G.R.I.D. lab renovation done - lab re-opened on September 4.

Last revision September 9, 2013

The renovation of the Mitchell A59 G.R.I.D. lab is basically done and the lab has re-opened. The new door combination can be found on the Quick Links section of the lab website (page access restricted to SUNet IDs associated with Earth Sciences only).

The six new dual-boot iMacs can be started into either Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows 7 Pro. Use the arrow keys to select from the choices on the screen when you start or restart and then press ENTER. If you do nothing, default startup is Mac OS X. As before, login to all computers with your SUNet ID and password.

The ptolemy poster printer is working correctly with the new computers. The new escher poster printer is working; until the web page instructions can be updated, follow the printing instructions for ptolemy, substituting escher. There is a new "GRID Proofer" color laserjet printer to replace the broken "grid-inkjet".

The scanners have not been tested and two are not put back yet because we still need to find new drivers for them.

The lab website still needs some updates with details of the new computers and printers.

Please report any problems to gridlab@sesmail.stanford.edu

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