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Rosemary Knight - Professor of Geophysics

Elliot Grunewald - Post Doctoral Scholar

Jan Walbrecker - Post Doctoral Scholar

Andrew Parsekian - Post Doctoral Scholar

Jess Reeves - Ph.D Graduate Student

Katherine Dlubac - Ph.D Graduate Student

Denys Grombacher - Ph.D Graduate Student

Emily Fay - Ph.D Graduate Student

Nick Odlum - Research Assistant

Former Group Members

James Irving - Ph.D. Graduate Student

Adam Pidlisecky - Ph.D. Graduate Student

Stephen Moysey - Ph.D. Graduate Student

Kristina Keating - Ph.D. Graduate Student

Whitney Trainor - Ph.D Graduate Student

Vanessa Mitchell - Ph.D Graduate Student

David Robinson - Research Associate

Nigel Crook - Research Associate

Inmaculada Lebron Robinson - Visiting Scholar











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