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Save the date! The BPSM Industrial Affiliates Meeting is scheduled for November 12 (evening Icebreaker), November 13 (oral session) and 14 (field trip), 2013 in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. Contact us for details.

BPSM students and researchers have attended numerous meetings in 2013. Tess Menotti presented a poster at the Pacific Section AAPG annual meeting in Monterey, CA. Ken Peters and Allegra Hosford Scheirer also gave talks there in the special session honoring Bob Garrison. A few weeks later Ken Pete

Blair Burgreen attended a weeklong field school led by ExxonMobil in the spring of 2013. The course was taught in the Guadalupe Mountains and focused on the integration of petroleum system elements from a sequence stratigraphic framework. Activities included field stops at clastic, carbonate, and

Tess Menotti has been busy in the spring of her 4th year at Stanford. She led an excellent one-day field trip to the Salinas Basin as part of the Pacific Section AAPG/SPE meeting on April 25, 2013.  The trip combined visits to the outcrops with results from her modeling studies in the basin.

BPSM graduate students are enjoying summer internships at the following locations this summer: Chevron ETC (Houston), Aera (Bakersfield), Shell (New Orleans), EOG (Denver), and Saudi Aramco. Advanced graduate students Blair Burgreen, Danica Dralus, and Tess Menotti will be on campus working on th

BPSM students have been busy! BPSM Principal Scientists Ken Peters and Allegra Hosford Scheirer taught the program’s core course, Basin and Petroleum System Modeling, during the Winter Quarter of 2013. Several new graduate students in the program plus additional students in the School of Earth

Ken has been very busy in 2013. Business trips include trainings and meetings in Villahermosa, Monterey, Houston, Pittsburg, Madrid, Aachen, Aberdeen, Cartagena, Tenerife, Dharhran, Tyumen, and Bandung.

The fifth annual Stanford University Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Industrial Affiliates Conference is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29, 2012. The conference will be held in a conference facility on the beautiful Stanford University campus. Stanford graduate students

Our very own Tess Menotti, 4th year graduate student, is leading the Pacific Section SEPM Fall Field trip on October 20-21, 2012 to the Salinas Basin of California. Tess was asked to lead the field trip following her very successful turn in the same role for the 2010 BPSM Industrial Affiliates Me

BPSM scientists have been busy presenting their research at national and international meetings in 2012. Tess Menotti presented a paper in Monoco in March at the Schlumberger SIS Global Forum 2012. Both Keisha Durant and Meng He presented at the AAPG Annual Meeting in Long Beach in May. Tess Meno