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Solar farm illustration.

A new model for solar farms that “colocates” crops and solar panels could result in the harvesting of valuable biofuel crops in addition to solar energy.

About Us

Faculty and students at the Stanford School of Earth Sciences focus on meeting the needs of a growing population while protecting the planet's long-term life support systems. Our research and teaching address critical sustainability challenges, including energy, fresh water, food, climate change, natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes, and understanding the changing Earth.


News & Events

Stanford scientists reconstructed the effects of an enormous 3.26-billion-year-old asteroid impact on Earth. From

Stanford Earth Sciences faculty made major contributions to the recent United Nations report on the state and fate of the world's climate.

Today's wind industry is sustainable, even with the necessary batteries and other grid-scale storage.

For Tiziana Vanorio, an unsettling childhood experience in Italy led to a lifelong fascination with rocks.