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Recent Alumni


Dominic Armitage

Completed PhD, Mar 2009
Thesis title: High-resolution architectural evolution of depositional elements in deep-marine slope environments: The Quaternary Niger Delta slope, Quaternary southwest Grand Banks slope, Canada, and Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Chile
Staff Geologist - ConocoPhillips


Anne Bernhardt

Completed PhD, December 2010
Thesis title: Paleogeography and sedimentary development of two deep-marine foreland basins: the Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Southern Chile, and the Tertiary Molasse Basin, Austria
Professor - Freie Universität Berlin


Will Crane

Completed PhD, 2004
Thesis title: Depositional history of the Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Silla Syncline, Magallanes Basin
Senior Geologist - Kosmos Energy


Erin Duerichen

Completed PhD, 2005
Thesis title: Sedimentology and architecture of Upper Eocene deep-water deposits, Talara Basin, NW Peru


Andrea Fildani

Completed PhD, 2004
Thesis title: Analysis of two arc-associated basins and onset of their deep-water stages: Magallanes Basin, Chile, and Talara Basin, Peru
Principal Research Scientist - Statoil


Julie Fosdick , NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Completed PhD, October 2011.
Integrated detrital thermochronology, structural analysis, and basin geohistory of the Patagonian fold-thrust belt and Magallanes foreland basin, Chile and Argentina.
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Nilay Gungor

Completed MS, 2016
MS thesis: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Pigeon Point Formation, San Mateo County, California
Geological Engineer/Exploration Geologist - Turkish Petroleum

Jake Harrington

MS, completed 2017
Geologist - Matador Resources


Steve Hubbard

Completed PhD, May 2006
Thesis title: Deep-water foreland basin axial channels and associated sediment gravity flow deposits, Oligocene Molasse Basin, Upper Austria, and Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Chile
Associate Professor at the University of Calgary


Zane Jobe

Completed PhD, April 2010
Thesis title: Multi-scale architectural evolution and flow property characterization of channelized turbidite systems
Research Professor - Colorado School of Mines; Director, Chevron Center of Research Excellence