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Undergraduate Students

The GES undergraduate major provides students with a solid background in Earth sciences and exposes students to the tremendous diversity of subdisciplines within Earth sciences. Majors can focus their studies on Earth's history and the evolution of life; the oceans and atmosphere; the processes that shape the Earth's mountains, continents, and landscape; the chemistry and physics of earth materials and their interactions with each other and with water; sources of water, economic minerals, metals, and fuel, and/or earth surface processes at present and in the future. The GES undergraduate program prepares students for graduate studies in Earth and environmental sciences, as well as careers in environmental engineering, environmental consulting, land use planning, law, public service, teaching, and other professions in which an understanding of the Earth and a background in science are important.

For additional information, please contact Richard Nevle, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, at (650) 724-0984 or