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Yifan Zhou, PhD Candidate, Department of Energy Resources Engineering

My research work has a focus on the advanced techniques in the development of a parallel general-purpose reservoir simulator with coupled reservoir models and multi-segment wells. All researches are built as a part of the AD-GPRS (Automatic Differentiation General Purpose Research Simulator), which is our flexible and efficient reservoir-simulation research laboratory. There are several main aspects: 1) Automatic Differentiation (AD) framework; 2) General discretization framework in space (MPFA: Multi-Point Flux Approximations) and time (AIM: Adaptive Implicit Method); 3) General multi-segment well model with efficient linear and nonlinear solver working on the coupled system with reservoir and facilities; 4) OpenMP parallelization of AD-GPRS with thread-safe ADETL, XSAMG, and Block Jacobi/BILU; and 5) GPU parallelization of Nested Factorization method.