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Academic Resources

GES Graduate Student Handbook

The GES handbook is designed as a supplement to the Stanford Bulletin and other University publications and contains department-specific policies, procedures, and degree requirements.

GES TA Handbook

GES Teaching Assistants created a handbook for TA policies and strategies.

Registrar's Office Forms

The registrar's office has posted many required forms online, on the Registrar's Office website. These include petitions, program applications, candidacy applications, etc.

GES Undergraduate Forms and Publications

One stop shopping for all your Undergraduate forms needs.

Spring Review Process, Policy, and Forms

 The Spring Review page has forms and instructions related to the Spring Evaluation process. Please return forms to the GES Office.

Candidacy Examination Forms

Forms and policies for the PhD Qualifying Exam and Application for Candidacy

Reduced Unit Tuition and Terminal Graduate Registration Forms

Some students are eligible to go onto a reduced tuition rate if they are only 1-7 units short of the 135 units (PHD) or 45 units (MS). You may also get started on the TGR Forms for the following quarter. Please return forms to the GES Office.

Students who have fulfilled all degree requirements and are either have 135 units or 10.5 residency quarters may go TGR. All students going TGR must fill-out forms 2and 3. Form 4 is for students requesting someone who is not on the Academic Council to serve on their committee. Please return forms to the GES Office.

Oral Examinations (PHD Students)

Forms 1 and 2 below are required at least two weeks prior to the Thesis Defense Date. Form 3 is primarily for graduate students who have completed all course work, degree requirements, and residency requirements, including oral exam and are finishing their thesis. Please return forms to the GES Office.

MS Thesis Forms