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Coterminal BS/MS program

Coterminal MS program

The coterminal Master's program provides an exceptional opportunity for students to pursue a graduate research experience and earn an MS degree concurrently with or subsequent to their BS studies. The Master's degree is viewed as an entrance professional degree in numerous subdisciplines within the earth sciences (for example, engineering geology and environmental geology). Alternatively, graduate course work and the Master's research experience can provide an intermediate step prior to pursuit of the PhD. Regardless of their professional goals, coterminal BS/MS students are treated as members of the GES graduate
community and are expected to meet all of the standards set for regular MS students.

Who is eligible?

Students may apply to the co-term program after earning at least 120 units toward graduation, including allowable Advanced Placement (AP) and transfer credit, as shown on their undergraduate unofficial transcript. For more detailed information, please read the Procedures for Coterminal Students.

How to apply

Students who wish to apply to the coterm program must submit an application directly to the GES department.
The application includes:

The complete application should be submitted to the GES Department by the third week of the quarter prior to when the student wants to begin the coterminal program.