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Fresh Water Resources

September 15, 2017
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

A new web portal puts four years of California drought data into an interactive format, showing where regions met or missed water conservation goals. The idea is to motivate awareness and conservation.

satellite image of Wadi Rum desert in Jordan
August 30, 2017
Woods Institute for the Environment

A new analysis of regional drought and land-use changes in Syria suggests water conditions in downstream Jordan could get significantly worse.

December 5, 2016

Using remote sensing tools to uncover the environmental impacts of war, researchers introduce novel approaches for hard-to-reach areas.

sea surface temperature map
August 15, 2016

Stanford Earth's Daniel Swain explains that the expected La Niña could end up being fairly weak and open up the possibility for normal rainfall in Southern California. 

Coachella Valley Recharge Basin
July 22, 2016

California needs to better prepare for droughts. A new study highlights the costs, benefits and obstacles of a possible solution – managed aquifer recharge.


water pipe
June 29, 2016

Survey of groundwater professionals points to need for standardized data monitoring and makes policy recommendations for successful implementation of historic groundwater legislation.


water from pipe
June 27, 2016

A new study by Rob Jackson and Mary Kang concludes that California's Central Valley has almost three times more fresh water underground than the state estimates.

irrigation and oil production in Kern County
June 27, 2016

New research indicates that California’s Central Valley harbors three times more groundwater than previously estimated, but challenges to using it include pumping costs, ground subsidence and possible contamination from fracking and other oil and gas activities.

California landscape
June 9, 2016

A new computer algorithm that can “fill in” underground water levels in areas where quality data is not available could lead to improved models of groundwater flow in regions where pumping and aquifer depletion are a concern.

new fossils define the age of humans
April 5, 2016

We are living in the Anthropocene age, in which human influence on the planet is so profound, it will leave its legacy for millennia. How are writers and artists responding along side scientists, politicians, and engineers?

Elevation sign at 8000
March 31, 2016

Atmospheric patterns resembling those that appeared during the latter half of California's ongoing multi-year drought are becoming more common.