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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
This page is currently being maintained for archival purposes only. For the latest information, please visit us here.


Financial / Funding Resources

Fellowship Opportunities

Applying for an outside fellowship?  Contact Siegrid Munda for questions regarding the application process.

Emergency Aid

The Financial Aid Office has limited funds available to help graduate students dealing with difficult financial situations. This emergency aid can help with unanticipated costs such as dental, medical, or hardship funds to assist with health fees, etc.).  Please visit the Financial Aid Office for more details.

General Funding Information

Stipend (fellowship payments): 

When you receive a fellowship, you will typically receive a stipend payment.  Stipends are paid once each quarter, at the beginning of the quarter.  University fees such as health insurance and rent (if you live on campus or in Stanford-subsidized housing) will be deducted automatically from your stipend.  Summer funding and plans will need to be discussed with your advisor if your fellowship does not cover summer.

Salary (teaching and/or research assistantship payments): 

Faculty grants (RA ships) and departmental grad aid (TA and/or RA) funding typically will be disbursed as a salary payment.  Summer funding and plans will need to be discussed with your advisor.

  • If you have never held an assistantship before please fill out the I-9 Form and bring a copy of the support identification documents to my office.   These forms are submitted once unless your supporting ID documents expire before the end of your appointment.
  • International students must take the TA screening prior to the quarter through Stanford EFS in order to receive pay.   Please contact English for Foreign Students at least 2 weeks in advance of the first day of the quarter.
  • Assistantship payments are bi-monthly salary paychecks for a total of 6 checks per quarter. Paychecks are distributed each month on the 22nd (for the 1st – 15th) and the 7th (for the 15th – last day). Graduate assistantships are paid on following standard appointment periods:
    • Autumn Quarter, October 1 - December 31
    • Winter Quarter, January 1 - March 31
    • Spring Quarter, April 1 - June 30
    • Summer Quarter, July 1 - September 30

Direct Deposit

How To: Enroll / Update / Cancel Direct Deposit

Payroll Deduction

Students living in university housing may arrange for their housing fees to be deducted from their paychecks for the quarter this will NOT happen automatically when paid an assistantship. This request must be submitted to Student Services Center before the deadline for paying the University Bill: HERE


Please read the information below regarding taxes and your resources. 

Assistantship (salary) payment information:

Non-assistantship (fellowship and/or stipend payments)

Addition Resources: HERE