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EESS Graduate Student Hari Mix from Tajikistan - July, 2012

Hari Mix
Research Group: 
Terrestrial Paleoclimate Group
Photo of Hari Mix

EESS graduate student, Hari Mix

Hey everyone from middle of nowhere Tajikistan. Whatever it is I've been doing is a combination of mostly suffering and some science as well. I'm collecting rock samples for high altitude microbial life for Dragos Zaharescu at the University of Arizona and Biosphere 2 through a nonprofit called Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. It looks like I've collected samples from a few thousand meters higher than ever before on Lenin Peak. I wrote a dark and probably not totally appropriate account of my time on Lenin which you can find at (Innocence Lost on Lenin). I'll continue writing, sending pictures and phone updates from my next few climbs here, which you're more than welcome to use.


Have a great summer, and I'll see you in late August.