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Departments & Programs


Sedimentary Geology & Basin Analysis

Research in sedimentary geology and basin analysis includes field and laboratory studies of modern and ancient deep-water depositional systems, shallow-marine carbonate platforms, the relationship between tectonics and sedimentation, basin analysis and the controls on the composition and architecture of basinal sediments, modern marine sediments and geochemistry, and the influence of biological evolution on patterns of shallow-marine carbonate sedimentation.

Topics of Study

Controls on distribution, timing, and evolution of turbidite systems in a tectonically active setting

Profile: Steve Graham (GES)

The evolution of an elongate foreland basin: the deep- to shallow-marine filling of the Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Chile
Profile: Don Lowe (GES)

Diamondoid hydrocarbons as a molecular proxy for thermal maturity and oil cracking: Geochemical models from hydrous pyrolysis
Profile: Michael Moldowan (Prof. GES)

Causes and consequences of mass extinction
Profile: Jonathan Payne (GES)