Printer specifications

Last revision July 29, 2004

The HP LaserJet 4050TN printer in Mitchell A65 is a heavy duty, high speed (17 pages per minute), 1200 dpi PostScript level 2 monochrome laser printer with 16 Mb RAM. It has three high capacity input trays that will accept letter or legal size paper and a duplexing unit (print on both sides of the paper).

The HP Business Inkjet 2250TN printer in Mitchell A65 is a medium duty and speed (approximately 7 pages per minute in normal color mode) four-color 1200x600 dpi PostScript level 2 printer with 24 Mb RAM. It has a single input tray for letter size paper.

The latest Macintosh and Windows printer drivers for either HP printer can be downloaded from HP's web site.

Both printers have a manual feed option, which must be selected in the printer driver. This can be used for special paper stock or transparencies. Please only use special laser printer transparency media in the LaserJet 4050TN and inkjet transparency media in the InkJet 2250TN. We have had damage to previous laser printers from the user of copier transparency stock, which jammed and melted in the printer.

The LaserJet 4050TN printer has a duplex option, which must be selected in the printer driver. This is used to automatically print on both sides of the paper.

Extra paper for the LaserJet printer is kept in the cabinet or drawer below the printer. Report problems, such as no paper or low toner (faint or splotchy prints), to the A65 lab manager.

The G.R.I.D. laboratory has HP DesignJet color plotters that use 42 inch wide paper which is ideal for making posters and maps. Check the G.R.I.D. lab web site for detailed information on these plotters.

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