Norm Sleep
Professor of Geophysics
Mitchell Building, room 373A
Stanford, CA 94305-2215
phone: (650) 723-0882
fax: (650) 725-7344


1967 B.S. Mathematics, Michigan State University
1969 M.S. Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technolody
1973 Ph.D. Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1973 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1973-79 Assistant Professor of Geophysics, Northwestern University
1979-84 Associate Professor of Geophysics and Geology, Stanford University
1984-93 Professor of Geophysics and Geology, Stanford University
1993-present Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University

1980 James B. Macelwane Award, American Geophysical Union
1980 Fellow, American Geophysical Union
1984 Fellow, Geological Society of America
1991 George P. Woollard Award, Geological Society of America
1993 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1997 Wegener Medal, European Union of Geosciences
1998 Walter H. Bucher Medal, American Geophysical Union
1999 Member, National Academy of Sciences
2008 Wollaston Medal, Geological Society of London

List of recent PUBLISHED PAPERS.

Author of Principles of Geophysics published by Blackwell Science Ltd.

Instructor of nonmajor class Planetary Habitability Geophysics 25

Instructor of Geophysics 150

1985 Atlantis II cruise to the Galapagos propagating rift.

1983. Roots of exhumed oceanic island arc. Nelchina glacier, Alaska.

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