNASON [Paper]

(54) "Borehole Image Log and Statistical Analysis of FOH-3D, Fallon Naval Air Station, NV," Kelly BLAKE and Nick DAVATZES [Paper]

(55) "The Role of Structural Changes for Geothermal Projects in the Area of Basel," Eva SCHILL, Luca GUGLIELMETTI, Philip KLINGLER, Yassine ABDELFETTAH, Andres ALCOLEA [Paper]

(56) "New Methods and Instruments for Determination of Reservoir Thermal Properties," Yury POPOV, Irina BAYUK, Anton PARSHIN, Dmitry MIKLASHEVSKIY, Sergey NOVIKOV, Evgeny CHEKHONIN [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A) EGS 5
Chair: Nicholas Davatzes

(57) "Hydraulic Fracturing in Limestone: A Case Study of Two EGS Projects in the Netherlands," Kees VAN DER HOORN, Noortje HEIJNEN, Mark GANKEMA, Gerrit NITTERS [Paper]

(58) "Stress Heterogeneity and Natural Fractures in the Basel EGS Granite Reservoir Inferred from an Acoustic Televiewer Log in the Basel-1 Well," Sakalima G. SIKANETA, Keith F. EVANS [Paper]

(59) "Investigation of Natural Permeability in Graben Systems: Soultz EGS Site (France)," Paul BAILLIEUX, Eva SCHILL, Louis MORESI, Yassine ABDELFETTAH, Chrystel DEZAYES [Paper]

(60) "Connectivity Analysis of the Habanero Enhanced Geothermal System," Chaoshui XU, Peter Alan DOWD, Doone WYBORN, Rosemarie MOHAIS [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(B) MODELING 2
Chair: Yu-Shu Wu

(61) "Inverse Modeling of Laboratory Tests for Rock Thermal Property Estimation," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Andrey POLYKOV, Anatoly MUSHINSKY [Paper]

(62) "Improving the Numerical Accuracy of Hydrothermal Reservoir Simulations Using the CIP Scheme with Third-Order Accuracy," Mitsuo MATSUMOTO [Paper]

(63) "Global Optimization of Reservior Models by Mapping Out Object Function Minima and Saddle Points," Manuel PLASENCIA GUTIERREZ, Andreas PEDERSEN, Andri ARNALDSSON, Hannes JÓNSSON [Paper]

(64) "Evaluation of Geothermal Reservoir Mass Change from the Gravity Change at the Takigami Geothermal Area, Oita Prefecture, Japan," Daisuke OKA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Jun NISHIJIMA, Yoichi FUKUDA and Makoto TANIGUCHI [Paper]

Chair: Brian Anderson

(65) "Response of Olkaria East Field Reservoir to Production," James MARIARIA [Paper]

(66) "Calibrating an EGS Exploration Methodology, A Work-in-Progress," Joe IOVENITTI, David BLACKWELL, Jon SAINSBURY, Ileana TIBULEAC, Al WAIBEL, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Robert KARLIN, Ed ISAAKS, Matthew CLYNE, B. Mack KENNEDY, Philip WANNAMAKER [Paper]

(67) "Measurement of the Spatial Distribution of Heat Exchange in a Geothermal Analog Bedrock Site Using Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing," Adam HAWKINS, Matthew BECKER [Paper]

(68) "Geothermal Field Tests with Forced Groundwater Flow," Heiko HUBER and Ulvi ARSLAN [Paper]

Chair: Masami Nakagawa

(69) "Heat Flux Monitoring Using Satellite Based Imagery at Karapiti (Craters of the Moon) Fumarole Area, Taupo, New Zealand," Md. Bodruddoza MIA, Chris J. BROMLEY, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU [Paper]

(70) "Analysis of Seismic Anisotropy in Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico," Hector RODRIGUEZ, Javier LERMO, Edgar URBAN [Paper]

(71) "Coupled Measurements of Thermopysical and Hydraulical Properties of Unsaturated and Unconsolidated Rocks," Ingo SASS and Johannes STEGNER [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A) EGS 6
Chair: Thomas Lowry

(72) "Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Channeling Flow in Fractured Type of Geothermal Reservoir," Takuya ISHIBASHI, Noriaki WATANABE, Nobuo HIRANO, Atsushi OKAMOTO and Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Paper]

(73) "Development of a New Temperature Controlled True-Triaxial Apparatus for Simulating Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) at the Laboratory Scale," Luke FRASH, Marte GUTIERREZ [Paper]

(74) "A Well by Well Method for Estimating Surface Heat Flow For Regional Geothermal Resource Assessment," George STUTZ, Mitchell WILLIAMS, Zachory FRONE, Tim REBER, David BLACKWELL, Teresa JORDAN, Jefferson TESTER [Paper]

(75) "Computational EGS I -- Heat Transport in 1/f-noise Fractured Media," Peter LEARY, Justin POGACNIK, Peter MALIN [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(B) MODELING 3
Chair: Serhat Akin

(76) "A Fully-Coupled Fully-Implicit Flow and Geomechanics Model: Application for Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Simulations," Perapon FAKCHAROENPHOL, Litang HU, and Yu-Shu WU [Paper]

(77) "The Effect of Thermoelastic Stress Change in the Near Wellbore Region on Hydraulic Fracture Growth," Rob JEFFREY, Bisheng WU, Xi ZHANG [Paper]

(78) "Modeling Coupled Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical Processes During Shear Stimulation of an EGS Well," Sharad KELKAR, George ZYVOLOSKI , Steve HICKMAN, Nicholas DAVATZES, Daniel MOOS [Paper]

(79) "Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir," Varahanaresh SESETTY, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

Chair: Juliet Newson

(80) "Inverse Modeling of the Mutnovsky Geothermal Field Exploitation History (1983-2006)," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Olga MIROSHNIK [Paper]

(81) "Natural Reservoir Evolution in the Tolhuaca Geothermal Field, Southern Chile," Glenn MELOSH, Joe MOORE and Rob STACEY [Paper]

(82) "Changes of Coulomb Failure Stress due to Dislocations during Stimulation of GPK2 at Soultz-sous-Forêts," Martin SCHOENBALL, Clément BAUJARD, Thomas KOHL, Louis DORBATH [Paper]

(83) "Preliminary Model of Fracture and Stress State in the Hellisheidi Geothermal Field, Hengill Volcanic Zone, Iceland," Joseph BATIR, Nicholas DAVATZES, Ragnar ASMUNDSSON [Paper]

Chair: Norio Yanagisawa

(84) "Hydrothermal Carbonate Geochemistry of the Ngatamariki Subsurface Reservoir, New Zealand," Travis W. HORTON, Lee ATKINSON and Christopher OZE [Paper]

(85) "Soil Gas Flux Exploration at the Rotokawa Geothermal Field and White Island, New Zealand," Simon BLOOMBERG, Clinton RISSMANN, Agnes MAZOT, Christopher OZE, Travis HORTON, Darren GRAVLEY, Ben KENNEDY, Cynthia WERNER, Bruce CHRISTENSON and Joanna PAWSON [Paper]

(86) "Geochemistry of a Sub-Glacial Volcanic Hydrothermal System at Mount Spurr, Alaska," GARCHAR, L., MARTINI B., OWENS, L., WENDLANDT, R. [Paper]

3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B) MODELING 4
Chair: Akand Islam

(87) "Using Fully Coupled Hydro-Geomechanical Numerical Test Bed to Study Reservoir Stimulation with Low Hydraulic Pressure," Pengcheng FU, Scott M. JOHNSON, and Charles R. CARRIGAN [Paper]

(88) "A Thermal-Hydrological-Chemical Model for the Enhanced Geothermal System Demonstration Project at Newberry Volcano, Oregon," Eric SONNENTHAL, Nicolas SPYCHER, Owen CALLAHAN, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Susan PETTY [Paper]

(89) "Using Boundary Element Modeling of Faulting to Predict Stress and Fractures in Geothermal Reservoirs and Explore Parameter Uncertainty," M. SWYER and Nick DAVATZES [Paper]

(90) "Utilization of Chloride Bearing, Superheated Steam," Steindor HJARTARSON, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR, Halldor PALSSON, Kristinn INGASON, Bjarni PALSSON, William HARVEY [Paper]

Chair: Andrew Chiasson

(91) "Starting Field Test of Kalina System using Hot Spring Fluid in Japan," Norio YANAGISAWA, Hirofumi MURAOKA, Munetake SASAKI, Hajime SUGITA, Sei-ichiro IOKA, Masatake SATO and Kazumi OSATO [Paper]

(92) "Modeling the Effects of Direct Use on the Tauranga Low-Temperature Geothermal System, New Zealand," Sophie PEARSON [Paper]

(93) "Modeling the Thermal Effects of Ground Source Heat Exchange at Stanford University: A Preliminary Study," Morgan AMES, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

Chair: Christopher Oze

(94) "System and Methodology for Rapid Evaluation of Geothermal Rock-Fluid Interactions Associated with CO2-EGS," Miroslav PETRO, Li SONG, Alan BELL, Alexander TUGANOV, Keshav PARAJULY, Patrick DOBSON, Tianfu XU, Karsten PRUESS [Paper]

(95) "Geochemical and Mineralogical Monitoring of the Geothermal Power Plant in Soultz-sous-Forêts (France)," Julia SCHEIBER, Fabian NITSCHKE, Andrea SEIBT, Albert GENTER [Paper]

(96) "The Impact of High Noncondensible Gas Concentration on Well Performance: Kizildere Geothermal Reservoir, Turkey," Jill Robinson HAIZLIP, Aygun GUNEY, Fusun S. TUT HAKLIDIR, and Sabodh GARG [Paper]

Wednesday 1st February 2012
08:30 am SESSION 9(A) EGS 7
Chair: Souheil Ezzedine

(97) "A Multi-modality Fiber Optic Sensing Cable for Monitoring Enhanced Geothermal Systems," S. PALIT, W. CHALLENER, J. LOPEZ, S. MANDAL, H. XIA, R. JONES, R. CRADDOCK, L. ZHAO, M. IRSHAD, T. MACDOUGALL , P. SANDERS, B. HERBST, B. VILLIGER, J. HENFLING, S. LINDBLOM, F. MALDONADO, S. VO [Paper]

(98) "A Novel Concept to Engineered Geothermal Systems," Henrik HOLMBERG, Otto Kristian SØNJU, Erling NÆSS [Paper]

(99) "Quantifying Changes of Geophysical Properties in Small Regions within EGS Reservoirs," Youzuo LIN, Lianjie HUANG and Zhigang ZHANG [Paper]

(100) "Double-Difference Elastic-Waveform Inversion with Weighted Gradients for Monitoring EGS Reservoirs," Zhigang ZHANG, Lianjie HUANG, Youzuo LIN [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(B) MODELING 5
Chair: Tianfu Xu

(101) "Numerical Simulations of Interactions Between Supercritical CO2 and High-Temperature Fractured Rocks in Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Feng PAN, Brian J O L MCPHERSON, Peter C LICHTNER, Satish KARRA, Caroline LO RE, John P KASZUBA, Chuan LU, Tianfu XU [Paper]

(102) "Simulation of CO2-EGS in a Fractured Reservoir with Salt Precipitation," Andrea BORGIA, Karsten PRUESS, Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Lehua PAN [Paper]

(103) "Effect of Geological Data Quality on Uncertainties in Geological Models and Subsurface Flow Fields," J. Florian WELLMANN, K. REGENAUER-LIEB [Paper]

(104) "The Development of a 3D Structural-Geological Model as part of the Geothermal Exploration Strategy – a Case Study from the Brady’s Geothermal System, Nevada, USA," Egbert JOLIE, James FAULDS, Inga MOECK [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(C) GENERAL 2
Chair: Aniko Toth

(105) "Extended Reach and High Inclination Drilling Geothermal Well in Wayang Windu," Jose PRIHUTOMO, Yudi HARTONO, Jeffri SAMOSIR, Roberto ABANES [Paper]

(106) "Geothermal Fund for Hastening the Development of Indonesia's Geothermal Resources," Anton WAHJOSOEDIBJO and Madjedi HASAN [Paper]

(107) "Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Systems," Corrie CLARK, John SULLIVAN, Chris HARTO, Jeongwoo HAN, and Michael WANG [Paper]

(108) "Techno-Economic Analysis of Biorefinery Utilizing Geothermal Energy for Processing," Sudhanya BANERJEE, Jordan TIARKS, Yanan ZHANG, Song-Charng KONG, Terrence MEYER, Robert C. BROWN, Brian ANDERSON [Paper]

Chair: Gioia Falcone

(109) "The Influence of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Geothermal Fluid and Methane Recovery from a Geopressured Geothermal Reservoir," Ariel ESPOSITO, Chad AUGUSTINE [Paper]

(110) "Hot Sedimentary Aquifer Characterization Using Stratigraphic Forward Modelling, Perth Basin, Australia," CORBEL, S., GRIFFITHS, C., DYT, C. and RICARD, L.P. [Paper]

(111) "Power Generation from Low Temperature Geothermal Resources at Huabei Oilfield," Shouliang XIN, Fan DONG, Hongbin LIANG, and Kewen LI [Paper]

(112) "Power Generation Potential from Coproduced Fluids in the Los Angeles Basin," Kara BENNETT, Kewen LI, and Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 10(A) EGS 8
Chair: Zhigang Zhang

(113) "Supercritical CO2 in a Granite-Hosted Geothermal System: Experimental Insights into Multiphase Fluid-Rock Interactions," LO RÉ, Caroline; KASZUBA, John; MOORE, Joseph; MCPHERSON, Brian [Paper]

(114) "Mineral Carbonation in an Enhanced Geothermal System Using CO2 as Heat Transmission Fluid," Tianfu XU [Paper]

(115) "CO2-EGS in Hot Dry Rock: Preliminary Results from CO2-Rock Interaction Experiments," Alvin I. REMOROZA, Behdad MOGHTADERI, Elham DOROODCHI [Paper]

(116) "QEMSCAN® (Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals by Scanning Electron Microscopy): capability and application to fracture characterization in geothermal systems.," Bridget AYLING, Peter ROSE, Susan PETTY, Ezra ZEMACH and Peter DRAKOS [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(B) MODELING 6
Chair: Florian Wellmann

(117) "Characterization of Fractures in Geothermal Reservoirs using Resistivity," Lilja MAGNUSDOTTIR, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(118) "Analysis of the Effects of Heterogeneity on Heat Extraction in an EGS Represented with the Continuum Fracture Model," Elena KALININA, Sean McKENNA, Teklu HADGU, Thomas LOWRY [Paper]

(119) "Deep-seated Fractures in Hot Granites: A New Target for EGS?," Christoph SCHRANK, Ali KARRECH, Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB, and Doone WYBORN [Paper]

(120) "Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Networks in Three Dimensions," Randolph SETTGAST, Scott JOHNSON, Stuart WALSH, Pengcheng FU, Frederick RYERSON [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(C) GENERAL 3
Chair: Youzuo Lin

(121) "Grain-scale Failure in Thermal Spallation Drilling," Stuart D. WALSH, Ilya LOMOV, Jeffery J. ROBERTS [Paper]

(122) "Integrated Risk Assessment for Geothermal Energy Development and Evaluation," Thomas LOWRY, Elena KALININA, Teklu HADGU, Sean MCKENNA [Paper]

(123) "Thermally Induced Permeability Reduction due to Particle Migration in Sandstones: The Effect of Temperature on Kaolinite Mobilisation and Aggregation," Esther ROSENBRAND, Ida Lykke FABRICIUS, Hao YUAN [Paper]

(124) "Geothermal Resources Development and Utilization in Daqing Zone," SHI Shangming, ZHU Huanlai [Paper]

Chair: Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

(125) "Amount of Exploitable Thermal Water from Hódmezõvásárhely Geothermal Reservoir in Hungary," Aniko N. TOTH [Paper]

(126) "Thermal Response Testing of Geothermal Wells for Downhole Heat Exchanger Applications," Andrew CHIASSON [Paper]

(127) "The Potential of Shallow Groundwater Resources for Cooling Purposes - a Geothermal Case Study in North East Jordan," Sana`a AL-ZYOUD, Wolfram RÜHAAK, & Ingo SASS [Paper]

(128) "Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources for District Heating: An Energy-Economic Model of West Virginia University Case Study," Xiaoning HE, Brian J. ANDERSON [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 11(A) EGS 9
Chair: Barry Goldstein

(129) "Borehole Preconditioning of Geothermal Wells for Enhanced Geothermal System Reservoir Development," A. DIEK, L. WHITE, J.-C. ROEGIERS, J. MOORE and J.D. McLENNAN [Paper]

(130) "Sensitivity of a Reactive-Tracer Based Estimate of Thermal Breakthrough in an EGS to Properties of the Reservoir and Tracer," Mitchell PLUMMER, Earl MATTSON, Carl PALMER, Laurence HULL [Paper]

(131) "Geothermal Resource Assessment: A Detailed Approach to Low-Grade Resources in the States of New York and Pennsylvania," Elaina N. SHOPE, Timothy J. REBER, George R. STUTZ, Gloria A. AGUIRRE, Teresa E. JORDAN, Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

(132) "High-Potential Power Cycles & Working Fluids for Next-Generation Binary Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Chiranjeev KALRA, Jalal ZIA, Jennifer JACKSON, Anna Lis LAURSEN, Huijuan CHEN, Alicia HARDY, Kevin MYERS, [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 11(B) MODELING 7
Chair: Pengcheng Fu

(133) "Thermal Modeling in the Oslo Rift, Norway," Henrik HOLMBERG, Erling NÆSS, Jan E. EVENSEN [Paper]

(134) "A 3D Multi-Disciplinary Interpretation of the Basement of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand," Samantha ALCARAZ, Mark RATTENBURY, Supri SOENGKONO, Greg BIGNALL, Richard LANE [Paper]

(135) "Impact of Fluvial Sedimentary Heterogeneities on Heat Transfer at a Geothermal Doublet Scale," Virginie HAMM, Simon LOPEZ [Paper]

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01:30 pm SESSION 11(D) GEOLOGY 1
Chair: Thomas Kohl

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3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 12(A) MODELING 8
Chair: Robert Podgorney

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12:00 am SESSION 13 Publication Only
Chair: -

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