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Erupting volcano

What's At Stake

Today, more than 1 billion people have inadequate access to energy, water and food. As the world population continues to grow to over 9 billion this century, demand for these resources will increase.

About Us

At Stanford Earth, we develop the knowledge, talent, and leadership to understand the changing Earth and help solve the enormous resource and environmental challenges facing the world. We are committed to a collaborative, collegial, inclusive, and tolerant community.

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Earth Matters In Your Inbox

School News

Dustin Schroeder speaks onstage at TEDxStanford

Schroeder discussed his cutting-edge research that uses radar technology to understand how rapidly changing ice sheets contribute to sea level rise, a result of rising temperatures that threatens coastal communities and habitats around the world.

Terman fountain on Stanford's campus
Stanford News Service

Sustaining Earth’s resources is more than a matter of academic interest. It’s ingrained in the way Stanford educates students, conducts research, operates its buildings and supports campus life.

Students participate in the Podcasting the Anthropocene undergraduate class
Stanford News Service

Started by two graduate students, the Generation Anthropocene podcast has grown into an award-winning production and beloved undergraduate course.

In The News

Windmill farm
Scientific American

We should be embracing energy efficiency and the low-carbon economy because they promote jobs, national security and human health.

Oroville Dam flooding
The New Yorker

Stanford Earth's Noah Diffenbaugh says sudden swings between drought and flood have been part of California’s climatic history for a long time.

solar panels and wind farms

Stanford's Jeffrey Ball takes a deep dive into Germany’s renewable-energy revolution, a colossal undertaking that proves that once-niche wind and solar power can power a major portion of a global economy.