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Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 1A: Country Updates 1 -- New Areas

[01001] "Greenland Country Update," [Presenter: Arni Hjartarson], Arni HJARTARSON and Halldor ARMANNSSON [Paper]

[01002] "South Africa Geothermal Country Update (2020)," [Presenter: Azwindini Ernest Tshibalo], TSHIBALO Ernest, OLIVIER Jana, NYABEZE Peter [Paper]

[01024] "Geothermal Energy Use - Country Update for Slovakia," [Presenter: Branislav Fricovsky], Branislav FRIČOVSKÝ, Radovan ČERNÁK, Daniel MARCIN, Veronika BLANÁROVÁ, Katarína BENKOVÁ, Ondrej PELECH, Klement FORDINÁL, Dušan BODIŠ and Marián FENDEK [Paper]

[01085] "Status and Development on Geothermal Energy Use in Belgium, a New Momentum for the Growth of Deep Geothermal Energy Production," [Presenter: Hans Hoes], Hans HOES, Nicolas DUPONT, David LAGROU, Estelle PETITCLERC [Paper]

[01058] "Country Update: Geothermal Development in Malaysia," [Presenter: Jane Brotheridge], Jim LAWLESS, Zahrul Faizi HUSSIEN and Jane BROTHERIDGE [Paper]

[WGC_1A] "Question and Answer 1A," Juliet Newson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 1B: Environmental and Societal Aspects 1 -- Safety

[02046] "Real Time Monitoring of Airborne Hydrogen Sulfide Using Pulsed Fluorescence SO2-H2S-CS Analyzers," [Presenter: Sverrir Oskar Elefsen], Sverrir Oskar ELEFSEN, Asgerdur K. SIGURDARDOTTIR [Paper]


[02062] "External Costs of ORC Working Fluids for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Christopher Schifflechner], Christopher SCHIFFLECHNER, Sebastian EYERER, Christoph WIELAND, Hartmut SPLIETHOFF [Paper]

[02063] "Pertamina’s Implementation of Environmental, Health and Safety Policy for Environmental Excellence," [Presenter: Irma Khoirunissa], Fahmi H. DEREINDA, Irma KHOIRUNISSA, Mufthi G. SUKARDI, Yulia SULASMI [Paper]

[02044] "Geothermal Power Generation and Biodiversity: the Business Case for Managing Risk and Creating Opportunity," [Presenter: Edward Pollard], Cheryl NG, Thomas WHITE, Vineet KATARIYA and Edward POLLARD [Paper]

[WGC_1B] "Question and Answer 1B," Lea Levy [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 1C: Legal and Regulatory Aspects 1 -- Strategic Planning

[03007] "Africa: the New Frontier for Geothermal Investment and Development," [Presenter: Ralph Kacu Bacwa Nyakabwa-Atwoki], Ralph K.B. NYAKABWA-ATWOKI [Paper]

[03012] "Barriers to Geothermal Power Development and the Importance of Governmental Policies," [Presenter: Masahiko Kaneko], Masahiko KANEKO, Eiji WAKAMATSU and Mineyuki HANANO [Paper]

[03036] "The Establishment of an Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energies in Djibouti," [Presenter: Baldvin Bjorn Haraldsson], Mouna Abdillahi Omar, Baldvin BJÖRN HARALDSSON [Paper]

[03055] "Review of Geothermal Development in Indonesia Toward 2025 and Beyond," [Presenter: Sanusi Satar], Sanusi SATAR, Abadi POERNOMO, Prijandaru EFFENDI [Paper]

[03002] "Legal Aspects of Utilization and Management of Thermal Springs in Iran," [Presenter: Masoud Eshaghpour], Masoud ES'HAGHPOUR [Paper]

[WGC_1C] "Question and Answer 1C," Árni Ragnarsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 1D: Case Histories 1 -- European and Iceland

[06017] "Development of Low Temperature Utilization and Resource Monitoring for District Heating Services in Iceland," [Presenter: Steinunn Hauksdottir], Steinunn HAUKSDOTTIR, Gudni AXELSSON, Bjarni GAUTASON and Arni RAGNARSSON [Paper]

[06029] "The Most Productive Low-Temperature Geothermal Production Well in Iceland/the World?," [Presenter: Thorsteinn Egilson], Þorsteinn EGILSON, Unnur ÞORSTEINSDOTTIR, Guðni AXELSSON and Hjalti S. GUNNARSSON [Paper]

[06044] "Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant - Challenges in Project Management During Design and Construction," [Presenter: Valur Knutsson], Valur KNÚTSSON, Sigurgeir Björn GEIRSSON, Hreinn HJARTARSON, Jón Arnar EMILSSON [Paper]

[06018] "Updated Stock Take of the Deep Geothermal Projects in Bavaria, Germany (2019)," [Presenter: Maximilian Keim], Ferdinand FLECHTNER, Markus LOEWER, Maximilian KEIM [Paper]

[06009] "The Deep Hydrogeothermal Project in Holzkirchen, Molasse Basin, Germany," [Presenter: Klaus Dorsch], Klaus DORSCH, David LENTSCH, Christoph NIEDERSEER, Albert GÖTZ [Paper]

[06047] "From Gas to Geothermal, an Overview from the Netherlands," [Presenter: Bob Harskamp], Geertjan VAN OG, Bob HARSKAMP, Volkert DE RUITER, Bastiaan VAN DER VEEN [Paper]

[WGC_1D] "Question and Answer 1D," Stasa Borovic [Abstract]

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 2A: Country Updates 2 -- Large Direct Use

[01011] "The United States of America Direct Utilization Update 2019," [Presenter: John W. Lund], John W. LUND; Alex SIFFORD, Susan HAMM, Arlene ANDERSON [Paper]

[01019] "Country Update for Hungary," [Presenter: Aniko Toth], Aniko N. TOTH [Paper]

[01040] "Country Update for Sweden 2020," [Presenter: Signhild Gehlin], Signhild GEHLIN, Olof ANDERSSON, Jan-Erik ROSBERG [Paper]

[01101] "Geothermal Energy Use in Norway. Country Update for 2015-2019," [Presenter: Kirsti Midttomme], Kirsti MIDTTØMME, Randi K. RAMSTAD, Karoline H. KVALSVIK, Maria JUSTO-ALONSO [Paper]

[01068] "Rapid Development of China's Geothermal Industry -- China National Report of the 2020 World Geothermal Conference," [Presenter: Jiurong Liu], Tingshan TIAN, Ying DONG, Wei ZHANG, Jingwen WEI, Huali JIN, Yanming LIU [Paper]

[WGC_2A] "Question and Answer 2A," Aniko Toth [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 2B: Environmental and Societal Aspects 2

[02054] "Injection of Geothermal CO2 and H2S Gases at the Nesjavellir Site: A Pre-injection Overview," [Presenter: Sandra Snaebjornsdottir], Sandra Ó. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Iwona M. GALECZKA, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Eric H. OELKERS [Paper]

[02056] "Numerical Modelling of Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Wastewater Disposal from a Proposed Power Plant on a Shallow Groundwater Aquifer at Bjarnarflag, NE Iceland," [Presenter: Hilmar Mar Einarsson], Hilmar Már EINARSSON, Eric M. MYER, Ágúst GUÐMUNDSSON, Andri ARNALDSSON, Sveinn Óli PÁLMARSSON [Paper]

[02059] "Improving Air Quality with NCG Gas Capture and Reinjection at the Hellisheidi Power Plant," [Presenter: Bergur Sigfusson], Bergur SIGFUSSON, Kevin DILLMAN, Magnus Th. ARNARSON, Marta R. KARLSDOTTIR, Magnea Th. MAGNUSDOTTIR, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Gretar IVARSSON, Sandra O. SNAEBJÖRNSDOTTIR, EDDA S.P. ARADOTTIR, Holmfridur SIGURDARDOTTIR [Paper]

[02064] "Identification of Environmental Units for Geothermal Exploration Areas Using Geographic Information Systems," [Presenter: Juana Claudia Leyva Aguilera], Marco A. GARCIA-ZARATE, J. Claudia LEYVA-AGUILERA, Zayre I. GONZALEZ-ACEVEDO, Sergio E. SANCHEZ-DE LOS SANTOS [Paper]

[02031] "Bacterial Composition of a Geothermal Site in Central Mexico," [Presenter: Estrella NUNEZ-ZARCO], Julio V. SUAREZ, Estrella NUNEZ-ZARCO, Guillermo ROMERO-FIGUEROA, Zayuri CESENA-PERALTA, Maria J VAZQUEZ-MORENO, Socorro JIMENEZ-VALERA [Paper]

[WGC_2B] "Question and Answer 2B," Sigurdur Gardarsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 2C: Legal and Regulatory Aspects 2 -- Roles

[03035] "UNFC Resource Classification Applied to Real World Geothermal Projects: Outcomes from an Education and Implementation Pilot Program," [Presenter: Graeme Beardsmore], Graeme BEARDSMORE, Abdulmalik ALI, Marit BROMMER, Huiyi CHEN, Paolo CONTI, Gioia FALCONE, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Robert HOGARTH, Harmen MIJNLIEFF, Gregor RUMBERG, Greg USSHER [Paper]

[03039] "Interplay Between Different Regulatory and Policy Instruments for the Building Sector Relevant to Geothermal Technologies," [Presenter: Thomas Garabetian], Thomas GARABETIAN [Paper]

[03001] "Finding the Balance: Community Engagement in Developing the Rotorua Geothermal System Management Plan," [Presenter: Penny Doorman], Penny DOORMAN, Rawiri BHANA and Freya CAMBURN [Paper]

[03043] "UNFC Classification of Himalayan Geothermal System in India," [Presenter: Varun Chandrasekhar], Varun CHANDRASEKHAR, D CHANDRASEKHARAM, Trupti CHANDRASEKHAR [Paper]

[03037] "Adaptive Leadership Roles and Tools of Government to Assist Geothermal Developers in Overcoming Barriers," [Presenter: Jonas Ketilsson], Jonas KETILSSON, Chris BROMLEY [Paper]

[03044] "Flores Geothermal Island – Developing a Strategy and Master Plan," [Presenter: Paul Quinlivan], Paul QUINLIVAN, Jane BYDDER, Ridwan FEBRIANTO, Martin WIBOWO, Sahat SIMANGUNSONG, Togu PARDEDE [Paper]

[WGC_2C] "Question and Answer 2C," Steinar Örn Jónsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 2D: Case Histories 2 -- Lessons Learned

[06036] "Hydrothermal Eruption During the 2017 6.5M Leyte Earthquake: the How’s, Why’s, and Lessons Learned," [Presenter: Loraine Pastoriza-Primaleon], Loraine PASTORIZA-PRIMALEON, John Michael V. AUSTRIA, Joeffrey A. CARANTO [Paper]

[06020] "Wellbore Calcite Deposition: A Case Study at Domo San Pedro," [Presenter: Esteban Rodriguez], Esteban RODRIGUEZ, Fernando OCAMPO, Violeta REYES, David AVALOS, Julio GARCIA, Logan MULLER [Paper]

[06037] "Lesson Learned from Application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) to Geothermal Energy Reources to Mataloko Brownfield Geothermal Projects in Flores Island, Indonesia," [Presenter: Suryantini Suryantini], SURYANTINI, Tony WIDIATMORO, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Welly T PRABATA [Paper]

[06056] "Geothermal Development of Fracture Dominated Aquifers: the Case Study of the Deep Well Geretsried (Germany)," [Presenter: Inga Moeck], Michael DUSSEL, Inga MOECK, Markus WOLFGRAMM, Rene KAHNT, Robert STRAUBINGER, Andreas GAHR [Paper]

[06050] "Þeistareykir Geothermal Power Plant – Deposits in Gas Removal System," [Presenter: Asgerdur Sigurdardottir], Asgerdur K. SIGURDARDOTTIR, Trausti HAUKSSON, Jan PRIKRYL, Karl Emil SVEINSSON [Paper]

[06045] "Technology Transfer from Iceland to Kenya During Green Field Study," [Presenter: Helga Tulinius], Helga TULINIUS, Gylfi P. HERSIR, Sigurður G. KRISTINSSON, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Daði ÞORBJÖRNSSON, Bjarni RICHTER [Paper]

[WGC_2D] "Question and Answer 2D," Pri Utami [Abstract]

Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 3A: Country Updates 3 -- Africa

[01029] "Geothermal Energy Exploration in Uganda, Country Update," [Presenter: Godfrey Bahati], Godfrey BAHATI and James Francis NATUKUNDA [Paper]

[01042] "Status of Geothermal Exploration and Development in Ethiopia," [Presenter: Solomon Kebede Haile], Solomon KEBEDE, Fikru WOLDEMARIAM, Tesfaye KASSA [Paper]

[01071] "Geothermal Resource Exploration in Rwanda: A Country Update," [Presenter: Uwera Rutagarama], Uwera RUTAGARAMA [Paper]

[01055] "Country Update Report for Kenya 2015-2019," [Presenter: Peter Omenda], Peter OMENDA, Peketsa MANGI, Cornel OFWONA, and Martin MWANGI [Paper]

[01021] "Geothermal Exploration in Eritrea Country Update," [Presenter: Ermias Yohannes], Ermias YOHANNES [Paper]

[01023] "Tanzania Geothermal Resources Development – Current Status," [Presenter: Shakiru Idrissa Kajugus], Shakiru I. KKAJUGUS, Kato T. KABAKA and Taramaeli T. MNJOKAVA [Paper]

[WGC_3A] "Question and Answer 3A," Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 3B: Environmental and Societal Aspects 3 -- Subsidence, air pollution and noise

[02035] "Efforts for Conservation of Raptor and Their Habitat in Indonesia: Case Study at Kamojang Geothermal Area," [Presenter: Irma Khoirunissa], Irma KHOIRUNISA, Soraya Dian INSANI, Adi RAHMADI, Zaini RAKHMAN, PURWANTONO [Paper]

[02068] "Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring: A Case Study of the Momotombo Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," [Presenter: Mariela Arauz Torres], Mariela ARAUZ-TORRES, Jurgen GUEVARA [Paper]

[02033] "Rapid Environmental and Social Assessment of Geothermal Power Development in Conservation Forest Areas of Indonesia," [Presenter: Muchsin Qadir], Erik MEIJAARD, Rona DENNIS, Muchsin Chasani Abdul QADIR, Stephan GARNIER [Paper]

[02057] "Noise Level in the Vicinity of Three Geothermal Power Stations in Northeast Iceland," [Presenter: Axel Valur Birgisson], Axel Valur BIRGISSON, Gunnar Birnir JÓNSSON, Jóna BJARNADÓTTIR, Kristján STEFÁNSSON, Vésteinn VÉSTEINSSON [Paper]

[02076] "Ecological Restoration of Construction Sites of Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Magnea Magnusdottir], Magnea MAGNUSDOTTIR [Paper]

[WGC_3B] "Question and Answer 3B," Sigurdur Gardarsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 3C: Legal and Regulatory Aspects 3 -- Moving Ahead

[03010] "Strategies for Fostering the Use of Shallow Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling in Central Europe - Results from the Interreg Central Europe Project GeoPLASMA-CE," [Presenter: Gregor Gtzl], Gregor GOETZL, Gregor DILGER, Ruediger GRIMM, Karina HOFMANN, Jan HOLECEK, Radovan CERNAK, Mitja JANZA, Wieslaw KOZDROJ, Maciej KŁONOWSKI, Marek HAJTO, Paul GABRIEL, Spela GREGORIN [Paper]

[03053] "Advancing Geothermal Energy in the OECS for Economic Development and Resilience," [Presenter: Judith Ephraim], Judith EPHRAIM-SCHMIDT, Norma CHERRY-FEVRIER, Martin RUFENACH [Paper]

[03021] "GEOTHERMICA, Increasing the Pace of Coordinated Research and Innovation in Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: Gudni A Johannesson], Gudni A. JOHANNESSON, Harpa PETURSDOTTIR, Hjalti Pall INGOLFSSON, Gunter SIDIQQI, Gerdi BREEMBROEK, Sigurður BJÖRNSSON, Stephan SCHREIBER, Paul RAMSAK, Daniel Ruiz IRUELA, Alicja STOKLOSA [Paper]

[03054] "Research, Development and Innovation, and Competitiveness of the Geothermal Sector in Europe," [Presenter: Philippe Dumas], Philippe DUMAS, Andrea BOGI [Paper]

[03005] "Preparation of the Abaya Project for Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP) in Ethiopia," [Presenter: Muhammed Adem Muhammed], Muhammed ADEM, Brynhildur DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR and Sigurður st. ARNALDS [Paper]

[WGC_3C] "Question and Answer 3C," Carine Chatenay [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 3D: Case Histories 3 -- Field Model and Resource Studies

[06062] "Conceptual Model Evolution of the Tauhara Geothermal Reservoir from 1960-2020," [Presenter: Julian Mcdowell], Julian MCDOWELL, Paul BIXLEY and Fabian SEPULVEDA [Paper]

[06006] "A Conceptual Model of the Wasabizawa Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture, Japan," [Presenter: Shigetaka Nakanishi], Shigetaka NAKANISHI, Norifumi TODAKA, Shigeo TEZUKA, Chitoshi AKASAKA, Kenji SASAKI, Koji KITAO, Takashi KANEKO and Shuji AJIMA [Paper]

[06016] "The Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Project (Chile): from Surface Exploration to Energy Production," [Presenter: Geoffrey Giudetti], Guido CAPPETTI, Nadia GIORGI, Alessia ARIAS, Gianni VOLPI, Germain RIVERA, Maurizio CEI, Maurizio FEDELI, Giuseppe DI MARZIO, Martino PASTI, Stefano MASSEI, Francesco BACCARIN [Paper]

[06004] "Commissioning the 280MW Geothermal Power Plants in Olkaria, Kenya," [Presenter: George Ngomi], George NGOMI, Leonard LANGAT [Paper]

[06067] "Geothermal Development in Switzerland – the Case of Geneva Canton," [Presenter: Marie Lecompte], Marie LECOMPTE, Nathalie ANDENMATTEN, Michel MEYER [Paper]

[06038] "From Vision to Reality: Unlocking the Geothermal Potential," [Presenter: Neil Farquharson], Neil FARQUHARSON, Daniel BENDIAS, Ulrich STEINER, Achim SCHUBERT [Paper]

[WGC_3D] "Question and Answer 3D," Luca Guglielmetti [Abstract]

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 4A: Country Updates 4 -- Western Europe

[01038] "Croatia Country Update 2020 - Finally the Start of Power Production," [Presenter: Sanja Zivkovic], Slobodan KOLBAH, Mladen ŠKRLEC, Sanja ŽIVKOVIĆ, Dražen Tumara [Paper]

[01082] "Thermal Uses of Geothermal Energy, Country Update for Italy," [Presenter: Adele Manzella], Eleonora BARGIACCHI, Paolo CONTI, Adele MANZELLA, Maurizio VACCARO, Paolo CERUTTI, Gabriele CESARI [Paper]

[01043] "Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Italy (2015-2019)," [Presenter: Davide Serra], Davide SERRA, Maurizio CEI, Mirco LUPI [Paper]

[01066] "Geothermal Energy Use in Germany, Country Update 2015-2019," [Presenter: Holger Born], Josef WEBER, Holger BORN, Sandra PESTER, Inga MOECK [Paper]

[01103] "Geothermal Energy in Switzerland – Country Update 2015-2020," [Presenter: Nicole Lupi], Katharina LINK, Nicole LUPI, Gunter SIDDIQI [Paper]

[WGC_4A] "Question and Answer 4A," Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 4B: Environmental and Societal Aspects 4 -- Gas Emissions and Surface Features

[02037] "Complete Gas Emission Assessment a of the Rittershoffen Geothermal Plant in the Upper Rhine Graben," [Presenter: Nicolas Cuenot], Clio BOSIA, Guillaume RAVIER, Nicolas CUENOT, Eleonore DALMAIS, Justine MOUCHOT [Paper]

[02048] "GIS-Aided Prediction of H2S Emission Dispersion from Geothermal Power Production for the Menengai Geothermal Power Project," [Presenter: Leonard Wamalwa], Leonard WAMALWA, Irene CHEPTUM, Thecla MUTIA [Paper]

[02047] "Effects of Experimental Hydrogen Sulphide Deposition on Dominant Plants Around Geothermal Power Plants in Kenya and Iceland," [Presenter: Thecla Mutia], Thecla MUTIA, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Ingibjörg Svala JÓNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[02073] "A Participatory Soil Research to Assess Geothermal Impacts: A Case Study in Eburru-Kenya," [Presenter: Rose Mathenge], Rose MATHENGE [Paper]

[02043] "Feasibility Analysis for a CO2 Purification Technology to Be Installed in Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Maryori Diaz Ramirez], Ana MARTÍNEZ-SANTAMARÍA, Andrea HERNÁNDEZ-PEDRERO, Maryori C. DÍAZ-RAMÍREZ, Victor Jose FERREIRA, Ana M. LÓPEZ-SABIRÓN, Germán FERREIRA [Paper]

[02069] "Landscape and Visual Assessments in Pre-Feasibility Design in Geothermal Power Projects, Landsvirkjun," [Presenter: Bjork Gudmundsdottir], Bjork GUDMUNDSDOTTIR [Paper]

[WGC_4B] "Question and Answer 4B," Amel Barich [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 4C: Economics and Financing 1 -- Financing

[04026] "Financing Geothermal: Innovative Schemes for New Business Models," [Presenter: Thomas Garabetian], Philippe DUMAS, Thomas GARABETIAN [Paper]

[04043] "JICA’s Cooperation in Geothermal Development," [Presenter: Eiji Wakamatsu], Eiji WAKAMATSU, Katsuya KUGE, Hiroyuki MATSUDA, Daisuke IIJIMA, Hiroto KAMIISHI, Toru KOBAYAKAWA, Takahiro OKAMOTO, Takeshi NAITO, Mineyuki HANANO, Manabu SUGIOKA, Issei AOKI, Masahiro JURAKU [Paper]

[04009] "GeoRisk Project: 10 Years Operation and Financial Simulation of New Geothermal Risk Mitigation Schemes in Three Focus Countries," [Presenter: Attila Kujbus], Attila KUJBUS, Beata KEPINSKA, Spyridon KARYTSAS, Christian BOISSAVY, Dimitrios MENDRINOS, Constantine KARYTSAS, Maciej MIECZNIK [Paper]

[04021] "Geothermal Risk Mitigation Programs," [Presenter: Kai Imolauer], Kai IMOLAUER, Maria UELTZEN [Paper]

[04001] "Estimating Optimal Levelized Steam Tariff for Geothermal Development in Kenya," [Presenter: Shammah Kiptanui], Shammah KIPTANUI and Ezekiel KIPYEGO [Paper]

[04017] "Study on the Impact of Geothermal Production Bonuses in Indonesia: PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) Geothermal Working Area," [Presenter: Agdya Yogandari], Agdya Pratami PUTRI, Genny Munteni YUDAWINATA, Muhammad Ikbal NUR [Paper]

[WGC_4C] "Question and Answer 4C," Thomas Garabetian [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 4D: Case Histories 4 -- International

[06019] "Yemen Geothermal Potential (Case History 1980 - 2021)," [Presenter: Moneer Alnethary], Moneer ALNETHARY, Ameen SHARIAN, Mohamed MATTASH, Angelo MINISSALE and Mohammed ALKUBATI [Paper]

[06031] "Geothermal Possibilities in Kazakhstan," [Presenter: Gudni Axelsson], Gudni AXELSSON, Thorleikur JÓHANNESSON, Steinunn HAUKSDÓTTIR, Thráinn FRIDRIKSSON, Tobias WEISENBERGER and Mitsunori MOTOHASHI [Paper]

[06022] "Case Study: SJ9-3 Fork Leg Cycling Production Well of the San Jacinto Tizate Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," [Presenter: Idalia Matus], Idalia A. MATUS, Lester L. PRADO, Julio A. GUIDOS [Paper]

[06011] "Current Directions for Geothermal Energy Development in Australia," [Presenter: Graeme Beardsmore], Graeme BEARDSMORE, Charles DAVIDSON, Ludovic RICARD, Martin PUJOL, Adrian LARKING and Betina BENDALL [Paper]

[06061] "Pec 1, First Exploration Well Experiences in Ecuador," [Presenter: Matilde Urquizo], Matilde URQUIZO, Francisco ASTUDILLO, Danilo ASIMBAYA [Paper]

[06041] "Siglufjörður District Heating System, North Iceland. Decades of Direct Use of Geothermal Water for HoUse Heating," [Presenter: Magns lafsson], Magnús ÓLAFSSON, Guðni AXELSSON, Haukur ÁSGEIRSSON, Pétur Einir ÞÓRÐARSON [Paper]

[WGC_4D] "Question and Answer 4D," Saeunn Halldorsdottir [Abstract]

Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 5A: Country Updates 5 -- Europe

[01005] "Geothermal Energy Country Update Report from Poland, 2015-2019," [Presenter: Beata Kepinska], Beata KEPINSKA [Paper]

[01013] "Geothermal Developments in Greece – Country Update (2015-2020)," [Presenter: Nikolaos Andritsos], Maria PAPACHRISTOU, Paschalis DALAMPAKIS, Apostolos ARVANITIS, Dimitrios MENDRINOS, Nikos ANDRITSOS [Paper]

[01075] "Geothermal Country Update Report for Slovenia, 2015-2019," [Presenter: Dusan Rajver], Dusan RAJVER, Nina RMAN, Andrej LAPANJE, Joerg PRESTOR [Paper]

[01009] "Geothermal Country Update Report of Iran (2015- 2020)," [Presenter: Seyed Zahed Mousavi], Seyed Zahed MOUSAVI, Saeid JALILINASRABADI [Paper]

[01061] "Geothermal Resources and Energy Use in Russia," [Presenter: Valentina Svalova], Valentina SVALOVA, Konstantin POVAROV [Paper]

[WGC_5A] "Question and Answer 5A," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 5B: Environmental and Societal Aspects 5 -- Community engagement

[02038] "Local Values Due to Geothermal Development Progress: an Ecosystem Services Mapping Approach," [Presenter: Jarot Mulyo Semedi], Jarot Mulyo SEMEDI, Triarko NURLAMBANG, Raldi Hendro KOESTOER, Freek VAN DER MEER [Paper]

[02039] "Community Engagement Support on Sustainable Geothermal Operation: A Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation in Indonesia," [Presenter: Eko Hari Purwanto], Eko HARI PURWANTO, Havidh NAZIF, Sentot YULIANUGROHO, Safiul PRIMASATYA, Ahmad FATHONI [Paper]

[02029] "Surficial Signatures of Lineaments and Temperatures on Dieng Volcanic Complex (DVC)," [Presenter: Astisiasari Astisiasari], ASTISIASARI, Dyah Rahmawati HIZBARON, M. Anggri SETIAWAAN, Freek Van Der MEER [Paper]

[02004] "Geothermal Surface Feature Catalogue of New Zealand: Implications for Geothermal Development in New Zealand," [Presenter: Robert Reeves], Robert REEVES, Bart DAVIDS, Thomas BRAKENRIG, Penny DOORMAN, Freya CAMBURN [Paper]

[02001] "Monitoring of Geothermal Vegetation in New Zealand, and the Effects of Geothermal Energy Extraction," [Presenter: Sarah Beadel], Sarah BEADEL, Joanna MCQUEEN, Chris BYCROFT, Angela SIMPSON, Steve RATE, William SHAW [Paper]

[02007] "Review of Environmental and Social Aspects and Best-Practice Mitigation Measures from an IEA-Geothermal Perspective," [Presenter: Chris Bromley], Chris BROMLEY, Lauren BOYD, Adele MANZELLA, Kasumi YASUKAWA [Paper]

[WGC_5B] "Question and Answer 5B," Fahmi Dereinda [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 5C: Economics and Financing 2 -- Governments

[04037] "Multilateral Development Bank Support for Upstream Geothermal Development," [Presenter: Joeri De Wit], Joeri DE WIT, Huong Mai NGUYEN, Peter JOHANSEN, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Almudena MATEOS MERINO, Pierre AUDINET [Paper]

[04000] "Economic Analysis of Geothermal Power Generation in Iran for Private Sectors," [Presenter: Nasim Saber], Nasim SABER, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Páll JENSSON, Mohammad KARMI, and Mohsen TAGHADDOSI [Paper]

[04004] "The Present and Future Implementation of Geothermal Exploration Risk Sharing Mitigation in Indonesia," [Presenter: Muchsin Qadir], Adyaksa PARIPURNA, Muchsin Chasani Abdul QADIR, Rizka Chandra AMORINI [Paper]

[04033] "Economic Development of District Heating with Public Support," [Presenter: Heimir Hjartarson], Jón VILHJÁLMSSON [Paper]

[04034] "Geothermal Financing Options," Carolyn KIPSANG, Damaris NJOROGE, Jannette KIBOGY [Paper]

[WGC_5C] "Question and Answer 5C," Yoshifumi Imamura [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 5D: Societal and Cultural Aspects 3 -- Communities

[07011] "Learners’ Conceptions About Geothermal Energy in Three Caribbean Islands," [Presenter: Frederic Fournier], Claire ANJOU, Frédéric FOURNIER, Yves MAZABRAUD, Thomas FORISSIER [Paper]

[07026] "Trial of Overall System Design for Geothermal Development to Achieve Harmony with Both Regional Environment and Local Society," [Presenter: Nobukazu Soma], Nobukazu SOMA [Paper]

[07060] "Emergent Stakeholder Opinion Formation in Multi-Use Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Kyle Bahr], Kyle BAHR, Shuntaro MASUDA, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya [Paper]

[07063] "Exploring Synergies Between Māori Knowledge and Western Science on the Formation of Natural Colours," [Presenter: Franck Natali], Franck NATALI, James WARBRICK, John KENNEDY, Ringahora HUATA, Diane BRADSHAW, Blair MILLAR, Andreas MARKWITZ, Jackson MILLER, Kia PAASI [Paper]

[07069] "Impact of Geothermal Projects in Rural Communities. the Case of Acoculco, Mexico," [Presenter: Luis Moreno], Luis R. MORENO, Virginia G. LOPEZ, Sosima, CARRILLO [Paper]

[07055] "The Present and Future Role of Geothermal in the Energy-Mix in Rural Iceland: A Case Study from NE-Iceland," [Presenter: Otto Eliasson], Gunnlaug H. ÁSGEIRSDÓTTIR, Guðmundur H. SIGURÐARSON, Sigurður I. FRIÐLEIFSSON, Sunna GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR, Bjarni GAUTASON [Paper]

[WGC_5D] "Question and Answer 5D," Thomas Lowry [Abstract]

Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 6A: Country Updates 6 -- Americas

[01026] "Geothermal Industry Development in Canada - 2020 Country Update," [Presenter: Manjot Klair], Alison THOMPSON, Zach HARMER, David WAINER, Manjot KLAIR [Paper]

[01016] "2020 Country Update for Eastern Caribbean Nations," [Presenter: Gerry Huttrer], Gerald HUTTRER [Paper]

[01064] "Chile Up-Date: the First South American Geothermal Power Plant After One Century of Exploration," [Presenter: Diego Morata], Diego MORATA, Diego ARAVENA, Alfredo LAHSEN, Mauricio MUÑOZ, Pablo VALDENEGRO [Paper]

[01022] "Geothermal Country Update for Ecuador: 2015 - 2020," [Presenter: Andres Lloret], Bernardo BEATE. Matilde URQUIZO, Andres LLORET [Paper]

[01053] "Current Status of Geothermal Development in Honduras," [Presenter: Wilmer Henriquez], Wilmer HENRIQUEZ [Paper]

[WGC_6A] "Question and Answer 6A," Paul Moya [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 6B: Geothermal Education 1

[09013] "AGEOCOL, a Combined Effort to Promote the Geothermal Energy in Colombia," [Presenter: Asociacion Colombiana De Geotermia Ageocol], AGEOCOL [Paper]

[09009] "Perception Is Reality: How to Control the Narrative and Position the Brand of Geothermal," [Presenter: Patrick Hanson], Patrick HANSON, Alexander RICHTER [Paper]

[09020] "ISE and the Energy Industry: Reviews of the Present and Discussion of Future Relationships," [Presenter: Johann Mar Olafsson], Johann Mar OLAFSSON, Juliet NEWSON, R. Morgan GREENE [Paper]

[09022] "European Educational Concept in Environmental-, Nature- and Climate Protection to Safeguard a Cross Border Sustainable Development. Geothermal Education in the Course of the Erasmus+ Project," [Presenter: Aleksandra Kasztelewicz], Aleksandra KASZTELEWICZ, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA, Marta DENDYS [Paper]

[09024] "Education and Community Outreach Programmes at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, Cornwall, UK," [Presenter: Jane Charman], Lucy COTTON, Jane CHARMAN, Suzie DOE, Peter LEDINGHAM [Paper]

[09010] "International Geothermal Master Program," [Presenter: Topo Sutopo], SUTOPO, Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, Ali ASHAT, SURYANTINI, Zuher SYIHAB, Angga Bakti PRATAMA, Dimas Taha MAULANA, Heru Berian PRATAMA, Nurita Putri HARDIANI [Paper]

[WGC_6B] "Question and Answer 6B," Roland Horne [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 6C: Economics and Financing 3 -- Various

[04019] "Guidelines for the Preparation of Geothermal Feasbility Studies," [Presenter: Elin Hallgrimsdottir], Ari INGIMUNDARSON, Gudni AXELSSON, Benedikt STEINGRIMSSON, Ingi INGASON, Olafur ARNASON, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Mariano Gonzales SERRANO [Paper]

[04020] "Including Seismic Risk Mitigation Measures Into the LCOE in EGS for Optimal Siting," [Presenter: Dimitrios Karvounis], Arnaud MIGNAN, Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Marco BROCCARDO, Stefan WIEMER, Domenico GIARDINI [Paper]

[04030] "Local Added Value of the Geothermal Resources, Evidence from Poland," [Presenter: Katarzyna Kurek], Katarzyna A. KUREK, WJM (Wim) HEIJMAN, Johan VAN OPHEM, Stanisław GĘDEK, Jacek STROJNY [Paper]

[04039] "Technical Successes and Financial Challenges of Micro-Geothermal," [Presenter: Robert Emrich], Rob EMRICH [Paper]

[04031] "Economic Comparison of Build Geothermal Power Plant Iran and El Salvador," [Presenter: Bertha Arenivar], Bertha ARENIVAR, Nasim SABER, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Lúdvík GEORGSSON, Tel-Aviv MEDRANO and Pouneh DADGAR [Paper]

[04012] "Attractiveness of Kenya’s Geothermal Electricity Generation Investments; A Risk Perspective," [Presenter: Martha Mburu], Paul NGUGI [Paper]

[WGC_6C] "Question and Answer 6C," Lilian Okwiri [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 6D: Societal and Cultural Aspects 2 -- Americas

[07030] "The Role of Stakeholder Engagement in Geothermal Exploration Practices in Tolhuaca, Chile," [Presenter: Amanda Martinez Reyes], Amanda MARTINEZ REYES, Sofia VARGAS PAYERA, Michael STAUFFACHER, and Olivier EJDERYAN [Paper]

[07002] "Chachimbiro Geothermal Prospect: Social Outlook After the First Deep Drilling in Ecuador," [Presenter: Danilo Ibarra], Danilo IBARRA, Andrés LLORET, Danilo ASIMBAYA [Paper]

[07058] "Geothermal Exploration, Geoheritage and Potential Geoturism Around Thermal Springs on Puruándiro, Michoacán, México," [Presenter: Mariana Patricia Jacome Paz], Mariana P. JÁCOME-PAZ, Victor GOMEZ, Rosa Ma. PROL-LEDESMA, Alejandra GONZÁLEZ-ALFARO, Mayela GOMEZ-TORRES, Irving GONZALEZ-ROMO, Aurora ESTRADA-MURILLO [Paper]

[07014] "From Pure Science to Applied Projects: Direct Use of Geothermal Energy in Patagonia," [Presenter: Sofia Vargas], Sofia VARGAS-PAYERA, Nicolas HURTADO [Paper]

[07000] "Decolonizing Approaches to Geothermal Energy Development in Alberta Through Indigenous Community-Led Research and Engagement," [Presenter: Vivian Giang], Vivian GIANG, Andie PALMER, Lianne LEFSRUD, and Liz LETENDRE [Paper]

[07067] "Outreach Efforts of the Hawaii Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center," [Presenter: Nicole Lautze Maresca], Nicole LAUTZE, Alice KIM, Daniel DORES, Colin FERGUSON, Donald THOMAS [Paper]

[07056] "An Inactive Volcano an Active Community - Indigenous Community of Yanaconas Guachicono and the Recreational Project: Las Chizas," [Presenter: Lucio Cruz], Lucio CRUZ, Michelle PABON, Andrea ARTEAGA [Paper]

[WGC_6D] "Question and Answer 6D," Maria Rosa Duque [Abstract]

Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 7A: Country Updates 7 -- Asia-Pacific

[01012] "Geothermal Development in the Republic of Korea: Country Update 2015-2019," [Presenter: Yoonho Song], Yoonho SONG and Tae Jong LEE [Paper]

[01037] "Country Update of Japan," [Presenter: Kasumi Yasukawa], Kasumi YASUKAWA, Nobuyasu NISHIKAWA, Masakatsu SASADA, Tadahiko OKUMURA [Paper]

[01070] "Current Developments of the Geothermal Energy in Taiwan," [Presenter: Sheng-Rong Song], Sheng-Rong SONG, Geothermal Energy Research Teams Of NTU [Paper]

[01007] "Australia — Country Update," [Presenter: Graeme Beardsmore], Graeme BEARDSMORE, Charles DAVIDSON, Donald PAYNE, Martin PUJOL, Ludovic RICARD [Paper]

[01041] "Geothermal Resources of Tajikistan," [Presenter: Mamadsho Ilolov], Mamadsho ILOLOV, Ahmadsho ILOLOV, Sakina KARIMOVA, Anvar KODIROV, Artur KHUDONAZAROV [Paper]

[01006] "Geothermal Energy Resources of India: Country Update," [Presenter: Dornadula Chandrasekharam], DORNADULA Chandrasekharam, and CHANDRASEKHAR Varun [Paper]

[WGC_7A] "Question and Answer 7A," John Lund [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 7B: Sustainability and Climate Change 1 -- Innovation

[05045] "The Energy Transition from Fossil Fuels to Geothermal Energy – a German Case Study," [Presenter: Inga Moeck], Inga S. MOECK, Rolf BRACKE, Josef WEBER [Paper]

[05019] "Geothermal Energy Fueling the Energy Transition of the Transport Sector," Hafrun H. THORVALDSDOTTIR, Magnus Th. ARNARSSON, Kevin DILLMAN, Dagny HAUKSDOTTIR, Thrandur S. OLAFSSON, Gudjon H. BJORNSSON, Fjalarr GISLASON, Eirikur HJALMARSSON, Edda S. ARADOTTIR, Marta R. KARLSDOTTIR, Jakob S. FRIDRIKSSON, Berglind R. OLAFSDOTTIR, Inga D. HROLFSDOTTIR, Bjarni BJARNASON [Paper]

[05040] "Carbfix – Rock Solid Climate Action," [Presenter: Edda Aradottir], Edda ARADOTTIR, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Sandra O. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Magnus Th. ARNARSON, Vala HJORLEIFSDOTTIR, Thomas RATOUIS, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Dominique KRONENBERG, Lukas KAUFMANN, Fidel GRANDIA, Alvaro S. GARCIA, Deirdre CLARK, Chiara MARIENI, Martin VOIGT, Eric OELKERS, Sigurdur R. GISLASON [Paper]

[05005] "The Implications of the Iceland Deep Drilling Project for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Worldwide," [Presenter: Wilfred Elders], Wilfred A. ELDERS, Guðmundur Ó. FRIÐLEIFSSON, and Albert L. ALBERTSSON [Paper]

[05002] "Energy Transition: the Potential of Geothermal Energy Use Through Industrial Symbiosis in New Zealand," [Presenter: Samantha Alcaraz], Samantha ALCARAZ, Brian CAREY, Peter HALL [Paper]

[05006] "Social Impacts of Geothermal Utilisation in Puga, Ladakh, India," [Presenter: Kunzes Dolma], Kunzes DOLMA, Páll VALDIMARSSON, Luðvík S. GEORGSSON, Málfrídur ÓMARSSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[WGC_7B] "Question and Answer 7B," Andy Blair [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 7C: Business Strategies 1 -- Developing the industry

[08031] "Forty Years of Women in the Geothermal Sector: 1980-2020," [Presenter: Karen Christopherson], Karen CHRISTOPHERSON, Bridget AYLING, Kelly BLAKE [Paper]

[08006] "A Comparison of Gender-based Employment Data from the New Zealand and Iceland Geothermal Sector," [Presenter: Aimee Calibugan], Aimee CALIBUGAN, Andrea BLAIR, Abbie DEAN, Kristín VALA MATTHÍASDÓTTIR, Hildigunnur THORSTEINSSON [Paper]

[08029] "Accelerating the Development of Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands," [Presenter: Leonora Heijnen], Leonora HEIJNEN, Melanie PROVOOST [Paper]

[08034] "Modular Solutions for Turn Key Geothermal Projects – Case Study Well Doublet Lansingerland, NL," [Presenter: Sebastian Homuth], Sebastian HOMUTH, Randy LOOS [Paper]

[08011] "Key Elements to Growing the Global Geothermal Industry," [Presenter: ], Mike ALLEN [Paper]

[WGC_7C] "Question and Answer 7C," Caity Smith [Abstract]

[08017] "The H2020 GEORISK Project – Inventory and Assessment of Risks Associated to the Development of Deep Geothermal Heating and Power Projects," [Presenter: Thomas Le Guenan], Thomas LE GUENAN, Philippe CALCAGNO, Fernanda VELOSO, Virginie HAMM, Annick LOSCHETTER, Camille MAUREL, Ferid SEYIDOV, Philippe DUMAS [Paper]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 7D: Societal and Cultural Aspects 1 -- Community Engagement

[07024] "Whakarewarewa Thermal Village as a Living Laboratory for Indigenous Materials Science Outreach and Education," [Presenter: Pauline Harris], Pauline HARRIS, Nicola GASTON, Ringahora HUATA, Blair MILLAR, Diane BRADSHAW, Andreas MARKWITZ, Franck NATALI, Justin HODGKISS [Paper]

[07029] "Managing Social Risk and Impact Through Stakeholder Engagement and Integrated Social Development Program. A Case Study of Sumatera Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Erwin Patrisa Floris], Ismoyo ARGO, Erwin Patrisa FLORIS [Paper]

[07033] "New Waku-Waku Lifestyle in Hot Springs to Connect Gaps Between Urban and Rural Areas," [Presenter: Anna Suzuki], Anna SUZUKI, Kyle BAHR [Paper]

[07061] "Use of an Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) to Sustaining Thermal Spring Development: A Case Study of Baleni and Sagole in Limpopo Province, South AfricaUse," [Presenter: Azwindini Ernest Tshibalo], A.E. TSHIBALO [Paper]

[07012] "Empowering Women in the Indonesian Geothermal Industry," [Presenter: Ratih Nurruhliati Rochman], Jane BROTHERIDGE, Pri UTAMI, Jane BYDDER, Ratih NURRUHLIATI [Paper]

[07008] "Initiating FAIR Geothermal Data in Indonesia," [Presenter: Dasapta Erwin Irawan], Dasapta Erwin IRAWAN [Paper]

[WGC_7D] "Question and Answer 7D," Amanda Martinez Reyes [Abstract]

Tuesday 22:00 - 00:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 8A: Country Updates 8 -- South America and Rest of World

[01034] "Geothermal Development in Bolivia - A Country Update," [Presenter: Daniel Villarroel], Daniel VILLARROEL [Paper]

[01027] "Geothermal Country Update for Peru, 2015-2020," [Presenter: Ximena Guardia Muguruza], Vicentina CRUZ, Ximena GUARDIA [Paper]

[01014] "Assessment of Geothermal Resources of Brazil - 2020," [Presenter: Valiya Hamza], Fabio VIEIRA, Suze GUIMARAES, Hélène HOFMANN, Valiya HAMZA [Paper]

[01046] "Geothermal Update in Bangladesh," [Presenter: Mohammed Masum], Mohammed MASUM, Md. KAMRUL Ahsan and Mohammed NURUL Hoque [Paper]

[01076] "Geothermal Country Update of Argentina: 2015-2020," [Presenter: Agostina Chiodi], CHIODI Agostina L., FILIPOVICH Rubén E., ESTEBAN Carlos L., PESCE Abel H., STEFANINI Valentín A [Paper]

[01090] "Update of Geothermal Development of Mongolia," [Presenter: Purevsuren Dorj], Purevsuren DORJ, Friedemann SAMROCK, Batmagnai ERDENECHIMEG [Paper]

[WGC_8A] "Question and Answer 8A," Eugenio Trumpy [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 8B: Sustainability and Climate Change 2 -- Life Cycle Assessments

[05003] "Review of Life Cycle Assessments of Geothermal Heating Systems," [Presenter: Astu Sam Pratiwi], Astu PRATIWI, Evelina TRUTNEVYTE [Paper]

[05012] "Life Cycle Assessment and Economic Impacts of the Rittershoffen EGS Geothermal Plant, Upper Rhine Graben, France," [Presenter: Paula Perez-Lopez], Paula PEREZ LOPEZ, Guillaume RAVIER, Astu Sam PRATIWI, Albert GENTER, Isabelle BLANC [Paper]

[05007] "Life Cycle Assessment of a Geothermal Power Plant in the Southern German Molasse Basin (Germany)," [Presenter: Florian Heberle], Florian HEBERLE, Thorsten KOEPP, Peter BAYER, Dieter BRÜGGEMANN [Paper]

[05008] "Life Cycle Assessment of Geothermal Energy: a Case Study on Hellisheidi," [Presenter: Andrea Paulillo], Andrea PAULILLO, Xiaofei CUI, Marta Rós KARLSDÓTTIR, Alberto STRIOLO, Paola LETTIERI [Paper]

[05024] "Life Cycle Assessment of the Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland," [Presenter: Alexandra Kjeld], Alexandra KJELD, Helga Johanna BJARNADOTTIR, Ragnheidur OLAFSDOTTIR, Björn HALLDORSSON, Valur KNUTSSON [Paper]

[05046] "Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis of Medium Deep Borehole Thermal Energy Storage in District Heating Systems," [Presenter: Bastian Welsch], Bastian WELSCH, Laura GÖLLNER-VÖLKER, Daniel O. SCHULTE, Kristian BÄR, Liselotte SCHEBEK, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[WGC_8B] "Question and Answer 8B," Christopher Schifflechner [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 8C: Business Strategies 2 -- Market Development

[08012] "Advancing New Zealand’s Supercritical Geothermal Opportunity," [Presenter: Isabelle Chambefort], Melissa CLIMO, Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Brian CAREY, Simon BENDALL, Andrea BLAIR [Paper]

[08001] "Driving the Uptake of Geothermal Direct Use in New Zealand: Successful Strategies, Empowered Champions, and Lessons Learnt Along the Way," [Presenter: Andy Blair], Melissa CLIMO, Andrea BLAIR, Brian CAREY, Simon BENDALL, Stephen DAYSH [Paper]

[08024] "Geothermal Is the Solution: How a Small Town in New Zealand Is Growing the Prosperity of Its People Using Its Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Kylie Hawker-Green], Kylie HAWKER-GREEN, Andrea BLAIR, Murray MCCAW [Paper]

[08005] "Slim Hole Assessment and Geothermal Business Model," [Presenter: Dennis Nielson], Dennis L. NIELSON, Sabodh K. GARG and John SHERVAIS [Paper]

[08018] "GEORG Geothermal Energy Research Cluster Initiative – Bridging the Community Gap," [Presenter: Hjalti Pall Ingolfsson], Amel BARICH, Hjalti Pall INGOLFSSON, Sigurdur Magnus GARDARSSON, Sigurdur T. BJORNVINSSON, Sigurdur BOGASON, Alicja W. STOKLOSA, Tomasz URBAN, Steinar O. JONSSON, Bjarni PALSSON, Carine CHATENAY, Edda S. ARADOTTIR, Einar J. ASBJORNSSON, Lilja TRYGVADOTTIR, Steinunn HAUKSDOTTIR, Runar UNNTHORSSON, Halldor GEIRSSON [Paper]

[WGC_8C] "Question and Answer 8C," Carsten Sorlie [Abstract]

[08030] "Geothermal Drilling Contracts - Scope of the Work, Risk and Cost Factors," [Presenter: Vilhjalmur Gudmundsson], Vilhjalmur GUDMUNDSSON [Paper]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 8D: Geothermal Education 2

[09005] "Supporting Sustainability in the Indonesian Geothermal Sector Through New Training Methods for Technicians and Operators," [Presenter: Joanne Douglas], Jo DOUGLAS, Chris STUART, HERIBERTUS Dwiyudha [Paper]

[09039] "Education and Research in the Field of Geothermal Heat Pumps in the Centre of Sustainable Development and Energy Savings WGGIOS AGH in Poland," [Presenter: Anna Sowizdzal], KOTYZA Jaroslaw, HALAJ Elzbieta, LUBON Wojciech, PELKA Grzegorz, GORECKI Wojciech, SOWIZDZAL Anna, DAWIEC Dominika [Paper]

[09015] "Teaching Geothermal Energy Using Context Effects Approach," [Presenter: Frederic Fournier], Claire ANJOU, Frédéric FOURNIER, Yves MAZABRAUD, Thomas FORISSIER [Paper]

[09018] "On-line Specialized Courses on Geothermal," [Presenter: Rosa Maria Prol-Ledesma], Rosa Maria PROL-LEDESMA, Mayela Clemencia GÓMEZ-TORRES, Luz Thamara FERNÁNDEZ DE LA VEGA-MÁRQUEZ, Alejandra Selene MEMBRILLO-ABAD, Augusto Antonio RODRÍGUEZ-DÍAZ, Daniel PEREZ-ZÁRATE, Aurora María ESTRADA-MURILLO, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, José Manuel ROMO-JONES [Paper]

[09000] "The Role of UNU Geothermal Training Programme on the Professional Man Power Build-up in China," [Presenter: Jiurong Liu], LIU Jiurong, HAN Zheng [Paper]

[WGC_8D] "Question and Answer 8D," Ludvik Georgsson [Abstract]

Tuesday 00:00 - 02:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 9A: Geothermal Education 3

[09001] "Geothermal Energy Capacity Building in Egypt," [Presenter: Cesar Chamorro], Mohamed ELKARMOTY, Mostafa AMEEN, Mohamed SHOLQAMY, Khaled HELAL, Khaled ABDELGHAFAR, Hany HELAL, Amr ELBANHAWY, Francesco TINTI, Stefano BONDUÀ, Tomislav KUREVIJA, Tomislav MALVIĆ, Alejandro MOREAU, César CHAMORRO [Paper]

[09006] "Geothermal Education Program in El Salvador Through SATREPS Project," [Presenter: Hiroyuki Yamagishi], Hiroyuki YAMAGISHI, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA, Shin KOSHIYA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Tatsuya KAJIWARA [Paper]

[09003] "International Experience in Geothermal Education," [Presenter: Aniko Toth], Aniko N. TOTH [Paper]

[09004] "Drawing Geothermal Energy: How Students Understand the Underground," [Presenter: Sofia Vargas], Sofia VARGAS - PAYERA, Diego ARAVENA [Paper]

[09029] "10 Years of Institut Teknologi Bandung Geothermal Engineering Master’s Program," [Presenter: Topo Sutopo], SUTOPO, Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, SURYANTINI, Ali ASHAT, Heru Berian PRATAMA, Nurita Putri HARDIANI, Angga Bakti PRATAMA, Dimas Taha MAULANA, [Paper]

[09026] "Development Cooperation and Geothermal Energy in East Africa," [Presenter: Dadi Thorbjornsson], Dadi THORBJORNSSON, Gylfi Páll HERSIR AND David BJARNASON [Paper]

[WGC_9A] "Question and Answer 9A," Roland Horne [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 9B: Sustainability and Climate Change 3

[05037] "Geothermal Sources Reuse: Algae Cultivation and Other Initiatives," [Presenter: Marco Paci], Marco PACI, Alessandro LENZI, Alessio BARDI, Niccolo BASSI, Folco TREDICI, Mario TREDICI, Liliana RODOLFI, Loredana TORSELLO, Dario BONCIANI [Paper]

[05013] "Simplified Parameterized Models for a Multi-Criteria Environmental Impact Assessment of Four Types of Geothermal Installations," [Presenter: Melanie Douziech], Mélanie DOUZIECH, Guillaume RAVIER, Nicola FERRARA, Lisa DAMEN, Hafþór Ægir SIGURJONSSON, Paula PEREZ-LOPEZ, Lorenzo TOSTI, Sylvia Rakel GUDJONSDOTTIR, Virginie HARCOUET-MENOU, Maria Laura PARISI, Neethi RAJAGOPALAN, Isabelle BLANC [Paper]

[05001] "CO2 Decline in Alasehir Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Serhat Akin], Serhat AKIN, Taylan AKIN, Hakki AYDIN [Paper]

[05035] "Scenarios of Sustainable Development for Geothermal Projects," [Presenter: Zayre Gonzalez], Zayre I. GONZALEZ., Marco A. GARCÍA., M. Lourdes GONZÁLEZ., Bernardino R. EATON., M. Alejandra SÁNCHEZ., Virginia G. LÓPEZ., Luis R. MORENO., J. Claudia LEYVA., Julio E. VALENCIA., Estrella ZARCO., Isabel ISRADE., Edgar ZARAGOZA [Paper]

[05000] "Providing All China Energy Need with Geothermal and Other Renewables," [Presenter: Lin Jia], Lin JIA, Dan WANG, Guoxiang ZHAO, and Kewen LI [Paper]

[05023] "Geothermal Energy Utilization in Slovakia: First Insights from Sustainability Perspective," [Presenter: Branislav Fricovsky], Branislav FRIČOVSKÝ, Ladislav VIZI, Daniel MARCIN, Radovan ČERNÁK, Veronika BLANÁROVÁ, Zuzana UJJOBBÁGYOVÁ, Dušan BODIŠ, Katarína BENKOVÁ, Ondrej PELECH, Klement FORDINÁL [Paper]

[WGC_9B] "Question and Answer 9B," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 9C: Business Strategies 3

[08013] "Geo-Energy Europe: the European Strategy to Consolidate the Internationalisation of the Geothermal Industry," [Presenter: Thomas Garabetian], Thomas GARABETIAN, Stephen WALSH, Emmanuelle ROBINS, Cannur BOZKURT, Ana CASILLAS, Dario BONCIANI, Virginie SCHMILDE-BLOCH, Thor NOEVIG, Ferenc FEDOR [Paper]

[08009] "How Japan Can Treble Growth in Geothermal Power ~ a Study Focusing on the Importance of the Local Community in Comparison with Success in New Zealand," [Presenter: Yoshifumi Imamura], Yoshifumi IMAMURA [Paper]

[08025] "“On the Rocks” – Exploring Business Models for Geothermal Heat in the Land of Scotch," [Presenter: David Townsend], David H TOWNSEND, John DA NAISMITH, Philip J TOWNSEND, Michael G MILNER, Uisdean T FRASER [Paper]

[08022] "Feasibility Studies for Geothermal Projects," [Presenter: Bjarni Plsson], Bjarni PALSSON [Paper]

[08015] "Geothermal Economic Development and Opportunities in Zambia: Five Forces Model Approach," [Presenter: Agnelli Kafuwe], Agnelli KAFUWE [Paper]

[WGC_9C] "Question and Answer 9C," Kylie Hawker-Green [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 9D: Environmental and Societal Aspects 6

[02060] "Fuel Consumption and Environmental Effect of Heating System Selection," Gizem ELBİZ, Tahsin BAŞARAN, Saeid JALILINASRABADY [Paper]

[02052] "Update of Air Quality Dispersion Model for Gothermal Power Plants and Wellhead Generation Units at Olkaria in Kenya," [Presenter: Joshua Were], Joshua WERE, Cornelius NDETEI, Nigel HOLMES [Paper]

[02036] "EIA Considerations for Geothermal Drilling: A Case Study of Ngozi Geothermal Project," Taramaeli MNJOKAVA, Esther RANGE and Eva NYANTORI [Paper]

[02015] "The Case Study of Sustainable Utilization of Geothermal Resources in Tianjin," [Presenter: Hongmei Yin], YIN Hongmei, WANG Yongzhen, MA Ling, LUO Chao, HU Likai, ZHAO Jun [Paper]

[02022] "Preliminary Environment Impact Assessment of Pangalu Geothermal Field in Papua New Guinea," Brendan TRAWEN [Paper]

[WGC_9D] "Question and Answer 9D," [Presenter: Roland Horne], no videos [Abstract]

Tuesday 07:00 - 07:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 4P: Poster 1

[01000] "Geothermal Energy in Romania: Country Update 2015-2019," [Presenter: Robert Gavriliuc], Robert GAVRILIUC, Marcel ROSCA, Radu POLIZU, Codruta BENDEA, Doinita Iuliana CUCUETEANU, Cornel ANTAL [Paper]

[01010] "Geothermal Energy Update of Nepal," [Presenter: Mahendra Ranjit], Mahendra RANJIT [Paper]

[01025] "Geothermal Energy Country Update 2020 of Madagascar," [Presenter: Lala Andrianaivo], Lala ANDRIANAIVO [Paper]

[01032] "Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Serbia," [Presenter: ], Sibela OUDECH, Ivan DJOKIC [Paper]

[01033] "Geothermal Potentials of Pakistan," [Presenter: Malik Malik], MALIK Sikander Bakht [Paper]

[01035] "Comoros Geothermal Project: Exploration Drilling Infrastructure Assessment," Adaïne ANLIL-WAFA, Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Keith SWEDHIN and Mauricio TAULIS [Paper]

[01036] "Geothermal Resource of Georgia," [Presenter: ], George MELIKADZE, Nodar TSERTSVADZE, Otar VARDIGORELI, Nino KAPANADZE [Paper]

[01039] "Geothermal Status in Burundi," Ferdinand WAKANA [Paper]

[01044] "Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Nigeria’s Sedimentary Basins," [Presenter: Mohammed Yerima Kwaya], Mohammed Yerima KWAYA and Ewa KUROWSKA [Paper]

[01049] "Geothermal Energy Use - Projections, Country Update for Turkey," [Presenter: Orhan Mertoglu], Orhan MERTOGLU, Sakir SIMSEK, Nilgun BASARIR [Paper]

[01052] "The Current and Future Status of Geothermal Energy in Yemen," [Presenter: Ramzi Murshed], Ramzi Hazza Abdullah MURSHED [Paper]

[01054] "A Review of the Geothermal Resources of Saudi Arabia: 2015-2020," [Presenter: Aref Lashin], Aref LASHIN, Dornadula CHANDRASEKHARAM, Abdulaziz AL BASSAM, Nassir AL ARIFI, Shafiqur REHMAN, Hussain AL FAIFI [Paper]

[01057] "Geothermal Update for Bulgaria (2014-2018)," [Presenter: ], V. HRISTOV, A. BENDEREV, N. STOYANOV, D. ANTONOV, M. TRAYANOVA, S. KOLEV [Paper]

[01062] "Geothermal Energy Status in Iran," [Presenter: Soheil Porkhial], Soheil PORKHIAL [Paper]

[01065] "Geothermal Energy Development: the Philippines Country Update," Ariel FRONDA, Vanessa LAZARO, Rainier HALCON [Paper]

[01067] "Netherlands Country Update," [Presenter: ], Bas GODSCHALK, Melanie PROVOOST, Frank SCHOOF [Paper]

[01069] "Geothermal Energy Country Update - Lithuania," [Presenter: Feliksas Zinevicius], Feliksas ZINEVICIUS, Saulius SLIAUPA, Arunas MAZINTAS [Paper]

[01074] "Costa Rica Country Update," Eddy SANCHEZ - RIVERA, Leonardo SOLIS - SALGUERO, Hartman GUIDO - SEQUEIRA, Osvaldo VALLEJOS - RUIZ [Paper]

[01077] "Updating of the Most Important Algerian Geothermal Provinces," Abdelkader AIT OUALI, Abdelhakim AYADI, Djamel MAIZI, Abderrahman ISSAADI, Salima OUALI, Khadidja BOUZIDI, Khaled IMESSAAD [Paper]

[01078] "Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update Report for Denmark," [Presenter: Anders Mathiesen], Anders MATHIESEN, Lars Henrik NIELSEN, Henrik VOSGERAU, Søren Erbs POULSEN, Henrik Bjørn, Birte RØGEN, Claus DITLEFSEN, Thomas VANGKILDE-PEDERSEN [Paper]

[01079] "Review of the Geothermal Resources of Egypt: 2015-2020," [Presenter: Aref Lashin], Aref LASHIN [Paper]

[01080] "Portugal Country Update 2020," [Presenter: ], João Carlos NUNES, Luís COELHO, José Martins CARVALHO, Maria Do Rosário CARVALHO, João GARCIA, António CORREIA [Paper]

[01081] "An Overview on Geothermal Potential Assessment and Geothermal Development in Vietnam," [Presenter: ], TRAN Trong Thang [Paper]

[01096] "Country Update for the Spanish Geothermal Sector," Iñigo ARRIZABALAGA, Margarita DE GREGORIO, Cristina DE SANTIAGO, Celestino GARCÍA DE LA NOCEDA, Paloma PÉREZ, Javier URCHUEGUÍA [Paper]

[01097] "Czech Republic Country Update 2018," Petr DEDECEK, Jan SAFANDA, Antonin TYM, Jan HOLECEK [Paper]

[01098] "Geothermal Development in Malawi - A Country Update 2015 - 2020," [Presenter: Kondwani Gondwe], Kondwani GONDWE, Tufwane MWAGOMBA, Gift TSOKONOMBWE, Charleson ELIASI, Khumbolawo LUNGU [Paper]

[01099] "Geothermal Energy Development of Sri Lanka," [Presenter: Amali Samaranayake], S.A.SAMARANAYAKE, Nalin De SILVA, U. DAHANAYAKE, H.O.WIJEWARDANE [Paper]

[01107] "United Kingdom Country Update," [Presenter: Tony Batchelor], Tony BATCHELOR, Robin CURTIS, Jonathan BUSBY [Paper]

[01108] "Austria -Country Update," [Presenter: Johann Goldbrunner], GOLDBRUNNER Johann E [Paper]

[02000] "Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability in Geothermal Exploration Areas; Case Study of Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya," JOSPHAT MWANDIGHA [Paper]

[02002] "(Environmental) Impact of Inhibitors Applied in the Geothermal Sector in the Netherlands," [Presenter: ], Fenna VAN DE WATERING, Tessa BOSCH, Raphael VAN DER VELDE [Paper]

[02006] "Financial and Environmental Analysis of Ground-source Heat Pump Utilization in Residential Sector in Iran," [Presenter: Hossein Yousefi], Hossein YOUSEFI, Maryam PARVIN, Soheil ROUMI [Paper]

[02008] "Ascent in Environmental and Social Aspects of Geothermal Energy," Sunskrati PANDEY, Manan SHAH [Paper]

[02010] "Reinjection of CO2 in Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Niyazi Aksoy], Niyazi AKSOY, Ozge Solak GOK, Halim MUTLU, Gizem KILINC [Paper]

[02012] "Sustaining Gold Standard Achievement in Environmental Management and Innovation Based on PROPER Criteria (Study Case: Pertamina Geothermal Energy Area Kamojang)," Prasetya KHARISMA, Bagus WIDYANTORO [Paper]

[02020] "Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Ulubelu’s Roadmap Towards Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Business Through Integration of Innovative Programs with Local Communities," Thesa Kemmy PRATAMA, Widodo SUWANTO [Paper]

[02021] "Characterization of Topographic Changes in Geothermal Fields Around the South Bandung Basin, Indonesia," [Presenter: Panggea Sabrian], Panggea Ghiyats SABRIAN, Asep SAEPULOH, Katsuaki KOIKE, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN [Paper]

[02034] "Sustainable Geothermal Utilization for Outstanding Universal Value Sustainability," [Presenter: ], Havidh NAZIF, Eko Hari Purwanto, Andi SUSMANTO, Dini PARADIGMA [Paper]

[02041] "Sustainable Environmental Management to Support Operational Excellence and Provide Added Values to Communities and Environment in PGE Area Lahendong," Arie Fandya Nugraha ELTASSA, Hendrik K. SINAGA, Ramadoni FEBRIANDINATA, [Paper]

[02045] "Impacts of the Alalobad Geothermal Project on Wild Life," GUTU DEGEFA [Paper]

[02050] "Soil CO2 Flux and Temperature Measurements in Kızıldere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: ], Serhat KUCUK, Ali BASER, Onder SARACOGLU, Taylan AKIN, Erdinc Senturk, Mahmut Kaan Tuzen, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

[02055] "Integration of HSE Principles on Project Design Stage: A Lesson Learn from PGE," [Presenter: ], Irma KHOIRUNISSA, Marmelia Puja DEWI, Mufthi Gana SUKARDI [Paper]

[02058] "The Mapping of Geothermal Environmental Impacts and Risks in Iceland," [Presenter: Halldr rmannsson], Halldór ÁRMANNSSON, Árni RAGNARSSON, Steinunn HAUKSDÓTTIR, Audur Agla ÓLADÓTTIR [Paper]

[03004] "Sustainable Management of Cumulative Environmental and Social Impacts of Geothermal Investments: Turkey as a Case Study," [Presenter: ], Burcu Yazgan KAYABALI, Hande YUKSELER [Paper]

[03008] "Geothermal Is the Best Choice of Cleaning Energy for Winter District Heating," Zihui CHEN, Keyan ZHENG [Paper]

[03018] "Economic Characteristics and Policies Study on Geothermal Space Heating Project of Typical Sandstone Reservoir in Northern China," [Presenter: Jiachao Huang], ZHANG Zhaoping, HUANG Jiachao, LIU Rui, LIANG Haijun [Paper]

[03019] "Geothermal Regulatory Framework Within the Proposed National Energy Authority in Papua New Guinea," Brendan TRAWEN [Paper]

[03022] "Challenges Affecting Procurement Process for Geothermal Projects in Tanzania," Hassan Kapungu MIHAYO, Shakiru Idrissa KAJUGUS [Paper]

[03024] "Challenges in Development of Geothermal Energy in India," [Presenter: ], Prafulla B. SAROLKAR [Paper]

[03026] "Development of a Geothermal Resource Policy for Papua New Guinea," [Presenter: Mark Chrisp], Mark CHRISP [Paper]

[03028] "Regional Government Strategy for the Sustainable Use and Development of the Kawerau Geothermal Field by Multi-Tappers in New Zealand," [Presenter: Jason Laurent], Penny DOORMAN and Jason LAURENT [Paper]

[03030] "A Critical Analysis of Geothermal Industry in China: a Diamond Model Study," [Presenter: Yalin Lei], LEI Yalin, JIANG Yong, GE Jianping [Paper]

[03033] "Influencing Factors Analysis of the Development of Geothermal Energy Industry, a Case Study of Beijing, China," [Presenter: Yalin Lei], JIANG Yong, LEI Yalin, GE Jianping [Paper]

[03042] "Methane Emissions from Suspended Wells: Can Internalizing the Cost of Methane Leaks Incentivize Plugging and Reclamation of Petroleum Wells in Alberta?," [Presenter: Daniel Schiffner], Daniel SCHIFFNER [Paper]

[03046] "Geothermal Resources Development Forecast Under Policy Incentives in China: A System Dynamics Analysis," [Presenter: Qun Li], LI Qun, LEI Yalin, GE Jianping, WEI Jingxue, LI Dongrui, ZHANG Zhicong [Paper]

[03052] "Peru: Key Factors to Develop a Geothermal Industry with a Comprehensive Approach," [Presenter: Victor Vargas Rodriguez], Víctor VARGAS and Jackeline REYES [Paper]

[03057] "China Geothermal Energy Development Report 2018: Status and Policy Guidance," [Presenter: Aimin Wu], WU Aimin, HAO Aibing, WANG Guiling, LI Chuangjun, PANG Zhonghe, GUO Jiaofeng, ZHOU Jinming [Paper]

[04005] "The Competitiveness of Geothermal Regard to Conventional Energy Carriers in the Selected Large Polish Heating Systems," [Presenter: Leszek Pajak], Leszek PAJĄK, Wiesław BUJAKOWSKI, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Paper]

[04007] "Financing Aluto Langano Geothermal Project Field: an Overview of LA 9D and LA10D," Makda KINFE [Paper]

[04010] "Financial Feasibility Assessment of a Wellhead Geothermal Power Plant at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia," [Presenter: Joaquin Pablo Aguilera Bustos], Pablo AGUILERA, José Luis HENRIQUEZ [Paper]

[04011] "Socioeconomic Life Cycle Analysis of Geothermal Power Generation Considering Regional Industrial Structures," Shunichi HIENUKI, Hiromi KUBOTA [Paper]

[04014] "The Economic Case for Geothermal District Heating for Residential and Industrial Applications in Europe - an LCOH Analysis," [Presenter: Kai Imolauer], Benjamin RICHTER, Manuel THOM, Maria UELTZEN, Kai IMOLAUER [Paper]

[04018] "The Role of Geothermal Power Within the Energy Mix in the Union of Comoros," Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Jane BROTHERIDGE, Peter APPERLEY, Paul QUINLIVAN, Karim ALI AHMED [Paper]

[04035] "Well Head Technology Concept as an Early Financing Strategy in Geothermal Development. Case Study- Baringo-Silali Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Moses Kachumo], Moses KACHUMO [Paper]

[04036] "Factors That Influenced Public Private Partnership (PPP) Adoption for Implementing Geothermal Power Project, Menengai Project," [Presenter: Calisstus Ndongoli], Calisstus NDONGOLI [Paper]

[05004] "International Cooperation to Address and Mitigate the Climate Change Issue Using Unconventional Geothermal Technology (EGS)," [Presenter: Roy Baria], Roy BARIA, Joerg BAUMGAERTNER, Hylke GLASS, Andrew JUPE, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Corinna ABESSER, Dimitra TEZA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Igor KOCIS [Paper]

[05009] "Mechanisms for Activating Applications of Geothermal Energy in Achieving Sustainable Development," [Presenter: Ramzi Murshed], Ramzi Hazza Abdullah MURSHED [Paper]

[05010] "Guidelines for Geothermal Energy Development Technology," [Presenter: Tianshu Li], CAO Yaofeng, ZHAO Fengnian, LI Tianshu, GONG Hao [Paper]

[05011] "Design and Evaluation of Small Wind Turbine Driven Earth to Air Heat Exchanger System for Heating Greenhouses in Izmir, Turkey," Leyla OZGENER Onder OZGENER [Paper]

[05014] "An Energy Systems Perspective on the Life Cycle Assessment of Geothermal Heating Networks," [Presenter: Marc Jaxa-rozen], Marc JAXA-ROZEN, Astu Sam PRATIWI, Evelina TRUTNEVYTE [Paper]

[05022] "Power Relations and the Energy Transition: A Critical Review on Discourses, Ideologies and Perspectives for Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development in Valemount, BC," [Presenter: Nadine Suliman Abdelrahman], Nadine Naguib Suliman ABDELRAHMAN [Paper]

[05026] "Use of Non-Condensable Geothermal Gas and Geothermal Seawater to Grow Biomass," [Presenter: Halldor Svavarsson], Halldor G. SVAVARSSON, Johannes E. VALBERG, Hronn ARNARDOTTIR, Asa BRYNJOLFSDOTTIR [Paper]

[05030] "Comprehensive Greenhouse Model for Demand Simulation and Design of Geo-Solar Energy Supply System Based on Geothermal and Solar Energy," [Presenter: Hossein Yousefi], Hossein YOUSEFI, Kianoush CHOUBINEH, Tohid JAFARINEJAD, Mohammad SALEHI, Amir Hossein FATHI [Paper]

[05031] "Institutionalizing Resiliency Programs for Geothermal Operations in Disaster-Prone Areas: A Case Study of the Tiwi Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Elvin Marcelo], Edith Louise BATAC, Jonathan VIZON, Erwin VARGAS [Paper]

[05033] "Unlocking the NCG Utilization Potential of Turkish Geothermal Fields: Criteria of Selection NCG Injection Well for GECO Project, Kizildere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Erdinc Senturk], Erdinc SENTURK, Taylan AKIN [Paper]

[05050] "Establishment and Business Development of a Geothermal Eco-Industrial Park in Iceland," [Presenter: Marta Ros Karlsdottir], Dagný HAUKSDÓTTIR, Bergur SIGFÚSSON, Marta R. KARLSDÓTTIR, Ólöf ANDRJESDÓTTIR, Berglind R. ÓLAFSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[06001] "Malawi Geothermal Potential," Ruth MUMBA [Paper]

[06005] "Induced Seismicity and Deformation at Geothermal Fields in California, USA," [Presenter: Andrew Barbour], Andrew BARBOUR [Paper]

[06008] "The 5 Years, 2015 – 2020, Development of Geothermal Energy Used in Indonesia: Problems and Solution," [Presenter: Alanda Idral], Alanda IDRAL [Paper]

[06014] "Utilization of Ground Water Directly for Space Heating Application Using Heat Pump- Demonstration and Case Study of Dehradun, India," Rajinder BHASIN, Vijay CHAUHAN, Sander JACOBSEN [Paper]

[06015] "Comparison of Wind Pressures Using Wind Tunnel Test (WTT), the Prescriptive Approach (NSCP 2015), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the Case of Cooling Towers for Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Virgilio Lapuz], Ernesto Q. MALICAD, Jr., Virgilio G. LAPUZ, Jr., Martin Jude V. LACAMBRA [Paper]

[06021] "Challenges Faced in Progressing Geothermal Development in SIDS - Case Study on the Union of Comoros," [Presenter: Jane Brotheridge], Jane BROTHERIDGE, Mike ALLEN, Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Karim Ali AHMED, Peter APPERLEY [Paper]

[06025] "Study on Integrated Utilization of Geothermal and Multi-clean Energy Heating and Cooling in Xiongan New Area, China," [Presenter: Qiang Wang], GUO Dianbin, LI Hongwu, WANG Qiang [Paper]

[06039] "Development Approach on Portfolio Geothermal Project in Dieng and Patuha," Ruly Husnie RIDWAN, Henky IRAWAN [Paper]

[06042] "Risk Management in Geothermal Projects Funding and Governance Issues," [Presenter: Sigurdur Gretar Bogason], S.G. BOGASON, G.O. FRIDLEIFSSON, H.P. INGOLFSSON [Paper]

[06046] "The Development of Ulubelu Geothermal Power Plant 2x55 MW - Lampung Indonesia," [Presenter: Novi Purwono], Novi PURWONO, Andi Joko NUGROHO [Paper]

[06048] "Workover Challenges Using Hydraulic Workover Unit in Dieng Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Daniel Wilhelmus Adityatama], Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Agung MUKTI, Dorman PURBA, Supriadinata MARZA, Ingria ARRASY, Ribka ASOKAWATY, Riviani KUSUMAWARDANI, Farhan MUHAMMAD [Paper]

[06054] "Geothermal Surface Manifestations at the Hengill Volcanic System and Neighbouring Volcanic Systems (Southwest Iceland)," [Presenter: Gretar Ivarsson], Gretar ÍVARSSON, Ásgerður SIGURÐARDÓTTIR, Birna KRISTINSDÓTTIR, Einar Örn ÞRASTARSON, Sindri GRETARSSON, Þór ÞORSTEINSSON, Selma ÓLSEN, Gestur GÍSLASON, Hafsteinn GUNNARSSON and Anna Dís SVEINBJÖRNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[06059] "Tiwi Geothermal Field: Reservoir Management After 40 Years of Commercial Operation," [Presenter: Arnel Mejorada], Arnel MEJORADA, Joy TOLENTINO, Ronald VICEDO [Paper]

[07004] "How Did Turkey Succeed in Raising Public Awareness and Environmental Protection Along with Geothermal Developments," [Presenter: Hakan Sahiller], Hakan Alp SAHİLLER, Reyhan Nergis ÖNER, Ural HALAÇOĞLU [Paper]

[07006] "Public Perception of Geothermal Energy at the Local Level in the UK," [Presenter: Cees Willems], Cees Jan Leonardus WILLEMS, Olivier EJDERYAN, Robert WESTAWAY, Neil M. BURNSIDE [Paper]

[07009] "Public Engagements with Induced Seismicity: Lessons for Geothermal Energy in the UK’s Net-Zero Transition," Owen KING [Paper]

[07020] "Social Dynamics and Media Framing in the Development of Baturaden Power Plant in Purwokerto, Indonesia," [Presenter: Aulia Rizky Pratama], Aulia Rizky PRATAMA, Lavinia Disa Winona ARAMINTA [Paper]

[07034] "Sharing Value Based Community Engagement Practices for Geothernal Development: Kenya and New Zealand Partnership," [Presenter: Joshua Were], Joshua WERE, Grace CHEPKWONY, Jennifer ODUOR and Caitlin SMITH [Paper]

[07037] "Co-Design of an Implementation Concept for a Deep Geothermal Energy Project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)," [Presenter: Christine Roesch], Christine ROESCH, Melanie MBAH, Sophie KUPPLER [Paper]

[07051] "Mediation as a Solution to Geothermal Social Safeguard Conflicts in Kenya," [Presenter: Joshua Were], Joshua WERE, Karanja NJOROGE [Paper]

[07062] "Work-life Balance and Equality for Employees in Geothermal Power Plants in an Operational and Social Context," [Presenter: Dagur Helgason], Trausti BJORGVINSSON, Asdis E. SIMONARDOTTIR, Dagur HELGASON [Paper]

[07066] "Advances in the Participation of Women in the Geothermal Industry of El Salvador," [Presenter: Rosa Escobar], Rosa ESCOBAR [Paper]

[08000] "An Alternative Drilling Contract Type (Non IPM) for Geothermal Exploration and Development Drilling," [Presenter: Boga Isa], Boga ISA [Paper]

[08004] "Integration of Drilling and Workover Services in the Geothermal Project Laguna Colorada," Carlos GARCIA, Jose PEREZ [Paper]

[08017] "The H2020 GEORISK Project – Inventory and Assessment of Risks Associated to the Development of Deep Geothermal Heating and Power Projects," [Presenter: Thomas Le Guenan], Thomas LE GUENAN, Philippe CALCAGNO, Fernanda VELOSO, Virginie HAMM, Annick LOSCHETTER, Camille MAUREL, Ferid SEYIDOV, Philippe DUMAS [Paper]

[08021] "Utilization of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) in Selecting Contract Types for Geothermal Exploration Drilling Project in Indonesia," [Presenter: Daniel Wilhelmus Adityatama], Dorman PURBA, Daniel ADITYATAMA, Farhan MUHAMMAD, Agung MUKTI, Supriadinata MARZA, Mukhamad F. UMAM, Vicki AGUSTINO, Fikha FININDA [Paper]

[08030] "Geothermal Drilling Contracts - Scope of the Work, Risk and Cost Factors," [Presenter: Vilhjalmur Gudmundsson], Vilhjalmur GUDMUNDSSON [Paper]

[09016] "Pop-Up Experiences to Engage Youth Audiences with Geothermal," [Presenter: Sofia Otero], Sofía OTERO, Luz FARIÑA [Paper]

[09017] "Developing Geothermal Drilling Training in Indonesia: an Effort to Implement the National Competency Standard," [Presenter: Dorman Purba], Mukhamad Faeshol UMAM, Joko SUSILO, Dorman PURBA, Daniel ADITYATAMA, Farhan MUHAMMAD [Paper]

[09019] "Enhancement of the Geothermal Engineering Curriculum of Negros Oriental State University in Response to the Philippine Geothermal Energy Agenda," [Presenter: Angel Angel], Angel HONCULADA [Paper]

[09025] "A Study on Competency Assessment of the Geothermal Exploration Project Manager in Indonesia," [Presenter: Dorman Purba], Dorman PURBA, Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Agus SOEDARSA, Mukhamad F. UMAM, M. Rizqi A. ASY'ARI, Kamil D. MORMES [Paper]

Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 10A: Exploration 1 -- Approaches

[11036] "Review of Characterization Workflow for Geothermal Reservoirs Using High Resolution Cuttings Analysis," [Presenter: Diana Allard], Diana ACERO-ALLARD and Sattor KHAKIMOV [Paper]

[11054] "Aluto-Langano Geothermal Field, Ethiopia: Multiscale Image of Trans-crustal Magmatic System by Combining Local 3D and Regional 2D Magnetotelluric Soundings," [Presenter: Luise Dambly], Marie Luise Texas DAMBLY, Friedemann SAMROCK, Alexander GRAYVER, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

[11077] "Geneva Geothermal Program A Unique Stepwise Approach for Developing Geothermal Energy and Firsts Success," [Presenter: Carole Nawratil De Bono], Carole NAWRATIL DE BONO, François MARTIN, Michel MEYER [Paper]

[11089] "Probabilistic Approach for 3D Conceptual Modelling Using Multi Geophysical Data," [Presenter: Hisako Mochinaga], Hisako MOCHINAGA, Naoshi AOKI, David SUNWALL, Michael S. ZHDANOV, Takuji MOURI [Paper]

[11087] "Bathymetry as a New Tool to Map Tectonic Structures - Case Studies at Linau Lake, Indonesia and Narli Lake, Turkey," [Presenter: Maren Brehme], Maren BREHME, Ronny GIESE, Lily SUHERLINA, Yustin KAMAH [Paper]

[WGC_10A] "Question and Answer 10A," Richard Esposito [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 10B: Geology 1 -- Hydrothermalism & Hydrothermal Alteration 2

[12030] "First Results of the Vein Alteration in the Deep Well PGC1 of Irruputuncu Geothermal System, Andean Cordillera, Northern Chile," [Presenter: Jeanne Vidal], Jeanne VIDAL, Patricia PATRIER, Christian BETANCOURT, Santiago MAZA, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[12143] "Petrographic and Petrophysical Study of Metamorphic and Crystalline Rocks Beneath the Paris Basin for Geothermal Potential," [Presenter: Xavier Sengelen], Xavier SENGELEN, Ronan HEBERT, Béatrice LEDESERT, Philippe ROBION [Paper]

[12119] "Permeability and Porosity Estimation Using Textural Descriptors," [Presenter: Angela Prieto], PRIETO, Angela, ARCHER, Rosalind [Paper]

[12035] "Volcanic Texture Identification and Influence on Permeability Using Borehole Resistivity Image Logs in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand," [Presenter: Cecile Massiot], Sarah D MILICICH, Cecile MASSIOT, David D. MCNAMARA, Fabian SEPULVEDA [Paper]

[12016] "An Experimental Approach to Assist in Quantifying Fracture Sealing Mechanisms in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Steven Beynon], Steven BEYNON, Daniel FAULKNER, David MCNAMARA, Yan LAVALLEE [Paper]

[WGC_10B] "Question and Answer 10B," Trong Thang Tran [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 10C: Geophysics 1 -- Imaging and Petrophysics

[13110] "Geo-electrical Monitoring of H2S Mineralization Into Pyrite, Upon Re-injection in Basalts at Nesjavellir Geothermal Site, Iceland," [Presenter: Lea Levy], Léa LÉVY, Pradip K. MAURYA, Gianluca FIANDACA, Thue S. BORDING, Line M. MADSEN, Lydie GAILLER, Svetlana BYRDINA, Jón E. JÓNSSON, Thomas RATOUIS, Sigrún TÓMASDÓTTIR, Bergur SIGFÚSSON, Knútur ÁRNASON [Paper]

[13190] "Geothermal Exploration with Ambient Noise Tomography, Gravity Data and a 3-D MT Resistivity Model in a Joint Inversion Approach," [Presenter: Ars Jean-Michel], Jean-Michel ARS, Pascal TARITS, Sophie HAUTOT, Mathieu BELLANGER [Paper]

[13011] "3D Geophysical and Hydrologic Characterization of Geothermal Systems in Warner Valley, Oregon USA," [Presenter: Jonathan Glen], Jonathan M.G. GLEN, Gerry CONNARD, and Erick BURNS [Paper]

[13067] "Estimation of Permeability and Water Saturation from the Resistivity and Elastic Wave Velocity: Insight from Laboratory Experiment and Digital Fracture Simulation," [Presenter: Kazuki Sawayama], Kazuki SAWAYAMA, Fei JIANG, Tatsunori IKEDA, Takuya ISHIBASHI, Takeshi TSUJI, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU and Hiroshi ASANUMA [Paper]

[13130] "Geophysical Methods Implemented for Geological Structures Characterization in El Salvador Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Pedro Santos], Pedro SANTOS [Paper]

[13022] "3D Thermal Effect of Quaternary Erosion and Deposition," [Presenter: Yuriy Maystrenko], Yuriy Petrovich MAYSTRENKO, Leif RISE, Dag OTTESEN, Odleiv OLESEN [Paper]

[WGC_10C] "Question and Answer 10C," Vala Hjorleifsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 10D: Geochemistry 1

[14034] "Geochemical Tools as a Contribution to Improve Geothermal Potential on the Azores Archipelago," [Presenter: Fatima Viveiros], Fátima VIVEIROS, Catarina SILVA, Daniela MATIAS, Lucia MORENO, Thomas DRIESNER, Vittorio ZANON, Jessica UCHÔA, José Virgílio CRUZ, Pedro FREIRE, Luísa PEREIRA, José PACHECO [Paper]

[14010] "Geochemical Study of Thermal Waters Around Cordillera Sillapaca, Lampa, Puno, Peru," [Presenter: Diana Pajuelo Aparicio], Vicentina CRUZ, Diana PAJUELO [Paper]

[14031] "Assessment of Fault Permeability Using Soil Gases in Palinpinon Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Jigo Mismanos], Jigo MISMANOS, Gabriel MENDOZA [Paper]

[14158] "Scale Inhibition in Geothermal Plants in the Upper Rhine Graben: Analytical Details of Fluid and Scale Composition," [Presenter: Sabine Jaehnichen], Sabine JAEHNICHEN, Detlev DEGERING, Frank HEBERLING, Andrea SEIBT, Julia SCHEIBER, Justine MOUCHOT, Christian BUSE [Paper]

[14147] "Delineating Geothermal Systems from Geochemical Characteristics of Hot Spring Water in Southern Thailand," [Presenter: Wipada Ngansom], Wipada NGANSOM and Helmut DUERRAST [Paper]

[14006] "Application of Rare-Earth Elements in Spring Waters to Indicate Surficial Water-Rock Interaction Process in the Wayang Windu Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Riostantieka Mayandari Shoedarto], Riostantieka Mayandari SHOEDARTO, Yohei TADA, Koki KASHIWAYA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Dwiyogarani MALIK, Irwan ISKANDAR [Paper]

[WGC_10D] "Question and Answer 10D," Mahnaz Rezaeian [Abstract]

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 11A: Exploration 2 -- Targets

[11144] "The Geothermal Resource in the Roseau Valley in Dominica, West-Indies. Drilling of Three Exploration Wells; Lithology, Alteration, thermal Conditions and Chemistry," [Presenter: Sigurur Sveinn Jnsson], Sigurður S. JONSSON, Thorsteinn EGILSON, Dadi THORBJORNSSON, Bjarni RICHTER, Alexis V. GEORGE [Paper]

[11083] "Exploration of a Geothermal Reservoir in Carbonate Rocks for a Metropolitan Area," [Presenter: Hartwig Von Hartmann], Hartwig VON HARTMANN, Jennifer ZIESCH, Britta WAWERZINEK, David C. TANNER, Hermann BUNESS, Ernesto MENESES RIOSECO and Rüdiger THOMAS [Paper]

[11084] "How to Upscale Geothermal Energy from Deep Fractured Basement in the Upper Rhine Graben? the Impact of a New 3D Seismic Data," [Presenter: Vincent Maurer], Alexandre RICHARD, Vincent MAURER, Hélène TOUBIANA, Albert GENTER [Paper]

[11053] "Status of Geothermal Energy Exploration at Buranga Prospect, Uganda," [Presenter: James Francis Natukunda], James Francis NATUKUNDA and Godfrey BAHATI [Paper]

[11004] "An Overview on Geothermal Energy Resource in Aq-Bolagh Region (NW-Iran)," [Presenter: Amir Tamjidi], Amir TAMJIDI, Javad NOURALIEE, Davar EBRAHIMI [Paper]

[11092] "Geothermal Exploration Survey of Domuyo Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Carlos Luis Esteban], Carlos Luis ESTEBAN [Paper]

[WGC_11A] "Question and Answer 11A," Travis McLing [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 11B: Geology 2 -- Structural Geology 1

[12044] "Fracture Systems and Fluid Flow in Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Sonja Philipp], Sonja Leonie PHILIPP [Paper]

[12154] "The Þeistareykir Geothermal Field, NE Iceland: Sub-surface Structural Analysis Based on Borehole Televiewer Imaging," [Presenter: Unnur Thorsteinsdottir], Unnur ÞORSTEINSDÓTTIR, Valdís GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR, Sigurveig ÁRNADÓTTIR, Anett BLISCHKE, Bjarni GAUTASON, Anette K. MORTENSEN [Paper]

[12021] "Characterization of Fracture Network Based on Photogrammetry," [Presenter: Chrystel Dezayes], Madeline CHAPELET, Chrystel DEZAYES, Thomas DEWEZ [Paper]

[12049] "Fault-Controlled Fluid Flow in Fractured Geothermal Systems: Structural Control on the Development of the Liquiñe Area, Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andes (39ºS)," [Presenter: Gloria Arancibia], Gloria ARANCIBIA, Tomas ROQUER, Julie ROWLAND, Andrés VELOSO, Eduardo MOLINA, Josefa SEPULVEDA, Jorge CREMPIEN, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[12056] "Insights on Fluid Sources and Pathways in Geothermal Sandstone Reservoir by Structural and Geochemical Characterization of Fractures Infills," [Presenter: Claire Bossennec], Claire BOSSENNEC, Yves GERAUD, Lionel BERTRAND, Luca MATTIONI, Isabelle MORETTI [Paper]

[12174] "The Structural Settings of Convective Hydrothermal Systems in Southeastern British Columbia, Canada," [Presenter: Theron Finley], Theron FINLEY, Stephen JOHNSTON, Martyn UNSWORTH, Jonathan BANKS, Dinu PANA, Cedar HANNESON [Paper]

[WGC_11B] "Question and Answer 11B," Kelly Blake [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 11C: Geophysics 2 -- Resistivity Methods 1

[13075] "Uncertain Estimation of Clay Cap Boundaries Using Magnetotelluric and MeB Data: Application to Wairākei Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Alberto Ardid], Alberto ARDID, David DEMPSEY, Edward BERTRAND, Fabian SEPULVEDA, Flora SOLON, Pascal TARITS and Rosalind ARCHER [Paper]

[13045] "Airborne and Land-based Electromagnetic (CSEM and MT) Surveying for Geothermal Exploration in the Martinique Island," [Presenter: Mathieu Darnet], M. DARNET, P. WAWRZYNIAK, J.M. BALTASSAT, F. BRETAUDEAU, N. COPPO, S. VEDRINE, P.A. RENINGER and B. VITTECOQ [Paper]

[13154] "Application of Geophysical Methods for the Recognition of Geothermal Reservoirs Parameters in Poland," [Presenter: Michal Stefaniuk], Michał STEFANIUK, Tomasz MAĆKOWSKI, Anna SOWIŻDŻAŁ, Anna WACHOWICZ-PYZIK [Paper]

[13033] "Preliminary Results from a Magnetotelluric Study of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt Geothermal System, British Columbia, Canada," [Presenter: Jim Craven], James A. CRAVEN, Steve GRASBY, Victoria TSCHIRHART, Seyedmasoud ANSARI, Dariush MOTAZEDIAN and Fateme HORMOZZADE [Paper]

[13019] "Electrical Resistivity Time Evolution of Volcanic Islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma Islands (Spain)," [Presenter: Juanjo Ledo], Juanjo LEDO, Perla PIÑA-VARAS, Katarzyna SLEZAK, Marta GARCÍA, Federico DI PAOLO, David MÁRTINEZ VAN DORTH, Nemesio PÉREZ, Pilar QUERALT, Alex MARCUELLO and Gemma MITJANAS, [Paper]

[13031] "Interpreting the Structural of the Montserrat Geothermal System Using Machine Learning," [Presenter: Racine Basant], Racine A BASANT, Graham A RYAN [Paper]

[WGC_11C] "Question and Answer 11C," Natalia Cornejo [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 11D: Geochemistry 2

[14051] "Geochemical Interpretation of Thermal Water and Borehole Water from the Asal-Ghoubbet Region, Djibouti," [Presenter: Idil Souleiman Bouraleh], Idil SOULEIMAN BOURALEH [Paper]

[14092] "Geochemical Characterization of Geothermal Waters Circulation in Carbonate Gothermal Reservoirs of the Geneva Basin (GB)," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], GUGLIELMETTI L., EICHINGER F., MOSCARIELLO A [Paper]

[14121] "Geochemical Interpretation of Thermal Water Samples from Eastern Part of Mt. Sabalan, Nw – Iran," [Presenter: Mohammad Reza Rahmani], Mohammad Reza RAHMANI [Paper]

[14041] "Geochemical Characteristics of the South Khorasan Geothermal Fields, E-Iran," [Presenter: Mohammad Reza Rahmani], Mohammad Reza RAHMANI [Paper]

[14148] "Old Versus New: Comparing Mine Water Geothermal Systems in Glasgow," [Presenter: David Walls], David WALLS, Neil BURNSIDE, Adrian BOYCE [Paper]

[14050] "Geochemical Interpretation of Thermal Water and Gas Samples from Lake Abbe, Djibouti," [Presenter: Rokiya Houssein Hassan], Rokiya HOUSSEIN HASSAN [Paper]

[WGC_11D] "Question and Answer 11D," Ludvik Georgsson [Abstract]

Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 12A: Exploration 3 -- Africa

[11078] "The Fantale Geothermal Development Project, Ethiopia – an Update," [Presenter: Tom Elliott], Thomas P. ELLIOTT, Matthew J. SHARP, George D. PERCY [Paper]

[11088] "Burundi Geothermal Energy Production Project," [Presenter: Jean Marie Sinzinkayo], Jean Marie SINZINKAYO, Claudio PASQUA [Paper]

[11140] "Geophysical Exploration and Drilling for Thermal Gradient Distribution Study: Joint Project at Bugarama Geothermal Graben Located Between Rwanda, R. D Congo and Burundi," [Presenter: Constantin Irabaruta], Constantin IRABARUTA [Paper]

[11052] "Exploration Status of the Kibiro Geothermal Prospect, Western Uganda," [Presenter: Peter Mawejje], Peter MAWEJJE, Nicholas H. HINZ, William CUMMING, Edward ISABIRYE, Isa LUGAYIZI, and James F. NATUKUNDA [Paper]

[11115] "The Katwe Geothermal Prospect in Western Uganda: A Deep Circulation, Fault Zone-Hosted Geothermal System?," [Presenter: Edward Isabirye Mugaddu], Edward M. ISABIRYE, William CUMMING, Thomas ASKEW, Nick HINZ, David SUSSMAN, Peter MAWEJJE and Isa LUGAIZI [Paper]

[11135] "Zambia: Conceptual Model and Drilling Update of the Deep Circulation Bweengwa River Geothermal Prospect," [Presenter: Nicholas Hinz], Nicholas HINZ, Peter VIVIAN-NEAL, Jill HAIZLIP, Gabe MATSON, William CUMMING, Peter HARRISON, Stuart CAMPBELL [Paper]

[WGC_12A] "Question and Answer 12A," Helen Robinson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 12B: Geology 3 -- Structural Geology & Tectonics

[12041] "Structural Patterns and Transitional States of Stress at an Active Triple Junction: the Hengill Region," [Presenter: Ashley Stanton-Yonge], Ashley STANTON-YONGE, Catalina SANCHEZ-ROA, Thomas M. MITCHELL, Sandra OSK SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Philip M. MEREDITH [Paper]

[12039] "Geological Structure of Flores Island, Indonesia: Relationship with Volcanism and Geothermal Implications," [Presenter: Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono], Ahmad F. PURWANDONO, Damien BONTÉ, Pri UTAMI, Fred BEEKMAN, Subagyo PRAMUMIJOYO, Jan-Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[12095] "Geological Mapping to the NW of Mt. Fantale, Main Ethiopian Rift," [Presenter: Matt Sharp], Matthew J. SHARP, Thomas P. ELLIOTT, Mike OEHLERS [Paper]

[12053] "Borehole Geology of Well Fiale 3, Asal-Fiale Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: Araksan Ahmed], Araksan AHMED [Paper]

[12055] "Geothermal Exploration in Graendalur Valley, Hveragerdi, S-Iceland," [Presenter: Andualem Gemechu], Andualem Eshetu GEMECHU [Paper]

[12058] "Permeability Obtained by Digital Analysis and Lattice-Boltzmann Method: Liquiñe Geothermal Area as Case Study, Southern Volcanic Zone (39ºS, Chile)," [Presenter: Tomas Roquer], Eduardo MOLINA, Gloria ARANCIBIA, Josefa SEPÚLVEDA, Tomás ROQUER, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[WGC_12B] "Question and Answer 12B," James Francis Natukunda [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 12C: Geophysics 3 -- Resistivity Methods 2

[13113] "The Acoculco High Enthalpy Geothermal Area in Mexico: Resistivity Survey (TEM and MT); Data Acquisition, Processing and Inversion – Geological Significance," [Presenter: Gylfi Hersir], Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Sebastian HELD, José Manuel ROMO-JONES, Jose Luis SALAS, Thalia AVILES, Diego RUIZ-AGUILAR, Adele MANZELLA, Alessandro SANTILANO and Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON [Paper]

[13148] "The Los Humeros Superhot Geothermal Resource in Mexico: Resistivity Survey (TEM and MT); Data Acquisition, Processing and Inversion – Geological Significance," [Presenter: Asdis Benediktsdottir], Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Claudia ARANGO GALVÁN, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Sebastian HELD, José Manuel ROMO JONES, Jose Luis SALAS, Thalia AVILES, Diego Ruiz AQUILAR, Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON, Adele MANZELLA and Alessandro SANTILANO [Paper]

[13214] "Head on Resistivity Method Application in Geothermal Fields of El Salvador, Central America," [Presenter: Pedro Santos], Jose RIVAS [Paper]

[13083] "Geophysical Characterization of Medium and Low Temperature Geothermal Systems Using MT: an Example of the Villarrica Area," [Presenter: Maximiliano Pavez], Maximiliano PAVEZ, Eva SCHILL, Sebastian HELD, Daniel DIAZ, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[13091] "Identification of Magmatic Intrusions Through Integrated Geophysical Methods. A Contribution for a Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development: Borinquen Geothermal Project - Central America Case Study," [Presenter: Ernesto Meneses Rioseco], Leonardo SOLIS Salguero, Ernesto MENESES Rioseco [Paper]

[WGC_12C] "Question and Answer 12C," Greg Ussher [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 12D: Geochemistry 3

[14064] "Stable Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Sulfur-bearing Minerals in the Seawater Hydrothermal System of Surtsey Volcano, Iceland," [Presenter: Barbara Irene Kleine], Barbara I. KLEINE, Andri STEFÁNSSON, Martin J. WHITEHOUSE, Tobias B. WEISENBERGER, Marie D. JACKSON, Magnús T. GUÐMUNDSSON [Paper]

[14083] "Isotope Geochemistry with Implications on the Genesis of Alkaline Bicarbonate Water Along the Himalayan High-temperature Geothermal Belt," [Presenter: Jiao Tian], Jiao TIAN, Zhonghe PANG, Yifan BAO [Paper]

[14027] "Dating of Icelandic Groundwater by Stable Water Isotopes, Tritium and 14C," [Presenter: Arny Sveinbjornsdottir], Arny SVEINBJORNSDOTTIR, Andri STEFANSSON, Jan HEINEMEIER and Stefan ARNORSSON [Paper]

[14111] "Simulating Reservoir Processes of Siliciclastic ATES Reservoirs in Flanders, Through Empirical Experiments," [Presenter: Michael Verbiest], Michael VERBIEST, Gert-Jan WELTJE, Rudy SWENNEN [Paper]

[14072] "Isotope Systematics of Volatile Elements in Icelandic Thermal Fluid," [Presenter: Andri Stefansson], Andri STEFANSSON, Sæmundur A. HALLORSSON, David HILTON, Árný E. SVEINBJÖRNSDOTTIR, Jaime D. BARNES, Shuhei ONO, Jan HEINEIRER, Jens FIEBIG, Stefan ARNORSSON [Paper]

[WGC_12D] "Question and Answer 12D," Agnes Reyes [Abstract]

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 13A: Exploration 4 -- Asia, Americas

[11072] "Research Progress of Deep Geothermal Exloration in Dongli Lake Area, Tianjin, North China," [Presenter: Shengtao Li], LI Shengtao, WEN Dongguang, YUE Dongdong, LONG Hui, ZHANG Qiuxia, FENG Zhaolong [Paper]

[11038] "Applicability of Public Domain AG100: ASTER Global Emissivity Dataset 100-meter V003 for Geothermal Area Prospect Selection at Early Stage of Exploration," [Presenter: Suryantini Suryantini], SURYANTINI, Hendro WIBOWO [Paper]

[11085] "Evaluation of the Economic Feasibility of Geothermal Resources Along the Western Continental Margin of India," [Presenter: Trupti Chandrasekhar], Trupti CHANDRASEKHAR, D CHANDRASEKHARAM, Varun CHANDRASEKHAR [Paper]

[11097] "Geology and Geochemistry for Medium Enthalpy Geothermal System of Mount Pandan," [Presenter: Wisnu Wijaya Jati], Nindyan AGNA, Wisnu Wijaya JATI, SURYANTINI, Mochamad Nur HADI [Paper]

[11100] "Gravity, Transient Electro-Magnetic and Noise Seismic Exploration in the Puyuhuapi Geothermal Area, Southern Patagonia, Chile," [Presenter: Diego Aravena], Diego ARAVENA, Nicolas PEREZ-ESTAY, Mauricio MUÑOZ, Karin GARCIA, Pablo VALDENEGRO, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[11000] "Mise A La Masse Exploration at Wayang Windu Geothermal Area, Indonesia," [Presenter: Prihadi Sumintadireja], Prihadi SUMINTADIREJA and Asrizal MASRI [Paper]

[WGC_13A] "Question and Answer 13A," Graeme Beardsmore [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 13B: Geology 4 -- Geological Models 1

[12084] "3-D Static Model to Characterize Geothermal Reservoirs for High-Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES) in the Geneva Area, Switzerland," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], Ovie ERUTEYA, Luca GUGLIELMETTI, Yasin MAKHLOUFI, Andrea MOSCARIELLO [Paper]

[12094] "The Reykjanes Geothermal System - an Extended Conceptual Model," [Presenter: Steinr Nelsson], Steinþór NÍELSSON, Guðjón G. EGGERTSSON, Tobias B. Weisenberger, Helga TULINIUS, Egill Á. GUÐNASON, Guðmundur Ó. Friðleifsson [Paper]

[12028] "Updating the 3D Geomodels of Los Humeros and Acoculco Geothermal Systems (Mexico) – H2020 GEMex Project," [Presenter: Philippe Calcagno], Philippe CALCAGNO, Eugenio TRUMPY, Luis Carlos GUTIERREZ-NEGRIN, Gianluca NORINI, José Luis MACIAS, Gerardo CARRASCO-NUÑEZ, Domenico LIOTTA, Victor Hugo GARDUÑO-MONROY, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Loes VAESSEN, Gwladys EVANNO and Claudia ARANGO GALVAN [Paper]

[12136] "Geological Model and Fluid Flow Pathways of the Sol de Mañana/Apacheta Geothermal Field (Altiplano – Bolivia)," [Presenter: Sebastien Haffen], Sébastien HAFFEN, Marc DIRAISON, Michel CORSINI, Yves GERAUD [Paper]

[12027] "Structural Controls on Fluid Circulation in a Transtensional Duplex: Lessons from an Exhumed Geothermal System (Atacama Fault Zone, Chile)," [Presenter: Steven Beynon], Steven BEYNON, David MCNAMARA, Daniel FAULKNER, Rodrigo GOMILA, Erik JENSEN, Yan LAVALLEE [Paper]

[12134] "3D Static Modeling Update of the Salak Geothermal Field, Indonesia: Earth Science-Defined Conceptual Features and Reservoir Properties for the New Numerical Model," [Presenter: Nur Vita Aprilina], Nur Vita APRILINA, Fanji Junanda PUTRA, Glenn U. GOLLA, Gregg A. NORDQUIST [Paper]

[WGC_13B] "Question and Answer 13B," Marlene Villeneuve [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 13C: Geophysics 4 -- Resistivity Methods 3 - East Africa

[13156] "Aluto-Langano Geothermal Field, Ethiopia: Complete Image of Underlying magmatic-hydrothermal System Revealed by Revised Interpretation of Magnetotelluric Data," [Presenter: Friedemann Samrock], Friedemann SAMROCK, Alexander GRAYVER, Biruk CHERKOSE, Alexey KUVSHINOV, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

[13005] "1D Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data from Ashute, Butajira Geothermal Prospect, South-East Ethiopia and Its Geothermal Implications," [Presenter: Tsegaye Tadesse], Tsegaye Wondifra TADESSE [Paper]

[13069] "Multidimensional Inversion of Electromagnetic Data from Alalobeda, Tendaho Geothermal Field in NE-Ethiopia and Its Geothermal Significance," [Presenter: Getenesh Abebe], Getenesh Hailegiorgis ABEBE, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Halldór GEIRSSON [Paper]

[13132] "1D Joint Inversion of MT and TEM Data from Ngozi Geothermal Prospect, Southwest Tanzania. an Integrated Interpretation of Geoscientific Results," [Presenter: Makoye Didas], Makoye Mabula DIDAS, Gylfi Pall HERSIR [Paper]

[WGC_13C] "Question and Answer 13C," Karen Christopherson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 13D: Geochemistry 4

[14070] "Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of the Laguna Colorada Geothermal Area – SW Bolivia," [Presenter: Yerko Figueroa], Yerko FIGUEROA, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON [Paper]

[14025] "Isotopic Characteristics of East Indian Geothermal Water," [Presenter: Syed Hilal Farooq], Syed Hilal FAROOQ, Horthing V. ZIMIK, Árný Erla SVEINBJÖRNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[14002] "Geothermal Fluids Isotope Characteristics in Xianyang Geothermal Field, China," [Presenter: Lu Luo], Lu LUO, Zhonghe PANG, Xia ZHU, Xiang Mao, Chunyan HE [Paper]

[14186] "He-CO2-N2 Isotope and Relative Abundance Characterization of Geothermal Fluids from the Ethiopian Rift," [Presenter: Saemundur Ari Halldorsson], Saemundur A. HALLDÓRSSON, Paolo SCARSI, Tsegaye ABEBE, Tyler EVANS, Justin T. KULONGOSKI, Paterno R. CASTILLO, Peter H. BARRY, David R. HILTON [Paper]

[14128] "Thermal Water Classification of Morobe, Ferguson Is., West New Britain and Feni Is of Papua New Guinea Using Water Chemistry and Isotope Analysis," [Presenter: Conrad Kumul], Conrad KUMUL [Paper]

[14056] "Fluid-Rock Reactions Within Geothermal Systems of the Eastern Trans-Mexico Volcanic Belt," [Presenter: Christopher Rochelle], Chris ROCHELLE, Alicja LACINSKA, Andrew KILPATRICK, Jeremy RUSHTON, Leandra WEYDT, Kristian BÄR and Ingo SASS [Paper]

[WGC_13D] "Question and Answer 13D," Andri Stefansson [Abstract]

Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 14A: Exploration 5 -- Americas II

[11025] "Geothermal Energy Potential of Northwest Territories, Canada," [Presenter: Stephen Grasby], Stephen GRASBY, Jacek MAJOROWICZ, Kathryn FIESS [Paper]

[11147] "Development of Play Fairway Analysis for Geothermal Exploration in Argentina," [Presenter: Cary Lindsey], Cary LINDSEY, Bridget AYLING, Mark COOLBAUGH, James FAULDS, Alejandro CONDE SERRA, Gabriel ASATO, Virginia NAON, Cintia MARQUETTI, Raul SEGGIARO, Noelia CARRIZO, Javier PERONI, Johanna KAUFMAN, Nicolas LARCHER, Silvia CASTRO, Diego AZCURRA, Manuela ELISSONDO, Federico CARBALLO, Adriana BALBI, and Maria CASTANO [Paper]

[11010] "Field Trial of a Surface Heat Flow Probe at the Cuitzeo Lake Geothermal Zone, Mexico," [Presenter: Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin], Luis C.A. GUTIÉRREZ-NEGRÍN, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Víctor H. GARDUÑO-MONROY, Orlando M. ESPINOZA-OJEDA, Salvador ALMANZA-ÁLVAREZ, Anson ANTRIASIAN, Shannon EGAN [Paper]

[11043] "Alberta #1: the Province’s First Electrical Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Catherine Hickson], C.J. HICKSON, M. KUMATAKA, P. AKTO, D. COTTERILL, D. BENOIT, R. ECCLES, K. HUANG, M. COLOMBINA, and S. COLLINS [Paper]

[11060] "Thermal Assessment of Los Humeros Geothermal System Through Basin Modeling," [Presenter: Adriana Lemgruber-traby], Adriana LEMGRUBER-TRABY, Damien BONTE, Christine SOUQUE [Paper]

[11103] "Statistical Validation Method of Thermal Response Tests Argentina," [Presenter: Valentin Stefanini], Valentin STEFANINI [Paper]

[WGC_14A] "Question and Answer 14A," Inga Moeck [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 14B: Geology 5 -- Subsurface Geological Features 2

[12070] "A Comparison of the Greywacke Basement in Kawerau and Rotokawa Geothermal Fields in TVZ, New Zealand," [Presenter: Aimee Calibugan], Aimee CALIBUGAN, Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Farrell SIEGA [Paper]

[12068] "The SUSTAIN-ICDP Drilling Project on Surtsey," [Presenter: Tobias Weisenberger], Tobias B. WEISENBERGER, Simon PRAUSE, Carolyn F. GORNY, Barbara I. KLEINE, Pauline BERGSTEN, Alexandra M. KLONOWSKI, Velveth PEREZ, Amel BARICH, Magnús T. GUDMUNDSSON, Kristján JÓNASSON, Viggó Þ. MARTEINSSON, Andri STEFÁNSSON, Marie D. JACKSON, Surtsey OnSite Team [Paper]

[12078] "Temporal Evolution of Faults in the Southern German Molasse Basin: A Case Study of the Wolftratshausen Geothermal Prospect, Germany," [Presenter: Vladimir Shipilin], Vladimir SHIPILIN, David C. TANNER, Inga MOECK, Hartwig VON HARTMANN [Paper]

[12151] "Budget of Slab-derived Water in Arc Crust: Implications from Crust-Melt Reaction Zones and Fossil Caldera Differentiation Processes," [Presenter: Masaoki Uno], Masaoki UNO, Fajar F. AMANDA, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Paper]

[WGC_14B] "Question and Answer 14B," Anette Kaergaard Mortensen [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 14C: Geophysics 5 -- Seismic Monitoring 1 - Developed Fields

[13087] "Investigating the Effects of Earthquakes on Tuzla Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Burak Parlaktuna], Burak PARLAKTUNA, Caglar SINAYUC, Ismail DURGUT [Paper]

[13108] "A Numerical Study on the Potential of Seismic Body Waves to Initiate Colloidal Mobilization in Fluid-Saturated Fractured Rocks," [Presenter: Nicolas Daniel Barbosa], Nicolás D. BARBOSA, Simón LISSA, Matteo LUPI [Paper]

[13018] "Microearthquake Monitoring at Salak Geothermal Field, Indonesia: Application of Tomography Inversion and Its Impact on Reservoir Characterization," [Presenter: Muhamad Wildan Perdana], Muhamad Wildan PERDANA, Denny MENDROFA, Taufiq LUBIS, Gregg NORDQUIST [Paper]

[13117] "Induced Seismicity - a Perspective on Monitoring, Mechanisms and Public Acceptability for Hydrothermal Systems," [Presenter: Chris Bromley], Chris BROMLEY [Paper]

[13086] "Tasks, Requirements and Design as Well as First Results of a Local Seismic and Vibration Impact Monitoring System for a Geothermal Power Plant in the Inhabited Area of Poing, Germany," [Presenter: Thomas Schicht], Thomas SCHICHT, Daniel BLUMRICH [Paper]

[13143] "The Thermal Structure of the Upper Crust in Central-Southern Italy and Its Correlation with the Distribution of GeoThermal Resources," [Presenter: Gianluca Gola], G. GOLA, S. BOTTEGHI, F. BROZZETTI, C. CHIARABBA, F. FERRARINI, G. GROPPELLI, G. LAVECCHIA, P. LIMONI, D. MONTANARI, G. NORINI, L. PETRACCHINI, M. POLEMIO, F. SANTALOIA, A. SANTILANO, D. SCROCCA, E. TRUMPY, A. MANZELLA [Paper]

[WGC_14C] "Question and Answer 14C," Raymond Mwakirani [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 14D: Geochemistry 5

[14080] "Multi-Method Approach in Addressing the Potential Scaling Problem for the Proposed Brine Optimization Plant at Mt. Apo Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Gabriel Mendoza], Gabriel P. MENDOZA, Jo-Ann Ritch B. CAMBA [Paper]

[14159] "The Metal Scavenging by Calcite Scaling During Utilization of Low Temperature Geothermal Waters. A Case Study in Selfoss Geothermal Area, SW Iceland," [Presenter: Iwona Galeczka], Iwona GALECZKA, Vigdís HARÐARDÓTTIR, Heimir INGIMARSSON, Sigurður Þór HARALDSSON [Paper]

[14028] "Is Pressure-induced Mineral Dissolution the Dominant Factor Propelling Fracture Closure?," [Presenter: Chaojie Cheng], Chaojie CHENG, Harald MILSCH [Paper]

[14107] "Geochemistry Monitoring of Surface Manifestation in Sibayak, North Sumatra, Indonesia," [Presenter: Fraga Luzmi Fahmi], Fraga Luzmi FAHMI, Jodhi Pramuji GIRIARSO, Anjani PUSPADIANTI, Mulyanto MULYANTO, M. Husni THAMRIN, Fernando PASARIBU [Paper]

[14022] "Geochemistry and Scaling Potential for High Temperature Geothermal Systems Along the Himalayan Belt in China," [Presenter: Yiman Li], Yiman LI, Zhonghe PANG, Yifan FAN [Paper]

[WGC_14D] "Question and Answer 14D," Lily Suherlina [Abstract]

Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 15A: Exploration 6 -- Geophysics I

[11033] "Geothermal Characterization of Selected Volcanic Systems in Kenya from Resistivity and Gravity," [Presenter: Knutur Arnason], Charles Muturia LICHORO [Paper]

[11074] "Remote Sensing Volcanostratigraphy as a Tool to Support Delineation of Geothermal System Boundary Associated with High Terrain – Composite Volcanic," [Presenter: Suryantini Suryantini], SURYANTINI, Hendro WIBOWO [Paper]

[11137] "Magnetotelluric Models for the Characterization of the Geothermal System of the Azufral Volcano," [Presenter: Gilbert Rodriguez], Gilbert RODRIGUEZ-RODRIGUEZ [Paper]

[11082] "Application of Seismic and Geomechanical Approaches in Defining Geothermal Targets in the German Molasse Basin," [Presenter: Mohamed Fadel], Mohamed FADEL, John REINECKER, Horst KREUTER [Paper]

[11022] "Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysical Geothermal Exploration in Paucarani Zone, Tacna, Peru," [Presenter: Diana Pajuelo Aparicio], Vicentina CRUZ, Rosmery FLORES, Diana PAJUELO [Paper]

[11024] "Geological Structure Identification from Gravity Data in Baños de Cuenca Geothermal Prospect, Ecuador," [Presenter: Manabu SUGIOKA], Danilo ASIMBAYA, Matilde URQUIZO, Manabu SUGIOKA, Jun NISHIJIMA, Danilo IBARRA [Paper]

[WGC_15A] "Question and Answer 15A," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 15B: Geology 6 -- Geological Exploration 1

[12083] "Infrared Spectral Mineralogy for Geothermal Exploration: a Preliminary Study Using Cutting Edge Technology Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy (IRIS)," [Presenter: Kartika Savitri], Kartika P. SAVITRI, Christoph HECKER, Freek D. VAN DER MEER, Ridwan P. SIDIK, Marino C. BAROEK, Herwin AZIS [Paper]

[12146] "Geothermal Resources of the Yamagata Prefecture, Northeast, Japan," [Presenter: Takehiro Koseki], Takehiro KOSEKI [Paper]

[12074] "Hydrogeological Controls on Stratovolcanic Geothermal Systems in the Western Branch of the East African Rift System," [Presenter: Keg Alexander], Kenneth B. (Keg) ALEXANDER [Paper]

[12128] "Radiogenic Heat Production and Analysis in Jiangmen Region, South China Block," [Presenter: Yufei Xi], Yufei XI [Paper]

[12112] "Geological Field Mapping for Geothermal Exploration," [Presenter: Arturo Quezada], Arturo QUEZADA [Paper]

[12101] "Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Geothermal Areas – Case Studies Involving the Krýsuvík and Hengill Geothermal Fields, Southwest Iceland," [Presenter: Lucia Magali Ramirez Gonzalez], Lucía Magali RAMÍREZ-GONZÁLEZ, Ingibjörg JÓNSDÓTTIR, Þorvaldur ÞÓRÐARSON [Paper]

[WGC_15B] "Question and Answer 15B," Peter Mawejje [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 15C: Geophysics 6 -- Seismic Monitoring 2 - Developed Fields

[13063] "Induced Earthquakes in the Hellisheidi Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Vala Hjorleifsdottir], Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Madison MCKENZIE, Kristin VOGFJORD, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, , Sandra Ósk SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Halldór GEIRSSON, Kristín JÓNSDÓTTIR, Bjarni Reyr KRISTJÁNSSON, Þorbjörg ÁGÚSTSDÓTTIR, Sigurlaug HJALTADÓTTIR [Paper]

[13099] "Preliminary Modelling Activities for an Adaptive Traffic Light System for the Hengill Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Vanille Ariane Ritz], Vanille A. RITZ, Antonio P. RINALDI, Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Raymi CASTILLA, Elisa COLAS, Peter M. Meier, Stefan WIEMER, Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON and The COSEISMIQ Team [Paper]

[13133] "Local Earthquake Tomography at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field in Mexico," [Presenter: Tania Toledo], Tania TOLEDO, Philippe JOUSSET, Emmanuel GAUCHER, Marco CALÒ, Angel FIGUEROA-SOTO, Hansruedi MAURER, Charlotte KRAWCZYK [Paper]

[13025] "A Convolution Model for Earthquake Forecasting Derived from Seismicity Recorded During the ST1 Geothermal Project on Otaniemi Campus, Finland," [Presenter: Jean-philippe Avouac], Jean-Philippe AVOUAC, Maxime VRAIN, Taeho KIM, Jonathan SMITH, Thomas ADER, Zachary ROSS, Tero SAARNO [Paper]

[13228] "Relation Between Induced Seismicity and Geothermal Systems: A Case Study from the Gediz Graben, Western Anatolia, Turkey," [Presenter: Alper Baba], Huseyin UYTUN, Hasan SOZBILIR, Alper BABA, Kemal YILDIZDAG, Murat KARAS [Paper]

[WGC_15C] "Question and Answer 15C," Junzo Kasahara [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 15D: Geochemistry 6

[14085] "Geochemical Modeling of Acidic Fluid Formation at the Shiramizugoe Geothermal System, Japan," [Presenter: Takuya Sakai], Takuya SAKAI, Norifumi TODAKA [Paper]

[14089] "Measurements on Fluid-Rock-Interaction of Thermal Water-Inhibitor-Mixtures with the HydRA Facility," [Presenter: Dietmar Kuhn], Sabine BAUR, Ann-Kathrin NEUBERGER, Dietmar KUHN, Andrea SEIBT [Paper]

[14104] "Thermodynamics of Geothermal Fluids: a Benchmark Between Thermodynamic Models, from Henry’s Approach to Advanced EoS (GECO Project)," [Presenter: Pascal Mougin], Angela DI LELLA, Pascal MOUGIN [Paper]

[14047] "Petrological and Isotopic Characterization of the Tikolob Geothermal Reservoir, Bacon-Manito, Philippines," [Presenter: Julius John Dimabayao], Julius John T. DIMABAYAO, Michael C. ROWE [Paper]

[14019] "Possible Coupling of Abiotic Hydrogen and Heat Generation in the EGS Soultz-sous-Forêts Site (France): a Hydrogeochemical Modeling Approach," [Presenter: Jesica Murray], Jesica MURRAY, Alain CLEMENT, Bertrand FRITZ, Jean SCHMITTBUHL, Vincent BORDMANN, Jean Marc FLEURY [Paper]

[WGC_15D] "Question and Answer 15D," Joseph Moore [Abstract]

Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 16A: Exploration 7 -- Drilling and Regional

[11027] "Application for Slim-Wells in Geothermal Exploration and Production," [Presenter: Bjarni Richter], Bjarni RICHTER, Sverrir THORHALLSSON, Thoroddur SIGURDSSON, Gunnar Skulason KALDAL [Paper]

[11062] "Scientific Drilling in the Taupo Volcanic Zone? Exploring Intense Volcanic and Geothermal Processes in a Rapidly Rifting Arc," [Presenter: Cecile Massiot], Cecile MASSIOT, Sarah MILICICH, Craig MILLER, Edward BERTRAND, Fabio CARATORI TONTINI, Geoff KILGOUR, Greg BIGNALL, Pilar VILLAMOR [Paper]

[11124] "Geothermal Derisking. How to Learn and Succeed from Failure Stories," [Presenter: Miklos Antics], Mélanie DAVAUX, Pierre UNGEMACH, Miklos ANTICS and Charles NAVILLE [Paper]

[11142] "Geothermal Exploration of the Mesillas Zone, Nayarit, Mexico," [Presenter: Mariana Patricia Jacome Paz], Mariana P. JÁCOME-PAZ, Irving GONZALEZ-ROMO, Daniel PEREZ-ZARATE, Rosa Ma. PROL-LEDESMA, Aurora ESTRADA-MURILLO, Héctor AVIÑA-JIMENEZ, Daniel GONZALEZ [Paper]

[11149] "Thermal and Hydrological Regional Characterisation of Los Humeros and Acoculco (Mexico) Using Modelling Methods – H2020 GEMex Project," [Presenter: Damien Bonte], Damien BONTE, Jon LIMBERGER, Gianluca GOLA, Eugenio TRUMPY, Guido GIORDANO, Thomas KRETZSCHMAR, Jan Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[11050] "How Hot Is the Deepest Part of the IDDP2 Well in Iceland?," [Presenter: Helga Tulinius], Helga TULINIUS, Steinþór NÍELSSON [Paper]

[WGC_16A] "Question and Answer 16A," Ratih Nurruhliati Rochman [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 16B: Geology 7 -- Hydrothermalism & Hydrothermal Alteration 1

[12022] "The Impact of Hydrothermal Alteration on the Geological Environment, Kamchatka Peninsula, Far East, Russia," [Presenter: Julia Frolova], Julia FROLOVA, Michael CHERNOV, Sergey RYCHAGOV, Oleg ZERKAL [Paper]

[12064] "Geology, Geochronology, Alteration and Geochemistry of the Rotokawa Geothermal System, Taupō Volcanic Zone, New Zealand," [Presenter: Isabelle Chambefort], Sarah D. MILICICH, Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Mark SIMPSON, Colin J.N. WILSON, Samantha ALCARAZ, Aimee CALIBUGAN, Candice BARDSLEY, Armando G. MORALES [Paper]

[12007] "Formation of Clays and Chlorites in the Upper Icelandic Crust," [Presenter: Hjalti Franzson], Hjalti FRANZSON and Einar GUNNLAUGSSON [Paper]

[12090] "Microanalysis of Calcite Scaling in a Fractured Geothermal System," [Presenter: David McNamara], David D MCNAMARA, Aaron LISTER, David J PRIOR, Aisling SCULLY, Joseph GARDNER, John WHEELER [Paper]

[12097] "Hydrothermal Alteration in the New Deep Geothermal Well GIL-1 (Strasbourg Area, France)," [Presenter: Carole Glaas], Carole GLAAS, Patricia PATRIER, Jeanne VIDAL, Daniel BEAUFORT, Jean-François GIRARD, Albert GENTER [Paper]

[12165] "A 3D Geological Static Field Model of the Krafla Geothermal Area, NE-Iceland," [Presenter: Unnur Thorsteinsdottir], Unnur ÞORSTEINSDÓTTIR, Anett BLISCHKE, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Helga Margrét HELGADÓTTIR, Ásgrímur GUÐMUNDSSON [Paper]

[WGC_16B] "Question and Answer 16B," Bridget Ayling [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 16C: Geophysics 7 -- Seismic Monitoring 3 - Supercritical Reservoirs

[13055] "Seismic Feasibility Study to Identify and Characterize Supercritical Geothermal Reservoirs Using DTS, DAS and Surface Seismic Array," [Presenter: Junzo Kasahara], Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Haruyasu KUZUME, Yoshihiro FUJISE, Hitoshi MIKADA [Paper]

[13056] "Simulation of Seismic Imaging of Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir Using Full-waveform Inversion Method," [Presenter: Junzo Kasahara], Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Haruyasu KUZUME [Paper]

[13071] "Petrophysical Properties of IDDP-2 Core Samples from Depths of 3650 to 4650m," [Presenter: Benoit Gibert], Benoit GIBERT, Didier LOGGIA, Fleurice PARAT, David ESCOBEDO, Léa LEVY, Gudmundur Omar FRIDLEIFSSON, Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Philippe A. PEZARD, Nicolas MARINO [Paper]

[13046] "Imaging and Monitoring the Reykjanes Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir in Iceland with Time-Lapse CSEM and MT Measurements," [Presenter: Mathieu Darnet], M. DARNET, P. WAWRZYNIAK, N. COPPO, S. NIELSSON, A. SCHILL, G.O. FRIDLEIFSSON [Paper]

[13089] "Seismic Velocities and Elastic Moduli Correlations with Temperature in a Superhot and an Enhanced Geothermal System," [Presenter: Dimitrios Mendrinos], Dimitrios MENDRINOS, Constantine KARYTSAS, Spyridon KARYTSAS, Flavio POLETTO, Biancamaria FARINA and Erika BARISON [Paper]

[13079] "From Brittle to Ductile Deformation in the Continental Crust: Mechanics of Crystalline Reservoirs and Implications for Hydrothermal Circulation," [Presenter: Mateo Acosta], Mateo ACOSTA, Benoit GIBERT, and Marie VIOLAY [Paper]

[WGC_16C] "Question and Answer 16C," Ragna Karlsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 16D: Geochemistry 7

[14166] "Geochemical Monitoring and Tracer Tests in the Reykjanes Production Field," [Presenter: Kiflom Gebrehiwot Mesfin], Kiflom G. MESFIN, Iwona M. GALECKA, Finnbogi OSKARSSON [Paper]

[14144] "Soft-stimulating Injection Procedures to Improve Geothermal Reservoir Performance," [Presenter: Laura Wasch], Laura J WASCH, Hester E. DIJKSTRA, Marielle KOENEN [Paper]

[14106] "DESCRAMBLE Project: Gas Logging During Drilling of Venelle_2 Geothermal Well (Larderello, Italy)," [Presenter: Geoffrey Giudetti], Gabriella MAGRO, Fabrizio GHERARDI, Geoffrey GIUDETTI, Nicola COSTANTINO, Ettore CARCIONE [Paper]

[14032] "Geochemical Variations in Thermal Fluids After the Construction of Chingshui Geothermal Power Plant, Taiwan," [Presenter: Yi Chia Lu], Yi-Chia LU, Sheng-Rong SONG, Po-Hsiu LIN, Sachihiro TAGUCHI, Chyi WANG, Yu-Ming LAI, Tsung-Ren PENG, Hsiao-Fen LEE [Paper]

[14057] "Experimental Determination of Rate Constants for the Breakdown of the Organic Tracers 2-NSA, 2, 6-NDS, 2, 7-NDS, 1, 5-NDS and 1, 6-NDS Under Geothermal Conditions," [Presenter: Lucjan Sajkowski], Lucjan SAJKOWSKI, Bruce MOUNTAIN, Terry SEWARD [Paper]

[WGC_16D] "Question and Answer 16D," Andrea Blair [Abstract]

Tuesday 22:00 - 00:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 17A: Exploration 8 -- Methods

[11067] "Pinpointing Deep Geothermal Upflow in Zones of Complex Tectono-volcanic Degassing: New Insights from Aluto Volcano, Main Ethiopian Rift," [Presenter: Egbert Jolie], Egbert JOLIE, William HUTCHISON, Dejene LEGESSE-DRIBA, Anna JENTSCH, Berhanu GIZAW [Paper]

[11177] "Evaluation of Deep Geothermal Resources Using Rare Earth Elements, Snake River Plain, Idaho, USA," [Presenter: Travis McLing], Travis L. MCLING, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Robert W. SMITH, Patrick DOBSON, Nic SPYCHER, and Mark CONRAD [Paper]

[11112] "Effectiveness of Radon Concentration Features in Soil Gas for Specifying Hydrothermal Ascent Paths in the Wayang Windu Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Taiki Kubo], Taiki KUBO, Ahmad Ali SYAFI'I, Mustiatin MUSTIATIN, Hiroaki GONNOKAMI, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN, Irwan ISKANDAR, Katsuaki KOIKE, Sudarto NOTOSISWOYO [Paper]

[11021] "The Reservoir Temperature Prediction Using Hydrogeochemical Indicators by Machine Learning: Western Anatolia (Turkey) Case," [Presenter: Fusun Tut Haklidir], Fusun S. TUT HAKLIDIR, Mehmet HAKLIDIR [Paper]

[11169] "Volcano-Tectonic Structures and Their Influence on Soil Gas Emissions in a Low Permeable Geothermal Reservoir – A Case Study from Los Humeros Volcanic Complex, Mexico," [Presenter: Anna Jentsch], Anna JENTSCH, Egbert JOLIE, Dave G. JONES, Helen-Taylor CURRAN, Loic PEIFFER, and Martin ZIMMER [Paper]

[11133] "Geothermal Surface Manifestation Characterization Using Airborne Lidar Return Intensity," [Presenter: Yan Freski], Yan Restu FRESKI, Christoph HECKER, Agung SETIANTO, Freek D. VAN DER MEER [Paper]

[WGC_17A] "Question and Answer 17A," Sveinborg H. Gunnarsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 17B: Geology 8 -- Exhumed Systems & Exploration

[12164] "The Concept of Exhumed Analogue for Characterization of High-Energy Geothermal Reservoir: an Example from Les Saintes Island (Guadeloupe Archipelago, Lesser Antilles) and Consequences for Exploration," [Presenter: Alexiane Favier], Alexiane FAVIER, Jean-Marc LARDEAUX, Chrystele VERATI, Michel CORSINI, Philippe MUNCH, Sandra VENTALON [Paper]

[12187] "Regional Characterization of Sumatran Geothermal Systems, Indonesia," [Presenter: Lukman Sutrisno], Lukman SUTRISNO, Damien BONTE, Yunus DAUD, Jeroen SMIT, Jon LIMBERGER, Fred BEEKMAN, Jan Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[12034] "Results of 1- Meter Soil Temperature Survey Conducted at Butajira Geothermal Prospect, Southern Ethiopia," [Presenter: Birhan Kebede], Woyeneshet Melesse CHERU [Paper]

[WGC_17B] "Question and Answer 17B," Nicholas Hinz [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 17C: Geophysics 8 -- Technology

[13135] "Designed 3D Seismic Imaging to Better Understand Geothermal Faulted Reservoir, an Upper Rhine Graden Case History," [Presenter: Helene Toubiana Lille], Helene TOUBIANA, Nicolas SALAUN, Jean-Baptiste MITSCHLER, Guillaume GIGOU, Xavier CARRIERE, Alexandre RICHARD, Vincent MAURER [Paper]

[13160] "Reservoir Seismic Imaging Using an Elastic Full-wave Inversion Approach Applied to Multi-OVSP Data in the Context of Soultz-sous-Forêts," [Presenter: Christophe Barnes], Christophe BARNES, Yassine ABDELFETTAH, Nicolas CUENOT, Eléonore DALMAIS, Albert GENTER [Paper]

[13062] "Exploration and Monitoring with Distributed Acoustic Sensing at the EGS Site Groß Schönebeck," [Presenter: Jan Henninges], Jan HENNINGES, Evgenia MARTUGANOVA, Manfred STILLER, Ben NORDEN, Klaus BAUER, Charlotte KRAWCZYK, Ernst HUENGES [Paper]

[13028] "A Surface Conductive Heat Flux Tool to Delineate Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Graeme Beardsmore], Graeme BEARDSMORE [Paper]

[13226] "A Fiber Optic Single Well Seismic System for Geothermal Reservoir Imaging and Monitoring," [Presenter: Bjorn Paulsson], Björn PAULSSON, Mike WYLIE, Ruiqing HE, Halley HARDIMAN, Carlos MANCIA, Deep PATEL [Paper]

[13060] "Preliminary Results of Elaborating a Methodology for Determining the Thermal Conductivity of Clastic Sediments Using Well Logs in Hungary," [Presenter: Janos Mihalyka], János MIHÁLYKA, Petra PARÓCZI, László LENKEY, Dezső DRAHOS, László BALÁZS [Paper]

[WGC_17C] "Question and Answer 17C," Surya Darma [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 17D: Geochemistry 8

[14117] "Chemical Changes in Natural Features and Geothermal Well Discharges in Oradea and Surroundings," [Presenter: Oana Stanasel], Oana STǍNǍŞEL, Sanda BOTA, Anda PETREHELE, Renata SOLLOSI, Ludovic GILĂU, Cristian BLIDAR [Paper]

[14153] "An Integrated Sensitivity analysis for the Basalt Specific Multicomponent Geothermometer for High Temperature Settings," [Presenter: Lars Ystroem], Lars YSTROEM, Fabian NITSCHKE, Sebastian HELD, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[14189] "Study of the Water-Rock Interaction Processes in the Hidden Geothermal System of Acoculco Puebla (México) by Using a Geochemometric Modeling," [Presenter: Gustavo Santos Raga], Gustavo SANTOS-RAGA, Edgar SANTOYO, Erika ALMIRUDIS, Mirna GUEVARA, David YÁÑEZ-DÁVILA [Paper]

[14138] "The Initial State Geochemical Model and Reservoir Response of 2 Years Production at Silangkitang, a Fault-Controlled Geothermal System Along the Great Sumatera Fault," [Presenter: Koji Matsuda], Christovik SIMATUPANG, Koji MATSUDA, Doddy ASTRA [Paper]

[14123] "Evidence of Dissolved Organic Compounds in a Mexican High-Temperature Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Thomas Kretzschmar], Juan Ignacio SÁNCHEZ-AVILA, Brenda GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ, Gabriela VARA-CASTRO and Thomas KRETZSCHMAR [Paper]

[WGC_17D] "Question and Answer 17D," Jennifer Espartero-dales [Abstract]

Tuesday 00:00 - 02:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 18A: Exploration 9 -- Geophysics II

[11098] "Geothermal Exploration and Reservoir Assessment in Magmatic Systems. the IMAGE Project," [Presenter: Gylfi Hersir], Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Ólafur G. FLÓVENZ, David BRUHN, Domenico LIOTTA, Sæunn HALLDÓRSDÓTTIR, Adele MANZELLA and Jan-Diederik Van WEES [Paper]

[11099] "The Importance of Tectonic Inheritance and Reactivation in Geothermal Energy Exploration for EGS Resources in SW England," [Presenter: Chris Yeomans], Chris YEOMANS, Robin SHAIL, Matt EYRE [Paper]

[11023] "Investigation of Geothermal Resources in Egypt Using Geophysical Data," [Presenter: Mohamed Mahmoud], Mohamed ABDEL ZAHER and Samah ELBARBARY [Paper]

[11102] "Integrated Remote Sensing as a Tool in Determining Areas with High Geothermal Potential in the Amacan Geothermal Prospect, Philippines," [Presenter: Jeffrey Bermido], Jeffrey T. BERMIDO, Kevin Paul G. GUILLERMO, Oliver A. BRIOLA, and Leonardo L. MORALES [Paper]

[11093] "Relationships Between Permeability, Clay Mineralogy and Electrical Conductivity in Icelandic Altered Volcanic Rocks," [Presenter: Lea Levy], Lea LEVY, Benoit GIBERT, David ESCOBEDO, Patricia PATRIER, Bruno LANSON, Daniel BEAUFORT, Didier LOGGIA, Philippe PEZARD, Nicolas MARINO [Paper]

[11080] "Remote Detection of Thermal Anomalies for Geothermal Exploration. How Well Does It work?," [Presenter: Christoph Hecker], Christoph HECKER, Robert D. HEWSON [Paper]

[WGC_18A] "Question and Answer 18A," Rosa Maria Prol-Ledesma [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 18B: Geology 9 -- Geological Exploration 2

[12108] "New (Zealand) Perspectives on Continental Arc Geothermal Systems – Overview and Future Prospects," [Presenter: Isabelle Chambefort], Isabelle CHAMBEFORT, Colin J.N. WILSON, Julie V. ROWLAND [Paper]

[12113] "High Altitude, Iron–Carbonate, Subaqueous Hot-Spring Precipitates of the Central Andes, Peru," [Presenter: Diana Pajuelo Aparicio], Diana PAJUELO, Michael C. ROWE, Kathleen A. CAMPBELL [Paper]

[12155] "Insights Into a Complex Geothermal Reservoir in the Lower Carboniferous Carbonates in Northern Belgium," [Presenter: Matsen Broothaers], Matsen BROOTHAERS, Stijn BOS, David LAGROU, Helga FERKET, Virginie HARCOUET-MENOU, Ben LAENEN [Paper]

[12114] "Applications of Hyperspectral Imaging to Geothermal Drill Core and Cuttings: Case Studies from Nevada, Western USA," [Presenter: Kurt Kraal], Kurt KRAAL, Bridget AYLING, Wendy CALVIN [Paper]

[12162] "IDDP-2 – New Multisensor Core Logger (MSCL) on Core from Supercritical Conditions," [Presenter: Kiflom Gebrehiwot Mesfin], Kiflom G. MESFIN, Omar SIGURÐSSON, Guðmundur Ó. FRIDLEIFSSON Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Tobias B. WEISENBERGER [Paper]

[12050] "Geothermal Prospects in Lahendong Geothermal Field of the Tomohon – Minahasa Volcanic Terrain (TMVT), North Sulawesi, Indonesia," [Presenter: Pri Utami], Pri UTAMI, Muhammad SIDQI, Yeftamikha SIAHAAN, Muhammad G.J. SHALIHIN, Eben E. SIAHAAN, and Marihot SIILABAN [Paper]

[WGC_18B] "Question and Answer 18B," Isabelle Chambefort [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 18C: Geophysics 9 -- Methods for Deep and Shallow Resources

[13044] "Advances on Electro-Magnetic Imaging for De-Risking Enhanced Geothermal Systems Prospects," [Presenter: Mathieu Darnet], M. DARNET, P. WAWRZYNIAK, N. COPPO, J. PORTE, S. NEEB, J.F. GIRARD, G. MARQUIS, F. BRETAUDEAU, V. MAURER and A. GENTER [Paper]

[13007] "Application of Time-frequency Electromagnetic Method in the Exploration of Deep Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Hui Long], LONG Hui, Guo Jianqiang, LI Shengtao, YAO Yao, YUE Dongdong, JIA Xiaofeng, TIAN Puyuan [Paper]

[13023] "Geophysical Monitoring of EGS Fields in the Upper Rhine Grabben," [Presenter: Vincent Maurer], Vincent MAURER, Nicolas CUENOT, Alexandre RICHARD, Régis HEHN, Abigaëlle Peterschmitt and Guillaume Ravier [Paper]

[13126] "Application of Time Domain Electromagnetic Method to Monitor the Shallow Resistivity of a Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Roberto Acevedo], Roberto ACEVEDO [Paper]

[13107] "3D-Temperature Estimation Using Geostatistical Methods," [Presenter: Thorsten Agemar], Thorsten AGEMAR [Paper]

[WGC_18C] "Question and Answer 18C," Ragna Bjork Bragadottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 18D: Geochemistry 9

[14012] "Geochemistry and Origin of Geothermal Waters in NE Borgarfjördur, W-Iceland," [Presenter: Hrefna Kristmannsdottir], Hrefna KRISTMANNSDÓTTIR, Axel BJÖRNSSON, Árný E. SVEINBJÖRNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[14033] "Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium Distribution in Surface and Geothermal Waters of Bacman Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Val Maverick Abecia], Val Maverick ABECIA, Michael BAU, Simona REGENSPURG, Uwe ALTENBERGER [Paper]

[14045] "Constraints of the Las Derrumbadas Geothermal Conceptual Model by Gas Geochemistry Puebla, Mexico," [Presenter: Typhaine Tual], Typhaine TUAL, Laurent ESCARE, Snorri GUDBRANDSSON, Elodie MULLER, Marie-Noëlle GUILBAUD, Carole CORDIER, Manuel MOREIRA, Lorraine TUAL [Paper]

[14113] "Hot Springs, Heat Discharge and Arsenic Concentration in Chacana Caldera, Ecuador," [Presenter: Byron Pilicita], Byron PILICITA, Bernardo BEATE [Paper]

[14157] "Monitoring Fumarole Gas Chemistry in the Theistareykir Geothermal Field, NE Iceland," [Presenter: Finnbogi Oskarsson], Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Auður Agla ÓLADÓTTIR, Sigurður G. KRISTINSSON, Salvatore INGUAGGIATO, Ásgerður K. SIGURÐARDÓTTIR [Paper]

[14043] "Geochemistry of Selected Hot Springs in Jiangxi Province, SE-China," [Presenter: Zhanxue Sun], Zhanxue SUN, Zhichao ZHANG, E.V. ZIPPA, Bai GAO and Gongxin CHEN [Paper]

[WGC_18D] "Question and Answer 18D," Jill Haizlip [Abstract]

Tuesday 07:00 - 07:00


[Room: Stream B] SESSION 8P: Poster 2

[11006] "Conceptual Model of Mt. Natib Geothermal Area as Revealed by Electromagnetic and Drilling Data," [Presenter: Nilo Apuada], Nilo A. APUADA, Wen J. WHAN, Fernando S. PENARROYO, Sherwin MENDIOLA and Ariel D. FRONDA [Paper]

[11007] "Integrated Analysis of Surface and Borehole Data to Construct the Stratigraphy Model of Bukit Daun Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Muhammad Ikhwan], Muhammad IKHWAN, Irene C WALLIS and Julie V ROWLAND [Paper]

[11011] "The Project of the Deep Well Drilling in the Pauzhetsky Geothermal Area," [Presenter: Olga Khubaeva], Vladimir BELOUSOV, Irina BELOUSOVA and Olga KHUBAEVA [Paper]

[11013] "Aero-magnetic Surveys for Geothermal Exploration in Malawi," Ruth MUMBA, Esther MABEDI, Yankho KALEBE [Paper]

[11015] "Cartographic Standard for Geothermal Information of the Colombian Geological Survey," [Presenter: Camilo Matiz], J. Camilo MATIZ-LEÓN [Paper]

[11016] "Application of Digital Image Processing Techniques for Earth Observation Satellites in the Estimation of Surface Temperature Models in Support of Geothermal Exploration in Colombia," [Presenter: Camilo Matiz], J. Camilo MATIZ-LEÓN, Gilbert RODRÍGUEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, Claudia ALFARO-VALERO [Paper]

[11017] "Mapping Geothermal Vegetation with Hyperspectral and Thermal Imaging – A New Way to Explore Geothermal Areas," [Presenter: Cecilia Rodriguez-Gomez], Cecilia RODRIGUEZ-GOMEZ, Gabor KERESZTURI, Robert REEVES, Andrew RAE, Reddy PULLANAGARI, Paramsothy JEYAKUMAR, Jonathan PROCTER [Paper]

[11028] "Waesano, Indonesia: Application of Slimhole Drilling at Waesano Within the GEUDP Programme," [Presenter: Greg Ussher], Greg N.H. USSHER, Jim B. RANDLE, Desak Nyoman Inten APRIANI, Ken M. MACKENZIE, Sam W. PAYNE [Paper]

[11030] "Geothermal Resources and Potential Area for High-temperature Exploration in Yunnan, China," [Presenter: Zongyu Chen], CHEN Zongyu [Paper]

[11037] "Numerical Simulation of Temperature Logs in High Temperature Wells: Towards the Application to the RN-15/IDDP2 Well," [Presenter: ], Jia WANG, Fabian NITSCHKE, Emmanuel GAUCHER, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[11040] "Role of Heterogeneity on the Apparent Thermal Properties of Sandstones: Insights for Remote Measurements and Monitoring?," [Presenter: Lucas Pimienta], Lucas PIMIENTA, Norbert KLITZSCH [Paper]

[11042] "Differential GPS Monitoring to Know the Relationship Between the Current Stress Field, the Active Tectonic Structures and the Fluids Circulation in the Geothermal Zones of Acoculco and Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico," Oscar Humberto GARCÍA HERNANDEZ, Jorge Alejandro ÁVILA OLIVERA, Arturo MUÑIZ JAUREGUI, Víctor Hugo GARDUÑO MONROY, Sergio NAJERA BLAS, Julio Cesar CAÑAS RAMIREZ, Adrián JIMÉNEZ HARO, Miranda ROBLES PEREZNEGRON [Paper]

[11045] "A Hydrothermally Altered Igneous Intrusion: an Additional Heat Source for the Geothermal System of Paipa, Colombia?," Gina RODRÍGUEZ [Paper]

[11056] "Exploration in the Subductive Influence Zone Honduras," [Presenter: Leonardo Canales], Miguel GARCIA, Jose CANALES, Sulamith KASTL, Kai HAHNE, Alina ERMETZ [Paper]

[11057] "Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping for Geothermal Exploration in Manda-Inakir Area, NW of the Republic of Djibouti," [Presenter: Araksan Ahmed], Araksan AHMED [Paper]

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[11070] "Spatial Correlation Model Between Resistivity Data and Subsurface Permeable Zones to Optimize the Existence of a Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Taiki Kubo], Awwab HAFIZH, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN, SURYANTINI, Taiki KUBO, Katsuaki KOIKE, Chevy ISKANDAR [Paper]

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[11125] "Systematic and Multidisciplinary Exploration in the Lithotopos - Iraklia Low Enthalpy Geothermal Field (Macedonia, Northern Greece)," [Presenter: Apostolos Arvanitis], Apostolos ARVANITIS, Konstantina KAVOURI, Georgios VOUGIOUKALAKIS, Petros KARMIS, Markos XENAKIS, Ilias KOUFOGIANNIS, Vassiliki SOMATARIDOU, Panagiotis VAKALOPOULOS, Dimitrios EXIOGLOU [Paper]

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[11143] "Integrated Exploration Strategy ‘ConvEx’ to Detect Hydrothermal Convection in the Subsurface," [Presenter: Kristian Baer], Kristian BÄR, John REINECKER, Judith BOTT, Mauro CACACE, Matthis FREY, Jeroen VAN DER VAART, Oliver RITTER, Benjamin HOMUTH, Johann-Gerhard FRITSCHE, Florian SPATH, Horst KREUTER, Magdalena SCHECK-WENDEROTH, Ingo SASS [Paper]

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[11176] "Recognizing Geothermal Horizons Inside Crystalline Rocks Using Geophysical Methods, Example of Lądek Zdrój Reservoir, Sudetes Area, Poland," [Presenter: Michal Stefaniuk], Michał STEFANIUK, Cezary OSTROWSKI, Marek SADA, Adam CYGAL [Paper]

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[12046] "Geology, Mineralogy and Fluid Geochemistry of Wells Discharging Acid Fluids in Hatchobaru Geothermal Field, Kyushu, Japan," [Presenter: Saki Tsutsumi], Saki TSUTSUMI, Tri WULANINGSIH, Yoshio SOEDA, Yumi KIYOTA, Koji MATSUDA, Syogo OSHIMA, Sachihiro TAGUCHI, Yasumoto TSUKADA [Paper]

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[12073] "Use of Resource Estimation Tools to Refine 3D Earth Model of the Silangkitang Geothermal Field, North Sumatra, Indonesia," [Presenter: Andrew Mcmahon], Drestanta Yudha SATYA, Andrew MCMAHON, Iain LEVY, Doddy ASTRA [Paper]

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[12098] "DEMNAS: A Recently Released Nation-Wide Digital Elevation Model from the Indonesian Government and Its Implication for Geothermal Exploration – Study Case of Gunung Endut Geothermal Prospect, Banten Province, Indonesia," [Presenter: Felix Sihombing], Felix M.H. SIHOMBING, Dyah N. SAHDARANI, SUPRIYANTO [Paper]

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[12131] "Multiscale and Multimethod Investigation on Outcropping Analogs: Key Tool for Resources Evaluation and Predrilling Modelling for Geothermal Prospection in Extensional Faults," [Presenter: Lionel Bertrand], Lionel BERTRAND, Claire BOSSENNEC, Pauline LE MAIRE, Benjamin DUPONT, Yves GERAUD, Marc DIRAISON [Paper]

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[12185] "A Multidisciplinary Study to Define a Composite Hydrogeological System in a Rift Basin (Example of the Albertine Rift, Uganda)," [Presenter: Yves Geraud], Yves GERAUD, Marc DIRAISON, Daniel BARTIER, Yann HAUTEVELLE, Bastien WALTER, François RAISSON (GeoRessources, Université Lorraine) [Paper]

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[13081] "Identification of Permeability Controls in a Geothermal System Using Gravity Method, Menengai Case Study," [Presenter: Joseph Gichira], Joseph GICHIRA and Yussuf MOHAMUD [Paper]

[13082] "Exploration Prospect Evaluation of Geothermal Resources in Shangqiu Protuberance in Southern North China Basin," [Presenter: Wanqing Cheng], CHENG Wanqing, XU Bowen, ZHU Huailiang [Paper]

[13085] "Characterization of a Low Enthalpy Thermal Spring System Using Magnetotellurics (MT) and Time Domain Electro Magnetic Method (TDEM) – an Example from Sri Lanka," [Presenter: Nuwan Suriyaarachchi], Nuwan Buddika SURIYAARACHCHI, Thusitha Bandara NIMALSIRI, Bruce Alan Hobbs, Morrel FONSEKA, Nalaka Deepal SUBASINGHE [Paper]

[13090] "Estimation of Deep Temperature and Geothermal Resource Potential Assessment in the Lower Yangtze Area, East China," [Presenter: Shaowen Liu], Shaowen LIU,Ge ZHU, Liangshu WANG [Paper]

[13093] "The Seismic Velocity Structures of Western Turkey, New Magma Chamber Found as the Source of Geothermal Fields," XIANG Shimin, ZHAO Na, JIAO Yuyong, ZENG Zuoxun [Paper]

[13094] "Reactive Flow in Supercritical Geothermal Settings and Its Impact on Electrical Fluid and Rock Properties," [Presenter: Juliane Kummerow], Juliane KUMMEROW, Siegfried RAAB, Erik SPANGENBERG, Anja M. SCHLEICHER, Jan SCHUESSLER [Paper]

[13095] "Geophysical Model Update of the Kamojang Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Tommy HENDRIANSYAH, Tofan SASTRANEGARA, Lendriadi AGUNG, Imam B.RAHARJO [Paper]

[13096] "Monitoring of Borehole Heat Exchangers Using Wireless Temperature Measurements," [Presenter: Simon Schueppler], Simon SCHÜPPLER, Roman ZORN, Linda SCHINDLER, Felix NEUNER, Hagen STEGER, Philipp BLUM [Paper]

[13100] "InSAR Data Detect Shallow Dyke Intrusion at the Rabaul Volcano, Papua New Guinea – Potential Site for Caldera Geothermal Field," Manoj MUKHOPADHYAY and Suame AMPANA [Paper]

[13101] "Focused Geophysical Imaging of the Chiweta Geothermal Field (Malawi)," [Presenter: Egidio Armadillo], Egidio ARMADILLO, Daniele RIZZELLO, Claudio PASQUA, Riccardo BALSOTTI, Paolo PISANI, Biagio GIORGIO, Eliyasi CHARLESON, Makoye DIDAS, Taramaeli MNJOKAVA, Jonas MWANO [Paper]

[13103] "Different Strategies Applied to 3D Inversion of MT Data from Los Humeros Superhot Geothermal Resource in Mexico," Diego RUIZ-AGUILAR, Ásdís BENEDIKSDÓTTIR, Arnar MÁR VILHJÁLMSSON, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, Gylfi PÁLL HERSIR, José Manuel ROMO-JONES [Paper]

[13104] "3D Joint Inversion of Gravity and Magnetic Data in Los Humeros and Acoculco Unconventional Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Jonathan Carrillo], Jonathan CARRILLO, Marco A. PÉREZ-FLORES, Luis A. GALLARDO, Omar HERNÁNDEZ-MÁRQUEZ, Eva SCHILL, Natalia CORNEJO [Paper]

[13105] "Three-Dimensional Geometry of the Upper-Crust in the Mexicali Spreading Center and Consequences on the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Area," [Presenter: Jonathan Carrillo], Omar HERNANDEZ-MARQUEZ, Marco A. PEREZ-FLORES, Ivan ZAVALA-IBARRA and Jonathan CARRILLO-LOPEZ [Paper]

[13106] "Modelling and Interpreting the Resistivity Structure of Borinquen Geothermal Area in Costa Rica: Analysis of 1D and 3D Resistivity Inversions," [Presenter: Diego Badilla], Diego BADILLA ELIZONDO, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[13111] "Electrical Resistivity Applied to Understand the Fluid Flow Pathway and Define Borehole Targets in a Geothermal Area, Liquiñe, Chile," [Presenter: Nicolas Perez Estay], Nicolas PEREZ-ESTAY, Pablo VALDENEGRO, Tomas ROQUER, Eduardo MOLINA, Gloria ARANCIBIA, Diego MORATA, Diego ARAVENA [Paper]

[13115] "Updating the Geothermal Database and the Heat Flow Density Map of Hungary," [Presenter: Petra Paroczi], Laszlo LENKEY, Janos MIHALYKA, Petra PAROCZI [Paper]

[13119] "Resistivity Imaging of Geothermal Resources Using 1D and 3D MT inversion A Case Study of Menengai Geothermal Field in Kenya," [Presenter: Raymond Mwakirani], Raymond MWAKIRANI [Paper]

[13122] "Review of Aeromagnetic Data Processing in Geothermal Gradient Estimation in Mexico," [Presenter: Juan Luis Carrillo De La Cruz], Juan Luis CARRILLO-DE LA CRUZ, Rosa Maria PROL-LEDESMA, Dario GOMEZ-RODRIGUEZ [Paper]

[13123] "Geophysical Study in North Ghoubbet," [Presenter: Haissama Osman Ali], Haissama OSMAN [Paper]

[13124] "Continuous Microgravity Monitoring in a Volcanic Geothermal Field: Integrated Observational Approach in Þheistareykir, NE Iceland," [Presenter: Kemal Erbas], Kemal ERBAS, Florian SCHAEFER, Philippe JOUSSET, Ásgrímur GUðMUNDSON, Gylfi Pall HERSIR, Jacques HINDERER, Jean-Daniel BERNARD, Nolwenn PORTIER, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Vincent DROIN, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, Benjamin MAENNEL, Andreas GUENTNER, Christian VOIGT, Tilo SCHOENE, Arthur JOLLY, Richard WARBURTON [Paper]

[13137] "Using Seismicity to Map Fractures in Hengill, SW-Iceland," [Presenter: Hanna Blanck], Hanna BLANCK, Kristín S. VOGFJÖRD, Halldór GEIRSSON, Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[13147] "Applications of LiDAR-Derived Data in the Operations of the Southern Negros Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Geliah Taboco], Geliah TABOCO [Paper]

[13152] "Imaging Faults Within Geothermal Systems from 3-D MT Inversion: a Comparison Between Smooth and Blocky 3-D Approaches," [Presenter: Flora Solon], Flora SOLON, Sophie HAUTOT, Pascal TARITS [Paper]

[13155] "Gradients of Resistivity Profiles Display Fault Systems," [Presenter: Fidel Cedillo Rodrguez], Fidel CEDILLO [Paper]

[13157] "Continuous High Resolution Gravity Measurements at a Geothermal Field in Northern Iceland: Setup and Instrumental Performance," [Presenter: Florian Forster], Florian FORSTER, Philippe JOUSSET, Jacques HINDERER, Severine ROSAT, Christian VOIGT, Kemal ERBAS, Tilo SCHOENE, Richard WARBURTON, Andreas GUENTNER [Paper]

[13159] "Dimensionality and Directionality Analysis of MT Data to Image Geothermal Systems in Kiejo-Mbaka Geothermal Field, SW Tanzania," [Presenter: Lucas Tumbu], Lucas TUMBU and Hideki MIZUNAGA [Paper]

[13161] "The GEO-URBAN Project: Exploring the Geothermal Potential of Dublin City Using Electromagnetic and Passive Seismic Methods," [Presenter: Giuseppe Maggio], Giuseppe MAGGIO, Duygu KIYAN, Christopher J. BEAN, Pilar QUERALT, Colin HOGG, Robert DELHAYE, James MCATEER and Sarah BLAKE [Paper]

[13172] "The 3D Seismic Velocity Model and Hypocenter Relocation Results of Patuha Geothermal Field," Akhmad Fanani AKBAR, Reza Jamil FAJRI, Chevy ISKANDAR, Randy Wijaya ATMAJA [Paper]

[13186] "Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation of Azufral Volcano Geothermal Zone," Miguel A. BELTRAN [Paper]

[13198] "A Novel Approach to Map Permeability Using Passive Seismic Emission Tomography," [Presenter: Patrick Warren], Ian WARREN, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Satish PULLAMMANAPPALLIL [Paper]

[13201] "Ground Deformation at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field (Mexico) Inferred by InSAR," [Presenter: Eszter Bekesi], Eszter BÉKÉSI, Peter A. FOKKER, Jon LIMBERGER, Damien BONTÉ, Joana ESTEVES MARTINS, Jan-Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[13227] "Adding Value on the Inverse Problem Solution by Modeling the Tipper Vector and the Total Magnetic Field," [Presenter: Dagoberto Herrera Cabezas], Dagoberto HERRERA CABEZAS [Paper]

[13232] "Towards Geothermal Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring Through Seismic (Ambient Noise) and Geodetic (INSAR) Imaging: Torfajokull Volcano and Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland," [Presenter: Joana Martins], Joana E. MARTINS, Andrew HOOPER, Ramon F. HANSSEN [Paper]

[13234] "Traffic Light System Design and Implementation for Geothermal Stimulation in Helsinki, Finland," [Presenter: Michael Chendorain], Thomas ADER, Michael CHENDORAIN, Matthew FREE, Tero SAARNO, Pekka HEIKKINEN, Peter Eric MALIN, Peter LEARY, Sergio VALENZUELA, Grzegorz KWIATEK, Georg DRESEN, Felix BLUEMLE, Tommi VUORINEN [Paper]

[14001] "Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Alteration Zone, Sabalan, Iran," Elahe ZAREI [Paper]

[14003] "Geochemical Study of Arta Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: Sadik Bachir], Sadik BACHIR; Liban ISMAEL; Daisuke FUKUDA; Rokiya HOUSSEIN; Daher ALI; Ayan AHMED; Kayad MOUSSA; Nasradine AHMED [Paper]

[14004] "Effect of Silica Scaling Inhibitor in Geothermal Brine," [Presenter: Jan Prikryl], Jan PŘIKRYL, Kristján F. ALEXANDERSSON [Paper]

[14007] "The Impact of Massive Exploitation in the Surface Manifestations at Ulubelu Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Anjani PUSPADIANTI, Jodhi P. GIRIARSO, MULYANTO, Fernando PASARIBU, Marihot S.P. SILABAN [Paper]

[14008] "Geochemical Study of Hanle Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: Daher Ali Hassan], Ali Hassan DAHER and Daisuke FUKUDA [Paper]

[14009] "Evaluation of the Storage Characteristics and Circulation Model of the Low- and Middle-temperature Geothermal Reservoir in Guangzhong Basin by Using the Data of Hydrogen-oxygen Stable Isotopes," MA Feng, SUN Zhanxue, SUN Hongli, WANG Guiling [Paper]

[14011] "Arsenic Use as a Complementary Tool in Geothermal System Exploration," [Presenter: Hermas Davila], Hermas A. DAVILA [Paper]

[14013] "Contribution to the Mapping and Geochimic Study of Geological Formations Around the Lilida Thermal Water Source (Mbongi, Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo)," [Presenter: ], Grace KAWA, Vikandy MAMBO, Désiré KASEKETE, Pacifique SYAKENGWA, David KAIZERE [Paper]

[14014] "Geochemical Signatures in Response to 6 Years of Production and Reinjection, Ulubelu Geothermal Field, Indonesia," MULYANTO, Anjani PUSPADIANTI, Aditya A. JUANDA, Fernando PASARIBU, Marihot SILABAN [Paper]

[14017] "Geothermal Geochemistry Based on Alteration Mineralogy and Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry of Hes-Daba (Gagade), Republic of Djibouti," Moussa HASSANLEH Hassan [Paper]

[14018] "Distribution of Arsenic in Hot Springs and Geothermal Wells in Sabalan Geothermal Field, N-W Iran," [Presenter: Svetlana Strelbiteskaya], Svetlana STRELBITSKAYA, Ani HAERI, Khosrow KHOSRAWI [Paper]

[14021] "Hydrogeochemistry of Thermal and Cold Springs of Pranhita-Godavari Basin, India," [Presenter: Dornadula Chandrasekharam], Hemant K. SINGH, B. MAHATO, D. CHANDRASEKHARAM, Satish K. SINHA [Paper]

[14023] "Geochemical Interpretation of Bicarbonate Thermal Springs for the Comprehension of a Geothermal System: A Case Study at Cerro Machin Volcano, Colombia," [Presenter: Esteban Gomez], Esteban GÓMEZ DIAZ [Paper]

[14024] "Empirical Partitioning of CO2 in H2O-CO2 Mixtures," Pedro SANCHEZ-UPTON [Paper]

[14026] "Geochemical Study of Arta Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: ], Sadik BACHIR; Liban ISMAEL; Daisuke FUKUDA; Rokiya HOUSSEIN; Daher ALI; Ayan AHMED; Kayad MOUSSA; Nasradine AHMED [Paper]

[14030] "Isotopic Characteristics Analysis of Geothermal Fluids in the Southern Plain of Tianjin," [Presenter: Junfeng Li], LI Junfeng [Paper]

[14035] "Scaling Potential Analysis Along Production Wellbore in Awibengkok Geothermal Field Indonesia," [Presenter: Gagas Pambudi Utomo], Gagas Pambudi UTOMO [Paper]

[14036] "Alkaline Mineralization in a Zone of Hydrothermal Unloading as the Indicator of Deep Metalliferous Fluid (Geothermal Systems of Southern Kamchatka)," [Presenter: Sergei Rychagov], Sergei RYCHAGOV, Elena SANDIMIROVA, Michael CHERNOV [Paper]

[14037] "Geochemistry and Origin of Thermal Waters of the Kuril Islands (Russia)," [Presenter: Elena Kalacheva], Elena KALACHEVA [Paper]

[14046] "Preliminary Study on Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Yanqing Geothermal Field, Beijing," [Presenter: ], FU Changhong, WANG Huaxu, HAN Minxia, LIU Shaomin, LIU Wei [Paper]

[14049] "Geochemical Reservoir Compartmentalization at Muara Laboh Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Alfi Ady], ALFIADY, Herwin AZIS, Rudy MARTIKNO, Robi IRSAMUKHTI, Alfianto PERDANA, Novi GANEFIANTO, Anna COLVIN [Paper]

[14052] "Use of Automated QEMSCAN Technique for Mineral Quantification in Reykjanes Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Gudmundur Omar Fridleifsson], Claudia KRUBER, Hege FONNELAND, Guðmundur Ómar FRIÐLEIFSSON, Robert A. ZIERENBERG [Paper]

[14073] "Characterizing Geothermal System of the Tampomas Area, West Java, Indonesia by Water Chemistry and Stable Isotope Analyses," [Presenter: Yudi Rahayudin], Yudi RAHAYUDIN, Koki KASHIWAYA, Yohei TADA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Irwan ISKANDAR, Andi SUSMANTO [Paper]

[14076] "Variations in Mercury Concentrations at the Thermal Fields of the Kambalny Range as a Consequence of the Kambalny Volcano Eruption (Kamchatka, Russia)," [Presenter: Anton Nuzhdaev], Anton A. NUZHDAEV [Paper]

[14084] "Kia Manawaroa- Ngā Ākina Te Ao Tūroa Kounga Rangi - the Influence of Geothermal Emissions on Airborne Particulate Matter Composition," [Presenter: Andreas Markwitz], James WARBRICK, Perry DAVY, Agnes MAZOT, Bill TROMPETTER, Andreas MARKWITZ, Diane BRADSHAW [Paper]

[14086] "Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Thermal Waters in Northern Part of Malawi," Yankho KALEBE [Paper]

[14087] "Geochemistry of Nitric Thermal Springs from Khoja-Obi-Garm Thermal Area (Pamir-Tien Shan Region)," [Presenter: Elena Filimonova], Natalia KHARITONOVA, Ivan BRAGIN, George CHELNOKOV, Vasiliy LAVRUSHIN, Anna KORZUN, Farid SALIKHOV, Anna DEMONOVA, Victoria FUNIKOVA [Paper]

[14088] "Local Meteoric Water Line of the Central Zone of Boyacá, Colombia," Jaison MALO, Claudia ALFARO [Paper]

[14093] "The Chemical Composition of Geothermal Hot Springs as an Indicator of Various Geologic Subsurfaces in Iceland and Serbia," [Presenter: Ivana Petkovic], PETKOVIC Ivana, ĐORĐEVIĆ Dragana, ASBJORNSSON Einar Jon, MIHAJLIDI Aleksandra, SAKAN Sanja, FINGER David [Paper]

[14094] "Application of a Detailed and Comprehensive Computational Chemical Geothermometer to Low Enthalpy Geothermal Waters in Northern Greece," [Presenter: Apostolos Arvanitis], Apostolos ARVANITIS, Maria PAPACHRISTOU, George VERROS [Paper]

[14095] "The Application of Geochemical Ternary Diagram to Analyze Characteristics of Geothermal Waters in Sumatera Island, Indonesia," CHENCHEN, Yuniar Zhafira ABDILLAH, Muhamad Firdaus AL HAKIM, SURYANTINI, Mochamad NURHADI [Paper]

[14099] "Hot Springs Outside the Colombian Andean Area," Jaison MALO, Claudia ALFARO [Paper]

[14101] "Utilization of Former Acidic Wells: A Palinpinon Geothermal Production Field Experience," [Presenter: Kenneth Jireh Taboco], Kenneth Jireh G. TABOCO, Jean Mary M. LIBATO [Paper]

[14108] "An Update on the Stable Isotopes Geochemistry of Mahanagdong Field, Leyte, Philippines," [Presenter: ], Irene Marice FERNANDEZ, Kay Kimberly KOBAYASHI, Lorena DACO-AG, Danilo DACILLO [Paper]

[14110] "Hydrogeochemical Study of Ciseeng Thermal Springs, West Java Province, Indonesia," [Presenter: Fajar Hendrasto], Izzuddin AZZAM, Fajar HENDRASTO, Untung SUMOTARTO [Paper]

[14115] "Geochemical Appraisal of Hot Springs of North Eastern Region, India," [Presenter: ], Prafulla B. SAROLKAR [Paper]

[14118] "Geochemical Characteristics of Hot Springs from the Sierra de Mil Cumbres, Michoacan, Mexico: La Escalera Geothermal System," [Presenter: Daniel Perez-Zarate], Daniel PEREZ-ZARATE, Rosa María PROL-LEDESMA, Mariana JACOME-PAZ, Augusto RODRIGUEZ-DIAZ, Aurora ESTRADA-MURILLO, Irving GONZALEZ-ROMO, María GONZALEZ-GUADARRAMA, Fernando GUERRERO-MARTINEZ [Paper]

[14120] "Geochemical Assessment of the San Jacinto Tizate Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," [Presenter: ], Gunter E. GAMEZ [Paper]

[14122] "Geochemical Characteristics of Thermal Fluids from Northwest Algeria," Mohamed BELHAI, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Rosa Maria BARRAGAN-REYES, Tatsuto IWANAGA, Mamiko MAENO, Brahim AYAD, Fatima Zohra BOUCHAREB-HAOUCHINE, Jun NISHIJIMA, Djelloul BELHAI, Abdelhamid HAOUCHINE [Paper]

[14134] "Solute Geothermometry Applied to Low-Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Maria Olguin Martinez], Maria OLGUIN, Loic PEIFFER, Claudio INGUAGGIATO, Christoph WANNER, Patrick DOBSON, Nicolas SPYCHER, Thomas KRETZSCHMAR [Paper]

[14136] "Geochemical Interpretation of Boreholes Waters from Ambado-PK 20 Area, Djibouti," DAHER Ali Hassan, IDIL Souleiman Bouraleh [Paper]

[14143] "Characteristic of Geothermal Chemistry Fluids at Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia," [Presenter: Anna Yushantarti], Anna YUSHANTARTI and Bangbang SULAEMAN [Paper]

[14152] "Laboratory Investigations to Optimize Tungsten Mobilization Under Geothermal Reservoir Conditions," [Presenter: Mate Osvald], Máté OSVALD, János SZANYI, Tamás MEDGYES, Balázs KÓBOR [Paper]

[14160] "Geochemistry Exploration in Tectonic Systems," [Presenter: Miguel Garcia], Miguel GARCIA, Jose CANALES, Carlos GUIFARRO [Paper]

[14163] "The Origin of Radon Anomalies Along Geological Structures and Degassing Pathways of the Geothermal System of Acoculco, Puebla (Mexico)," [Presenter: Gustavo Santos Raga], Edgar SANTOYO, Erika ALMIRUDIS, Daniel PEREZ-ZARATE, Mirna GUEVARA, Enrique PORTUGAL, Esther O. GARCIA, Gustavo SANTOS-RAGA [Paper]

[15000] "Dwindling Geothermal Groundwater Resources in Tunisian NWSAS, from Global Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) Satellite Gravity Observations," [Presenter: Aissa Agoune], Aissa AGOUNE [Paper]

[15015] "Pre-Operational Risk Study in Deep Geothermal Modeling: Insights from a Dual Medium Synthetic Model," Morgan LE LOUS, Alexandre PRYET, François LARROQUE, Pierre-Clément DAMY, Alain DUPUY [Paper]

[15017] "Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Geothermal Reservoirs in Xiong'an New Area," [Presenter: Xianghui Wu], WU Xianghui,HOU Junliang, MA Baiheng, Li Yulong [Paper]

[15027] "Establishing Geothermometric Constraints on the Local Geothermal Gradient," [Presenter: ], Carlos Barrera, Carlos VARGAS, Jorge CORTES [Paper]

[15033] "Numerical Study of the Permeability Change Induced by Hot Water Injection in Deep Subsurface Thermal Energy Storage," [Presenter: Yonghui Huang], Yonghui HUANG, Zhonghe PANG, Georg KOSAKOWSKI [Paper]

[15035] "Flow and Heat Transfer Numerical Modelling in the Hainaut Limestone Geothermal Reservoir: Study at Local and Regional Scales," [Presenter: Kevin Gonze], Kevin GONZE, Pascal GODERNIAUX, Nicolas DUPONT, Frank MARTIN, Olivier KAUFMANN [Paper]

[15045] "Conceptual Modelling of Pertek (Tunceli) Geothermal Field, Eastern Turkey," [Presenter: Tugbanur Ozen Balaban], Tugbanur OZEN BALABAN, Ozlem OZTEKIN OKAN, Taylan SANCAR, Ayten OZTUFEKCI ONAL [Paper]

[16001] "Western Anatolia’s (Turkey) Probable Geothermal Potential," Servet YILMAZER, Suzan PASVANOĞLU [Paper]

[16002] "Waesano, Indonesia: Integrated Exploration Results and Resource Assessment," [Presenter: Maxwell Wilmarth], Maxwell WILMARTH, Greg USSHER, Brian LOVELOCK, Ken MACKENZIE [Paper]

[16007] "Retrospect Resource Assessment Study Using Experimental Design and Response Surface Methodology: the Ohaaki Geothermal Field, New Zealand," [Presenter: Anthony Ciriaco], Anthony CIRIACO, Sadiq ZARROUK, Golbon ZAKERI, Warren MANNINGTON [Paper]

[16008] "Power Density in Geothermal Fields, 2020 Update," [Presenter: Maxwell Wilmarth], Maxwell WILMARTH, James STIMAC, Gugi GANEFIANTO [Paper]

[16012] "A Python-based Stochastic Library for Assessing Geothermal Power Potential in the Municipality of Nombre de Jesús, El Salvador," [Presenter: Carlos Pocasangre], POCASANGRE Carlos, FUJIMITSU Yasuhiro [Paper]

[16015] "Potential Assessment of Geothermal Resources in the North Eastern Part of Morocco," [Presenter: Alae-Eddine Barkaoui], Alae Eddine BARKAOUI, Yassine ZARHLOULE [Paper]

[16017] "Subsurface Radiogenic Heat Production Modeling in the Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan; A Geothermal Perspective of Sedimentary Basins," [Presenter: Mukhtiar Ghani], Mukhtiar GHANI, Irfan U. JAN, Sajjad AHMAD, Irfan U. HASHMI, [Paper]

[16019] "Characteristics of Geothermal Resources in the Mid Part of Vietnam," [Presenter: Hung Nguyen Tien], Tien Hung NGUYEN, Duc Kiem DUONG, Duy Giang CAO, Thuy Linh NGUYEN, Lan Anh NGUYEN [Paper]

[16023] "3D Numerical Modelling Combined with a Stochastic Approach in a MATLAB-based Tool to Assess Deep Geothermal Potential in Catalonia: the Case Study of the Reus-Valls Basin," [Presenter: Ignasi Herms], Ignasi HERMS, Guillem PIRIS, Montse COLOMER, Charlotte PEIGNEY, Albert GRIERA, Juanjo LEDO [Paper]

[16025] "Study on Heterogeneity of Carbonate Heat Reservoirs in the Southwest of North China Platform," [Presenter: Fuli Sun], ZHOU Yuanhong, YANG Wenjun, WANG Chun, SUN Fuli [Paper]

[16038] "Investigation of the Hydrothermal Potential of Different Geological Formations in Yangtze Plate Area (YPA), China," Jin Luo, Wei XE, Yuyong JIAO [Paper]

[16039] "3D Modeling and Geothermal Potential Assessment of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir in the South-Eastern Pyrenees. the Empordà Case Study in NE Catalonia - GeoERA HotLime Project," [Presenter: Ignasi Herms], Ignasi HERMS, Montse COLOMER, Gerold DIEPOLDER, Guillem PIRIS, Georgina ARNO, Enrique GOMEZ-RIVAS, Anna GABAS, Irene CANTARERO, Fabian BELLMUNT, Anna TRAVE, Albert MACAU Albert GRIERA, Beatriz BENJUMEA, José SEDANO, Sara FIGUERAS, Juan Diego MARTIN-MARTIN, Telm BOVER-ARNAL, David HEALY [Paper]

[16050] "Geothermal Power Potential of the Virginia Hills Oil Field, Part of the Swan Hills Carbonate Complex; Alberta, Canada," [Presenter: Jonathan Banks], Jonathan BANKS, Cees. J.L. WILLEMS, Anders COWPER, Kabir NADKARNI, Spencer POULETTE and Calvin Van ALLEN [Paper]

[16055] "The GEO-URBAN Project - Identification and Assessment of Deep GEOthermal Heat Resources in Challenging URBAN Environments," [Presenter: James Mcateer], James MCATEER, Duygu KIYAN, Giuseppe MAGGIO, Pilar QUERALT, Beatriz BENJUMEA, Paul STAFFORD, Sarah BLAKE, Julie CLARKE, The GEO-URBAN Consortium [Paper]

[16056] "Quantifying Drilling Risk Using a Monte Carlo Framework," [Presenter: Noah Athens], Noah ATHENS, Jef CAERS [Paper]

[16067] "Assessing the Geothermal Potential of Central America – A Web Based Favorability Map Project," [Presenter: Ulrich Steiner], Emiliano Sosa MASSARO, Alejandro PALACIOS, Ulrich STEINER, Achim SCHUBERT [Paper]

[16070] "Evaluating of Geothermal Potential in Morocco: North Eastern Morocco Case," [Presenter: Othman Sadki], Othman SADKI, Mohamed MAGOUA, Nour Eddine BERKAT, Abderrazak HAMZAOUI, Mustapha CHAIB, Abdellah MOUTTAQI [Paper]

[16072] "Kapishya Resource Re-assessment," Kangwa BWEMBYA, Musenge CHOMBA, Oscar SINKALA, Ziye TEMBO [Paper]

[16073] "Assessment of Geothermal Resource Potential – Case Example Menengai Phase 1," [Presenter: Hilary Mwawasi], MWAWASI Hilary and SUWAI Janet [Paper]

[16079] "Shallow Geothermal Energy Potential in Transboundary Region Between Austria and Slovakia (Results from the GeoPLASMA-CE Project)," [Presenter: Jaromir Svasta], Jaromir SVASTA, Gregor GOETZL, Radovan CERNAK, Cornelia STEINER, Martin FUCHSLUGER, Clemens PORPACZY, Doris RUPPRECHT, Branislav FRICOVSKY [Paper]

[16083] "Geothermal Projects Site Selection - Zambian Case," Musenge CHOMBA, Oscar SINKALA, Ziye TEMBO [Paper]

[16087] "Assessment of Deep Geothermal Resources and Potentials with a Multi-Criteria Approach Based on Multi-Scale Datasets and Models," [Presenter: Kristian Baer], Kristian BÄR, Judith BOTT, Meike HINTZE, Sebastian WEINERT, Nora KOLTZER, Magdalena SCHECK-WENDEROTH, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[16088] "The Conceptual Model and Its Evolution Over 15 Years of Development and Operation: San Jacinto-Tizate Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," [Presenter: Greg Ussher], Julio Alberto Guidos PINEDA, Guillermo CHAVEZ, Alexis OSORNO, James V. LAWLESS, Gregory N. USSHER, Kenneth M. MACKENZIE, Ramonchito Cedric M. MALATE, Brian G LOVELOCK, Anna E. PRESTAGE [Paper]

[16112] "Modelling Geothermal Resource Utilization by Incorporating Resource Dynamics, Capacity Expansion, and Development Costs," [Presenter: ], Nathalie SPITTLER, Ehsan SHAFIEI, Brynhildur DAVIDSDOTTIR, Egill JULIUSSON [Paper]

Wednesday 08:00 - 10:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 19A: Exploration 10 -- Geology

[11041] "Complex Evaluation of Abandoned Hydrocarbon Wells for Geothermal Use in Northern Hungary," [Presenter: Peter Szucs], Péter SZŰCS, Endre TURAI, Balázs ZÁKÁNYI, Csaba ILYÉS, Zsombor FEKETE, Roland KILIK, Viktor MÁDAI, Ferenc MÓRICZ, Gábor NYIRI, Marcell SZILVÁSSI, Péter VASS [Paper]

[11051] "Geological Assessment of Castelnuovo (Italy) Demonstration Site for CO2 Reinjection in Deep Geothermal Reservoir. H2020 GECO Project," [Presenter: Eugenio Trumpy], E TRUMPY, I BANESCHI, F BATINI, G BICOCCHI, M BONINI, S BOTTEGHI, A BROGI, A DINI, G GOLA, L JEANNIN, M LELLI, D LIOTTA, F NORELLI, A MANZELLA, D MONTANARI, G MONTEGROSSI, A ORLANDO, B RACO, A RONCONI, G RUGGIERI, A SANTILANO, C SOUQUE, C BOSCHI [Paper]

[11018] "An Analogue Approach to Characterize the Basement-Sediment Transition Zone as a Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Chrystel Dezayes], Chrystel DEZAYES, Catherine LEROUGE, Alexandra KUSHNIR, Michael HEAP, Patrick BAUD, Jean-François GIRARD, Mathieu DARNET, Julien PORTE, Samantha NEEB, François CHABAUX, Julien ACKERER, Albert GENTER, Vincent MAURER [Paper]

[11107] "3D Geologic Model and Energy Potential Estimation of UAE Geothermal Systems Mubazzarah-Ain Faidha and Ain-Khatt," [Presenter: Hakim Saibi], Hakim SAIBI, Mohamed AMROUCHE, Joseph BATIR, Carlos POCASANGRE, Saber HUSSEIN, Amir GABR, Ala ALDAHAN, Haydar BAKER, Jun NISHIJIMA, Joachim GOTTSMANN [Paper]

[11175] "The Iceland Plateau – Jan Mayen Volcanic Breakup Margin: an Analogue for Axial Rift and Transfer Zones Onshore North Iceland," [Presenter: Anett Blischke], Anett BLISCHKE, Ögmundur ERLENDSSON, Bryndís BRANDSDÓTTIR, Ásta Rut HJARTARDÓTTIR and Bjarni GAUTASON [Paper]

[11066] "Assessing the Ability of GIS Based MCDA Methods to Reveal the Geothermal Potential of the Büyük Menderes Graben," [Presenter: Gozde Pinar Yal], Gözde Pınar YAL, Selim CAMBAZOĞLU, Arif Mert EKER, Osman ŞEN, Haluk AKGÜN [Paper]

[WGC_19A] "Question and Answer 19A," Gregor Goetzl [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 19B: Geology 10 -- Geological Models 2

[12118] "3-D Geoscience Modelling: Why Is It Essential? A Case Study of the Rotorua Geothermal Field in New Zealand," [Presenter: Samantha Alcaraz], Samantha ALCARAZ, Ed MROCZEK, Penny DOORMAN and John O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

[12038] "Effective Tools for Exploring the Tectonic Evolution and Sub-surface Permeability of the Southern Negros Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Loraine Pastoriza-Primaleon], Loraine PASTORIZA-PRIMALEON, Robert E. HOLDSWORTH, Kenneth J.W. MCCAFFREY, Edward DEMPSEY [Paper]

[12043] "Rationalization of Conceptual Models for Targeting Temperature Gradient Drill Holes Using Structural Data at the Panyimur Geothermal Prospect, Uganda," [Presenter: Isa Lugaizi], Isa LUGAIZI, Nicholas HINZ, William (Bill) CUMMING, Edward ISABIRYE, Peter MAWEJJE [Paper]

[12048] "Hydrothermal Alteration in Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Field: from Surface and Drill Core Data to Conceptual Model," [Presenter: Diego Morata], Diego MORATA, Santiago MAZA, Jeanne VIDAL, Marco TAUSSI, Alberto RENZULLI, Michele MATTIOLI, Marcela PIZARRO, Estefanía CAMUS, Benigno GODOY, Bernardita ALVEAR, Germain RIVERA [Paper]

[12138] "Geological Overview of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, Cornwall, UK," [Presenter: Lucy Cotton], Lucy COTTON, Jon GUTMANIS, Robin SHAIL, Chris DALBY, Tony BATCHELOR, Gavin ROLLINSON [Paper]

[WGC_19B] "Question and Answer 19B," Christoph Hecker [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 19C: Geophysics 10 -- Monitoring Elevation and Microgravity Change

[13049] "Does the Geothermal Activity in Southern Paris Induce Detectable Ground Movements? the InSAR Approach," [Presenter: Catherine Formento], Catherine FORMENTO, Frédéric HUGUET, Anne URDIROZ, Fifamè KOUDOGBO, Patrick EGERMANN, Delphine PATRIARCHE [Paper]

[13012] "Repeat Microgravity and Precise: Leveling Response to Production in EDC Geothermal Fields, Philippines," [Presenter: Carlos Emmanuel Los Banos], Carlos Emmanuel F. LOS BANOS, Vergel T. MARTEJA, Leandro Arriadne B. MORILLO, David Carlos S. AUSTRIA, Jonathan Lee C. MONASTERIAL and Michael S. PASTOR [Paper]

[13144] "Time-lapse Micro-gravity Monitoring of the Theistareykir and Krafla Geothermal Reservoirs (Iceland)," [Presenter: Nolwenn Portier], Nolwenn PORTIER, Jacques HINDERER, Vincent DROUIN, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Florian SCHAFER, Philippe JOUSSET, Kemâl ERBAS, Andreas GÜNTNER, Ingvar MAGNUSSON, Gylfi PALL HERSIR, Kristján ÁGUSTSSON, Elske DE ZEEUW VAN DALFSEN, Ásgrímur GUðMUNDSSON, Egill JULIUSSON, Jean-Daniel BERNARD [Paper]

[13061] "Review (1968-2016) of Subsidence at Ohaaki Geothermal Field, New Zealand," [Presenter: Chris Bromley], Abdul NISHAR, Chris BROMLEY, Fabian SEPULVEDA, Sang Goo LEE [Paper]

[13136] "Ground Deformation at the Theistareykir Volcanic System, Iceland, Following Onset of Geothermal Utilization," [Presenter: Vincent Drouin], Vincent DROUIN, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Siqi LI [Paper]

[WGC_19C] "Question and Answer 19C," Gudni Axelsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 19D: Geochemistry 10

[14119] "Fluid and Metal Origins at Theistareykir Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Marion Saby], Marion SABY, Daniele L. PINTI, Vincent Van HINSBERG, Bjarni GAUTASON, Asgerdur SIGURDARDOTTIR, Kevin BROWN, M. Clara CASTRO, Chris M. HALL, Jean-François HELIE, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Océane ROCHER and Kim BERLO [Paper]

[14000] "Hydrogeochemistry of Chiweta Geothermal Prospect, Northern Malawi," [Presenter: Gift Tsokonombwe], Gift W. TSOKONOMBWE, Daði ÞORBJÖRNSSON, Sigurður G KRISTINSSON, Andri STEFÁNSSON, Yankho KALEBE [Paper]

[14180] "Preliminary Geochemical Characterization of a Low-enthalpy Hydrothermal Reservoir Not Associated with Recent Volcanism in Southeastern Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico," [Presenter: Andrea Billarent Cedillo], Andrea BILLARENT, Gilles LEVRESSE, Claudio INGUAGGIATO, Luca FERRARI, Eliseo HERNÁNDEZ, Juan Carlos CASTILLO-REYNOSO, Emma Vanessa MARTÍNEZ, Salvatore INGUAGGIATO, Teresa OROZCO, Antonio HERNÁNDEZ-ESPRIÚ, Alberto ARIAS [Paper]

[14100] "First Geochemical Data from Cerro Pabellon Geothermal Project (Apacheta Region, Chile)," [Presenter: Geoffrey Giudetti], Geoffrey GIUDETTI, Lorenzo TEMPESTI [Paper]

[14139] "Sources of Solutes in Low-Enthalpy Mineral Waters of Essentuki Spa (the Caucasian Region, Russia)," [Presenter: Elena Filimonova], Elena FILIMONOVA, Natalia KHARITONOVA, Vasiliy LAVRUSHIN, Alexey MASLOV, Ekaterina BARANOVSKAYA, Anna KORZUN, Elena MAKSIMOVA, Arslan SARTYKOV, Elena BAIDARIKO [Paper]

[14075] "Geochemical Analysis of Thermal Fluids from the Mount Meager Geothermal Field, British Columbia, Canada," [Presenter: Katherine Huang], Katherine HUANG, Andri STEFÁNSSON [Paper]

[WGC_19D] "Question and Answer 19D," Erlindo Angcoy [Abstract]

Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 20A: Exploration 11 -- Hydrogeology

[11009] "Geological and Hydrogeological Properties of the Girelli Geothermal Field (Alaşehir Graben, Western Turkey)," [Presenter: Alper Baba], Alper BABA, Murat KARAŞ, Hüseyin UYTUN, Hasan SÖZBİLİR [Paper]

[11086] "How the Spatial Continuity of Permeability Affects Hydrothermal Convection: A Study Using Entropy Production," [Presenter: Jan Niederau], Jan NIEDERAU, Florian WELLMANN, Nele BOERSING [Paper]

[11139] "Geological, Hydrogeological and Geophysical Survey of Xumai Geothermal Field in Tibet, China," [Presenter: Song Zhang], ZHANG Song, CHENG Jixing, HAO Weilin, WAN Hanping, LIU Hongxu, HAN Jun, LI Bo [Paper]

[11081] "Thermal and Dielectric Behavior of Loess Soils Under Effective Stress," [Presenter: Thomas Schicht], Henok HAILEMARIAN, Frank WUTTKE, Thomas SCHICHT, Sandro JOHN [Paper]

[11141] "Assessment of the Reservoir Potential of Devonian Carbonates in the Rhine-Ruhr Area, Germany," [Presenter: Kevin Lippert], Kevin LIPPERT, Mathias NEHLER, Martin BALCEWICZ, Rolf BRACKE, Adrian IMMENHAUSER [Paper]

[11104] "Test of Thermal Response in Site of a Horizontal Serpentin San Luis Argentina," [Presenter: Valentin Stefanini], Valentin STEFANINI [Paper]

[WGC_20A] "Question and Answer 20A," Sigrun Tomasdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 20B: Geology 11 -- Structural Geology 2

[12106] "Advances in Structural Understanding in Northern Sarulla, North Sumatra, Indonesia from Analysis of Lidar Images," [Presenter: Phil White], Phil WHITE, Julie ROWLAND and Drestanta Yudha SATYA [Paper]

[12170] "Fracture and Fault Analyses Based on Formation MicroImager Logs in the Lower Carboniferous of Two Geothermal Boreholes in Northern Belgium," [Presenter: Eva Van Der Voet], Eva VAN DER VOET, Ben LAENEN, David LAGROU, Philippe MUCHEZ, Rudy SWENNEN [Paper]

[12117] "Fracture Permeability in a Pervasively Fractured Rock Mass: the Role of Regional Tectonics at Te Mihi, Wairakei Geothermal Field, New Zealand," [Presenter: Cecile Massiot], Cecile MASSIOT, David D. MCNAMARA, Sarah D. MILICICH, Pilar VILLAMOR, Katie MCLEAN, Fabian SEPULVEDA, Will F. RIES [Paper]

[12191] "Characterization of Reservoir Properties of Andesitic Rocks on Basse Terre de Guadeloupe (French West Indies) in the Framework of Geotref Geothermal Program," [Presenter: Beatrice Ledesert], Béatrice LEDESERT, Ronan HEBERT, Yassine AZZIMANI, Gildas BEAUCHAMPS, Danièle BARTIER and Whole Geotref Team [Paper]

[12130] "Fracture Characteristics of Mount Pandan Geothermal Complex, East Java, Indonesia," [Presenter: Wisnu Wijaya Jati], Wisnu Wijaya JATI, Nindyan AGNA, Lucky Kriski MUHTAR, SURYANTINI [Paper]

[12166] "Polyphase Deformation and Structural Controls on Hydrothermal Fluid Flow: Insights from an Exposed Outcrop of the Andean Transverse Faults, Southern Andes (39ºS)," [Presenter: Tomas Roquer], Tomás ROQUER, Gloria ARANCIBIA, E. Andrés VELOSO, Julie ROWLAND, Eduardo MOLINA, Josefa SEPULVEDA, Jorge CREMPIEN, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[WGC_20B] "Question and Answer 20B," Anett Blischke [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 20C: Geophysics 11 -- Integrated Interpretations

[13084] "High Resolution Gravity Data to Characterize Density Variations and Reduce Uncertainty in Geothermal Reservoirs in the Geneva Basin (GB)," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], GUGLIELMETTI L., PEROZZI, L., DUPUY D., MARTIN F., MÉTRAUX V., MEYER M., MIJIC G., MOSCARIELLO A., NAWRATIL DE BONO C., RADOGNA P.V [Paper]

[13163] "Developing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Mapping Applications in the Geosciences," [Presenter: Leon Kaub], Leon KAUB, Jonathan GLEN, Claire BOULIGAND, Andrew LAMB, Brent RITZINGER, Mircea TEODORESCU, Kevin HURLEY, Richard HAM and Malcolm WILLIAMSON [Paper]

[13121] "Imaging of a Geothermal Reservoir in Volcanic Environment with Magnetic Data Supported by Structural and Petrophysical Analyses," [Presenter: Jeanne Mercier De Lepinay], Jeanne MERCIER DE LEPINAY, Vivien NAVELOT, Marc MUNSCHY, Yves GERAUD, Marc DIRAISON, GEOTREF TEAM [Paper]

[13054] "Inversion of Magnetic Data for Subsurface Temperature," [Presenter: Ketil Hokstad], Ketil HOKSTAD, Zuzana A. TASAROVA, Bjørn M. SÆTHER, Kati TANAVSUU-MILKEVICIENE [Paper]

[13221] "Linking Regional-Scale Crustal Structures to Small-Scale Geothermal Systems with Magnetotelluric Exploration: an Example from the Southeastern Canadian Cordillera," [Presenter: Cedar Hanneson], Cedar HANNESON, Martyn UNSWORTH, Theron FINLEY [Paper]

[WGC_20C] "Question and Answer 20C," Hakim Saibi [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 20D: Geochemistry 11

[14020] "Application of Gas Geochemistry to Characterize Reservoir Fluid in the Olkaria Domes Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Edwin Wafula Wanyonyi], Edwin Wafula WANYONYI [Paper]

[14077] "Preliminary Geochemical Model of the Domo San Pedro Geothermal Field in San Pedro Lagunillas, Mexico," [Presenter: Esteban Rodriguez], Esteban RODRIGUEZ, Fernando OCAMPO, Violeta REYES, David AVALOS, Julio GARCIA [Paper]

[14156] "Applying the Wyoming Basin Produced Waters Normalization Alongside NASC: How REE Anomalies in Matched Geothermal Water and Rock Datasets Yield More Than the Sum of the Parts," [Presenter: Charles Nye], Charles NYE, Davin BAGDONAS [Paper]

[14103] "Geothermal Surface Alteration and Water Chemistry: an Updated Geochemical Data in Gunung Endut Geothermal Area, Banten, Indonesia," [Presenter: Dyah Sahdarani], Dyah N. SAHDARANI, Faris PRIMAYUDHA, Choirul RISMAN, Felix M.H. SIHOMBING, SUPRIYANTO [Paper]

[14005] "New Data from an Old Well: Changes in the Chemistry of Runoff Geothermal Well Water," [Presenter: Charles Nye], Charles NYE [Paper]

[14195] "Provenance of Phase Segregation and Conductive Heat Transfer Processes in Menengai Geothermal System," [Presenter: Sylvia Joan Malimo], Leakey AUKO, Jeremiah KIPNGOK, George IGUNZA, Sylvia, MALIMO, Shilla KANGONGO, and Evans BETT [Paper]

[WGC_20D] "Question and Answer 20D," Barbara Irene Kleine [Abstract]

Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 21A: Exploration 12

[11035] "Thermoluminescence Techniques for Geothermal Exploration and Reservoir Evaluation," [Presenter: Noriyoshi Tsuchiya], Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA, Alvaro Jose Amaya AREVALO, Hiroki OKANO and Nobuo HIRANO [Paper]

[11039] "Defining Best Practices in the Management of Geothermal Exploration Data," [Presenter: Mathieu Darnet], Mathieu DARNET, Philippe CALCAGNO, Steinunn HAUKSDOTTIR, Dadi THORBJORNSSON, Eugenio TRUMPY, Joeri Frederik DE WIT and Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON [Paper]

[11047] "New High Temperature Geothermal Areas Highlighted by Analogy with Geothermal Fields of an up-to-date Database," [Presenter: Bastien Hermant], Bastien HERMANT, Elisa COLAS, Delphine PATRIARCHE, Jean-Luc AUXIETRE, Mathieu BELLANGER [Paper]

[11069] "Geothermal Favorability Assessment of the Gediz Graben Through Correlation and GIS Based MCDA Methodologies," [Presenter: Selim Cambazoglu], Selim CAMBAZOĞLU, Gözde Pınar YAL, Arif Mert EKER, Osman ŞEN, Haluk AKGÜN [Paper]

[11111] "Technology Development of 'Steam Spot' Detection for Suitable Location of Production Wells by Integrating Geoscientific Methods," [Presenter: Katsuaki Koike], Katsuaki KOIKE, Taiki KUBO, Koki KASHIWAYA, Yohei TADA, Tada-nori GOTO, Shigeki SAKURAI, Sudarto NOTOSISWOYO, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN, Lrwan lSKANDAR, Asep SAEPULOH, Arie Naftali Hawu HEDE, Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, SUTOPO [Paper]

[11158] "Utilization of Vintage Hydrocarbon Exploration Data in Geothermal Research: the Case Study of Zagreb Geothermal Field (Croatia)," [Presenter: Stasa Borovic], Staša BOROVIĆ, Marco POLA, Ivica PAVIČIĆ, Marko ŠPELIĆ [Paper]

[WGC_21A] "Question and Answer 21A," Afiat Afiat [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 21B: Geology 12 -- Geological Exploration 3

[12091] "Application of Chemostratigraphy and Petrology to Characterize the Reservoirs of the Mesozoic Sequence Crossed by the Geo-01 Well: Potential for Direct Heat Production and Heat-Storage," [Presenter: Andrea Moscariello], FERREIRA DE OLIVEIRA G, DE HALLER A., GUGLIELMETTI L., MAKHLOUFI Y., MOSCARIELLO A [Paper]

[12195] "Comparison of Geological and Thermal Structure of Three High-temperature Geothermal Areas in the Neo-volcanic Zone of NE-Iceland," [Presenter: Anette Kaergaard Mortensen], Anette K. MORTENSEN [Paper]

[12107] "The Tulancingo-Acoculco Caldera Complex, Puebla, Mexico: the Geology and Geophysics as Key Data for a Geothermal Energy Prospect," [Presenter: ], AGUIRRE-DÍAZ, Gerardo J., LOPEZ-HERNANDEZ, Aida, PEREZ-FLORES, Marco, GONZALEZ-PARTIDA, Eduardo, DIAZ-CARREÑO, Erik H., COUTIÑO-TABOADA, Mariana E., JASSO-TORRES, Katia, RAMIREZ-MONTES, Miguel [Paper]

[12072] "Hydrothermal Alteration in the Geothermal System of the Irruputuncu Volcano Deep Well PGC-01, Northern Chile," [Presenter: Christian Betancourt], Christian BETANCOURT, Jeanne VIDAL, Diego MORATA, Santiago MAZA [Paper]

[12159] "Structural Control of the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Field – Surface and Subsurface Evidences," [Presenter: Maria Jhonnie Villareal], Maria Jhonnie VILLAREAL, Armando LICUP, Xyza OMAC-CANARIAS, Zosimo SARMIENTO [Paper]

[WGC_21B] "Question and Answer 21B," Ghislain Trullenque [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 21C: Geophysics 12 -- Heat and Fluid Flow

[13002] "Speaking About Heat Flow Density Maps," [Presenter: Maria Rosa Duque], Maria Rosa DUQUE [Paper]

[13120] "Addressing Geophysical Inverse Problems for Basin-Scale Heat Flow Models by Using a Physics-Based Machine Learning Approach," [Presenter: Denise Degen], Denise DEGEN, Karen VEROY, Magdalena SCHECK-WENDEROTH, Florian WELLMANN [Paper]

[13040] "A Comprehensive Model of Mantle Convection Rolls," [Presenter: Steingrimur Thorbjarnarson], Steingrimur THORBJARNARSON [Paper]

[13116] "Deciphering the Heat Sources Behind Time-Variant Subglacial Geothermal Areas in Iceland," [Presenter: Hannah Iona Reynolds], Hannah I. REYNOLDS, Magnús T. GUDMUNDSSON, Thórdís HÖGNADÓTTIR, Gudni AXELSSON [Paper]

[13128] "Underground Structure Delineated from Gravity and AGG Data Analysis in the Hohi Geothermal Area, Central Kyushu, Japan," [Presenter: Jun Nishijima], Jun NISHIJIMA, Ryo TODA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU [Paper]

[13131] "Methods for Measuring the Density and Viscosity of Saline Geothermal Fluids Under Reservoir Conditions," [Presenter: Chaojie Cheng], Ulrike HOFFERT, Harald MILSCH [Paper]

[WGC_21C] "Question and Answer 21C," Chris Bromley [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 21D: Resource Assessment 1 -- Reserve Estimation Methods

[16069] "Getting Into Numerical Modeling and Simulation to Help Mitigate Geological and Associated Financial Risks by Better Tackling Geothermal Resource Uncertainty Issues at the Earliest at Exploration or Prefeasibility Stage," [Presenter: Michel Garcia], Michel H. GARCIA, Jean-Baptiste MATHIEU, Florine GARCIA, GEOTREF TEAM [Paper]

[16071] "ThermoGIS: from a Static to a Dynamic Approach for National Geothermal Resource Information and Development," [Presenter: Mark Vrijlandt], Mark VRIJLANDT, Maartje STRUIJK, Hans VELDKAMP, Logan BRUNNER, Nora WITMANS, Denise MALJERS, Jan-Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[16004] "GeoRePORT Resource Size Tool: Reporting on Geothermal Resource Size Estimations Using the Geothermal Resource Portfolio Optimization and Reporting Technique (GeoRePORT)," [Presenter: Rachel Rubin], Rachel RUBIN, Hunter VRAA, Alex BADGETT Amanda KOLKER, Maxwell WILMARTH, Katherine R YOUNG [Paper]

[16026] "The Value of Multidata Visualization in Geothermal Resource Assessment," [Presenter: Kjartan Marteinsson], Kjartan MARTEINSSON, Valdís GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR, Helga TULINIUS, Sigrún GUNNARSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[16080] "Geothermal Resource Assessment of Fractured Reservoirs for Deep Geothermal Exploration in the Netherlands," [Presenter: Nick Shaw], Wouter VAN LEEUWEN, Sibren LOCHS, Nick SHAW [Paper]

[16027] "Corbetti Geothermal Reservoir, Ethiopia: Pre-Drilling Structural and Heat Source Models for Resource Estimates," [Presenter: Hannah Jukes], Hannah JUKES, Grimur BJORNSSON, Emma BRAMHAM, Andy NOWACKI, Nick SHAW [Paper]

[WGC_21D] "Question and Answer 21D," Sabodh Garg [Abstract]

Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 22A: Resource Assessment 2 -- Play Fairway Analysis

[16064] "Overview of the Hawaii Play Fairway Project, Phases 1-3," [Presenter: Nicole Lautze Maresca], Nicole LAUTZE, Donald THOMAS, Garrett ITO, Nicholas HINZ, Neil FRAZER, Stephen MARTEL [Paper]

[16074] "Geothermal Play Typing – Current Development and Future Trends of a Modern Concept for Geothermal Resources Assessment," [Presenter: Inga Moeck], Inga S. MOECK, Betina BENDALL, Christian MINNIG, Adele MANZELLA, Kasumi YASUKAWA [Paper]

[16065] "Play-fairway Analysis for Deep Geothermal Resources in Switzerland," [Presenter: Benoit Valley], Benoit VALLEY, Stephen A. MILLER [Paper]

[16046] "The Geothermal Potential of the Fractured Weardale Granite and Associated Aquifers of County Durham and Adjacent Areas Northern England," [Presenter: Jon Gluyas], Jon GLUYAS, Charlotte ADAMS, Nadia NARAYAN, Cat HIRST [Paper]

[16010] "Hydrothermal Favorability Map for Heat and Power Generation in the Bavarian Molasse Basin," [Presenter: Anahi Molar-Cruz], Anahi MOLAR-CRUZ, Kais SIALA, Markus LOEWER, Ferdinand FLECHTNER [Paper]

[16110] "Geothermal Resources at Maluku Islands, Eastern Indonesia," [Presenter: Anna Yushantarti], Anna YUSHANTARTI and Yuanno REZKY [Paper]

[WGC_22A] "Question and Answer 22A," Jared Smith [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 22B: Geology 13 -- Subsuface Geological Features 3

[12066] "Argillization and Its Influence on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Andesites on the Eastern-Pauzhetsky Thermal Field, Kamchatka Peninsula," [Presenter: Ilya Bolshakov], Ilya BOLSHAKOV, Julia FROLOVA, Michael CHERNOV, Sergey RYCHAGOV, Aleksey MOSIN [Paper]

[12115] "Silicification Process in the Reservoir Rocks of the Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico," [Presenter: Georgina Izquierdo], Georgina IZQUIERDO MONTALVO, Alfonso ARAGON, Wilfred ELDERS, Candy JIMENEZ, Rosaura OCAMPO, Rafael Gomez [Paper]

[12110] "Geothermal Exploration of Triassic Deposits in Paris Basin: Comparison of the Sedimentary Records and Petrophysical Properties Between In-Situ and Analogue Site (Ardèche, France)," [Presenter: Xavier Sengelen], Xavier SENGELEN, Philippe ROBION, Sylvie BOURQUIN, Jean-Baptiste REGNET, Cédric BAILLY, Christophe BARNES, Béatrice LEDESERT [Paper]

[12067] "GECO: Geological Properties, Permeability and Porosity of the Nesjavellir High Temperature Area in Relation to the Re-injection of Geothermal CO2 and H2S Gases," [Presenter: Sveinborg Gunnarsdottir], Sveinborg H. GUNNARSDOTTIR, Helga M. HELGADOTTIR, Sandra O. SNÆBJÖRNSDOTTIR [Paper]

[12036] "Distribution of Temperature and Hydrothermal Alteration Minerals in Aluto Langano Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Selamawit Worku Sisay], Selamawit WORKU SISAY [Paper]

[12116] "Physical, Chemical and Mineralogical Evolution of the Tolhuaca Geothermal System, Southern Andes, Chile," [Presenter: Pablo Sanchez-Alfaro], Pablo SANCHEZ-ALFARO, Pamela PEREZ-FLORES, Daniele TARDANI, Martin REICH, José CEMBRANO, Julie ROWLAND, Gloria ARANCIBIA [Paper]

[WGC_22B] "Question and Answer 22B," Bjarni Gautason [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 22C: Geophysics 13 -- Seismology, Deformation and Tectonics

[13013] "The Interaction of the Plate Boundary Movement in 2020 and Exploitation of Geothermal Fields on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland," [Presenter: Olafur Flovenz], Ólafur G. FLÓVENZ. Vincent DROUIN, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, Egill Árni GUÐNASON, Gylfi Páll HERSIR. Thorbjörg ÁGÚSTSDÓTTIR, Ingvar Þór MAGNÚSSON, Claus MILKEREIT, Torsten DAHM and Philippe JOUSSET [Paper]

[13072] "Seismicity Patterns Due to Magma Intrusions Underneath Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Alex Hobe], Alex HOBÉ, Halldór GEIRSSON, Ari TRYGGVASON, Ólafur GUDMUNDSSON, SIL Seismological Group [Paper]

[13224] "Is the Deep Geothermal Heat Source on Plate Boundaries Affected by Long-Term Deformational Heat Production and Advection?," [Presenter: Vikram Singh], Vikram SINGH, Ben HOLTZMAN [Paper]

[13140] "Geothermal, Tectonic, and Magmatic Stress Interactions in the Hengill Area, Iceland," [Presenter: Halldor Geirsson], Halldór GEIRSSON, Cécile DUCROCQ, Hanna BLANCK, Thora ÁRNADÓTTIR, Kristín S. VOGFJÖRD, Bjarni Reyr KRISTJÁNSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Daniel JUNCU, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Benedikt G. ÓFEIGSSON, Vincent DROUIN [Paper]

[13118] "Mid-crustal Vortices and Anomalous Heat Release in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, NZ," [Presenter: Klaus Regenauer-Lieb], Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB, Pierre ROGNON, Florian WELLMANN, Daniel GRIFFANI and Itai EINAV [Paper]

[13092] "Seismic Monitoring at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, Cornwall, UK," [Presenter: Andrew Jupe], Andrew JUPE, Ryan LAW, Jane CHARMAN [Paper]

[WGC_22C] "Question and Answer 22C," Friska Agustin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 22D: Hydrogeology 1 -- High Temperarure

[15012] "Using Numerical Models to Understand What Controls the Locations of Geothermal Systems in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand," [Presenter: Sophie Pearson-Grant], Sophie PEARSON-GRANT, Edward BERTRAND, Sarah MILICICH, John BURNELL [Paper]

[15009] "Permeability Anisotropy and Fluid Dispersion Pervasively Fractured Lavas, Rotokawa Geothermal System, New Zealand," [Presenter: Warwick Kissling], Warwick KISSLING, Cecile MASSIOT [Paper]

[15026] "Characterizing Reservoir Dynamics Using Hydrochemical and Structural-Geological Data in a High-Enthalpy Geothermal System in Indonesia," [Presenter: Lily Suherlina], Lily SUHERLINA, Maren BREHME, Juliet NEWSON, Yustin KAMAH, Iwona Monika GALECZKA, Ary Anggara WIBOWO [Paper]

[15001] "Tectonic Setting and Hydrogeochemical Properties of the Geothermal System of Kula Volcanic Region, Western Anatolia, Turkey," [Presenter: Alper Baba], Hasan SÖZBİLİR, Alper BABA, Bayram KOCA, Neslihan KİRAY, Murat KARAŞ [Paper]

[15034] "Potential for Implementation of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) Technology in Poland," [Presenter: Beata Kepinska], Maciej MIECZNIK, Robert SKRZYPCZAK, Antoni BARBACKI, Bogusław BIELEC [Paper]

[15030] "Investigation of the Potential and Thermal Performance of a Proposed Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System at Ropar, India," [Presenter: Sayantan Ganguly], Sayantan GANGULY, Harish PUPPALA [Paper]

[WGC_22D] "Question and Answer 22D," Paul Brophy [Abstract]

Wednesday 16:00 - 18:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 23A: Resource Assessment 3 -- Conceptual Modeling

[16049] "Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Field (Chile): Geoscientific Feature and 3D Geothermal Model," [Presenter: Geoffrey Giudetti], Francesco BACCARIN, Gianni VOLPI, Germain RIVERA, Nadia GIORGI, Alessia ARIAS, Geoffrey GIUDETTI, Maurizio CEI, Marco CECIONI, Lisandro ROJAS and Carlos RAMIREZ [Paper]

[16085] "Conceptual Model of Suswa Geothermal Prospect, Kenya," [Presenter: Jill Haizlip], Jill HAIZLIP, William CUMMING, Nicholas HINZ, Glenn MELOSH, Mark HARVEY, Keg ALEXANDER, J. Rúnar MAGNÚSSON, Sunna Björg REYNISDÓTTIR, [Paper]

[16052] "Developing a Conceptual Model of One of Three Geothermal Prospects at Hawthorne, Nevada, USA," [Presenter: Bridget Ayling], Bridget AYLING, Nicholas HINZ, Andrew SABIN, Kelly BLAKE, Thomas LOWRY, Andrew TIEDEMAN [Paper]

[16060] "Conceptual Model Update of the Sokoria Geothermal Field, Flores, Indonesia," [Presenter: Nicholas Hinz], Nicholas HINZ, William CUMMING, Gabe MATSON, Jill HAIZLIP, David SUSSMAN, Steven FERCHO, Amanda FISHBIN, Dhani SANJAYA, Birean SAGALA, Yan TANG [Paper]

[16063] "Conceptual Model Update and Power Capacity Estimate Hot Springs Bay Valley, Akutan, AK USA," [Presenter: Mary Mann], Mary MANN, Pete STELLING, Nicholas HINZ, Dennis KASPEREIT [Paper]

[WGC_23A] "Question and Answer 23A," Maryam Khodayar [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 23B: Hydrogeology 2 -- Low Temperature and Deep Systems

[15002] "Benefits from Subsurface Urban Heat Islands to Shallow Geothermal Applications – an Example from the City of Cologne, Germany," [Presenter: Hannes Hemmerle], Hannes HEMMERLE, Ingo DRESSEL, Philipp BLUM, Kathrin MENBERG, Susanne A. BENZ, Peter BAYER [Paper]

[15010] "Improved Knowledge on Water Bearing Fractures and Groundwater Flow Using Ground Source Investigations," [Presenter: Henrik Holmberg], Mari Helen RIISE, Henrik HOLMBERG and Randi K. RAMSTAD [Paper]

[15019] "Thermo-Hydraulic-Mechanical (THM) Experiments and Numerical Simulations to Quantify Heat Exchange Characteristics of Fractured Limestone Reservoirs for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)," [Presenter: Reza Sohrabi], Reza SOHRABI, Benoît VALLEY [Paper]

[15021] "Addressing Essential Hydrogeological and Environmental Constraints for Geothermal Development in East Africa," [Presenter: Neil Burnside], Nelly MONTCOUDIOL, Neil BURNSIDE, Elias Lewi TEKLEMARIAM, Adrian BOYCE [Paper]

[15036] "Heat and Solute as Tracers for Designing the Sustainable Groundwater Heat Pump (GWHP) Systems," [Presenter: Jiyoung Baek], Ji-Young BAEK, Byeong-Hak PARK, Hae-Rim OH, Dugin KAOWN, Seong-Sun LEE, Kang-Kun LEE [Paper]

[WGC_23B] "Question and Answer 23B," Alper Baba [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 23C: Big Data and Data Analytics 1 -- Machine Learning

[32004] "Deep Analysis of the Geothermal Literature Using Natural Language Processing Techniques," [Presenter: Jabs Aljubran], Mohammad ALJUBRAN, Alaa ALAHMED, Ahmed ALKHALIFAH, Matt HALL [Paper]

[32001] "Inferring Interwell Connectivity in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs Using Neural Networks," [Presenter: Halldora Gudmundsdottir], Halldora GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

[32015] "Machine Learning for Input Parameter Estimation in Geothermal Reservoir Modeling," [Presenter: Anna Suzuki], Anna SUZUKI, Megumi KONNO, Kimio WATANABE, Kento INOUE, Shinya ONODERA, Junichi ISHIZAKI, Toshiyuki HASHIDA [Paper]

[32006] "GOOML: Geothermal Operational Optimization with Machine Learning," [Presenter: Paul Siratovich], Paul SIRATOVICH, Andrea BLAIR, Jon WEERS [Paper]

[32007] "Geothermal Reservoir Characterization Using Seismic and Machine Learning - A Case Study from the Geneva Basin," [Presenter: Lorenzo Perozzi], PEROZZI L., GUGLIELMETTI L., MOSCARIELLO A [Paper]

[32000] "Multi-scale Unsupervised Machine Listening to Geothermal Earthquakes in the Geysers, CA," [Presenter: Ben Holtzman], Ben HOLTZMAN, Felix WALDHAUSER, John PAISLEY, Patricia MARTINEZ-GARZON, Grzegorz KWIATEK, Arthur PATE, Lapo BOSCHI, Nicolas VAN DER ELST, Sierra BOYD, Doug DREGER [Paper]

[WGC_23C] "Question and Answer 23C," Hisako Mochinaga [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 23D: Integrated Energy Systems 1

[38011] "Renewable Fuel Production from Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Dadi Sveinbjornsson], Dadi SVEINBJORNSSON, Sigurdur MARKUSSON [Paper]

[38017] "Co-Simulation of the Borehole Thermal Energy Storage at the Solar District Heating System in Brædstrup, Denmark," [Presenter: Julian Formhals], Julian FORMHALS, Morten Vang BOBACH, Bastian WELSCH, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[38019] "Upgrading Low Exergy Geothermal Resources to Higher Exergy Resources Applying Hybrid Power Generation System," [Presenter: Saeid Jalilinasrabady], Saeid JALILINASRABADY, Kohei OTSUKA, Ryuichi ITOI, Yuji OHYA [Paper]

[38021] "Multivalent Seasonal Geothermal Cold Storage and Supply for Cooling Needs with Permanent Load Demand," [Presenter: Roman Ignacy], Roman IGNACY, Tilman CREMER, Gregor BUSSMANN, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

[38010] "Optimizing Integrated Energy Resources on a Small Island Power System with Predominantly Geothermal Power," [Presenter: Jonathan Kelly], Jonathan KELLY, Johann Thor MAGNUSSON [Paper]

[38018] "Combining Direct Air Capture and Geothermal Heat and Electricity Generation for Net-negative Carbon Dioxide Emissions," [Presenter: Ben Adams], Benjamin M. ADAMS, Daniel SUTTER, Marco MAZZOTTI, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

[WGC_23D] "Question and Answer 23D," Roland Horne [Abstract]

Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 24A: Resource Assessment 4 -- New Areas

[16086] "Unlocking the UK Geothermal Resource Base," [Presenter: Jon Gluyas], Charlotte ADAMS, Nadia NARAYAN, Cat HIRST and Jon GLUYAS [Paper]

[16031] "Estimating the Potential of Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources Outside Active Volcanic Regions," [Presenter: Agnes Reyes], Agnes G. REYES [Paper]

[16062] "The Dutch Geothermal Resource Base: Classified Using UNFC Resource Classification System and Its Potential to Meet the Dutch Geothermal Ambition," [Presenter: Harmen Mijnlieff], Harmen MIJNLIEFF, Bart VAN KEMPEN, Sjoerd TOLSMA, Caja DE VRIES, Joana ESTEVES MARTINS, Hans VELDKAMP, Maartje STRUIJK, Mark VRIJLANDT, Jan-Diederik VAN WEES [Paper]

[16033] "Estimation of Potential Low-temperature Geothermal Energy Extraction from the Closed-loop Systems Based on Analysis, Interpretation and Reclassification of Geological Borehole Data in Poland," [Presenter: Mateusz Zerun], Grzegorz RYŻYŃSKI, Mateusz ŻERUŃ, Jacek KOCYŁA, Maciej R. KŁONOWSKI [Paper]

[16075] "Geothermal Potential of Ambilobe and Sambirano, North Madagascar," [Presenter: Miora Mirah Rajaobelison], Miora M. RAJAOBELISON, Jasmin RAYMOND, Michel MALO [Paper]

[16034] "The Matouba Geothermal Prospect: a Newly-discovered Inferred Geothermal Resource on Guadeloupe Island, French West Indies," [Presenter: Jacques Charroy], Jacques CHARROY, Sébastien HAFFEN, Simon VIARD, Frédéric GÉRARD, GEOTREF Team [Paper]

[WGC_24A] "Question and Answer 24A," Kirsti Midttomme [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 24B: Hydrogeology 3 -- Aquifer Thermal Enegy Storage and Miscellaneous

[15037] "Hydrochemistry of Produced Water from the Pohang EGS Project Site, Korea: Implications for Water-rock Reactions and Associated Changes to the State of Stress Accompanying Hydraulic Fracturing of Granite," [Presenter: Rob Westaway], Rob WESTAWAY, Neil M. BURNSIDE, David BANKS [Paper]

[15047] "Could Cyclical Heat and Hydraulic Demand in Abandoned Mine Workings Lead to Surface Subsidence?," [Presenter: Fiona Todd], Fiona TODD, Chris MCDERMOTT, Andrew FRASER HARRIS, Stuart GILFILLAN, Alexander BOND [Paper]

[15003] "Geothermal Reinjection Problems from a Basin-scale Hydrogeological Perspective," [Presenter: Abel Marko], Ábel MARKÓ, Attila GALSA, Brigitta CZAUNER, Maren BREHME, Judit MÁDL-SZŐNYI [Paper]

[15004] "Key Controls on Mine-water Temperature in Flooded Mine Shafts: Insights from Temperature Profiles and Numerical Modelling," [Presenter: Mylene Receveur], Mylène RECEVEUR, Christopher MCDERMOTT, Andrew FRASER HARRIS, Stuart GILFILLAN, Ian WATSON [Paper]

[15046] "Occurrence Mechanism and Geothermal Exploration Model of Low-Medium Temperature Convective Geothermal Systems in Jiaodong Peninsula," [Presenter: Shi Meng], SHI Meng, KANG Fengxin, ZHANG Jie, YIN Tao, GAO Song, ZHENG Tingting, JIANG Haiyang [Paper]

[15005] "Measurement of the Groundwater Flow Velocity Based on Heat Pulse Method," [Presenter: Chuanshan Dai], Jinhua LU, Chuanshan DAI, Haiyan LEI [Paper]

[WGC_24B] "Question and Answer 24B," Eva Schill [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 24C: Big Data and Data Analytics 2 -- Data Mining and Management

[32005] "Data Mining Analytics for Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Oscar Cideos], Oscar CIDEOS [Paper]

[32008] "Improving Bottom-Hole Temperature Corrections on the Basis of Statistical Correlations," [Presenter: Thorsten Agemar], Thorsten AGEMAR [Paper]

[32003] "Building Robust Geothermal Data Management Teams in East Africa," [Presenter: Robert Kennedy], Robert KENNEDY, Jeffrey BENEGAR, Peter MAWEJJE, Jacinta ACHIENG [Paper]

[32014] "Providing Open-Access Data for Petrophysical Reservoir Characterization – the Petrophysical Property Database P³," [Presenter: Kristian Baer], Kristian BÄR, Thomas REINSCH, Judith BOTT [Paper]

[32002] "A Robust Prediction Method Based on Artificial Neural Network for Electric Power Production of Organic Rankine Cycle in Lahendong Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Satriyo Nurhanudin Wibowo], Satriyo Nurhanudin WIBOWO, Prasetyo AJI, CAHYADI, SUYANTO, M. Taufiq FATHADDIN, Hari Karyadi OETOMO, Kris PUDYASTUTI, Yusraida Khairani DALIMUNTHE, M.N. Ali AKBAR [Paper]

[WGC_24C] "Question and Answer 24C," Egill Juliusson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 24D: Software for Geothermal Applications 1

[33005] "Developments of Geothermal – Biomass Hybrid GPP and IoT-AI System for GPP," [Presenter: Yoshinobu Nakao], Yoshinobu NAKAO [Paper]

[33036] "Numerical Modelling of Deep Geothermal Exchanger and Its Application for the Litoměřice Site, Czech Republic," [Presenter: Petr Ralek], Petr RÁLEK, Josef NOVÁK, Jiří MARYŠKA, Jakub ŘÍHA, Josef CHUDOBA [Paper]

[33027] "Applications of Cloud Software Solutions for Integrated Geothermal Studies," [Presenter: Giovanni Sosio], Giovanni SOSIO, Oleksandr BURACHOK, Matthias ZEUG, Alexandros SAVVATIS [Paper]

[33034] "Computational Study of Two Phase Flow with Flash Boiling in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Vijay Chauhan], Vijay CHAUHAN, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR, Yonatan TESFAHUNEGN, Einar ASBJORNSSON, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR [Paper]

[33043] "Casing Construction for Supercritical Geothermal Power Plant-HotCaSe," [Presenter: Nguyen Hoang], Hieu-Nguyen HOANG Odd-Geir LADEMO, Sturla SÆTHER, Günther KAMPFER, Carsten SØRLIE [Paper]

[WGC_24D] "Question and Answer 24D," Roland Horne [Abstract]

Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 25A: Resource Assessment 5 -- Regional

[16020] "Geological Conditions, Current Status and Near Future Possibilities of Geothermal Development in Kamchatka, Russia," [Presenter: Alexey Kiryukhin], Alexey V. KIRYUKHIN, Victor M. SUGROBOV [Paper]

[16053] "Characterization of Fractured Basement Rocks from Two Geothermal Areas: Charlevoix Meteorite Impact Crater (Canada) and Nevado del Ruiz Volcano (Colombia)," [Presenter: Maria Jose Oviedo Valencia], María Isabel VÉLEZ-MARQUEZ, María Alejandra TABORDA-ORTIZ, David MORENO, Mafalda MIRANDA, Jasmin RAYMOND, Jacqueline LOPEZ-SANCHEZ, Daniela BLESSENT, Linda DANIELE, María José OVIEDO [Paper]

[16030] "Continental Conductive Surface Heat Flow in Mexico - the Analysis from Deep Boreholes," [Presenter: Orlando Miguel Espinoza-Ojeda], Orlando Miguel ESPINOZA-OJEDA, Rosa Maria PROL-LEDESMA [Paper]

[16041] "Geothermal Potential in Galapagos Islands: Supporting Sustainable Energy Transition," [Presenter: Matilde Urquizo], Jose JARA, Matilde URQUIZO, Danilo ASIMBAYA, Valerie GRAW [Paper]

[16057] "The Hexagon Concept: A Fundamental Approach for the Geoscientific Spatial Data Compilation and Analysis at European Scale," [Presenter: Bernd Leiss], Bianca WAGNER, Stefanie GÜNTHER, Katherine FORD, Graciela SOSA, Bernd LEISS, Richu Mary SHELLY [Paper]

[WGC_25A] "Question and Answer 25A," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 25B: Field Management 1

[24018] "Forty Years of Power Generation at the Ribeira Grande Geothermal Field, Azores," [Presenter: Antonio Franco], António FRANCO, Rita ORTOLÁ, João BOTELHO, Valdemar PEREIRA, Tiago GUIMARÃES, Nuno VIEIRA, and Rita MARTINS [Paper]

[24015] "Coupled Processes Analysis of Flexible Geothermal Production from a Liquid-Dominated Geothermal System: Impact on Wells," [Presenter: Jonny Rutqvist], Jonny RUTQVIST, Lehua PAN, Nicholas SPYCHER, Patrick DOBSON, Quanlin ZHOU, Mengsu HU [Paper]

[24034] "Optimization of Production and Injection of Geothermal Fields: A Machine Learning Approach," [Presenter: Ali Baser], Ali BASER, Serhat KUCUK, Onder SARACOGLU, Erdinc SENTURK, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

[24004] "Application of Subsurface Data Collected by Petroleum Industry in the Preliminary Study Phase of Hot Sedimentary Aquifers (HSA), Case Study: Alberta, Canada," [Presenter: Payam Akto], Payam AKTO [Paper]

[WGC_25B] "Question and Answer 25B," Vanille Ariane Ritz [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 25C: Integrated Energy Systems 2

[38000] "Using Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources to Provide Long-Duration Energy Storage," [Presenter: Jonathan Ogland-hand], Jonathan OGLAND-HAND, Jeffrey BIELICKI, Benjamin ADAMS, Thomas BUSCHECK, Martin SAAR [Paper]

[38005] "Closed, In-ground, Water-based Seasonal Storage Systems for Thermal Energy – State-of-technology in Europe," [Presenter: Christoph Bott], Christoph BOTT, Ingo DRESSEL, Peter BAYER [Paper]

[38022] "Integrating Deep, Medium and Shallow Geothermal Energy Into District Heating and Cooling System as an Energy Transition Approach for the Göttingen University Campus," [Presenter: Bernd Leiss], Bernd LEISS, Bianca WAGNER, Till HEINRICHS, Dmitry ROMANOV, David TANNER, Axel VOLLBRECHT, Klaus WEMMER [Paper]

[38012] "Efficiency and Cost Benefit Analysis of Combined Heat and Power in Geothermal Energy Utilisation," [Presenter: Martha Mburu], Martha MBURU [Paper]

[38001] "Developing a Geothermal Eco-Industrial Park: A Case Study of the KenGen Green Energy Park, Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya," Irene RONOH [Paper]

[WGC_25C] "Question and Answer 25C," Jabs Aljubran [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 25D: Software for Geothermal Applications 2

[33008] "Development of a Transient, Multi-Feedzone Geothermal Wellbore Simulator," [Presenter: Ryan Tonkin], Ryan TONKIN, John O'SULLIVAN, Mike O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

[33021] "Modeling of High-Enthalpy Geothermal Projects in Fractured Reservoirs," [Presenter: Yang Wang], Yang WANG, Stephan De HOOP, Denis VOSKOV, David BRUHN, Giovanni BERTOTTI [Paper]

[33014] "Integrated Modeling of Reservoir to Pipeline for Geothermal Field Application," [Presenter: Jefferson Villacorte], Jefferson D. VILLACORTE, Jericho B. OMAGBON, David M. YGLOPAZ, John BURNELL and Peter FRANZ [Paper]

[33016] "TOUGH2/3 History Matching Workflow of a Tracer Test on a High Enthalpy Geothermal Doublet Using the Pre- and Post-Processing Tool RE-Studio," [Presenter: Florian Delsante], Florian DELSANTE, Delphine PATRIARCHE, Arnaud BRUNEL [Paper]

[33018] "Modelling of an Innovative HT-BTES(smart) Design with Lateral Recovery Boreholes to Reduce Heat Losses: Development and Preliminary Result," [Presenter: Marc Perreaux], Charlotte REY, Charles MARAGNA, Patrick EGERMANN, Marc PERREAUX [Paper]

[WGC_25D] "Question and Answer 25D," Jonathon Clearwater [Abstract]

Wednesday 22:00 - 00:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 26A: Resource Assessment 6 -- Sedimentary Basins

[16024] "Re-purposing Hydrocarbon Wells for Geothermal Use in the UK: a Preliminary Resource Assessment," [Presenter: Sean Watson], Sean M. WATSON, Gioia FALCONE, Rob WESTAWAY [Paper]

[16032] "Glacial Influence on Hydrogeology and Geothermal Potential in the North Alpine Foreland Basin - A Fossil Temperature Imprint in the Upper Jurassic Carbonate Aquifer?," [Presenter: Tom Schintgen], Tom SCHINTGEN, Inga MOECK [Paper]

[16081] "Geothermal Assessment of Two Regionally Extensive Upper Devonian Carbonate Aquifers in Alberta, Canada," [Presenter: Leandra Weydt], Leandra M. WEYDT, Kristian BÄR, Claus-Dieter J. HELDMANN, Hans G. MACHEL, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[16040] "HotLime – Mapping and Assessment of Geothermal Plays in Deep Carbonate Rocks," [Presenter: Gerold Diepolder], Gerold DIEPOLDER, Staša BOROVIĆ, Ignasi HERMS and The HotLime Team [Paper]

[16003] "Geothermal Anomaly Identified Under a Dense Urban Area in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, Spain," [Presenter: Enric Vazquez-Sune], Enric VÁZQUEZ-SUÑÉ, Miguel Angel MARAZUELA; Rotman CRIOLLO; Marc DIVIU; Leia MAYER-ANHALT; Laura SCHEIBER; Joan BOTEY [Paper]

[16094] "Geospatial Estimation of the Electric Power Potential in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources Using Geologically Stored Carbon Dioxide," [Presenter: Jeffrey Bielicki], Jeffrey M. BIELICKI, Marcos W. MIRANDA, Jonathan D. OGLAND-HAND, Christina HOWARD, Stephen MALDONADO, Benjamin ADAMS, Thomas A. BUSCHECK, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

[WGC_26A] "Question and Answer 26A," Robert Vagnetti [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 26B: Field Management 2

[24021] "Reinjection Into Two-phase High-enthalpy Liquid Dominated Geothermal Fields in NE-Iceland," [Presenter: Anette Kaergaard Mortensen], Anette K. MORTENSEN, Egill JÚLÍUSSON, Ásgerður SIGURÐARDÓTTIR, Ásgrímur GUÐMUNDSSON, Bjarni PÁLSSON, Steinn Ágúst STEINSSON [Paper]

[24030] "The Darajat Geothermal Field, Indonesia, After 24 Years of Production," [Presenter: Rindu Intani], Rindu Grahabhakti INTANI, Yunia SYAFFITRI, Glenn U. GOLLA, Chris NELSON, Fikar CITA, Ginanjar HIDAYAT [Paper]

[24008] "A Worldwide Review Update of Reinjection in Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Eylem Kaya], Zahratul KAMILA, Eylem KAYA, Sadiq ZARROUK [Paper]

[24011] "Coupled Geothermal Reservoir and Process Simulation of a Binary Plant for Front End Engineering Design," [Presenter: Rosalind Archer], Mohamed DABBOUR, Wei YU, Rosalind ARCHER, Brent YOUNG [Paper]

[WGC_26B] "Question and Answer 26B," Mineyuki Hanano [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 26C: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 9 -- Novel Stimulation Methods

[31001] "High Heat Generating Granites of Hyderabad, India," [Presenter: Dornadula Chandrasekharam], DORNADULA Chandrasekharam, THATIKONDA . Shashidhar, RAHUL Gowtham and CHANDRASEKHAR Varun [Paper]

[31000] "Insights Into the Physical-Chemical Properties of a CO2-Responsive Fracturing Fluid," [Presenter: Carlos Fernandez], Leonard F. PEASE, Andrew P. KUPRAT, Gao DAI, Alain BONNEVILLE, Mark D. WHITE, and Carlos A. FERNANDEZ, [Paper]

[31029] "Visualization of Fracture Initiation Behavior During Liquid Nitrogen Fracturing in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Chunyang Hong], HONG Chunyang, YANG Ruiyue, HUANG Zhongwei, CONG Richao, LIU Wei, WEN Haitao, CHEN Jianxiang [Paper]

[31025] "Assessment of Geothermal Well Productivity Improvement Technologies: an Overview from the DEEPEGS Project," [Presenter: Mariane Peter-Borie], Mariane PETER-BORIE and DEEPEGS Team [Paper]

[31032] "Dynamics of Natural Rock Fractures in the EGS Revealed Via the Pressurized Water Injection Experiments in Laboratory," [Presenter: Takuya Ishibashi], Takuya ISHIBASHI, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Noriaki, WATANABE [Paper]

[31086] "Laboratory Studies of Cryogenic Fracturing on Hot Dry Rock by Cyclic Injection," [Presenter: Ruiyue Yang], YANG Ruiyue, HONG Chunyang, WEN Haitao, HUANG Zhongwei, LIU Wei, WU Xiaoguang, HUANG Pengpeng [Paper]

[WGC_26C] "Question and Answer 26C," Yusuke Mukuhira [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 26D: Software for Geothermal Applications 3

[33013] "Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for Geothermal Reservoir Performance and Techno-Economic Assessments: A Software Package for GEOPHIRES," [Presenter: Jared Smith], Jared D. SMITH, Koenraad F. BECKERS [Paper]

[33015] "HEATSTORE: Preliminary Design of a High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES) System in Geneva Based on TH Simulations," [Presenter: Julian Mindel], Julian MINDEL, Thomas DRIESNER [Paper]

[33009] "The Analyses of Fluid Flow and Reactive Transport Processes for a Supercritical Geothermal System," [Presenter: Guanhong Feng], Guanhong FENG, Tianfu XU, Zhenjiao JIANG, Fugang WANG [Paper]

[33038] "T2GEORES: A Python Library to Manage TOUGH2 Simulations on Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Jose Jimenez], José Erick JIMÉNEZ MAJANO [Paper]

[33042] "A Cloud Based System for Interactive Collaboration and Management of Integrated Geothermal Subsurface Models and Data," [Presenter: Janina Elliott], Janina ELLIOTT, Brennan WILLIAMS, Jeremy O'BRIEN, Bastien POUX, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

[WGC_26D] "Question and Answer 26D," Reza Sohrabi [Abstract]

Wednesday 00:00 - 02:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 27A: Resource Assessment 7 -- Americas

[16114] "A 3D Model of the Chachimbiro Geothermal System in Ecuador," [Presenter: Byron Pilicita], Byron PILICITA, Gunnlaugur EINARSSON, Málfríður ÓMARSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[16014] "Geothermal Heat Energy Potential for Small Communities in Alberta, WCSB Basin, Canada," [Presenter: Stephen Grasby], Jacek MAJOROWICZ and Stephen E. GRASBY [Paper]

[16061] "Geopressured Geothermal Resources in Mexico," [Presenter: Rosa Maria Prol-Ledesma], Rosa MarIa PROL-LEDESMA, Luz Thamara FERNANDEZ DE LA VEGA MARQUEZ [Paper]

[16036] "Geothermal Potential to Meet Heat Demand in Magallanes, Chilean Patagonia," [Presenter: Mauricio Munoz], Mauricio MUÑOZ, Ernesto MENESES RIOSECO, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[16044] "Recovery Factor of Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Cees Willems], Cees Jan Leonardus WILLEMS, Alistair T. MCCAY, Hamidreza M. NICK [Paper]

[WGC_27A] "Question and Answer 27A," Katsuaki Koike [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 27B: Field Management 3

[24020] "Determination of Working Fluid on Binary Cycle System Plan for Optimization of Electric Generation on Lahendong Geothermal Field," Gathuk WIDIYANTO, Muh. Yustin KAMAH [Paper]

[24027] "Tracer Flow Testing for Determination of Mass Flow Rates, A Case Study for KenGen-Olkaria Production Wells," [Presenter: Felix Kirui], Felix KIRUI [Paper]

[WGC_27B] "Question and Answer 27B," Roland Horne [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 27C: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 10 -- New Areas

[31043] "Numerical Study of CO2 Based Enhanced Geothermal System at Chumathang Field, Ladakh, India," [Presenter: Sri Kalyan Tangirala], Sri Kalyan TANGIRALA, Mrityunjay SINGH [Paper]

[31088] "Petrophysical Reservoir Characterization of the Los Humeros and Acoculco Geothermal Fields, Mexico," [Presenter: Leandra Weydt], Leandra M. WEYDT, Kristian BÄR and Ingo SASS [Paper]

[31093] "Meet Project: Toward Large Scale Deployment of Deep Geothermal Energy in Europe," [Presenter: Guillaume Ravier], Eléonore DALMAIS, Albert GENTER, Ghislain TRULLENQUE, Eric LEOUTRE, Bernd LEISS, Kristian BÄR, Andre-Charles MINTSA, Dagur Ingi OLAFSON, Ivan RAJSL, Bianca WAGNER [Paper]

[31028] "Geophysical Thermal Studies Applied to Petroleum and Geothermal Mexican Fields: Conductive Surface Heat Flow, Thermal Models and Geothermal Potential Estimations," [Presenter: Orlando Miguel Espinoza-Ojeda], O. M. ESPINOZA-OJEDA, E. RIVERA-CALDERÓN, D. BÁEZ-MAGAÑA, A. BELTRÁN-MORALES [Paper]

[31005] "Main Geochemical Characteristics of the Deep Geothermal Brine at Vendenheim (France) with Constraints on Temperature and Fluid Circulation," [Presenter: Bernard Sanjuan], Bernard SANJUAN, Gabrielle NEGREL, Morgan LE LOUS, Ewan POULMARCH, Frederick GAL, Pierre-Clément DAMY [Paper]

[31087] "Hydromechanical Modelling of the Hydraulic Stimulation of a Fault Zone as Deep Geothermal Target," [Presenter: ], Arnold BLAISONNEAU, Julie MAURY, Antoine ARMANDINE LES LANDES, Théophile GUILLON [Paper]

[WGC_27C] "Question and Answer 27C," Elvar Bjarkason [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 27D: Software for Geothermal Applications 4

[33045] "Toward the Development of an Integrated Information System for the Gather, Management and Diffusion of Geodata, at the Service of a Sustainable and Coherent Use of the Geothermal Resource in an Urban Context," [Presenter: Stephanie Favre], Stéphanie FAVRE, Sabrina SERIER, Nicolas CLERC, Nathalie ANDENMATTEN-BERTHOUD [Paper]

[33025] "High Performance Simulation Framework for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Mark Khait], Mark KHAIT, Yang WANG, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

[33035] "An Advanced Well and Reservoir Model for Supercritical and Saline Geothermal Applications, the Example of IDDP-2," [Presenter: Benoit Lamy-Chappuis], Benoit LAMY-CHAPPUIS, Alina YAPPAROVA, Thomas DRIESNER [Paper]

[33047] "A High Performance Framework for the Optimization of Geothermal Systems, Comparing Energy Production and Economic Output," [Presenter: Alexandros Daniilidis], Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Mark KHAIT, Sanaz SAEID, David BRUHN, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

[WGC_27D] "Question and Answer 27D," John Burnell [Abstract]

Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 28A: Drilling and Completion 1 -- Circulation and Casing

[21012] "A New Approach to Prevent Lost Circulation While Drilling in Fracture-Cavity Type Carbonate Reservoirs: Theory, Numerical Assessment and Experimental Study," [Presenter: Yiqun Zhang], Yiqun ZHANG, Chao YU, Guangming CHENG, Kexian ZHAO, Ya LIU [Paper]

[21048] "Overview of Drilling Fluids Systems and Drilling Fluids Design Principles of Geothermal Wells in Turkey," [Presenter: Oner Erge], Oner ERGE, Kudret SAKAOGLU, Ahmet SONMEZ, Gokhan BAGATIR, H. Ali DOGAN, Ahmet AY, I. Hakki GUCUYENER [Paper]

[21022] "Risk Assessment and Risk Modelling in Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Lilian Okwiri], Lilian Aketch OKWIRI [Paper]

[21042] "Flexible Couplings for Improved Casing Design in high-temperature Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Ingolfur Thorbjornsson], I. THORBJORNSSON, G.S.KALDAL [Paper]

[21054] "A Review of Casing Failures in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Poodipeddi Suryanarayana], P. V. SURYANARAYANA, Ravi KRISHNAMURTHY, Udaya SATHUVALLI, John BOWLING [Paper]

[WGC_28A] "Question and Answer 28A," Daniel Wilson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 28B: Reservoir Engineering 1 -- Concepts

[22098] "A New Method Developed for Rock Stress Measurement at Deep Depth in High Temperature Environment," [Presenter: Takatoshi Ito], Takatoshi ITO, Akinobu KUMAZAWA, Akio FUNATO, Kazuhiko TEZUKA and Tatsuya YOKOYAMA [Paper]

[22007] "Conceptual Model of Asal Rift," [Presenter: Abass MOUSSA MIGUIL], Abass MOUSSA MIGUIL [Paper]

[22004] "Numerical Simulation Study of the Geothermal Reservoir, Sabalan - Iran," [Presenter: Farhad Abdollahzadeh Bina], Farhad ABDOLAHZADEH BINA [Paper]

[22052] "3D Conceptual Model and Numerical Model Hvíthólar Sub-area at Krafla Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Nataly Castillo Ruiz], Nataly CASTILLO RUIZ, Juliet Ann NEWSON, Egill JÚLÍUSSON, Anette Kærgaard MORTENSEN [Paper]

[22063] "Numerical Simulation of a Vapor Core Geothermal System, Ungaran Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Bambang Wahyu], Bambang Wahyu JATMIKO, Hasbi ASSIDDIQY, Prajamukti EDIATMAJA, Ricky PRABOWO, SUTOPO, Heru Berian PRATAMA, Ridwan HAMDANI [Paper]

[WGC_28B] "Question and Answer 28B," Valdis Gudmundsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 28C: Corrosion and Scaling 1 -- Coating Developments

[27014] "Design and Operation of Testing Facility for Investigation of Novel Corrosion Resistant Coatings for High Temperature Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Danyil Kovalov], Danyil KOVALOV, Jan PŘIKRYL, Gifty OPPONG BOAKYE, Andri Ísak THORHALLSON, Ioana CSAKI, Sigrún Nanna KARLSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[27012] "Protective Iron Boride Coatings Against Corrosion in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Eugene Medvedovski], Eugene MEDVEDOVSKI [Paper]

[27004] "Study of Polyaniline/Silicon Dioxide Based Coating on Carbon Steel in Artificial Geothermal Brine," [Presenter: Ralph Baessler], Gabriela ARISTIA, Le Quynh HOA, Ralph BAESSLER [Paper]

[27010] "Apparatus for Studying the Corrosion Resistance of Alloys in High Temperature Geothermal Well Environment," [Presenter: Bente Cecilie Krogh], Bente Cecilie KROGH, Lars DJUPVIK, Hans HUSBY, Marion SEIERSTEN and Morten TJELTA [Paper]

[27036] "Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite: A Viable Anti-Corrosion Coating for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Jennifer Espartero-dales], Jennifer C. ESPARTERO-DALES, Rigoberto C. ADVINCULA, Al Christopher DE LEON, Eugene CALDONA [Paper]

[WGC_28C] "Question and Answer 28C," Ralph Baessler [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 28D: Power Generation 1 -- Operations

[26013] "Fitness for Service Assessment of Geothermal Steam Turbines," [Presenter: Stephen Rowbotham], Stephen ROWBOTHAM, Sean NORBURN, Cole DAVIS [Paper]

[26021] "Successful Recovery by Using Stubbing Re-connected the Broken Rotor-Shaft of Darajat 55 MW Power Plant," [Presenter: Sugeng Triyono], Sugeng TRIYONO [Paper]

[26015] "In-situ Measurement of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Geothermal Waters and Brines – Results of R&D Project PETher," [Presenter: Elisabeth Schrder], Elisabeth SCHRÖDER, Michael KRAML, Klaus THOMAUSKE, Dietmar KUHN, Marco JODOCY, Kirsten THORWART, Markus WOLFGRAMM [Paper]

[26005] "Modelling and Stability Analysis of Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Luis Aguirre], Luis AGUIRRE [Paper]

[26090] "Economic Evaluation of Geothermal Combined Heat and Power Concepts," [Presenter: Florian Heberle], Tim ELLER, Florian HEBERLE and Dieter BRÜGGEMANN [Paper]

[26056] "Handling of Micro-Organisms Growth and Sulfur Deposit in the Cooling Tower of Patuha Geothermal Power Plant (A Lesson Learned from Patuha Geothermal Power Plant, Indonesia)," [Presenter: Murdoko Broto Kusumo], Supriadinata MARZA, Murdoko Broto KUSUMO, Fajar Dhani WARDHANA; Rita Nur ANGGRAENI [Paper]

[WGC_28D] "Question and Answer 28D," Shigeto Yamada [Abstract]

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 29A: Drilling and Completion 2 -- Innovations

[21021] "A New Method of Liquid Nitrogen Assisted PDC Bit Breaking Hot Dry Rocks in Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Chao Xiong], XIONG Chao, HUANG Zhongwei, YANG Ruiyue, DAI Xianwei, HUI Chengyu, KUI Guofeng [Paper]

[21051] "Phase Behavior of Nitrogen Transport in Fractures During Liquid Nitrogen Fracturing in Deep Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Haitao Wen], WEN Haitao, YANG Ruiyue, HUANG Zhongwei, HONG Chunyang, CHEN Jianxiang, SONG Guofeng [Paper]

[21055] "System for Drilling Deeper and Wider Wellbores," [Presenter: Nikola Lakic], Nikola LAKIC [Paper]

[21085] "Novel Productivity Enhancement Concept for a Sustainable Utilization of a Geothermal Resource – the SURE Project," [Presenter: Thomas Reinsch], Thomas REINSCH, Guido BLÖCHER, David BRUHN, Jörg ZOTZMANN, Volker WITTIG, Ingólfur Örn ÞORBJÖRNSSON, Gunnar SKÚLASON KALDAL, Koos HOOGLAND, Elisabeth PETERS, John-Paul LATHAM, Sigitas PETRAUSKAS, Hamid M. NICK, Saulius ŠLIAUPA, SURE CONSORTIUM [Paper]

[21050] "Flow Field Characteristics of Swirling Abrasive Jet Nozzle for Geothermal Radial Jet Drilling," [Presenter: Xin Liu], Xin LIU, Zhongwei HUANG, Jingbin LI, Xiao HU [Paper]

[21024] "An Integrated analytical Approach to Casing Connection Evaluation for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Mark Droessler], Jueren XIE, Mark DROESSLER [Paper]

[WGC_29A] "Question and Answer 29A," Ralph Winmill [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 29B: Reservoir Engineering 2 -- Well Testing

[22061] "Use of Pressure-Temperature-Spinner Surveys to Characterize Geothermal Production Well Behavior," [Presenter: Nigel Joseph Kabigting], Nigel Joseph V. KABIGTING, Ryan R. ALVAREZ, Anthony J. MENZIES [Paper]

[22030] "Pressure Transient Analysis of an Injection/Fall-off Test Using Analytical and Numerical Reservoir Modelling," [Presenter: Renan Guerra], Renan Jhon GUERRA, John O'SULLIVAN, Jericho OMAGBON [Paper]

[22013] "Pressure Interference Tests at the Wasabizawa Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture, Japan," [Presenter: Hiroaki Asai], Hiroaki ASAI, Shigetaka NAKANISHI, Shigeo TEZUKA, Chitoshi AKASAKA, Kenji SASAKI, Kengo TAKIZAWA, Takashi KANEKO, Shuji AJIMA [Paper]

[WGC_29B] "Question and Answer 29B," [Presenter: Eylem Kaya], Eylem Kaya [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 29C: Corrosion and Scaling 2 -- Silica Scaling and Control

[27026] "Eliminating the Problematic Deposition of Silica from Separated Geothermal Brine and Enhancing Geothermal Energy Utilisation Through a Disruptive Nanostructured Calcium Silicate Hydrate Technology: an Overview," [Presenter: James Johnston], James H. JOHNSTON, Thomas BORRMANN, Michael SCHWEIG, Mathew J. CAIRNS, H. Putri FRASER [Paper]

[27040] "Application Results of Silica Extraction Technology at Kakkonda Geothermal Area and Evaluation of Extending the Life of the Reinjection Well," [Presenter: Masatake Sato], Masatake SATO, Kaichiro KASAI, Kazumi OSATO, Kazuharu YOSHIZUKA, Haruo OKOCHI, Andrew MITCHELMORE, Callum WARD, Betsy BENT [Paper]

[27037] "Integration of the Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CaSil) Technology Into Geothermal Power Plants – Focus on Process Engineering Aspects," [Presenter: Thomas Borrmann], Michael SCHWEIG, James H. JOHNSTON, Thomas BORRMANN, H. Putri FRASER, and Mathew J. CAIRNS [Paper]

[27015] "Chemical Treatment Efficiency on Scaling and Corrosion at Rittershoffen, France, Upper Rhine Graben," [Presenter: Guillaume Ravier], Justine MOUCHOT, Guillaume RAVIER, Clio BOSIA, Olivier SEIBEL, Fanny MERCIER, Justine MENGES [Paper]

[27018] "Silica Deposition in High Enthalpy Well: A Phenomenon Encountered in Palinpinon Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Joeny Bermejo], Joeny BERMEJO, Kenneth Jireh TABOCO [Paper]

[WGC_29C] "Question and Answer 29C," Oleh Weres [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 29D: Power Generation 2 -- Equipment

[26108] "Mitigation of Wind Effect on Air Cooled Condenser Performance," [Presenter: Omri Meshulam], Omri MESHULAM, Dvir MENDLER, Anton FITERMAN [Paper]

[26026] "8 Years Operation Experiences Ulumbu 4 x 2.5 MW Power Plants," [Presenter: Sugeng Triyono], Sugeng TRIYONO [Paper]

[26022] "Fuji Geothermal ORC Power Generation System," [Presenter: Hiroshi Oyama], Hiroshi OYAMA, Shigeto YAMADA, Saki KONDO [Paper]

[26089] "Exergo-Economic and Exergo-Environmental Analysis of an ORC for a Geothermal Application," [Presenter: Lorenzo Talluri], Daniele FIASCHI, Giampaolo MANFRIDA, Barbara MENDECKA, Moein SHAMOUSHAKID, Lorenzo TALLURI, Claudio ZUFFI [Paper]

[26080] "Cold Ends in Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Kristinn Ingason], Kristinn INGASON, Kristín STEINUNNARDOTTIR, Lilja TRYGGVADOTTIR, Gunnlaugur AGUSTSSON [Paper]

[WGC_29D] "Question and Answer 29D," Marit Brommer [Abstract]

Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 30A: Drilling and Completion 3 -- Experiences

[21007] "Potential of Multilateral Wells for Geothermal Projects in the Southern German Molasse Basin," [Presenter: David Lentsch], David LENTSCH, Alexandros SAVVATIS, Herbert HOFSTAETTER, Leonhard GANZER [Paper]

[21078] "Case Studies of PDC Bits in Deep Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Terence Coudert], Terence COUDERT, Adrian AMBRUS, Dapeng ZHAO, Hans LANGE, Alexandre KANE, Massimo LUCHINI, Corrie GRANT, Kjell HAUGVALDSTAD, Geoffrey MCELNAY [Paper]

[21044] "Economic Evaluation of the Coaxial Borehole Heat Exchanger," [Presenter: Jiacheng Dai], Jiacheng DAI, Gensheng LI, Jingbin LI, Xianzhi SONG, Zhongwei HUANG, Chao YU [Paper]

[21013] "Dealing with Circulation Losses in Geothermal; Case Study Menengai Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Marietta Mutonga], Marietta MUTONGA [Paper]

[21047] "Investigation of the Effects of Temperature on Annular Friction Pressure Loss," [Presenter: Onur Gurcay], Kazim Onur GURCAY, Serhat AKIN, Ismail Hakki GUCUYENER [Paper]

[21019] "Connection Selection for Tie Back Production Casing in Geothermal Wells According to Finite Element Analysis and Physical Thermal Well Testing Protocol," [Presenter: Nico Riyanto], Nico RIYANTO, Geovannis NAPITUPULU, Sena SATYADARMA WAHYUDIN [Paper]

[WGC_30A] "Question and Answer 30A," Bjarni Richter [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 30B: Reservoir Engineering 3 -- Methods

[22031] "Cryogenic Cooling Enabling Increased Performance of Logging Tools Utilizing Vacuum Flasks," [Presenter: Magnus Hjelstuen], Magnus B. HJELSTUEN, Thomas HØVIK, Gunnar ANDERSEN, Ketil VOLLAND, Morten H. RØED [Paper]

[22040] "Uncertainty Quantification of a Realistic Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Yang Wang], Yang WANG, Mark KHAIT, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Denis VOSKOV, Sanaz SAEID, David BRUHN [Paper]

[22076] "Clarification of Regional Seafloor Hydrothermal System in a Japan Back-Arc Basin by Numerical Simulation with TOUGH2," [Presenter: Shohei Tomita], Shohei A. TOMITA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Tada-nori GOTO, Katsuhiko SUZUKI [Paper]

[22025] "An Update on the Geothermal Wells Drilled in Aluto Langano Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Teka Nigussie], Teka NIGUSSIE, Svanbjörg H.HARALDSDÓTTIR, Kifle KAHSAI, Lúðvík S. GEORGSSON [Paper]

[WGC_30B] "Question and Answer 30B," Prihadi Sumintadireja [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 30C: Corrosion and Scaling 3 -- Corrosion Inhibitors

[27027] "Screening of an Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Mildly Acidic Geothermal Fluid Applications," [Presenter: Soroor Ghaziof], Soroor GHAZIOF, Keith LICHTI, Kazumi OSATO, Masatake SATO, Kaichiro KASAI, Norio YANAGISAWA, Koji SAKURA, Logan MULLER, Michael TODD [Paper]

[27035] "Investigation of Non-Ionic Polymer as a Suitable Inhibitor in Protecting Carbon Steel from the Aggressive Corrosion of Acidic Simulated Geothermal Brine," [Presenter: Jennifer Espartero-dales], Jennifer C. ESPARTERO-DALES, Rigoberto C. ADVINCULA, Al Christopher DE LEON [Paper]

[27048] "Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitor Performance for High Temperature Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Francoise Liautaud], Tiphaine SCHOTT, Alexandra GARGIULO, Arnaud ROUAND, Justine MOUCHOT, Nicolas CUENOT, Jérôme THABOUREY, Françoise LIAUTAUD [Paper]

[27056] "Online Geothermal Well Stimulation and Silica Based Deposit Removal," [Presenter: Daniel Wilson], Logan MULLER, Daniel WILSON [Paper]

[27051] "Some Aspects Related to Chemicals Systems Used in the Exploitation at the Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti Geothermal Field (Formerly Miravalles Geothermal Field), Costa Rica," [Presenter: Federico Nietzen], Federico NIETZEN [Paper]

[27066] "Scale and Corrosion Mitigation: Economic Feasibility of Combined Mitigation Measures," [Presenter: Julia Scheiber], Julia SCHEIBER, Andrea SEIBT, Sabine JAEHNICHEN, Justine MOUCHOT, Joerg BAUMGAERTNER, Tom HETTKAMP, Joerg UHDE [Paper]

[WGC_30C] "Question and Answer 30C," Fidel See [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 30D: Power Generation 3 -- Novel Systems

[26001] "Laboratory and Field Tests of Thermoelectric Generators for Power Generation Under Different Conditions," [Presenter: Kewen Li], Kewen LI, Geoffrey GARRISON, Michael MOORE, Yuhao ZHU, Changwei LIU, Roland HORNE, and Susan PETTY [Paper]

[26061] "Hydrogen Production at a Geothermal Plant," [Presenter: Magnus Arnarson], Magnus Thor ARNARSON, Thrandur OLAFSSON, Holmfridur HARALDSDOTTIR [Paper]

[26010] "Thermodynamical and Economical Valuation of low-temperature ORC with Alternative Working Fluids," [Presenter: Hans-Joachim Wiemer], Hans-Joachim WIEMER, Vincenz SCHNEIDER [Paper]

[26091] "Feasibility Study for Implementation of a Solar–geothermal Hybrid Plant Based on an Organic Rankine Cycle in Lake Abhe Geothermal Area with a Particular Hot Arid Climate, Djibouti," [Presenter: Hamoud Souleiman Cheik], Hamoud SOULEIMAN [Paper]

[26038] "Geothermal Power, A Viable Mini-Grid Solution for Rural Electrification in Tanzania. A Case Study of Kisaki Village," [Presenter: Chagaka Kalimbia], Chagaka KALIMBIA [Paper]

[WGC_30D] "Question and Answer 30D," Koichi Yamada [Abstract]

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 31A: Drilling and Completion 4 -- Casing and Cementing

[21011] "Establishing a Baseline for Global Geothermal Drilling Rates," [Presenter: Clara Larson], Clara LARSON, Jody ROBINS, Katherine R YOUNG, Alfred EUSTES [Paper]

[21059] "Lightweight Variable-Density Well Cement with Self-Healing Properties for Applications in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Tatiana Pyatina], George TRABITS, Geoff TRABITS [Paper]

[21029] "Development of New Formulation of Calcium Aluminate Cement System for Ultrahigh-Temperature Supercritical Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Yuki Kimura], Yuki YOSHIDA, Yoshiharu GOTO, Takashi SATO, Tetsuya ITO, Shigemi NAGANAWA [Paper]

[21091] "Thermal Stress Mitigation Testing of Externally Cemented Flexible Coupling in Geothermal Steam," [Presenter: Gunnar Skulason Kaldal], Gunnar Skúlason KALDAL, Ingólfur THORBJORNSSON, Lárus GUÐMUNDSSON, Thomas REINSCH, Martin LIPUS, Jens WOLLENWEBER, Bogdan ORLIC, Thor GÍSLASON, Ari STEFÁNSSON, Bjarni PÁLSSON, Ólafur SVERRISSON [Paper]

[21098] "Drillability of Granitic Rocks After Thermal Loading," [Presenter: Ruben Bjoerge], Ruben BJØRGE, Ahmad MARDOUKHI, Mikko HOKKA, Filip DAHL, Alexandre KANE [Paper]

[21040] "Self-healing, Re-adhering and Carbon-Steel Corrosion-Mitigating Inorganic Cement Composites for Geothermal Wells at 300degC," [Presenter: Tatiana Pyatina], Tatiana PYATINA, Toshifumi SUGAMA [Paper]

[WGC_31A] "Question and Answer 31A," Carlos Fernandez [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 31B: Reservoir Engineering 4 -- Production Analysis

[22130] "Fault Slip and Fracture Growth Revealed Induced Seismicity During a Decameter-scale Hydraulic Stimulation Experiment," [Presenter: Linus Villiger], Linus VILLIGER, Valentin GISCHIG, Joseph DOETSCH, Hannes KRIETSCH, Mohammadreza JALALI, Florian AMANN, Stefan WIEMER [Paper]

[22002] "The Shape of the Network of Flow Pathways Leading to a Geothermal Well: Informing the Conceptual Model Using Fractional Dimension and Boundaries with Numerical Pressure Transient Analysis," [Presenter: Katie Mclean], Katie MCLEAN, Sadiq J. ZARROUK, Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Paper]

[22037] "Modelling Application to Estimate the Thermal Output of Weh Island, Nangro Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia," [Presenter: Rony Prianto Nugraha], Rony NUGRAHA, John O’SULLIVAN [Paper]

[22055] "Experimental Study of Hydraulic Fracturing in Water Dominated Geothermal Field Using Numerical Simulator, Improvement and Comparison of Parameters and Experimental Designs," [Presenter: Luthfan Judawisastra], Luthfan Hafizha JUDAWISASTRA, Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, Heru Berian PRATAMA [Paper]

[WGC_31B] "Question and Answer 31B," Ingo Sass [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 31C: Corrosion and Scaling 4 -- Materials Testing

[27009] "CoCrFeNiMo High Entropy Alloys Behavior in Superheated Geothermal Steam," [Presenter: Andri Isak Thorhallsson], Andri Isak THORHALLSSON, Ioana CSAKI, Sigrun Nanna KARLSDOTTIR, Laura Elena GEAMBAZU [Paper]

[27003] "Influence of Precipitating Brine Components on Materials Selection for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Ralph Baessler], Anastasia STOLJAROVA, Ralph BAESSLER, Simona REGENSPURG [Paper]

[27042] "Corrosion Testing in Direct Geothermal Steam of Cladded and Stand Alone Materials at 210°C and 450°C," [Presenter: Ingolfur Thorbjornsson], I. THORBJORNSSON, B.C KROGH, G.S.KALDAL, G.RÖRVIK, S.S. JONSSON, L. GUDMUNDSSON, F. OSKARSSON [Paper]

[27020] "Corrosion Testing of Casing Steels in Acidic Two Phase Production Fluid and the Field Testing at Yanaizu-Nishiyama Geothermal Field, Japan," [Presenter: Norio Yanagisawa], Norio YANAGISAWA, Yoshio MASUDA, Masatake SATO, Kaichiro KASAI, Kazumi OSATO, Toshihiko FUKUI, Koji SAKURA, Keith LICHTI [Paper]

[27047] "Impact of Scaling on Electrical Submersible Pumps Concerning Heat and Power Production of Geothermal Plants and Optimization of Acidification Intervals," [Presenter: Matthaeus Irl], Matthäus IRL, Christopher SCHIFFLECHNER, Christoph WIELAND, Hartmut SPLIETHOFF [Paper]

[27032] "Chemistry of Stibnite, Orpiment and Other Sulfide Minerals Deposited from GeOthermal Brine," [Presenter: Oleh Weres], Oleh WERES [Paper]

[WGC_31C] "Question and Answer 31C," Keith Lichti [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 31D: Power Generation 4 -- Binary Plants

[26009] "Energy and Exergetic Analysis of a Proposed Olkaria I Binary Geothermal Power Plant, Naivasha, Kenya," [Presenter: Alvin Bett], Alvin K. BETT, Eric K ROP, Saeid JALILINASRABADY and Ryuchi ITOI [Paper]

[26067] "Update on European Geothermal Binary Units Delivered by Turboden," [Presenter: Joseph Bonafin], Joseph BONAFIN [Paper]

[26062] "Integrated Approach for the Design of Geothermal Binary Power Plants," [Presenter: Paola Bombarda], Dario ALFANI, Paola BOMBARDA, José FUSTER JUSTINIANO [Paper]

[26109] "Successful Implementation of Ormat Energy Convertor as Brine Enhancement Units in Flashed Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Noa Haberman], Lara OWENS, Noa HABERMAN, Jeff NICHOLSON, Sean SULLIVAN [Paper]

[26078] "Binary Cycle Plant Design for Water-Dominated, Low Enthalpy Geothermal System," [Presenter: DeBonne Natalie Wishart], DeBonne N. WISHART [Paper]

[26049] "Field Performance Evaluation of an Organic Rankine Cycle at a Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Rodrigo Alarcon], Rodrigo ALARCÓN, Héctor AVIÑA, Oscar DE SANTIAGO, Pedro DOMÍNGUEZ, Uriel RUSSELL [Paper]

[WGC_31D] "Question and Answer 31D," Gerardo Hiriart [Abstract]

Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 32A: Drilling and Completion 5 -- Novel Approaches

[21039] "Innovative Helicoidal Ground Source Heat Exchanger Coupled with a New Timesaving Installation Technique," [Presenter: David Bertermann], David BERTERMANN, Johannes MÜLLER, Antonio GALGARO, Giorgia DALLA SANTA, Matteo CULTRERA, Michele DE CARLI, Giuseppe EMMI, Angelo ZARRELLA, Mario PSYK, Luc POCKELÉ, Giulia MEZZASALMA, Davide RIGHINI, Jacques VERCRUYSSE, Adriana BERNARDI [Paper]

[21084] "Advanced Geothermal Well Architectures: Key Issues in Upgrading Well Performance and Formation Evaluation," [Presenter: Pierre Ungemach], Pierre UNGEMACH, Miklos ANTICS, Melanie DAVAUX [Paper]

[21090] "Rewriting the Limits for Deep Geothermal Drilling: Direct Energy Drilling Using Millimeter Wave Technology," [Presenter: Matthew Houde], Carlos ARAQUE, Matt HOUDE, Ken OGLESBY, Paul WOSKOV [Paper]

[21070] "Numerical Study on Downhole Cooling by Mud Circulation in Supercritical Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Akira Hoshino], Akira HOSHINO, Ryo ANDO, Shigemi NAGANAWA [Paper]

[21014] "Recent Achievements in Development and Testing of Innovative Plasma-Based Drilling Technology," [Presenter: Matus Gajdos], Matus GAJDOS, Igor KOCIS, Tomas KRISTOFIC, Ivan KOCIS, Marek GEBURA, Roy BARIA [Paper]

[WGC_32A] "Question and Answer 32A," Jean Marie Sinzinkayo [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 32B: Reservoir Engineering 5 -- Novel Methods

[22064] "Simulation Modeling of Hydrothermal Energy Extraction with Two-layer Multilateral Horizontal Wells," [Presenter: Guofeng Song], SONG Guofeng, SONG Xianzhi, Li Gensheng, XU Fuqiang, SHI Yu, WANG Gaosheng [Paper]

[22053] "Investigating Different Formulations for Hydrothermal Convection in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Po-Wei Huang], Po-Wei HUANG, J. Florian WELLMANN [Paper]

[22095] "Increase Geothermal Energy Generation Due to Matrix Stimulation Techniques in Mexico Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: ], Lilibeth MORALES ALCALÁ, Miguel RAMIREZ MONTES, Gabriel LUEVANO GARCIA [Paper]

[22022] "Reservoir Model Visualization Using 3D Printing," [Presenter: Daniel Saitet], Daniel SAITET [Paper]

[22087] "A New Leapfrog Model and Geothermal Reservoir Model of Waesano, Indonesia," [Presenter: John OSullivan], Ando DEUHART, John O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

[WGC_32B] "Question and Answer 32B," Maxwell Wilmarth [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 32C: Corrosion and Scaling 5 -- Scale Deposition and Control

[27045] "Evaluation of Silica Scale Inhibitors," [Presenter: Michael Todd], Michael TODD [Paper]

[27024] "Prevention of Scaling by Quick Removal of Metals from the Brine Via Adsorption," [Presenter: Simona Regenspurg], Simona REGENSPURG, James BYRNE, Florian EICHINGER, Julian Sorwat, Elvira FELDBUSCH, Andre HENKEL, Joy IANOTTA, Harald MILSCH, Laura WASCH, Jörg ZOTZMANN [Paper]

[27057] "Scaling and Corrosion Control in a High Chloride Geothermal Brine," [Presenter: Keith Lichti], Keith LICHTI, Rosalind JULIAN, Kevin BROWN, Gener VILLAFUERTE, Richard DAMBE [Paper]

[27060] "Study on Silica Scaling at Open Canal System, Dieng Geothermal Power Plant, Indonesia," [Presenter: Saefudin Juhri], Saefudin JUHRI, Kotaro YONEZU, Takushi YOKOYAMA, Agung HARIJOKO, Muhammad Istiawan NURPRATAMA [Paper]

[27033] "Abrasion by Particles in Suspension in Ultra High Enthalpy Geothermal Production (Super- Hot Geothermal Wells)," [Presenter: Heber Diez], Heber DIEZ, Cristobal CAMACHO, Víctor SORIA, Héctor MARTÍNEZ, Felipe SOLANO and Gabriel LUÉVANO [Paper]

[27017] "Statistical Model for Thinning Rates of Two Phase Wells in Leyte Geothermal Production Field," [Presenter: Anthony Ponce], Anthony S. PONCE [Paper]

[WGC_32C] "Question and Answer 32C," Motoaki Morita [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 32D: Power Generation 5 -- Experiences

[26033] "Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant, Performance of the Plant During Varying Grid Situations," [Presenter: Freyr Hardarson], Birkir HEIMISSON, Freyr HARDARSON, Sigurgeir B. GEIRSSON, Jon A. EMILSSON, Iris BALDURSDOTTIR, Valur KNUTSSON [Paper]

[26031] "Towards More Geothermal Power in Turkey," [Presenter: Ralf Brauchler], Wietze LİSE, Ralf BRAUCHLER, Bjarni RICHTER, Daði THORBJÖRNSSON, Helga TULINIUS, Guðni AXELSSON [Paper]

[26045] "Optimization of Olkaria II Geothermal Brine for a Proposed Binary Unit by Energy and Exergy Analysis," [Presenter: Alvin Bett], Alvin K. BETT, Leonard K LANGAT, Eric K ROP and Saeid JALILINASRABADY [Paper]

[26087] "Geothermal Power Plants with Improved Environmental Performance: Assessment of the Potential for an Italian Site," [Presenter: Lorenzo Talluri], D. FIASCHI, M. LEVENI, G. MANFRIDA, B. MENDECKA, L. TALLURI, C. ZUFFI [Paper]

[26075] "Hybrid Cooling Tower Retrofit in a Geothermal Power Plant: Outcomes from H2020 Matching Project," [Presenter: Sara Montomoli], Alessio BARDI, Sara MONTOMOLI, Marco PACI, Alessandro LENZI, Luca BERTOCCHI, Andrea GARAGIOLA, Alessandro SANTINI, Lorena FREIRE [Paper]

[26039] "The First Five Years Operation of Patuha Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Galih Satria], Supriadinata MARZA, Herdian Ardi FEBRIANTO, Galih SATRIA [Paper]

[WGC_32D] "Question and Answer 32D," Emine Didem Korkmaz Basel [Abstract]

Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 33A: Drilling and Completion 6 -- Drilling Methods

[21120] "Optimal Well Design for Stimulation of Geothermal Wells with Radial Jet Drilling," [Presenter: Holger Cremer], Olwijn LEEUWENBURGH, Elisabeth PETERS, Diederik TROOST, Holger CREMER [Paper]

[21072] "ThermoDrill - Fast Track Innovative Drilling System for Deep Geothermal Challenges," [Presenter: Dimitra Teza], Dimitra TEZA, Jörg BAUMGÄRTNER, Thomas STOXREITER, Karin REHATSCHEK, Stefan ESSL, Philipp MODER, Simone PALLESI, Alessandro BERTINI, Gary PORTWOOD, Alessio CECHI, Clément BAUJARD, Olivier SEIBEL, Alfredo RAMOS RODRIGUEZ, José Maria CASCAJO LÓPEZ, Alexander BUCHNER, Roland FASCHINGBAUER, Johann PLANK, Timon ECHT [Paper]

[21080] "Down-the-hole Water Powered Hammer Drilling for Medium Deep Geothermal Energy Systems," [Presenter: Sebastian Homuth], Sebastian HOMUTH [Paper]

[21041] "Coiled Tubing Live Well Cleanouts," [Presenter: Daniel Wilson], Daniel WILSON, Josh ANDERSON [Paper]

[21049] "Chip-Hold-Down Effect on Rate-of-Penetration During Deep Percussive Drilling: A Theoretical Approach," [Presenter: Alexandre Kane], Gaspar GOHIN, Trond BERGSTRØM, Marion FOURMEAU, and Alexandre KANE [Paper]

[21094] "Laser Supported, Thermal Rock Weakening and Drilling for Hard Rock and Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Shahin Jamali], Shahin JAMALI, Volker WITTIG, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

[WGC_33A] "Question and Answer 33A," Shigemi Naganawa [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 33B: Reservoir Engineering 6 -- Modeling

[22119] "Numerical Simulation of Cerro Pabellon Geothermal Field (Chile) with TOUGH-2," [Presenter: Maurizio Cei], Maurizio CEI, Marco CECIONI [Paper]

[22069] "Observation of a Repeated Step-wise Fracture Growth During Hydraulic Fracturing Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site," [Presenter: Nathan Dutler], Nathan DUTLER, Benoît VALLEY, Linus VILLIGER, Valentin GISCHIG, Florian AMANN [Paper]

[22157] "Lifetime and Energy Prediction of Geothermal Systems: Uncertainty Analysis in Highly Heterogeneous Geothermal Reservoirs ( Netherlands)," [Presenter: Sanaz Saeid], Sanaz SAEID, Yang WANG, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Mark KHAIT, David BRUHN, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

[22131] "Innovative Reservoir Management in Superheated Steam Geothermal System: Micro-reinjection and Push&pull Production," [Presenter: Maurizio Cei], Maurizio CEI, Sara MONTOMOLI, Fabio SARTORI [Paper]

[22050] "An analysis of 40 Years of Subsidence Due to Geothermal Production from the Svartsengi-Eldvörp Geothermal System in SW Iceland," [Presenter: Melissa De Freitas], Melissa Anne DE FREITAS, Guðni AXELSSON, Páll EINARSSON [Paper]

[22138] "Natural-State Reservoir Model of Sorik Marapi Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Kunhwi Kim], Kunhwi KIM, Stefan FINSTERLE, Sabodh GARG, Jill HAIZLIP, Nicholas HINZ, Steven FERCHO, and Yan TANG [Paper]

[WGC_33B] "Question and Answer 33B," Thomas Ratouis [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 33C: Corrosion and Scaling 6 -- Downhole Scaling

[27044] "Evaluation of Calcite Scale Inhibitors: Impact of Metal Cations," [Presenter: Michael Bluemle], Michael BLUEMLE, Logan MULLER [Paper]

[27067] "Initial Scaling on Metal Surfaces at Binary Geothermal Plant of Obama Hot Spring in Japan," [Presenter: Motoaki Morita], Motoaki MORITA, Shinichi MOTODA [Paper]

[27073] "Scale Analysis in the Framework of Optimization of Energy Production at the Soultz-sous-Forêts EGS Site," [Presenter: Beatrice Ledesert], Béatrice LEDESERT, Xavier SENGELEN, Ronan HEBERT, Olivier SEIBEL, Justine MOUCHOT, Guillaume RAVIER [Paper]

[27000] "Corrosion Evaluation of Steels Under Geothermal CO2 Supercritical Conditions," [Presenter: Jean Kittel], Francois ROPITAL, Jean KITTEL [Paper]

[27011] "Sulfide Scales Downhole in Well RN-22 Reykjanes High-temperature Area," [Presenter: Vigdis Hardardottir], Vigdis HARDARDOTTIR, Nicole HURTIG [Paper]

[27062] "Investigating and Modeling a Biodegradable Inhibitor to Prevent Calcite Scales in Deep Geothermal Wells and Plants in Southern Germany," [Presenter: Alireza Arab], Alireza ARAB, Broder MERKEL [Paper]

[WGC_33C] "Question and Answer 33C," Jean Kittel [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 33D: Power Generation 6 -- Innovations

[26068] "Harnessing Geothermal Energy with the Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Generator and Self Contained In-Ground Geothermal Heat Exchanger," [Presenter: Nikola Lakic], Nikola LAKIC [Paper]

[26053] "How to Improve the Availability of the Geothermal Power Plant with the IoT Based O&M Support," [Presenter: Norihiro Fukuda], FUKUDA Norihiro, KAWADA Masanori, TSUJII Kazunori, HAYASHI Ryutaro and SAITO Shojiro [Paper]

[26035] "Submarine Geothermal Generation," [Presenter: Gerardo Hiriart], Gerardo HIRIART, Ivan CHAVEZ M [Paper]

[26012] "Wellhead Power Plants, an Option to Enhance the “Macizo Volcánico del Ruiz” Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Jasmin Raymond], Julián Andrés ORTIZ GONZÁLEZ, Julian LÓPEZ PALACIO [Paper]

[26054] "The Repowering of Lightning Dock Plant in New Mexico," [Presenter: Joseph Bonafin], Joseph BONAFIN, Nick GOODMAN, Halley K. DICKEY [Paper]

[26006] "Main Considerations in Protection Systems Design for Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Luis Aguirre], Luis AGUIRRE [Paper]

[WGC_33D] "Question and Answer 33D," Roland Horne [Abstract]

Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 34A: Drilling and Completion 7

[21056] "Application of an Engineered Drilling Fluid System for Drilling an Ultra HT Geothermal Well in Central Italy," [Presenter: Alessandro Cascone], Lucio BUSSAGLIA, Alessandro CASCONE, Davide PALLOTTA, Alessandro DEI [Paper]

[21060] "Geo-Drill: Development of Novel and Cost-effective Drilling Technology for Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Feifei Zhang], Feifei ZHANG, Henry BEGG, Namrata KALE, Sandeep IRUKUVARGHULA, Kate FRANKLIN, Kevin MALLIN, Volker WITTIG, Simon HAHN, Beatriz RODRIGUEZ, Fahim CHOWDHURY, Mohammad HOQUE, Sigrún KARLSDÓTTIR, Gifty BOAKYE, Per KJELLGREN, Pufinji OBENE, Kristján ALEXANDERSSON, Sunna WALLEVIK [Paper]

[21081] "Automated Geothermal Drilling with NOVOS," [Presenter: Kjartan Birgisson], Kjartan BIRGISSON, Khim CHHANTYAL, Akash PADIR, Stephen PINK [Paper]

[21027] "Evaluation of Casing Collapse Capacity in Ultra-high Temperature Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Gaute Gruben], Gaute GRUBEN, David PHILLIPPE, Tèrence COUDERT, Hieu Nguyen HOANG, Arve BJØRSET, Sturla SÆTHER, Bård NYHUS [Paper]

[21030] "Development of High-temperature Well Cement for Supercritical Geothermal Drilling with Consideration of Set Cement Strength," Shimatoshi SAKUMA, Issei HAYASHI, Shigemi NAGANAWA, Takashi SATO, Tetsuya ITO, Yuki YOSHIDA [Paper]

[21074] "Extended Horizontal Jet Drilling for EGS Applications in Petrothermal Environments," [Presenter: Volker Wittig], S. HAHN, V. WITTIG, R. BRACKE [Paper]

[WGC_34A] "Question and Answer 34A," Matthew Houde [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 34B: Reservoir Engineering 7 -- Integrated Modeling

[22049] "Inferring Production Performance from Early Injectivity Tests," [Presenter: Marc Perreaux], Marc PERREAUX, Patrick EGERMANN, Martial SAQUER [Paper]

[22057] "Uncertainty Quantification of Highly-Parameterized Geothermal Reservoir Models Using Ensemble-Based Methods," [Presenter: Elvar Bjarkason], Elvar K. BJARKASON, Oliver J. MACLAREN, Ruanui NICHOLSON, Angus YEH, Michael J. O’SULLIVAN [Paper]

[22160] "Resource Model Calibration at Neal Hot Springs, Oregon, USA," [Presenter: John Akerley], John MURPHY, Ryan LIBBEY, Ian WARREN, Richard HOLT, Lara OWENS, Jeremy O'BRIEN [Paper]

[22068] "Representative, Synthetic Model Ensembles Supporting Decisions for Geothermal Field Development," [Presenter: Alexandros Daniilidis], Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Hamidreza M. NICK, David BRUHN [Paper]

[WGC_34B] "Question and Answer 34B," Rosalind Archer [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 34C: Corrosion and Scaling 7 -- Plants, Drilling and Wells

[27077] "NACE Corrosion and Scaling Symposia Research Themes 2013 to 2019," [Presenter: Keith Lichti], Keith LICHTI, Sigrun Nanna KARLSDOTTIR [Paper]

[27053] "Titanium Alloy Casing for High Temperature Geothermal Field Application," [Presenter: Andri Isak Thorhallsson], Andri Isak THORHALLSSON, Sigrun Nanna KARLSDOTTIR, William MCDONALD, Jim GRAUMAN [Paper]

[27049] "High Temperature Testing of Materials and Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Geothermal Drilling Applications," [Presenter: Erlend Straume], Erlend Oddvin STRAUME, Gifty Oppong BOAKYE, Beatriz Alonso RODRIGUEZ, Sigrún Nanna KARLSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[27031] "Optimised Valorisation of the Geothermal Resources for EGS Plants in the Upper Rhine Graben," [Presenter: Olivier Seibel], Olivier SEIBEL, Justine MOUCHOT, Guillaume RAVIER, Béatrice LEDESERT, Xavier SENGELEN, Ronan HEBERT, Kolbrún Ragna RAGNARSDOTTIR, Dagur Ingi ÓLAFSSON, Helen Ósk HARALDSDOTTIR [Paper]

[27008] "Evaluation of Geothermal Scaling Possibilities and the Effective Scale Mitigation Methods at Different Type Geothermal Power Plants in Western Anatolia (Turkey)," [Presenter: Fusun Tut Haklidir], Fusun S. TUT HAKLIDIR, Tugbanur OZEN BALABAN, Raziye SENGUN [Paper]

[27005] "The Well Integrity Assessment by EM Wireline Logging in Acidic Geothermal Production Well: Case Study of the Hatchobaru Geothermal Field, Japan," [Presenter: Yuki Maehara], Yuki MAEHARA and Takayuki WADA [Paper]

[WGC_34C] "Question and Answer 34C," Dimitrios Mendrinos [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 34D: Production Engineering 1 -- Measurements and Operations

[25004] "Experiments for Real-time Measurement of Well Output," [Presenter: Egill Juliusson], Erlingur GEIRSSON, Egill JULIUSSON [Paper]

[25021] "Operational Cost Optimization by Building Internal Capacity," [Presenter: Gideon Gitonga], Gideon GITONGA [Paper]

[25053] "Thermoelectric Monitoring Systems in Iceland," [Presenter: Runar Unnthorsson], Robert DELL, Michael PETRALIA, Runar UNNTHORSSON [Paper]

[25035] "The Orifice Wellhead Control Valve of HS Orka," [Presenter: Geir Thorolfsson], Geir THOROLFSSON [Paper]

[25026] "Production-Injection at the Costa Rica Geothermal Fields 1994 – 2019: Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti (Formerly Miravalles) and Pailas," [Presenter: Leonardo Solis], Federico NIETZEN, Leonardo SOLIS [Paper]

[25055] "Two-in-One Apparatus for Measuring Temperature and Pressure in Geothermal Pipelines," [Presenter: Fidel See], Fidel S. SEE [Paper]

[WGC_34D] "Question and Answer 34D," Maria Gudjonsdottir [Abstract]

Tuesday 22:00 - 00:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 35A: Drilling and Completion 8 -- Management and Design

[21086] "Applications of Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing for Real-Time Wellbore Integrity Monitoring," [Presenter: Martin Lipus], Martin LIPUS, Tobias RAAB, Thomas REINSCH, Jan HENNINGES, Cornelia SCHMIDT-HATTENBERGER, Santiago Ruben ALDAZ CIFUENTES [Paper]

[21038] "A Users Guide to Leak-off Test Procedures and Interpretation for Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Irene Wallis], Irene Clare WALLIS, David Stephen PYE, David DEMPSEY, Julie ROWLAND [Paper]

[21023] "Geothermal Well Design Using the New 2015 New Zealand Standard and 1991 Standard A Case of MW-20A in Menengai, Nakuru County, Kenya," [Presenter: Gunnar Skulason Kaldal], Anthony NG’ANG’A, Sverrir THÓRHALLSSON, Ingólfur Örn THORBJÖRNSSON, Gunnar Skúlason KALDAL [Paper]

[21087] "HSE Management in Geothermal Drilling Operations - Elementary Steps for Positive Progress in an International Environment," [Presenter: Erlingur Jonasson], Erlingur. E. JÓNASSON [Paper]

[21036] "Innovative Materials and Designs for Long-life High-temperature Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: rni Ragnarsson], Árni RAGNARSSON, Pierre DURST, Erlend RANDEBERG, Thomas REINSCH, Ingólfur THORBJORNSSON, Jens WOLLENWEBER, Willem DE JONG, Carsten F. SORLIE, Ómar SIGURDSSON, Frank VERCAUTEREN, Gunnar Skúlason KALDAL [Paper]

[21106] "Mechanical Specific Energy Analysis of the Utah FORGE Drilling," [Presenter: Nasikul Islam], William M. RICKARD, Ernesto RIVAS, Nasikul ISLAM [Paper]

[WGC_35A] "Question and Answer 35A," Harmen Mijnlieff [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 35B: Reservoir Engineering 8 -- Tracers, CO2

[22067] "Tracking Fluid Flow Between IDDP-2 and the Current Production Reservoir in the Reykjanes Geothermal System in SW-Iceland, Using Drilling Fluid as Tracer," [Presenter: Gunnar Thorgilsson], Gunnar THORGILSSON, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Iwona Monika GALECZKA, Gudni AXELSSON [Paper]

[22091] "Treating Carbon Dioxide Data as Tracer for Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Emine Didem Korkmaz Basel], Emine Didem KORKMAZ BASEL, Abdurrahman SATMAN, Omer Inanc TUREYEN [Paper]

[22077] "Reactive Transport Model of CO2 and H2S Mineral Sequestration at the CarbFix2 Reinjection Site, Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant, SW-Iceland," [Presenter: Thomas Ratouis], Thomas RATOUIS, Sandra Ósk SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Bergur SIGFÚSSON, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Martin VOIGT, Edda Sif ARADÓTTIR [Paper]

[22116] "The Carbon Dioxide Behavior of the Kizildere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Emine Didem Korkmaz Basel], Abdurrahman SATMAN, Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Emine Didem KORKMAZ BASEL [Paper]

[22123] "A Predictive Model of Wellbore Performance in Presence of Carbon Dioxide in Kizildere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Onder Saracoglu], Onder SARACOGLU, Ali BASER, Taylan AKIN, Serhat KUCUK, Erdinc SENTURK, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

[22122] "Mathematical Modeling of Geothermal CO2 Production," [Presenter: Hakki Aydin], Hakki AYDIN, Serhat AKIN, Beril KUMSAL [Paper]

[WGC_35B] "Question and Answer 35B," Abdurrahman Satman [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 35C: Corrosion and Scaling 8 -- Models

[27082] "Reactive Reservoir Systems - Crystal Nucleation and Filter Processes in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Philipp Zuber], Philipp ZUBER, Sascha FRANK, Jürgen SCHREUER, Stefan WOHNLICH [Paper]

[27068] "Analysis of Geothermal Reinjection Problems with Hydrogeochemical Modelling," [Presenter: Abel Marko], Ábel MARKÓ, Dejene DRIBA, Ferenc ZSEMLE, Máté OSVALD, Maren BREHME [Paper]

[27055] "Source and Behavior of Stibnite Scaling: Case Study: Büyük Menderes Graben (Western Turkey)," [Presenter: Alper Baba], Serhat TONKUL, Simona REGENSPURG, Mustafa M. DEMİR, Alper BABA [Paper]

[27052] "The Application of pH Buffers for Brine Management," [Presenter: Greg Ussher], Brian LOVELOCK [Paper]

[27030] "Thermodynamic Modelling of Water Chemistry in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Ida Kirknel], Ida A. KIRKNEL, Thomas WERGE-GROSS, Dorthe J. KANN, Kaj THOMSEN, Philip L. FOSBØL [Paper]

[27023] "Development and Application of a Multiphase Reactive Transport Model for the Scaling of Geothermal System," [Presenter: Lihua Liu], LIU Lihua, LI Dedong, ZHAI Haizhen [Paper]

[WGC_35C] "Question and Answer 35C," Norio Yanagisawa [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 35D: Production Engineering 2 -- Pumps and Separators

[25012] "Cashing in on Marginal Production Wells Using High-Temperature Downhole Pumps," [Presenter: Erlindo Angcoy Jr], Erlindo ANGCOY Jr., Julius Marvin S. RIVERA, Ma. Emerose M. DEVILLES, Francis Xavier M. STA. ANA [Paper]

[25011] "Reykjanes Geothermal Field: Development of Combined Vertical and Horizontal Separator," [Presenter: Geir Thorolfsson], Geir ÞÓRÓLFSSON, Ármann E. LUND, Trausti HAUKSSON, Vigfús A. JÓSEFSSON, Þór GÍSLASON, Albert ALBERTSSON [Paper]

[25009] "Reykjanes Geothermal Field: Clarification of Brine for Reinjection and Production of Precipitated Silica," [Presenter: Trausti Hauksson], Trausti HAUKSSON, Ármann E. LUND, Kristín V. MATTHÍASDÓTTIR, Kiflom G. MESFIN, Þór GÍSLASON, Albert ALBERTSSON [Paper]

[25045] "Geothermal Applications of Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) in the USA and Turkey," [Presenter: James Lovekin], James LOVEKIN, Omer Faruk DAGISTAN, Cansu ARI, Thomas HOYT, George ROMERO [Paper]

[25040] "Brine Injection Pump Operation and Maintenance Actions (A Lesson Learned of Dieng Geothermal Field)," [Presenter: Hendra Ardi Kurniawan], Hendra Ardi KURNIAWAN, Muhammad ARIFIN, Budi SUTRISNO [Paper]

[WGC_35D] "Question and Answer 35D," Jaclyn Urbank [Abstract]

Tuesday 00:00 - 02:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 36A: Drilling and Completion 9

[21062] "An Updated Statistic Evaluation of Drilling Performance, Drilling Cost and Well Capacity of Geothermal Fields in Indonesia," [Presenter: Eko Hari Purwanto], Eko HARI PURWANTO, Eko SUWARNO, Carson HAKAMA, Aulia Rizky PRATAMA and Budi HERDIYANTO [Paper]

[21026] "Success of Geothermal Wells Drilled in Olkaria Domes Sector (Greater Olkaria Geothermal Area, Kenya)," [Presenter: Kizito Opondo], Kizito M. OPONDO, Vincent KOECH, Erique NYAWIR, [Paper]

[21067] "Radial Jet Drilling Stimulation in a Low-temperature Geothermal Well in Iceland," [Presenter: Gunnar Skulason Kaldal], Gunnar Skúlason KALDAL, Ingólfur THORBJORNSSON, Bjarni GAUTASON, Thomas REINSCH [Paper]

[21010] "Custom PDC Bits Significantly Increase Drilling Performance in Tauhara Geothermal Drilling Project, Taupo, New Zealand," [Presenter: Pawl Victor], Pawl VICTOR, Ellie LOCK, Ching BASIL, Rob TIPPLES [Paper]

[21046] "Casing Failure in Shallow Formation Based on Geochemical Properties and Casing Integrity Data in Patuha Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Ingria Yunandra Muhammad Arrasy], Ingria Yunandra Muhammad ARRASY, Randy Wijaya ATMAJA [Paper]

[21032] "Study on Improvement of Acidizing Fracturing Formula in Carbonate Reservoir," [Presenter: Junrong Liu], FENG Shuyou, HUANG Xianlong, LIU Zan [Paper]

[WGC_36A] "Question and Answer 36A," Yerasimos Angelis [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 36B: Reservoir Engineering 9 -- Advances

[22042] "Accelerating the Solution of Geothermal Inverse Problems Using Adjoint Methods in Waiwera: a Case Studies on Kerinci and Wairakei," [Presenter: Ruanui Nicholson], Benjamin GONZALEZ-GUTIERREZ, Elvar BJARKASON, Ruanui NICHOLSON, John O’SULLIVAN, Angus YEH, Michael O’SULLIVAN, Oliver MACLAREN [Paper]

[22001] "Energy Reserve Estimation of Los Humeros Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Hector Gonzalez Garcia], Hector GONZALEZ GARCIA, Ernst HUENGES, Francesco PARISIO, Henning FRANCKE [Paper]

[22082] "Twenty-Seven Months Performance of Silangkitang Reservoir, Sarulla Geothermal Working Area, North Sumatra, Indonesia," [Presenter: Lingkan Christi], Lingkan F CHRISTI, Aditya HERNAWAN, Doddy ASTRA [Paper]

[22081] "Reservoir Parameters Determination Using Well Tester Software in Las Pailas Geothermal Field, Costa Rica," [Presenter: Sergio Castro], Sergio CASTRO [Paper]

[WGC_36B] "Question and Answer 36B," Omer Inanc Tureyen [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 36C: Injection Technology

[23003] "Modelling of the Non-Condensable Gases Re-Injection for Geothermal Emission Control (GECO Project)," [Presenter: Vlasios Leontidis], Vlasios LEONTIDIS, Martin GAINVILLE, Laurent JEANNIN, Marc PERREAUX, Christine SOUQUE [Paper]

[23011] "Injection Triggered Occlusion of Flow Pathways in a Sedimentary Aquifer in Hungary," [Presenter: Maren Brehme], Maren BREHME, Kerstin NOWAK, Abel MARKO, Siklosi ISTVAN, Cees J.L. WILLEMS, Ernst HUENGES [Paper]

[23004] "Managing the Need for Growing Re-injection Capacity at Hellisheiði Power Plant, Iceland," [Presenter: Ingvi Gunnarsson], Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Bjarni Reyr KRISTJÁNSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Pálmar SIGURÐSSON, Gunnlaugur Brjánn HARALDSSON and Marta Rós KARLSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[23002] "Addressing Clogging Risks When Injecting Heat-Depleted and Oxygenated Hot Springs Water: Lessons Learnt from Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia," [Presenter: Martin Pujol], Martin PUJOL, Charles DAVIDSON, Ian BRANDES DE ROOS, Grant BOLTON [Paper]

[23009] "The Characteristics of Suspended Solids in Sandstone Reservoir Injection," [Presenter: Ji Luo], Ji LUO, Zhonghe PANG [Paper]

[23016] "Construction of a Reactor for the Supply of Geothermal Fluids Under Laboratory Conditions (GECO Project)," [Presenter: ], Tilman CREMER, Stefanie ERSTLING, Felix JAGERT, Isabella NARDINI, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

[WGC_36C] "Question and Answer 36C," Anna Suzuki [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 36D: Production Engineering 3 -- Facilities and Modeling

[25041] "Harnessing Energy and Water in the Salton Sea," [Presenter: Nikola Lakic], Nikola LAKIC [Paper]

[25019] "A Fully-Coupled Implicit Transient Two-Phase Wellbore Simulator," [Presenter: Maziar Gholami Korzani], Maziar GHOLAMI KORZANI, Fabian NITSCHKE, Sebastian HELD, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[25043] "Application of Well-Bore Flow Modelling in Geothermal Systems - Lessons Learned from Oil and Gas Production Systems," [Presenter: Aris Twerda], Aris TWERDA, Pejman SHOEIBI OMRANI, Andreas MACK, Jos VAN’T WESTENDE [Paper]

[25036] "Coupled Production Facility and Geothermal Well Performance Modelling: Case Studies and Insights," [Presenter: Joy Cristine Tolentino], Dale Emet ALTAR, Nigel Joseph KABIGTING, Joy Cristine TOLENTINO, Miguel Enrico VILLENA [Paper]

[25027] "Numerical Simulation of a Steam Pipeline Network Using Dymola," [Presenter: Maurizio Cei], Maurizio CEI, Mirco LUPI [Paper]

[WGC_36D] "Question and Answer 36D," Roland Horne [Abstract]

Tuesday 07:00 - 07:00


[Room: Stream C] SESSION 12P: Poster 3

[21003] "Application of Modified Inflatable Packer to Repair Production Casing Leak in Big Hole Geothermal Well," Ali MUNDAKIR, Agus A. ZUHRO, Budi SETIAWAN [Paper]

[21004] "Estimation of Downhole inclination in Directionally Drilled Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Serhat Akin], Tunc BURAK, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

[21006] "A Thermal Casing Connection Test to Avoid Casing Failure in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Boga Isa], Boga ISA, Fahmi SUNGKAR, Hendra SIMANJUNTAK [Paper]

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[28016] "Geothermal Direct Use to Overcome Frosts in Peruvian High Altitude Areas," [Presenter: Enzo Ochoa], Enzo Pedriño OCHOA MONTES, Ximena GUARDIA MUGURUZA [Paper]

[28027] "Beyond (Agro) Industrial Solutions: Approaching Direct Use of Geothermal Energy with a Social and Economic Perspective," [Presenter: Ana Alfaro], Ana Lucia ALFARO [Paper]

[28031] "An Update to Touristic Potential of Meshkinshahr Geothermal Resources, NW Iran," [Presenter: Seyed Zahed Mousavi], Seyed Zahed MOUSAVI and Saeid JALILINASRABADY [Paper]

[28032] "Integrating Geothermal and Solar Energies for Design and Development of Self Sustainable Cooling System," Taral PATEL, Manan SHAH [Paper]

[28037] "Experimental Investigation of Innovative and Conventional Shallow Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Matthias Schuck], Matthias SCHUCK, Peter NIEMANN, Finn RICHTER, Jürgen GRABE [Paper]

[28041] "Embryonated-Duck Egg (Balut) Incubator Utilizing Geothermal Surface Manifestation in Negros Oriental," [Presenter: Angel Angel], Angel HONCULADA, Ira Joshua SUMAEL [Paper]

[28047] "Preliminary Characterization of Thermal Waters for Direct-use Application in Indonesia: Case Study Dieng," [Presenter: Gagas Pambudi Utomo], Gagas Pambudi UTOMO, Dicky MUSLIM [Paper]

[28048] "The San Michkael Project, an Example of Multiple Direct Uses of a Low to Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Source for Developing Countries," [Presenter: Carlos Paiz Ramirez], Carlos D. PAIZ RAMIREZ [Paper]

[28062] "Kawerau Geothermal Field – Making the Most of What We Have," [Presenter: Jaime Jose Quinao], Jaime QUINAO, Brian CAREY [Paper]

[28067] "Lookahead from Kawerau, New Zealand: the Largest Geothermal Industrial Direct Use Complex in the World," Spence MCCLINTOCK, Robbie WATT, Jaime QUINAO [Paper]

[29000] "Experimental Performance Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) in Taleghan-Iran," [Presenter: Soheil Porkhial], Soheil PORKHIAL, Hossein LOTFIZADEH, Mohsen TAGHADOSI, Abbasali ABOUEI MEHRIZI [Paper]

[29006] "Provide Legal Solutions for the Development of Geothermal Heat Pumps Using Exiting Energy Laws in Iran," [Presenter: Mahnaz Rezvanikhalilabad], Mahnaz REZVANIKHALILABAD, Mohsen TAGHADDOSI, Nasim SABER and Pouneh DADGAR [Paper]

[29010] "Benefits in Coupling PCMs with Dual-Source Heat Pumps," Michele BOTTARELLI, Gang PEI, Yuehong SU [Paper]

[29013] "Main Aspect of the Use of Shallow Groundwater as a Heat Source in Households," [Presenter: Aleksandra Szulc-Wronska], Aleksandra SZULC-WROŃSKA, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Paper]

[29014] "Ground Temperature Profiles in Los Humeros, Puebla, México for Ground Source Heat Pumps Applications," Fernando RIVAS-CRUZ, Alfonso GARCÍA-GUTIÉRREZ, Daniel GONZÁLEZ-GARCÍA, Cesar ROSALES-LÓPEZ [Paper]

[29016] "Numerical Simulation of Migration of Leaked Pollutants in Underground Buried Tube Under Periodic Temperature Boundaries," [Presenter: Haiyan Lei], Jiali HAN, Haiyan LEI, Chuanshan DAI [Paper]

[29019] "Environmental Impact of Open-Loop Geothermal Heat Pumps System on the Nagara River Alluvial Fan in Gifu City, Central Japan," [Presenter: Randa Permanda], Randa PERMANDA, Tomoyuki OHTANI [Paper]

[29021] "Economic Analysis of Semi-Open Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in Different Parts of Japan," [Presenter: Saeid Mohammadzadeh Bina], Saeid MOHAMMADZADEH BINA, Hikari FUJII, Shunsuke TSUYA, Younes NOOROLLAHI, Hadi FARABI [Paper]

[29022] "Numerical Simulations of a Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump System," [Presenter: ], Seongkyun KIM, Byoung-Ohan SHIM, Youngmin LEE [Paper]

[29029] "Managing Urban Shallow Geothermal Energy (Preliminary Results of the MUSE Project)," [Presenter: Maciej Klonowski], Maciej R. KŁONOWSKI, Ignasi HERMS, Gregor GOETZL, Staša BOROVIĆ, Cornelia STEINER, Alejandro GARCÍA-GIL, Claus DITLEFSEN, David BOON, Fernanda VELOSO, Estelle PETITCLERC, Mitja JANŽA, Mikael ERLSTRÖM, Jan HOLEČEK, Natalya H. HUNTER WILLIAMS, Vincent P. VANDEWEIJER, Radovan ČERNAK, Boris MALYUK [Paper]

[29033] "Performance Monitoring of a Ground Source Heat Pump System with a Horizontal GHE in Los Humeros, Puebla, México," Fernando RIVAS-CRUZ, Vicente TORRES-LUNA, Daniel GONZÁLEZ-GARCÍA, Cesar ROSALES-LÓPEZ [Paper]

[29034] "Optimum Operation of the Open-loop Systems of Ground Source Heat Pump by the Controlled Pumping Water Flow Rate," [Presenter: Ichiro Masaki], Ichiro MASAKI, Tomoyuki OHTANI, Yoshiro SHIBA, Koji TANIFUJI [Paper]

[29035] "Field Test and Numerical Simulation for Evaluating an Effect of Ground Surface Coverage on Slinky-Coil Type Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger," [Presenter: Shunsuke Tsuya], Shunsuke TSUYA, Hikari FUJII, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA and Saeid MOHAMMADZADEH BINA [Paper]

[29036] "Techno-economic Performance Evaluation of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)," [Presenter: Simon Schueppler], Paul FLEUCHAUS, Simon SCHÜPPLER, Bas GODSCHALK, Guido BAKEMA, Roman ZORN, Philipp BLUM [Paper]

[29037] "Comparison Between Different Generations of BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) and Geothermal Heat Pumps," [Presenter: Birgitta Martinkauppi], R. LAUTKANKARE, T. SIVULA, J.B. MARTINKAUPPI [Paper]

[29038] "Estimating Thermophysical Parameters from In-situ Tests in Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Massimo Verdoya], Massimo VERDOYA, Josephin GIACOMINI, Pierluigi MAPONI, Maria Chiara INVERNIZZI, Paolo CHIOZZI [Paper]

[29039] "Long-Term Detailed Monitoring and Energy Performance Evaluation of a Ground Source Heat Pump System. A Study Case in Catalonia," [Presenter: Ignasi Herms], Ignasi HERMS, Jordi GARCÍA-CÉSPEDES, ARNÓ, José Juan DE FELIPE [Paper]

[29046] "Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems - Review," [Presenter: Aleksandar Georgiev], Aleksandar GEORGIEV, Rumen POPOV [Paper]

[29050] "Studies on the Borehole Heat Exchanger Performance Enhanced by Ground Water Flow in a GSHP," [Presenter: Byoung Ohan Shim], Byoung Ohan SHIM, Seong-Kyun KIM [Paper]

[29053] "Development of Resource Map with the Total Energy Consumption for Open-Loop Type Geothermal Heat Pump System," [Presenter: Tomoyuki Ohtani], Tomoyuki OHTANI, Koji SOMA [Paper]

[29062] "Effect of Geological Formations on Thermal Performance Modelling of a Deep Borehole," [Presenter: Sevan Karabetoglu], Sevan KARABETOGLU, Z. Fatih OZTURK, Ayse KASLILAR, Christopher JUHLIN, Altug SISMAN [Paper]

[29080] "Cascade Heating and Cooling of a Hotel Resort - 6 Years Operational Experience with a 400 m Deep BHE Alignment in an Alpine Dolomite Karst Aquifer," [Presenter: Ingo Sass], Ingo SASS; Clemens LEHR, Rafael SCHÄFFER, Friedl KAINZNER, Josef STOCK [Paper]

[29096] "Coupling Dynamic Heat Demands of Buildings with Borehole Heat Exchanger Simulations for Realistic Monitoring and Forecast," [Presenter: Jan Niederau], Jan NIEDERAU, Moritz LAUSTER, Johanna BRUCKMANN, Christoph CLAUSER, Dirk MUELLER [Paper]

[29099] "The Socioeconomic and Environmental Assessment of Using Geothermal Heat Pumps in China," [Presenter: Jingxue Wei], WEI Jingxue, LEI Yalin, YAO Huajun, GE Jianping [Paper]

Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 37A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 1 -- Performance Analysis

[29009] "Proposal of New Data Collection Methodology for Geothermal Heat Pumps Statistics - an Outcome of IEA Geothermal Working Group Activities," [Presenter: Yoonho Song], Yoonho SONG, Katharina LINK, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Josef WEBER [Paper]

[29026] "Method of Forecasting Undisturbed Ground Temperature Under Warm Temperate Climates in China," [Presenter: Wanli Wang], WANG Wanli, WANG Guiling, LIU Chunlei [Paper]

[29065] "Impact of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Borehole Heat Exchangers -- a Holistic Experimental Approach," [Presenter: Jan Christopher Hesse], Jan-Henrik KUPFERNAGEL, Jan Christopher HESSE, Bastian WELSCH, Markus SCHEDEL, Lutz MUELLER, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[29092] "Grouting Quality of Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Tim Lutz], Tim LUTZ, Yannick REDUTH [Paper]

[29048] "Ground Source Heat Pump Application in South-east Asian Countries," [Presenter: Arif Widiatmojo], Arif WIDIATMOJO, Yohei UCHIDA, Isao TAKASHIMA, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Punya CHARUSIRI, Srilert CHOTPANTARAT, Sasimook CHOKCHAI [Paper]

[29015] "Study on the Recovery Characteristics of Shallow Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: Yuan Yu], YU Yuan, LI Ningbo, YANG Junwei, LI Xiang, CAO Lei, YU Hao, XIAO Tianpeng [Paper]

[WGC_37A] "Question and Answer 37A," Leland Mink [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 37B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 1 -- Stimulation Planning and Design

[31081] "Enhancing Geothermal Reservoirs – Modelling and Analysis of Hydraulic and Thermal Stimulation (ERiS Project)," [Presenter: Inga Berre], Inga BERRE, Hau Trung DANG, Laure DUBOEUF, Eirik KEILEGAVLEN, Ivar STEFANSSON, Kristjan AGUSTSSON, Egill Arni GUDNASON, Saeunn HALLDORSDOTTIR, Volker OYE [Paper]

[31007] "Cyclic Hydraulic Stimulation Design to Develop Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)," [Presenter: Gnter Zimmermann], Günter ZIMMERMANN, Hannes HOFMANN, Arno ZANG, Ove STEPHANSSON, Marton FARKAS, Jeoung Seok YOON, Li ZHUANG, Kwang Yeom KIM, Ki-Bok MIN [Paper]

[31057] "Hydrothermal Simulation in a Fault Zone: Impacts of Stimulation Methods," [Presenter: Antoine Armandine Les Landes], Antoine ARMANDINELESLANDES, Julie MAURY, Mariane PETER-BORIE, Arnold BLAISONNEAU, Van Hieu TRAN, Théophile GUILLON, Annick LOSCHETTER and Simon LOPEZ [Paper]

[31038] "Hydraulic Stimulation Scenarios for a Potential Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) in Acoculco, Mexico," [Presenter: Michal Kruszewski], Hannes HOFMANN, Michal KRUSZEWSKI, Elisabeth PETERS, Abel Felipe HERNÁNDEZ OCHOA, Francesco PARISIO, Baptiste LEPILLIER [Paper]

[31006] "Engineering Safe Shear Motions for the Development of EGS Reservoirs," [Presenter: Francois Cornet], Francois CORNET [Paper]

[WGC_37B] "Question and Answer 37B," Dornadula Chandrasekharam [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 37C: Direct Use 1

[28046] "Workflow for Optimizing the Design of Close-Loop Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Martin Pujol], Martin PUJOL, Dimitri AYMARD [Paper]

[28000] "New Zealand Direct Geothermal Use Inventory Update – Data, Visualisation and Information," [Presenter: Samantha Alcaraz], Melissa CLIMO, Sarah MILICICH, Penny DOORMAN, Samantha ALCARAZ, Anya SEWARD, Brian CAREY [Paper]

[28061] "Potential of Direct Use of Geothermal Energy in Uganda," [Presenter: James Francis Natukunda], James Francis NATUKUNDA and Godfrey BAHATI [Paper]

[28009] "Geothermal in TunIsia: Why It Is Promising?," [Presenter: Mouldi Ben Mohamed], Mouldi BEN MOHAMED [Paper]

[28038] "Potential Use of Geothermal Energy for Social, Economic and Environmental Development in Nicaragua," [Presenter: Norman Andres Reyes Susano], Alden JIRON, Norman REYES [Paper]

[28035] "Opportunities for Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy in the Eastern Caribbean," [Presenter: Charlin Bodley], Charlin BODLEY [Paper]

[WGC_37C] "Question and Answer 37C," Mark Chrisp [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 37D: Geothermal Wellbeing

[34007] "Right-sized Geothermal Tetrageneration(TM) for Eco-tourism Clusters and Better Lives for Host Communities in the Developing World," [Presenter: Robert Kennedy], Robert KENNEDY, Jeffrey BENEGAR [Paper]

[34008] "Adding Value to Geothermal Food Production Through Experience Design," [Presenter: Barbara Pavlakovic], TURNSEK, M., THORARINSDOTTIR, R., BOEDIJN, A., BAEZA, E., ESPINAL, C., Van Den VEN, R., PAVLAKOVIC, B [Paper]

[34000] "Perspectives of Geothermal Water Concentrates Reuse in Different Directions in Poland, Also in the Balneology and Cosmetology Industry," [Presenter: Magdalena Tyszer], Barbara TOMASZEWSKA, Magdalena TYSZER [Paper]

[02019] "Assessment of Environmental Benefits from Geothermal Development in Eastern and Southeastern Asia," [Presenter: Tae Jong Lee], Tae Jong LEE, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Toshihiro UCHIDA, Gaulav SHRESTHA, and Yoonho SONG [Paper]

[02003] "Environmental Barriers to Geothermal Development in Eastern and Southeastern Asia," [Presenter: Kasumi Yasukawa], Kasumi YASUKAWA, Tae Jong LEE, Toshihiro UCHIDA and Yoonho SONG [Paper]

[WGC_37D] "Question and Answer 37D," Brian Carey [Abstract]

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 38A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 2 -- Urban and Industrial Applications

[29004] "Geothermal Heat Pumps Role in Rebuilding Christchurch’s Commercial Business District," [Presenter: Brian Carey], Anya SEWARD, Brian CAREY [Paper]

[29023] "Alternative Heating Systems for Northern Remote Communities: Error Analysis of Shallow Geothermal Potential in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada," [Presenter: Evelyn Gunawan], Evelyn GUNAWAN, Nicolò GIORDANO, Páll JENSSON, Juliet NEWSON, Jasmin RAYMOND [Paper]

[29031] "Shallow Geothermal Potential with Borehole Heat Exchangers (BHEs): Three Case Studies in the Alps," [Presenter: Dusan Rajver], Dusan RAJVER, Alessandro CASASSO, Pietro CAPODAGLIO, Charles CARTANNAZ, Joerg PRESTOR, Charles MARAGNA, Jernej JEZ [Paper]

[29007] "Snow Melting System Using Spring Water from Tunnel Construction in the Mountain Area of Japan," [Presenter: Masahiko Katsuragi], Masahiko KATSURAGI [Paper]

[29041] "Estimating Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Energy Potential in Four Cities of Southern Chile: A Battle Against Particulate Material Pollution," [Presenter: Diego Aravena], Diego ARAVENA, Mauricio MUÑOZ, Pablo VALDENEGRO, Linda DANIELE, Diego MORATA [Paper]

[29001] "Geothermal Heat Pump as a Cooling System to Reduce the Temperature of the Transformer’s Oil," [Presenter: Mohsen Taghaddosi], Mohsen TAGHADDOSI, Sohail PORKHIAL [Paper]

[WGC_38A] "Question and Answer 38A," Jasmin Raymond [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 38B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 2 -- Research Sites

[31095] "The EGS Collab Project – Fracture Stimulation and Flow Experiments for Coupled Process Model Validation at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), South Dakota, USA," [Presenter: Patrick Dobson], Patrick DOBSON, Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Joseph MORRIS, Pengcheng FU, Hunter KNOX, Paul SCHWERING, Mathew INGRAHAM, Mark WHITE, Timothy JOHNSON, Jeffrey BURGHARDT, Thomas DOE, William ROGGENTHEN, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Robert PODGORNEY, Roland HORNE, Adam HAWKINS, Lianjie HUANG, Luke FRASH, Jon WEERS, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Martin SCHOENBALL, Carol VALLADAO, and The EGS COLLAB Team [Paper]

[31073] "Lessons Learned from the Ogachi and Hijiori HDR/EGS Projects, Japan," [Presenter: Hideshi Kaieda], Hideshi KAIEDA [Paper]

[31112] "The Current Geoscientific Understanding of the Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Stuart Simmons], Stuart SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY, Rick ALLIS, Kris PANKOW, Clay JONES, Phil WANNAMAKER, Rob PODGORNEY, John MILLER, Christian HARDWICK, Joe MOORE [Paper]

[31027] "What Are the Challenges in Developing Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)? Observations from 64 EGS Sites," [Presenter: Ahinoam Pollack], Ahinoam POLLACK, Roland HORNE, Tapan MUKERJI [Paper]

[WGC_38B] "Question and Answer 38B," Biao Shu [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 38C: Direct Use 2

[28018] "Suitability Assessment to Establish an Industrial Park with Thermal Energy from Chalpatán Geothermal Field, Ecuador," [Presenter: Andres Lloret], Andres LLORET [Paper]

[28034] "Adaptive Aquaponics Design for Different Climate Regions with Geothermal Energy Potential," [Presenter: Alexander Boedijn], BOEDIJN, A., BAEZA, E., ESPINAL, C., VAN DE VEN, R., THORARINSDOTTIR, R., and TURNSEK, M [Paper]

[28028] "Geothermal Space Heating Has a Promising Role to Play in the Reduction of Air Pollution in North China: a Success Story of the Xiongxian Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Zhonghe Pang], Zhonghe PANG, Jumei PANG [Paper]

[28019] "The Prediction of Thermal Performance for Outdoor Swimming Pools," [Presenter: Tine Aprianti], Tine APRIANTI, Peter ALLNUTT, Kandadai SRINIVASAN, Hui Tong CHUA [Paper]

[28007] "Identification of Prospective Areas in Water-Stressed Regions for Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Desalination," [Presenter: John Gilliland], Kenneth ALEXANDER and John GILLILAND and Jason FISHER [Paper]

[28026] "Food Conservation with Geothermal Energy in Mexico and the World," [Presenter: Hector Avina], Hector M. AVIÑA, Eduardo PEREZ-GONZALEZ, Alberto M. GARDUÑO, Edgar R. PACHECO, Luis MORA [Paper]

[WGC_38C] "Question and Answer 38C," Hrefna Kristmannsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 38D: Drilling and Completion 10 -- Completions

[21100] "Casing Connection Evaluation for High-temperature Geothermal Applications – A Case Study," [Presenter: Mark Droessler], Mark DROESSLER, Gang TAO, Kirk HAMILTON, Barry SKELTON, Masaki YOSHIKAWA [Paper]

[21052] "Effective Containment Pressure – A Concept for Casing Shoe Strength Assessment and a Method for Forecasting It," [Presenter: Ralph Winmill], Ralph WINMILL [Paper]

[21071] "Study on Applicability of a Newly-Developed Biodegradable Polymer to Fiber Mud in Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Eiji Ishioka], Eiji ISHIOKA, Tatsuyoshi AOKI, Shigemi NAGANAWA, Ryutaro MUKAI [Paper]

[21068] "Evaluating Casing Deformations in Geothermal Wells Using Multifinger Caliper Data Analysis," [Presenter: John Runciman], John RUNCIMAN, Todd ZAHACY [Paper]

[21118] "Finite Element Modelling of a Novel Casing Protection for High Temperature Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Mehmet Pekyavas], Mehmet PEKYAVAS, Magnús Þór JÓNSSON, Sigrún Nanna KARLSDÓTTIR, Gunnar SKÚLASON KALDAL, Sunna ÓLAFSDÓTTIR WALLEVIK [Paper]

[21107] "Formation Integrity Test Method for Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Ernesto Rivas], William M. RICKARD, Sam ABRAHAM, Ernesto RIVAS and Mary MANN [Paper]

[WGC_38D] "Question and Answer 38D," Ruiyue Yang [Abstract]

Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 39A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 3 -- Data Analysis Techniques

[29024] "Use of Cross g-functions to Calculate Interference Between Ground Heat Exchangers Used in Ground-source Heat Pump Systems," [Presenter: Jeffre S], Matt S. MITCHELL, Jeffrey D. SPITLER, Signhild E.A. GEHLIN [Paper]

[29028] "Modelling the Thermal Response of Geothermal Heat Exchangers Using Asymptotic Expansion Techniques," [Presenter: Miguel Hermanns], Miguel HERMANNS [Paper]

[29042] "A First European Collection of Thermal Response Tests," [Presenter: Antonio Galgaro], Antonio GALGARO, Giorgia DALLA SANTA, Jacques VERCRUYSSE, Dimitrios MENDRINOS, Fabio MOIA, Angelo ZARRELLA [Paper]

[29083] "How Soil Moisture Variation Can Affect Horizontal Ground Heat Exchangers Performances: the Iter Project Case Study," [Presenter: Eloisa Di Sipio], Eloisa DI SIPIO [Paper]

[29055] "Emulated Borehole Heat Exchanger for Comparison of Different TRT Units," [Presenter: Hanne Karrer], Hanne KARRER, Immo KÖTTING, Peter OSGYAN, Gloria STREIB, Thomas BEIKIRCHER [Paper]

[WGC_39A] "Question and Answer 39A," Katsunori Nagano [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 39B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 3 -- Geomechanics

[31011] "Utah FORGE: Injection Test Interpretation," [Presenter: Jabs Aljubran], Mohammad ALJUBRAN, Roland HORNE, Mark ZOBACK [Paper]

[31041] "Geomechanical Analysis of the Hydraulic Stimulations in Borehole PX2 at Pohang EGS Site, South Korea," [Presenter: Andres Alcolea], Andrés ALCOLEA, Peter MEIER, Victor VILARASA, Sebastià OLIVELLA, Jesús CARRERA [Paper]

[31071] "Hydraulic Stimulation Design for Well RV-43 on Geldinganes, Iceland," [Presenter: Gnter Zimmermann], Hannes HOFMANN, Günter ZIMMERMANN, Arno ZANG, Santiago ALDAZ, Simone CESCA, Sebastian HEIMANN, Stefan MIKULLA, Claus MILKEREIT, Torsten DAHM, Ernst HUENGES, Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Sandra SNAEBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Edda ARADÓTTIR, Ragnheidur ÁSGEIRSDÓTTIR, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, Ólafur FLOVENZ, Arnaud MIGNAN, Et al [Paper]

[31092] "Depth-Dependent Scaling of Fracture Patterns Inferred from Borehole Images in GPK3 and GPK4 Wells at Soultz-sous-Forêts Geothermal Site," [Presenter: Mohammad Javad Afshari Moein], Mohammad Javad AFSHARI MOEIN, Kristian BÄR, Benoit VALLEY, Albert Genter, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[31014] "Survey of the Forming Mechanism of Hot Dry Rock Along the Southeastern Coast of China," [Presenter: Wenjing Lin], LIN Wenjing, WANG Guiling, GAN Haonan, YUE Gaofan [Paper]

[WGC_39B] "Question and Answer 39B," Halldora Gudmundsdottir [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 39C: Direct Use 3 -- Heat Storage and Mineral Extraction

[28039] "Fjell 2020 High Temperature Borehole Energy Storage - System Control for Various Operation Modes," [Presenter: Randi Kalskin Ramstad], Maria JUSTO ALONSO, Randi Kalskin RAMSTAD, Henrik HOLMBERG Harald Taxt WALNUM, Kirsti MIDTTØMME, Geir ANDERSEN [Paper]

[28045] "Transition from Hydrocarbon Production to Geothermal Heat Storage in the Upper Rhine Graben – the DeepStor Project," [Presenter: Katharina Schaetzler], Eva SCHILL, Jens GRIMMER, Katharina SCHÄTZLER, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[28001] "Low Temperature Deep Geothermal Operations for Direct Use in France: Development of a National Geothermal Database and Last Review," [Presenter: Virginie Hamm], Virginie HAMM, Camille MAUREL [Paper]

[39000] "Update on Geothermal Mineral Extraction – New Zealand’s Journey," [Presenter: Brian Carey], Melissa CLIMO, Brian CAREY, Ed MROCZEK [Paper]

[39001] "Western USA Assessment of High Value Materials in Geothermal Fluids and Produced Fluids," [Presenter: Stuart Simmons], Stuart SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY [Paper]

[39003] "Valorization of Geothermal Waters: the Development and Testing of a Supercritical Fluid Extraction Process for the Recovery of Lithium," [Presenter: Arna Palsdottir], Arna PÁLSDÓTTIR, Christopher A. ALABI, John F. H. THOMPSON, Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

[WGC_39C] "Question and Answer 39C," Hui Tong Chua [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 39D: Heat from Oil-Gas-Coal Fields

[41006] "Inventory and First Assessment of Oil and Gas Wells Conversion for Geothermal Heat Recovery in France," [Presenter: Camille Maurel], Camille MAUREL, Virginie HAMM, Frederick BUGAREL [Paper]

[41003] "Geothermal Resources and Utilization in Oilfields," [Presenter: Junwen Hu], WANG Shejiao, YAN Jiahong, WANG Kaihong, REN Hengtai, HU Junwen [Paper]

[41000] "The Reutilization of a Small Coal Mine as a Mine thermal Energy Storage," [Presenter: Florian Hahn], Florian HAHN, Felix JAGERT, Gregor BUSSMANN, Isabella NARDINI, Rolf BRACKE, Torsten SEIDEL, Christoph KÖNIG [Paper]

[41004] "Towards the Use of Geothermal Resources Available in Oil and Gas Sedimentary Basins in Colombia," [Presenter: Joaquin Pablo Aguilera Bustos], Omar PINTO, Pablo AGUILERA, Oscar CIDEOS and Jose Luis HENRIQUEZ [Paper]

[41005] "The Polish Experience in Utilization of Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Purposes," [Presenter: Anna Sowizdzal], Anna CHMIELOWSKA, Anna SOWIŻDŻAŁ, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Paper]

[41021] "The Thermal Resource of Mine Waters in Abandoned Coalfields; Opportunities and Challenges for the United Kingdom," [Presenter: Gareth Farr], Gareth FARR and Jon BUSBY [Paper]

[WGC_39D] "Question and Answer 39D," Kewen Li [Abstract]

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 40A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 4 -- Simulation and Modelling

[29008] "Modelling the Change of Heat Exchange Rate of Borehole Heat Exchanger in Large GSHP System," [Presenter: Haibing Shao], Haibing SHAO, Shuang CHEN, Francesco WITTE, Ilja TUSCHY, Olaf KOLDITZ [Paper]

[29051] "Performance of Ground Source Heat Pumps in Densely Populated Areas," [Presenter: Maria Letizia Fasci], Maria Letizia FASCI, Joachim CLAESSON, Alberto LAZZAROTTO, José ACUÑA [Paper]

[29061] "Regional Evaluation and Statistical Modeling of Required Lengths for a Borehole Heat Exchanger Considering Varied Geology in Japan," [Presenter: Yoshitaka Sakata], Yoshitaka SAKATA, Takao KATSURA and Katsunori NAGANO [Paper]

[29076] "Undisturbed Ground Temperature in Urban Environment," [Presenter: Vladimir Soldo], Luka BOBAN, Vladimir SOLDO, Iva BERTOVIĆ [Paper]

[29002] "Field Test and Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Ground Heat Exchangers Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling," [Presenter: Hikari Fujii], Hikari FUJII, Shunsuke TSUYA, Retsu Harada, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA [Paper]

[29003] "Borehole Heat Exchanger Fields – Do They Know What They Do?," [Presenter: Sandra Pester], Sandra PESTER, Holger JENSEN and Robert SCHOENER [Paper]

[WGC_40A] "Question and Answer 40A," Younes Noorollahi [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 40B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 4 -- Induced Seismicity

[31039] "Understanding the Pohang EGS Reservoir and the Need for Advanced Traffic Light Systems," [Presenter: Peter Meier], Peter MEIER, Falko BETHMANN, Olivier ZINGG, Andres ALCOLEA, Dieter OLLINGER, Thessa TORMANN, Raymi CASTILLA [Paper]

[31052] "Forecasting Induced Seismicity and Maximizing Production of Electricity in EGS," [Presenter: Dimitrios Karvounis], Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Stefan WIEMER [Paper]

[31083] "Seismicity Observed During the Development of the Rittershoffen Deep Geothermal Field (France)," [Presenter: Emmanuel Gaucher], Emmanuel GAUCHER, Vincent MAURER, Marc GRUNBERG, Rike KOEPKE, Romain PESTOURIE, Nicolas CUENOT [Paper]

[31034] "Introduction of Microseismic Monitoring During Water Injection Test in the Okuaizu Geothermal Field, Japan," [Presenter: Kyosuke Okamoto], Kyosuke OKAMOTO, Yuki TANAKA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Takashi OKABE, Yasuyuki ABE, Masatoshi TSUZUKI [Paper]

[31040] "Seismicity Analysis with Spatial or Temporal Relation to the Deep Geothermal Project in Pohang, Korea," [Presenter: Falko Bethmann], Falko BETHMANN, Dieter OLLINGER, Thessa TORMANN, Peter MEIER [Paper]

[WGC_40B] "Question and Answer 40B," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 40C: Direct Use 4

[28029] "Geothermal Direct Use – International Energy Agency Geothermal Technical Collaboration Programme," [Presenter: Brian Carey], Katharina LINK, Brian CAREY [Paper]

[28049] "Opportunities for Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy in Eburru Area, Nakuru County in Kenya," [Presenter: Cornelius Ndetei], Cornelius NDETEI [Paper]

[28060] "Drying of Banana Through Geothermal Steam, Berlín Geothermal Field, El Salvador," [Presenter: Laura Cordero De Fuentes], Laura CORDERO [Paper]

[28023] "Design, Simulation and Construction of a Modular Desalination Plant with Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy in Baja California Sur, Mexico," [Presenter: Hector Avina], Héctor AVIÑA, Luis Antonio GONZÁLEZ, Inti RAMOS, Selef GARCIA [Paper]

[WGC_40C] "Question and Answer 40C," Haiyan Lei [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 40D: Reservoir Engineering 10 -- Low Temperature

[22083] "Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development for District Heating in Big Metropolises by Means of Optimized Geothermal Reservoir Management: A Case Study from Munich (Germany)," [Presenter: Ernesto Meneses Rioseco], Ernesto MENESES RIOSECO, Michael DUSSEL [Paper]

[22101] "Possible Seasonal Injection of Surplus Hot Water from the Hengill Area Into A Low Temperature System Within Iceland´s Capital Region," [Presenter: Sigrun Tomasdottir], Sigrún TÓMASDÓTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Edda Sif Pind ARADÓTTIR [Paper]

[22132] "Managing the Production Fields in the Hengill Area," [Presenter: Gunnar Gunnarsson], Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Sigrún TÓMASDÓTTIR, Simon KLÜPFEL, Gísli Björn BJÖRNSSON, Ásgeir WESTERGREN [Paper]

[22139] "Flexible Lumped Parameter Modelling for Low-Temperature Reservoir Assessment," [Presenter: Simon Kluepfel], Simon KLÜPFEL, Gunnar GUNNARSSON [Paper]

[22039] "History Matching of Interference Tests in the Dogger Formation – Paris Basin: Comparison of a Bayesian Framework and a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach," [Presenter: Thomas Schaaf], Thomas SCHAAF, Delphine PATRIARCHE, Patrick EGERMANN, Tiphaine FARGETTON [Paper]

[22023] "The Characteristics of thermal Reservoir Hydraulic Field in Wumishan Group, Tianjin," [Presenter: Haiyan Lei], RUAN Chuanxia, FENG Shuyou, ZONG Zhenhai, YAN Jiaxian, CHENG Wanqing [Paper]

[WGC_40D] "Question and Answer 40D," Morgane Le Brun [Abstract]

Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 41A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 5 -- Thermal Storage and Hybrid Systems

[29091] "HEATSTORE – Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) – State of the Art, Example Cases and Lessons Learned," [Presenter: Anders Kallesoee], Anders J. KALLESOEE, Thomas VANGKILDE-PEDERSEN, Jan E. NIELSEN, Guido BAKEMA, Patrick EGERMANN, Charles MARAGNA, Florian HAHN, Luca GUGLIELMETTI and Joris KOORNNEEF [Paper]

[29052] "Innovative Coaxial Heat Exchangers for Shallow Geothermal," [Presenter: Luc Pockele], Luc POCKELE', Giulia MEZZASALMA, Davide RIGHINI, Jacques VERCRUYSSE, Francesco CICOLIN, Gianluca CADELANO, Antonio GALGARO, Giorgia DALLA SANTA, Michele DE CARLI, Giuseppe EMMI, Dimitris MENDRINOS, Riccardo PASQUALI, Adriana BERNARDI [Paper]

[29097] "Optimising Geothermal Energy Storage in Harsh Climate Conditions," [Presenter: Teppo Arola], Teppo AROLA, Petri HAKALA, Sami VALLIN [Paper]

[29068] "Long-term Operation Management of a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System Combined with a Cooling Tower by Using an Autonomic Optimum Control System in Cooling-dominant Region," [Presenter: Takao Katsura], Takao KATSURA, Yasushi NAKAMURA, Yoshitaka SAKATA, Katsunori NAGANO [Paper]

[WGC_41A] "Question and Answer 41A," James Lovekin [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 41B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 5 -- Modeling Studies

[31076] "Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Stimulation in Pohang Fractured Geothermal Reservoir, South Korea," [Presenter: Marton Farkas], Marton Pal FARKAS, Hannes HOFMANN, Gunter ZIMMERMANN, Arno ZANG, Falko BETHMANN, Peter MEIER [Paper]

[31085] "Stochastic Modeling of EGS Using Continuum-Fracture Approach," [Presenter: Jan Brezina], Jan BREZINA, Jan STEBEL, Pavel EXNER, Martin SPETLIK [Paper]

[31096] "Thermo-hydraulic Modeling of an Enhanced Geothermal System in the Upper Rhine Graben Using MOOSE/TIGER," [Presenter: Robert Egert], Robert EGERT, Maziar GHOLAMI KORZANI, Sebastian HELD, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[31079] "Modelling of Thermally Induced Fracture Slip Caused by Fluid Injection During Geothermal Production," [Presenter: Ivar Stefansson], Ivar STEFANSSON, Runar BERGE, Inga BERRE, Eirik KEILEGAVLEN [Paper]

[31077] "Modelling of Fractured Granitic Geothermal Reservoirs: Use of High Resolution Data in Discrete Fracture Networks and a Coupled Processes Modeling Framework," [Presenter: Arezki Chabani], Arezki CHABANI, Ghislain TRULLENQUE, Rishi PARASHAR, Armand POMART, Ruben ATTALI, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[31104] "Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Reservoir Modeling of the Milford Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Robert Podgorney], Robert PODGORNEY, Aleta FINNILA, John MCLENNAN, and Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

[WGC_41B] "Question and Answer 41B," Francois Cornet [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 41C: Direct Use 5

[28056] "Direct Use of Geothermal Energy: Feasibility Study for the Construction of a Geothermal Spa in Menengai, Kenya," [Presenter: Esther Njuguna], Esther Nyambura NJUGUNA, Japhet TOWETT [Paper]

[28071] "Economic Potential of the Untapped Opportunities for Direct Uses of Geothermal Energy Resources in Kenya," [Presenter: Clety Bore], BORE, Clety Kwambai [Paper]

[28017] "Heat or Power?: Proposing Geothermal Development on the Basis of Fossil Fuel Displacement," [Presenter: Casey Lavigne], Casey LAVIGNE, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Jonathan BANKS [Paper]

[28040] "Modelling Direct Use from the Tauranga Low Temperature Geothermal System in New Zealand," [Presenter: John Burnell], John BURNELL, Sophie PEARSON-GRANT, Penny DOORMAN, Janine BARBER [Paper]

[WGC_41C] "Question and Answer 41C," Levi Kulundu [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 41D: District Heating 1 -- International

[35011] "District Geothermal Heating Using EGS Technology to Meet Carbon Neutrality Goals: A Case Study of Earth Source Heat for the Cornell University Campus," [Presenter: Jefferson Tester], Jeff TESTER, Steve BEYERS, J. Olaf GUSTAFSON, Terry JORDAN, Patrick M. FULTON, Adam J. HAWKINS, Jared D. SMITH, Jood Al ASWAD, Koenraad BECKERS, Rick ALLMENDINGER, Larry BROWN, Frank HOROWITZ, Daniel MAY, Tasnuva Ming KHAN, and Matt PRITCHARD [Paper]

[35029] "Comparison of the Heat Consumption of Icelandic and Chinese District Heating Systems," [Presenter: Pall Valdimarsson], Pall VALDIMARSSON [Paper]

[35002] "Scenarios for Integration of Medium-Depth Geothermal Energy in an Evolving District Heating System: Case Study in Geneva (Switzerland)," [Presenter: Loic Quiquerez], Loïc QUIQUEREZ, Fleury DE OLIVEIRA FILHO, Sylvie FAY, Pierre HOLLMULLER, Michel MEYER [Paper]

[35001] "Weighing Policy Incentives with Geothermal District Heat Planning Tools in Helena, Montana, USA," [Presenter: Nicholas Fry], Nicholas FRY [Paper]

[35008] "Low-temperature Heating and Cooling Grids Based on Shallow Geothermal Methods for Urban Areas," [Presenter: Edith Haslinger], Edith HASLINGER, Gregor GÖTZL, Karl PONWEISER, Peter BIERMAYR, Andreas HAMMER, Viktoria ILLYÉS, Veronika TUREWICZ, David HUBER, Robin FRIEDRICH, David STUCKEY, Gerhard BARTAK, Franz VOGL, Richard NIEDERBRUCKER, Gerfried KOCH, David BAUERNFEIND, Paul KINNER, Peter HOLZER, Thomas KIENBERGER [Paper]

[35006] "HEATSTORE Project Update: High Temperature Underground Thermal Energy Storage," [Presenter: Holger Cremer], Joris KOORNNEEF, Luca GUGLIELMETTI, Florian HAHN, Patrick EGERMANN, Thomas VANGKILDE-PEDERSEN, Edda Sif ARADOTTIR, Koen ALLAERTS, Fátima VIVEIRO and Maarten SAALTINK [Paper]

[WGC_41D] "Question and Answer 41D," Sebastian Homuth [Abstract]

Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 42A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 6 -- Problem Solving and Novel Techniques

[29069] "Design Framework and Laboratory Experiments for Slinky-Loop Type Ground Source Heat Exchangers and Integration of Novel Heat Pump Designs for Retrofitting Projects," [Presenter: Edith Haslinger], Edith HASLINGER, Michael LAUERMANN, Henk WITTE, Robin FRIEDRICH, Stephan KLING, Christoph REICHL, Joan FARNOS BAULENAS Manuel MARTINEZ, Andrea FRAZZICA, Antonio BONNANO, Valeria PALOMBA, Marco ROCCHETTI [Paper]

[29027] "Diagnosing Encrustation Problems in Open-loop Groundwater Heat Pump Systems in Melhus, Norway," [Presenter: Randi Kalskin Ramstad], Lars Aaberg STENVIK, Sondre GJENGEDAL, Bjørn Syver FRENGSTAD, Randi Kalskin RAMSTAD [Paper]

[29040] "A Comparison Between Traditional and Hybrid Optic Fibre Based Ground Thermal Response Tests," [Presenter: Giorgia Dalla Santa], Giorgia DALLA SANTA, Luca SCHENATO, Philippe PASQUIER, Antonio GALGARO [Paper]

[29011] "Migration Experiment of the Leaked Pollutants in Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Haiyan Lei], Haiyan LEI, Wei GUO, Chuanshan DAI [Paper]

[29005] "Modelling and Analysis of Spiral Type Ground Heat Exchanger for Geothermal Heat Pump," [Presenter: Younes Noorollahi], Younes NOOROLLAHI, Reza SAEIDI, Mostafa FALLAHNEJAD [Paper]

[WGC_42A] "Question and Answer 42A," Hikari Fujii [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 42B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 6 -- Production and Heat Recovery

[31013] "Characteristic of Pore Pressure Migration Clarified by Multidisciplinary Microseismic Analysis," [Presenter: Yusuke Mukuhira], Yusuke MUKUHIRA, Takatoshi ITO, Hriokazu MORIYA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Markus HARING [Paper]

[31084] "Numerical Modeling of Production Scenarios for Engineered Geothermal System (EGS) in Acoculco, Mexico," [Presenter: Paromita Deb], Paromita DEB, Dominique KNAPP, Gabriele MARQUART, Christoph CLAUSER [Paper]

[31012] "Resource Assessment of Kozak Granodiorite for an EGS Application in Dikili-İzmir Region, Western Turkey," [Presenter: Aysegul Turan], Aysegul TURAN, Emre ARTUN, Salih SANER [Paper]

[31026] "Techno Economic Evaluation of Soft-Stimulation Measures Under Consideration of Uncertainty," [Presenter: Elif Kaymakci], Soeren WELTER, Elif KAYMAKCI, Dorothee SIEFERT, Thomas KOELBEL [Paper]

[31049] "Energy Balance Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing During EGS Development," [Presenter: Tamaki Ishikawa], Tamaki ISHIKAWA, Koichi YAMADA [Paper]

[31018] "Comparisons of Heat Extraction Performances for a Multilateral-well Enhanced Geothermal System with CO2 and Water as Working Fluids," [Presenter: Xianzhi Song], Yu SHI, Xianzhi SONG, Gaosheng WANG, Guofeng SONG, Jiacheng LI [Paper]

[WGC_42B] "Question and Answer 42B," Xiaodong Ma [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 42C: Advanced Technology 1


[37027] "Magma-sourced Geothermal Energy and Plans for Krafla Magma Testbed," [Presenter: John Eichelberger], John EICHELBERGER, Charles CARRIGAN, Hjalti Pall INGOLFSSON, Yan LAVALLEE, John LUDDEN, Sigurdur MARKUSSON, Anette MORTENSEN, Paolo PAPALE, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Jefferson William TESTER, and The KMT Consortium [Paper]

[37006] "Supercritical and Superhot Geothermal Resources - Some Fundamental Insights," [Presenter: Thomas Driesner], Thomas DRIESNER, and The COTHERM Team [Paper]

[37011] "Supercritical Fluids - Learning About the Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems from IEA Geothermal Collaboration," [Presenter: Chris Bromley], Chris BROMLEY, Gudni AXELSSON, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Adele MANZELLA, Patrick DOBSON [Paper]

[37018] "Utilization of Superhot Geothermal Systems – Challenges and Opportunities," [Presenter: Kristinn Ingason], Kristinn INGASON, Vilhjálmur KRISTJÁNSSON [Paper]

[37002] "Japanese Supercritical Geothermal Project for Drastic Increase of Geothermal Power Generation in 2050," [Presenter: Hiroshi Asanuma], Hiroshi ASANUMA, Toru MOGI, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA, Noriaki WATANABE, Shigemi NAGANAWA, Yasuo OGAWA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Tatsuya KAJIWARA, Kazumi OSATO, Kuniaki SHIMADA, Seiki HORIMOTO, Takashi SATO, Shigeto YAMADA, Kimio WATANABE [Paper]

[WGC_42C] "Question and Answer 42C," John Eichelberger [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 42D: District Heating 2 -- Iceland

[35004] "Geothermal Heating of Iceland‘s Football Structures – a Factor in Iceland‘s Recent International Football Success?," [Presenter: Ludvik Georgsson], Lúdvík S. GEORGSSON, Kristján ÁSGEIRSSON, Thorbergur KARLSSON, Jón RUNÓLFSSON, Geir THORSTEINSSON and Kjartan HELGASON [Paper]

[35014] "The Eskifjordur Low-Temperature Geothermal System in E-Iceland, Pressure Response Modelling and Tracer Test Analysis," [Presenter: Gunnar Thorgilsson], Gunnar THORGILSSON, Gudni AXELSSON, Saeunn HALLDORSDOTTIR, Vigdis HARDARDOTTIR, Bjarni GAUTASON, Finnbogi OSKARSSON [Paper]

[35027] "The Complex History of Geothermal Utilization for the District Heating System of Hveragerð," [Presenter: Gudmundur Gunnarsson], Guðmundur Óli GUNNARSSON, Aðalsteinn MÖLLER, Edda S.P. ARADÓTTIR, Sandra Ó. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Einar GUNNLAUGSSON, Hreinn HALLDÓRSSON, Ragna Björk BRAGADÓTTIR [Paper]

[35030] "Optimization of A Booster Pump Location Within the Reykjaveita Hot Water Distribution System in NE Iceland Using A Network Model," [Presenter: Agust Gudmundsson], Agust GUDMUNDSSON, Helgi G. GUNNARSSON [Paper]

[35025] "Flexible Operation of a Dually Fed District Heating System in Iceland’s Capital Region: Improving Overall Resource Utilization," Baldur BRYNJARSSON, Arna PALSDOTTIR, Sigrun TOMASDOTTIR, Haukur Darri HAUKSSON, Gretar IVARSSON [Paper]

[WGC_42D] "Question and Answer 42D," Olafur Petur Palsson [Abstract]

Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 43A: Software and Technology

[33004] "Volsung: A Comprehensive Software Package for Geothermal Reservoir Simulation," [Presenter: Jonathon Clearwater], Peter FRANZ, Jonathon CLEARWATER [Paper]

[33001] "Low-cost Software for 3D Geothermal Data Visualization and Model Construction," [Presenter: Jeff Witter], Jeffrey B. WITTER [Paper]

[33017] "Waiwera: A New Parallel Open-Source Geothermal Reservoir Simulator," [Presenter: Adrian Croucher], Adrian CROUCHER, Michael O'SULLIVAN, John O'SULLIVAN, Angus YEH, John BURNELL and Warwick KISSLING [Paper]

[33024] "MoBTES – A New Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Model in Modelica," [Presenter: Julian Formhals], Julian FORMHALS, Hoofar HEMMATABADY, Daniel SCHULTE, Bastian WELSCH, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[22084] "Heat Transfer Modelling of an Unconventional, Closed-Loop Geothermal Well," [Presenter: Gioia Falcone], Théo RENAUD, Patrick VERDIN, Gioia FALCONE, Lehua PAN [Paper]

[WGC_43A] "Question and Answer 43A," Andy Blair [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 43B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 7 -- Status Updates and Lessons Learned

[31119] "Petrographic Analyzes of Fractured Granites Used as an Analog of the Soultz-sous-Forêts Geothermal Reservoir: Noble Hills, CA, USA," [Presenter: Johanne Klee], Johanne KLEE, Ghislain TRULLENQUE, Béatrice LEDESERT, Sébastien POTEL, Ronan HEBERT, Arezki CHABANI and Albert GENTER [Paper]

[31069] "Good Agreement of Fracture Sets Detected by Acoustic Televiewer with Fracture Clusters Revealed by Microseismicity Within the Basel EGS Reservoir," [Presenter: Francisco Serbeto], Francisco SERBETO, Peter MEIER [Paper]

[31056] "An Early Numerical Prediction of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, United Kingdom," [Presenter: Musa Aliyu], Musa D ALIYU, Rosalind A ARCHER [Paper]

[31101] "Near-Field EGS: A Review and Comparison of the EGS Demonstration Projects at Desert Peak and Brady," [Presenter: John Akerley], John AKERLEY, Ezra ZEMACH, Paul SPIELMAN, Peter DRAKOS [Paper]

[31109] "Productivity Enhancement by Hydraulic Fracturing and Circulation of Thermal Water at the Test Site Horstberg in the North German Basin," [Presenter: Torsten Tischner], Torsten TISCHNER, Alireza HASSANZADEGAN, Stefanie KRUG, André STECHERN, Kalliopi TZOUFKA, Reinhard JUNG [Paper]

[22096] "Clarification of Generation Mechanism of Distinct Pressure and Temperature Regimes in Geothermal Systems Around the Bandung Basin, Indonesia by Numerical Simulation," [Presenter: Nurita Putri Hardiani], Nurita Putri HARDIANI, Katsuaki KOIKE, Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, Asep SAEPULOH, [Paper]

[WGC_43B] "Question and Answer 43B," Takuya Ishibashi [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 43C: Advanced Technology 2

[37028] "Bringing Together Volcano Science and Geothermal Industry: the KMT – Krafla Magma Testbed breaking-through Perspective," [Presenter: Paolo Papale], Paolo PAPALE, John EICHELBERGER, Hjalti Pall INGOLFSSON, Yan LAVALLEE, John LUDDEN, Sigurdur MARKUSSON, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, and The KMT Consortium [Paper]

[37009] "Effects of Rock Mechanical Behaviors and Silica Precipitations on the Permeability Development in High-Temperature Granitic Rock Bodies: Numerical Studies," [Presenter: Norihiro Watanabe], Norihiro WATANABE, Noriaki WATANABE, Hanae SAISHU, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Paper]

[37023] "Thermal Manipulation of Magma Boundary: Advancing Controls on Fluid Flow Via the Krafla Magma Testbed (KMT)," [Presenter: Yan Lavallee], Yan LAVALLÉE, Anthony H. LAMUR, Jackie E. KENDRICK, Gudjon H. EGGERTSSON, Joshua WEAVER, John C. EICHELBERGER, Paolo PAPALE, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Donald B. DINGWELL, Sigurdur H. MARKUSSON, Anette K. MORTENSEN, Guðmundur O. FRIÐLEIFSSON, Charles CARRIGAN, John LUDDEN, Hjalti P. INGOLFSSON, and The KMT Consortium [Paper]

[37013] "Ultra-supercritical Energy Storage," [Presenter: Klaus Regenauer-Lieb], Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB [Paper]

[37017] "Design of Superhot Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Kristinn Ingason], Kristinn INGASON, Þóroddur SIGURÐSSON [Paper]

[WGC_43C] "Question and Answer 43C," Freysteinn Sigmundsson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 43D: District Heating and Agriculture 3

[36001] "Daily and Seasonal Heat Storage for Greenhouse Food Production in Nunavik (Canadian Arctic)," [Presenter: Felix Antoine Comeau], Nicolò GIORDANO, Paul PICHE, Stephane GIBOUT, Didier HAILLOT, Cedric ARRABIE, Annie LAMALICE, Daniel ROUSSE, Xavier PY, Félix-Antoine Comeau, Jasmin RAYMOND [Paper]

[36004] "Repurposing Waste Geothermal Hot Water for Outdoor Agricultural Enhancement in Hveragerdi," [Presenter: Robert Dell], Robert DELL, Michael PETRALIA, Runar UNNTHORSSON [Paper]

[35012] "HEATSTORE SWITZERLAND: New Opportunities of Geothermal District Heating Network Sustainable Growth by High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Development," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], GUGLIELMETTI L., ALT-EPPING P., BIRDSELL D., DE OLIVEIRA FILHO F., DIAMOND L., DRIESNER T., ERUTEYA O., HOLLMULLER P., MAKHLOUFI Y., MARTIN F., MEIER P., MEYER M., MINDEL J., MOSCARIELLO A., NAWRATIL DE BONO C, QUIQUEREZ L, SAAR M., SOHRABI R, SPRING U., VALLEY B., VAN DEN HEUVEL D., WANNER C [Paper]

[35033] "SuperCOPs: Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for Exceptional Economics, Environmental Performance, and Operational Control," [Presenter: Steve Beyers], Steve BEYERS, Olivier RACLE [Paper]

[35032] "Main Reservoir, Production and Energetic Aspects of Geothermal Aquifer Exploited for District Heating and Other Uses in Poddębice Town, Poland," [Presenter: Beata Kepinska], Beata KEPINSKA, Leszek PAJAK, Wieslaw BUJAKOWSKI, Aleksandra KASZTELEWICZ, Marek HAJTO, Anna SOWIZDZAL, Bartosz PAPIERNIK, Helga TULINIUS, Oskar P. EINARSSON, Baldur PETURSSON [Paper]

[35013] "A Local District Heating Project with Integrated Greenhouses in Germany – from High Acceptance to an Innovative Heating Price System," [Presenter: Benjamin Richter], Benjamin RICHTER, Manuel THOM, Maria UELTZEN, Kai IMOLAUER [Paper]

[WGC_43D] "Question and Answer 43D," Frieg Bernd [Abstract]

Tuesday 22:00 - 00:00


[Room: Stream A] SESSION 44A: District Heating 4 -- Concepts

[35024] "Geothermal-DHC, European Research Network on Geothermal Energy in Heating and Cooling Networks," [Presenter: Gregor Gtzl], Gregor GOETZL, Dejan MILENIC [Paper]

[35018] "Performance Study on U-tube Downhole Heat Exchanger Geothermal Systems with Various Working Fluids and Configurations," [Presenter: Chao Yu], Chao YU, Yiqun ZHANG, Yawen TAN, Xianzhi SONG, Haochen HUANG, Yu SHI [Paper]

[35016] "Evaluation of Geothermal District Heating Systems of Turkey," [Presenter: Burak Parlaktuna], Mahmut PARLAKTUNA, Ökem ÇELEM, Burak PARLAKTUNA [Paper]

[35034] "Turning Up the Heat," [Presenter: Adalsteinn Moller], Stephen BOYCE, Aðalsteinn MÖLLER, Cansu ARI, Max BILFINGER [Paper]

[35010] "Boise Geothermal Direct Use Heating," [Presenter: Leland Mink], Roy MINK, Jon GUNNERSON [Paper]

[35000] "Geothermal+ Clean Energy District Heating System in Xiong'an New Area of China," [Presenter: Caixia Sun], Caixia SUN [Paper]

[WGC_44A] "Question and Answer 44A," Katarzyna Kurek [Abstract]

[Room: Stream B] SESSION 44B: Enhanced Geothermal Systems 8 -- Superhot - Supercritical Systems

[31010] "Stimulation of the RN-15/IDDP-2 Well at Reykjanes Attempting to Create an EGS System," [Presenter: Omar Sigurdsson], Omar SIGURDSSON [Paper]

[31008] "Hydraulic Fracturing and Permeability Enhancement in Granite at Supercritical Temperatures," [Presenter: Ryota Goto], Ryota GOTO, Eko PRAMUDYO, Takahiro MIURA, Noriaki WATANABE, Kiyotoshi SAKAGUCHI, Takeshi KOMAI and Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Paper]

[31022] "Geological Model and Potential of Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Noriyoshi Tsuchiya], Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Paper]

[31091] "Supercritical Thermodynamics of the Rock / Fluid Geothermal System," [Presenter: Mario-Cesar Suarez-Arriaga], Mario-César SUÁREZ-ARRIAGA [Paper]

[31059] "The Newberry Super-Hot EGS Project," [Presenter: Susan Petty], Alain BONNEVILLE, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Guðmundur Ómar FRIÐLEIFSSON, Roland HORNE, Claude JAUPART, Giuseppe DE NATALE, Anders NOREN, Susan PETTY, Adam SCHULTZ and Carsten SØRLIE [Paper]

[WGC_44B] "Question and Answer 44B," Isabelle Chambefort [Abstract]

[Room: Stream C] SESSION 44C: Advanced Technology 3

[37015] "Supercritical Geothermal Cogeneration on the Threshold," [Presenter: Jim Shnell], Jim SHNELL, John ORCUTT, William OSBORN and Eric WACHSMAN [Paper]

[37014] "Survey of the Casing Material Corrosion Problem for Supercritical Geothermal Development," [Presenter: Norio Yanagisawa], Norio YANAGISAWA, Yoshio MASUDA, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Paper]

[37004] "Transition of Numerical Models for the Hydrothermal System of the Kuju Volcano, Japan," [Presenter: Yasuhiro Fujimitsu], Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Jun NISHIJIMA, Sachio EHARA, Tohru MOGI [Paper]

[37022] "The Emerging (and Proven) Technologies That Could Finally Make Geothermal Scalable," [Presenter: Robert Winsloe], Robert WINSLOE, Alexander RICHTER, Jeanine VANY [Paper]

[37008] "IDDP-2 Well Head and Flow-line Design for IDDP-2," [Presenter: Thorleikur Johannesson], Þorleikur JÓHANNESSON, Ragnar GUDMUNDSSON, Ómar G INGVARSSON, Geir ÞÓRÓLFSSON, Albert ALBERTSSO [Paper]

[37003] "Development of an Ultra-high Temperature Distributed Vibration Sensing (DVS) System for Supercritical Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Hiroshi Asanuma], Hiroshi ASANUMA and Yuuichi MACHIJIMA [Paper]

[WGC_44C] "Question and Answer 44C," Patrick Dobson [Abstract]

[Room: Stream D] SESSION 44D: Geosciences

[27038] "Silica Scaling Control in the North Reinjection Line of the San Jacinto Tizate Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," [Presenter: Idalia Matus], Idalia A. MATUS, Julio A. GUIDOS, Gunter E. GAMEZ [Paper]

[26081] "Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Droplets Injection in Superheated Steam Flow: Computational Modelling and Experimental Investigation," Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR, Vijay CHAUHAN, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR [Paper]

[12051] "Imaging Geothermal Anomalies Using Low-temperature (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry: A Case Study from the Active Têt Fault Hydrothermal System (Eastern Pyrenees, France)," [Presenter: Gaetan Milesi], Gaétan MILESI, Patrick MONIÉ, Roger SOLIVA, Philippe MÜNCH, Audrey TAILLEFER, Mathieu BELLANGER, Olivier BRUGUIER, Michaël BONNO and Céline MARTIN [Paper]

[12120] "Volcano-Tectonic-Geothermal Domains on the Southern Andes Volcanic Zone," [Presenter: Pablo Sanchez-Alfaro], Pablo SANCHEZ-ALFARO, Pamela PEREZ-FLORES, Daniele TARDANI, José PIQUER, José CEMBRANO, Diego ARAVENA, Martin REICH [Paper]

[12125] "Estimating in Situ Rock Mass Strength and Elastic Modulus of a Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Marlene Villeneuve], Marlene VILLENEUVE, Mike HEAP, Alexandra KUSHNIR, Patrick BAUD [Paper]

[14091] "Secondary Mineralogy Associated with Supercritical Fluid Formation at Magmatic-Geothermal Contact Zone," [Presenter: Matylda Hermanska], Matylda HEŘMANSKÁ, Barbara I. KLEINE, Andri STEFÁNSSON [Paper]

[14193] "Gas Origin and Fluid Circulation Regimes Interpreted from Gas Geochemistry in Geothermal Areas Around the Bandung Basin, Indonesia," [Presenter: Koki Kashiwaya], Koki KASHIWAYA, Bunji YATOMI, Yudi RAHAYUDIN, Riostantieka Mayandari SHOEDARTO, Yohei TADA, Takanori KAGOSHIMA, Yuji SANO, Katsuaki KOIKE [Paper]

[WGC_44D] "Question and Answer 44D," [Presenter: Fraga Luzmi Fahmi], Fraga Luzmi Fahmi [Abstract]

Tuesday 00:00 - 02:00


Tuesday 07:00 - 07:00


[Room: Stream D] SESSION 16P: Poster 4

[31004] "Evaluating System and Indicators Analysis of EGS Geothermal Project in Eastern China," [Presenter: Xianbin Zeng], CHEN Peipei, ZENG Xianbin, Zhou Wei, LI Hui [Paper]

[31009] "Hot-Dry-Rock Resource Investigation in Changbai Mountain, China," [Presenter: Du Jizhong], DU Jizhong TAN Hongyan ZHAO Dongfang [Paper]

[31015] "Numerical Simulation of Heat Extraction of CO2-EGS with THM Coupling Method Based on Discrete Fracture Models," SUN Zhixue, JIANG Chuanyin, ZHANG Kai, MAO Qiangqiang, Kelvin BONGOLE, XIN Ying [Paper]

[31016] "Heat Extraction Performance Investigation of a Coaxial Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger in a Deep Geothermal Well," LU Xinli, ZHANG Jiaqi, ZHANG Wei, YU Hao, WANG Taidou [Paper]

[31017] "Investigation on the Interaction of Alkaline Chemical Stimulation with the Hot Dry Rock (HDR) with Quartz-rich Minerals," [Presenter: Jianan Xu], Jianan XU, Bo FENG, Yilong YUAN, Fengyu LI, Xin XIN [Paper]

[31023] "Simulation of Cryogenic Fracturing/Cooling Around Boreholes with Liquid Nitrogen," [Presenter: Philip Winterfeld], Philip WINTERFELD, Bowen YAO, Gabriel AMORE, and Yu-Shu WU [Paper]

[31030] "Techno-economic Performance of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for EGS with Different Cycle Configurations," [Presenter: Tailu Li], Tailu LI, Nan MENG, Yanhua YAO, Yinchao ZHU [Paper]

[31044] "Basic Principles for Selection of HDR Target Region and Well Sites in China," [Presenter: Jianhua Ping], Jianhua PING, Jiaqi LIU, Jichang ZHAO [Paper]

[31045] "Particle Transport in Fractures: A Common Problem in Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Hydraulic Fractures," [Presenter: Hamid M Nick], Saeed SALIMZADEH, James KEAR, Hamidreza M. NICK [Paper]

[31047] "Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS): A Review of Cambay Basins," Bhavi PANCHAL, Manan SHAH [Paper]

[31050] "The Importance of Successful Dissemination in the DEEPEGS Project," [Presenter: Sigurdur Gretar Bogason], Sigurdur T BJORGVINSSON, Amel BARICH, Hjalti P INGOLFSSO, Sigurdur G BOGASON and Alicja Wiktoria STOKLOSA [Paper]

[31054] "Preliminary Results of the Seismicity Induced During the Stimulation of the Vendenheim Enhanced Geothermal System (France)," [Presenter: Emmanuel Gaucher], Emmanuel GAUCHER, Marine Jolivet, Mariane Peter-Borie [Paper]

[31060] "The EPOS thematic Core Service on Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS-AH): a Hotspot for Geothermal Research," [Presenter: Marc SCHAMING], Marc SCHAMING, Alice FREMAND, Jean SCHMITTBUHL, Pascal BIGARRE, Aglaja BLANKE, Savka DINEVA, Alexander GARCIA, Jean-Robert GRASSO, Abror KARIMOV, Jannes KINSCHER, Joanna KOCOT, Elena KOZLOVSKAYA, Grzegorz KWIATEK, Stanislaw LASOCKI, Grzegorz LIZUREK, Jouni NEVALAINEN, Beata ORLECKA-SIKORA, Jamie PRINGLE, Pamela ROSELLI, Gilberto SACCOROTTI, Mariusz STERZEL, Tomasz SZEPIENIEC, Sam TOON, Pawel URBAN [Paper]

[31061] "Assessment of the Possibility of the CO2 Use Obtained from Biomass Burning as a Working Medium in Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Leszek Pajak], Leszek PAJĄK, Anna SOWIŻDŻAL, Paweł GŁADYSZ, Maciej MIECZNIK [Paper]

[31063] "Heat Mining Process of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, a Numerical Study of Gonghe Basin, China," YUE Gaofan, LIN Wenjing, XING Linxiao, ZHU Xi, GAN Haonan [Paper]

[31066] "Dilemma and Breakthrough on Large-scale Commercial Exploitation of Hot Dry Rock: A Novel Enhanced Geothermal System," [Presenter: Fangchao Kang], KANG Fangchao, TANG Chunan, LI Yingchun [Paper]

[31070] "Seismic Velocity Variations Associated with Injection Stimulation Based on Seismic Ambient Noise Interferometry at the Pohang, Korea, EGS Site," Lanbo LIU, and Kwang-Hee KIM [Paper]

[31074] "Observation of Hydromechanical Fracture Movements During Stimulation of the EGS Basel Reservoir," [Presenter: Francisco Serbeto], Francisco SERBETO, Peter MEIER [Paper]

[31078] "Integrated Numerical Study of the Energy Extraction and Conversion Coupled Process in Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Jiayuan He], ZHANG Le, HE Jiayuan, WANG Haibo, JI Bingyu [Paper]

[31082] "Applying Variscan Metasediments as an EGS Reservoir - A Conceptual 3D-Structural Model as a First Approach," [Presenter: Katie Ford], Katherine FORD, Bianca WAGNER, Bernd LEISS, Max ZEUNER, Julien FLOCH, Lorraine DE CÉRIS, Graciela SOSA [Paper]

[32010] "Geochemical Characteristics of Low-, Medium-, and Hot-temperature Geothermal Resources of the Great Basin, USA," [Presenter: Bulbul Ahmmed], Bulbul AHMMED, Velimir V. VESSELINOV, Maruti K. MUDUNURU, Richard MIDDLETON, Satish KARRA [Paper]

[32011] "Hidden Geothermal Signatures of the Southwest New Mexico," [Presenter: Velimir Vesselinov], Velimir V. VESSELINOV, Bulbul AHMMED, Maruti K. MUDUNURU, Satish KARRA, Richard MIDDLETON [Paper]

[32020] "A Framework for Coordinated Earth and Numerical Modeling and Simulation of the Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Robert Podgorney], Robert PODGORNEY, Stuart SIMMONS, Aleta FINNILA, John MCLENNAN, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Jeremy O’BRIEN, Janina Elliott, Phil WANNAMAKER, Brennan WILLIAMS, Bastien POUX, and Joe MOORE [Paper]

[33002] "Numerical Simulation of Wellbore Flow of Well MW-13B in Menengai Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Muriga George], George MURIGA, ITOI Ryuichi [Paper]

[33003] "Single and Double-Flash Cycle Design of Menengai Prospect Geothermal Power Plant, Nakuru- Kenya," [Presenter: Muriga George], George MURIGA, Saeid JALILINASRABARDY [Paper]

[33006] "The Study of Optimal Geothermal Well Capacity Evaluation on an Innovative Similar Capacity Test Model," David T.W. LIN, Chun Ping JEN, Yi Chun DU, Jui Ching HSIEH, Bo Heng LEE [Paper]

[33007] "Power Plant Automatic Trip and Synchronization Push SMS," [Presenter: Kennedy Ndiema], Kennedy NDIEMA [Paper]

[33019] "Numerical Analysis of Influencing Factors on Fast Water-Steam Transient in Geothermal Process," [Presenter: Xinzhe Zhao], Xinzhe ZHAO, Huilin XING [Paper]

[33020] "Automation on Enhancing the Ground Temperature Sensing Using Machine Learning Approach," Avish MEHTA, Kanish SHAH, Manan SHAH [Paper]

[33022] "GQanalyzer: an R Package for Geochemical analysis of Geothermal Fluids and Gases," [Presenter: Juan Avila], Oscar GARCIA-CABREJO, Juan Pablo AVILA, Laura CARDENAS, Laura BARRANTES [Paper]

[33026] "Optimizing Geothermal Power Plants Using Artificial Intelligence," Jay GOHIL, Preyansh MALAVIYA, Vishwadeepsinh SARVAIYA, Manan SHAH, [Paper]

[33028] "Simulators for Steam-Water Flow in Geothermal Wells and Pipelines," [Presenter: ], Aleksandr N. SHULYUPIN, Alla A. CHERMOSHENTSEVA and Natalia N. VARLAMOVA [Paper]

[33029] "Numerical Simulators for Well Test Analysis and Two-phase Wellbore Flow of Kyushu University," [Presenter: Ryuichi Itoi], Ryuichi ITOI, Toshiaki TANAKA [Paper]

[33030] "The General Idea of Construction of Beijing Geothermal Resources Monitoring and Forecast Information Platform," [Presenter: Zheng Han], HAN Zheng, ZHANG Mingwei, WANG wenwen, GUO Gaoxuan [Paper]

[33041] "An Investment Capacity Calculator for Geothermal Power Plant, District Heating and Greenhouses Investments: Geothermal Investment Tool," Murat KARADAS, Gulcan KARADAS, Alptug GUR, Selim TUNA [Paper]

[34001] "Increased Utilization of the Geothermal Lagoon Spa Water in Making Skin Care Products," [Presenter: Betty Ouko], Betty OUKO, Peketsa MANGI [Paper]

[34002] "Geothermal Health Tourism Assessment of Negros Island, Philippines," [Presenter: Leizl Honculada], Leizl M. HONCULADA, Julmar Shaun S. TORALDE, Christ C. QUINICOT [Paper]

[34003] "Tourism and Geothermal Energy in Iceland," [Presenter: Sunna Reynisdottir], Sunna Björg REYNISDÓTTIR, Andri Rafn Yeoman and Jónas Hlynur HALLGRÍMSSON [Paper]

[34006] "Geothermal Energy Direct-use in Dieng Geothermal Field: Existing and Potential Development," [Presenter: Ribka Asokawaty], Ribka ASOKAWATY, Agung MUKTI, Dorman PURBA, Agus SOEDARSA, Rany C. PUTRI, Annisa RACHMADANI, Frila PUTRI, Daniel ADITYATAMA [Paper]

[34011] "A Powerful Place to Explore," [Presenter: Kristin Hrafnkelsdottir], Kristín Ýr HRAFNKELSDÓTTIR, Elísabet Berglind SVEINSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[35005] "Geothermal Heating Technology in China," ZENG Meixiang, LI Yuanyuan [Paper]

[35009] "100 Years of Experience in Implementation of Russian Scientific and Technical Concepts of Geothermal Heat Supply," Vitaly A. BUTUZOV, Robert A. AMERKHANOV [Paper]

[35015] "Geldinganes Geothermal Field: Exploration of a Potential New Production Site for the Reykjavík District Heating System," Sandra Ó. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Ragna B. BRAGADOTTIR, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Gretar IVARSSON, Guðmundur Ó. GUNNARSSON, Aðalsteinn MÖLLER, Edda S. ARADOTTIR, Vala HJORLEIFSDOTTIR, Hafliði J. SIGURDSSON, Einar GUNNLAUGSSON [Paper]

[35017] "Geothermal Potential Increase Related to Low and Ultra-Low-Temperature District Heating System Application," [Presenter: Bartlomiej Ciapala], Bartłomiej CIAPAŁA, Marek HAJTO, Mirosław JANOWSKI, Beata KĘPIŃSKA [Paper]

[36000] "Desalination of SeaWater Using Geothermal Energy for Food and Water Security: GCC and Sub-Sahara Countries," [Presenter: Dornadula Chandrasekharam], DORNADULA Chandrasekharam [Paper]

[36002] "Geothermal Water and Energy Uses in Agriculture – Prospects in Poland," [Presenter: Beata Kepinska], Robert SKRZYPCZAK, Wiesław BUJAKOWSKI, Beata KĘPIŃSKA, Leszek PAJĄK [Paper]

[36003] "Map of Geothermal Food - an Overview of Applications of Geothermal Energy for Food Production," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], Luca GUGLIELMETTI, Marit BROMMER, Stephane MATTÉO, Andrea MOSCARIELLO [Paper]

[37005] "Energy Test-Beds Role in Providing Safe and Sustainable Energy from the Subsurface," [Presenter: John Ludden], John LUDDEN, Mike STEPHENSON, Helen CURRAN-TAYLOR [Paper]

[37007] "Drilling Into the Roots of the Reykjanes Geothermal Field – the IDDP-2 Drilling Project," [Presenter: Tobias Weisenberger], Tobias B. WEISENBERGER, Björn S. HARÐARSON, Kiflom G. MESFIN, Gunnlaugur M. EINARSSON, Steinþór NÍELSSON, Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Guðmundur Ó. FRIÐLEIFSSON [Paper]

[37010] "Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics in Super-long Gravity-assisted Heat Pipe for Deep Geothermal Energy Exploitation," [Presenter: Juanwen Chen], Juanwen CHEN, Jiwen CEN, Wenbo HUANG, Fangming JIANG [Paper]

[37012] "Three-Dimensional Thermal Structure in the Tohoku District, Japan Estimated from the Activity Index," [Presenter: Yota Suzuki], Yota SUZUKI, Hirofumi MURAOKA, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Paper]

[37016] "A New Approach to Further Utilise Geothermal Energy Globally," [Presenter: Yerasimos Angelis], Yerasimos ANGELIS [Paper]

[37021] "Comparative Analysis of Energy Extraction Systems for High Temperature, High Pressure Geothermal Steam Considering Silica Precipitation," [Presenter: Silje Bordvik], Silje BORDVIK, Erling NÆSS [Paper]

[37024] "Using Sequestered CO2 as Geothermal Working Fluid to Generate Electricity and Store Energy," [Presenter: Ben Adams], Mark R. FLEMING, Benjamin M. ADAMS, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

[38002] "Utilizing Energy Piles as Cold Storages," [Presenter: Birgitta Martinkauppi], R. LAUTKANKARE, N. SALOMAA, J.B. MARTINKAUPPI [Paper]

[38009] "Energy Efficiency Analysis of Combined Heat Pump-PV-Solar Collector-Based Underground Thermal Storage Systems," Pawel OCLON, Kamel HOOMAN [Paper]

[38014] "Cascade Utilization of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Water from the Geothermal Power Plant in Fengshun, Guangdong," [Presenter: Yulie Gong], LU Zhenneng, GONG Yulie, YAO Yuan, LUO Chao, MA Weibin [Paper]

[39002] "Extraction of Silica and Other Minerals from Geothermal Brine in New Zealand," [Presenter: John Lea], John LEA, Mike OSULLIVAN [Paper]

[39005] "A Study on Recovery of Lithium from Geothermal Water and Study of Assal Geothermal Field," Amin HOUSSEIN, Takushi YOKOYAMA, Kazuharu YOSHISUKA [Paper]

[40000] "Ten Years of Geothermal Trend Reporting and Statistics by IEA Geothermal," [Presenter: Lothar Wissing], Josef WEBER, Lothar WISSING [Paper]

[40005] "The GEMex Project: Investigation of Acoculco (Mexico) as a Potential EGS Site," [Presenter: David Bruhn], David BRUHN, Domenico LIOTTA, Jan Diederik VAN WEES, Philippe CALCAGNO, Victor Hugo GARDUNO-MONROY, Abel HERNANDEZ, Paromita DEB, Alfonso ARAGON, Aída LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ [Paper]

[40019] "International Partnership for Geothermal Technology (IPGT)," [Presenter: Lauren Boyd], Kennie TSUI, Anya SEWARD, Gunter SIDDIQI, Lauren BOYD, Anthony BUDD, Gudni JOHANNESSON, Olafur FLOVENZ, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Will PETTITT, Bruce MOUNTAIN, and Peter MEIER [Paper]

[41001] "The Reutilization of the Dannenbaum Coal Mine for Heating and Cooling of the Redeveloped Commercial Area Mark 51.7 with Mine Water," [Presenter: Gregor Bussmann], Gregor BUSSMANN, Florian HAHN, Felix JAGERT, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

[41002] "Petroleum Enterprises Boost the Healthy Development of China's Geothermal Industry," [Presenter: Junwen Hu], YAN Jiahong, HU Junwen, REN Hengtai, WANG Shejiao, WANG Kaihong [Paper]

[41007] "Geothermal Reservoir Characterization in Carbonate-Hosted Oil and Gas Fields from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin," [Presenter: Nicholas Harris], Nicholas B HARRIS, Christopher NOYAHR, Evan RENAUD, Jonathan C. BANKS, John A. WEISSENBERGER [Paper]

[41013] "Rehabilitation of Petroleum Wells as Borehole Heat Exchangers to Provide Heat for District Heating Networks in Small Towns or Villages: Case Study in Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia," [Presenter: Mauricio Munoz], Emil STEFANI, Mauricio MUÑOZ, Diego MORATA, Lisandro ROJAS, Ernesto MENESES-RIOSECO [Paper]

[41015] "Geothermal Energy: Developing a Synergic Integration in Oil&Gas Fields Looking Forward to a Decarbonized Era," [Presenter: Claudio Alimonti], Claudio ALIMONTI, Davide SCROCCA, Elena SOLDO [Paper]

Monday 08:20 - 10:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 46A: Opening Ceremony - Iceland

Welcome address:
Dr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland

The Global Climate Challenge and Iceland’s Goals:
Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland

Welcome from the Organisers:
Andrea Blair and Bjarni Pálsson

Address from New Zealand:
Dr. Megan Woods, Minister of Energy and Resources, New Zealand

Geothermal Sustainability Protocol - Official Handover:
Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Innovation, Iceland
Guðni A Jóhannesson, Chair of the GSAP working group,
Bjarni Bjarnason, CEO Reykjavik Energy,
Andrea Blair, President of the International Geothermal Association
Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

David Wallerstein, CXO and Senior Vice President Tencent
Rebecca Miano, MD and CEO KenGen

Introduction to the WGC 2020+1 Technical Program:
Prof. Roland Horne, Chair WGC2020 Technical Committee

[WGC_46A] "Opening Ceremony," Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson [Abstract]

[00000] "Introduction to the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 Technical Program," [Presenter: Roland Horne], Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

Monday 10:20 - 12:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 47A: International Collaboration R1

[40003] "Status Report: European Energy Research Alliance - Joint Programme Geothermal," [Presenter: David Bruhn], Inga BERRE, Paola BOMBARDA, David BRUHN, Philippe CALCAGNO, Justyna ELLIS, Thomas KOHL, Charlotte KRAFFT, Erlend RANDEBERG, Francesco RIZZI, Martin O. SAAR, Jan Diedrik VAN WEES, Florian WELLMANN [Paper]

[40006] "DGE-ROLLOUT: Promoting Deep Geothermal Energy in North-West Europe," [Presenter: Tobias Fritschle], Tobias FRITSCHLE, Estelle PETITCLERC, Timme VAN MELLE, Matsen BROOTHAERS, Arianna PASSAMONTI, Martin ARNDT, Burcu TASDEMIR, Chelsea PEDERSON, Martin SALAMON [Paper]

[40002] "GEMex – Cooperation in Geothermal Energy Research Europe-Mexico for Development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: David Bruhn], David BRUHN, Aída LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ, and The GEMex Consortia [Paper]

[40001] "Geothermal Collaboration Through the International Energy Agency Geothermal Technical Collaboration Programme," [Presenter: Brian Carey], Brian CAREY, Lothar WISSING [Paper]

[40004] "Building Technical and Human Capacity in Emerging Geothermal Countries: Introducing a U.S. Initiative," [Presenter: Bridget Ayling], Bridget AYLING, Jenna SCHROEDER [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 47B: Country Updates R1

[01003] "2020 New Zealand Country Update," [Presenter: Andrew Jenks], Stephen DAYSH, Brian CAREY, Penny DOORMAN, Katherine LUKETINA, Brian WHITE, Sadiq ZARROUK [Paper]

[01015] "The United States of America Country Update - Electric Power Generation," [Presenter: Ann Robertson-Tait], Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, William HARVEY, Susan HAMM and Lauren BOYD [Paper]

[01004] "Geothermal Energy in Mexico: Update and Perspectives," [Presenter: Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin], Luis C.A. GUTIERREZ-NEGRIN, Ismael CANCHOLA-FELIX, Jose M. ROMO-JONES, J. Luis QUIJANO-LEON [Paper]

[01020] "Country Update France," [Presenter: Virginie Schmidle-Bloch], Christian BOISSAVY, Virginie SCHMIDLE-BLOCH, Armand POMART, Reda LAHLOU [Paper]

[01073] "Country Update: the Fast Growth of Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia," [Presenter: Surya Darma], Surya DARMA, Yaumil L.IMANI, M. Naufal A. SHIDQI, Tavip DWIKORIANTO, Yunus DAUD [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 47C: Geology R1 -- Subsurface Geological Features 1

[12019] "Reservoir Rock of Ulubelu Geothermal System, Indonesia," [Presenter: Vivi Nusantara], Vivi Dewi Mardiana NUSANTARA, Imam Muhammad PRASETYO, Graniko Reza PRATAMA, Sapto Trianggo NURSETO, Julia Satriani ALIBAZAH, Muhammad Tajul ARIFIN, Hary KOESTONO, Mochamad Husni THAMRIN [Paper]

[12031] "Identification of Fluid Circulations at the Borehole Scale from Temperature Logs: Insights from Deep Geothermal Wells in the Upper Rhine Graben," [Presenter: Jeanne Vidal], Jeanne VIDAL, Régis HEHN, Carole GLAAS, Albert GENTER [Paper]

[12088] "Geological Interpretation of Geothermal Manifestations in the East of Morocco," [Presenter: Meryem Redouane], REDOUANE Meryem, HAISSEN Faouziya, SADKI Othman, RAJI Mohammed [Paper]

[12145] "Geological Risk Associated with Drilling Into Magma at Krafla Caldera, Iceland: Preliminary Evaluation," [Presenter: Olivera Ilic], Olivera ILIC, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Yan LAVALLÉE, Anette K. MORTENSEN, John EICHELBERGER, Sigurður H. MARKÚSSON, Paolo PAPALE, Thor THORDARSON [Paper]

[12197] "Updated Shallow Temperature Survey and Resource Evolution for the Coso Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Kelly Blake], Kelly BLAKE, Andrew SABIN, Stephanie NALE, Michael LAZARO, Andrew TIEDEMAN, Dave MEADE, Wei-Chuang HUANG [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 47D: Geothermal Education R1

[09014] "UNU Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland: Sharing Geothermal Knowledge with Developing Countries for 41 Years," [Presenter: Ludvik Georgsson], Lúdvík S. GEORGSSON, Ingimar G. HARALDSSON and Málfrídur ÓMARSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[09007] "United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland: Training Activities Abroad," [Presenter: Ingimar Haraldsson], Ingimar G. HARALDSSON, Lúdvík S. GEORGSSON, Málfrídur ÓMARSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[09047] "Geothermal Resource Decision Workshops: Hands-On Training for Geothermal Resource Professionals Using a Conceptual Model Approach," [Presenter: William Cumming], William CUMMING, Nick HINZ, Irene WALLIS, Samuel SCOTT, Richard GUNDERSON, Jonathon CLEARWATER, Steven SEWELL, Amanda LONSDALE, Ryan LIBBEY, Elisabeth EASLEY, Bridget AYLING, Greg USSHER [Paper]

[09027] "International Training Program for Geothermal Energy Development in Japan," [Presenter: Ryuichi Itoi], Ryuichi ITOI, Hirotp KAMIISHI, Daisuke IIJIMA, Eiji WAKAMATSU [Paper]

[09012] "The Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA): Ten Years of Research, Training and Geothermal Development in Chile," [Presenter: Diego Morata], Diego MORATA, Sofia OTERO [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 47E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_47E] "Industry Showcase 47E," [Abstract]

Monday 13:00 - 14:40


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 48A: Sustainability and Climate Change R1 -- Sustainable Management

[05027] "Testing the New Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol on Hellisheidi Geothermal Heat and Power Plant," [Presenter: Heida Adalsteinsdottir], Heida ADALSTEINSDOTTIR, Marta Rós KARLSDOTTIR, Gísli SVEINSSON, Magnea MAGNÚSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[05039] "A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Reservoir Management," [Presenter: Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson], Hildigunnur H. THORSTEINSSON, Edda ARADOTTIR, Heiða ADALSTEINSDOTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Marta R. KARLSDOTTIR, Sandra O. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Einar GUNNLAUGSSON [Paper]

[05055] "Sustainable Management of Geothermal Production," [Presenter: Gudni Axelsson], Gudni AXELSSON, Ladislaus RYBACH and Egill JULIUSSON [Paper]

[05016] "Development of GSAP - Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol," [Presenter: Gudni A Johannesson], Gudni JOHANNESSON, Jonas KETILSSON, Jon INGIMARSSON, Ragnheidur OLAFSDOTTIR, Bjarni PALSSON, Hildigunnur THORSTEINSSON, Holmfridur SIGURDARDOTTIR, Kristin Vala MATTHIASDOTTIR, Adalbjorg Birna GUTTORMSDOTTIR, Sigurdur ARNALDS [Paper]

[05015] "Exploring the Social Dimension of Sustainability Within the Geothermal Sector in Iceland: A Preliminary Investigation," [Presenter: Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson], Fe Amor P. GUDMUNDSSON and Sveinn AGNARSSON [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 48B: Business Strategies R1 -- Project Development

[08035] "Stakeholder Engagement During Development of Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Jona Bjarnadottir], Jóna BJARNADÓTTIR, Valur KNÚTSSON [Paper]

[08003] "Dieng Geothermal Project: Risk Assessment for the Decision on 60 MW Expansion," [Presenter: Gloria Gladis Sondakh], Gloria Gladis SONDAKH, Bjarni PALSSON [Paper]

[08042] "Risk Sharing Mechanism (RSM) for Geothermal Resource Validation in Turkey – Working Processes and Experiences," [Presenter: Bjarni Richter], Ralf BRAUCHLER, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Ender DINCER, Bjarni RICHTER, Wietze LISE, Saemundur JONASSON, Almudena MATEOS, Yasemin ORUCU, Hansruedi FISCH, Satı BALCI, Dadi THORBJÖRNSSEN, Helga TULINUS, Gudni AXELSSON [Paper]

[08051] "The Increasing Value of Geothermal," [Presenter: Paul Thomsen], Paul THOMSEN [Paper]

[08050] "Ormat -- the Growth of a Market Leader," [Presenter: Ran Reshef], Nir WOLF, Adi CAHANER [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 48C: Direct Use R1

[28025] "A Geothermal Well Doublet for Research and Heat Supply of the TU Delft Campus," [Presenter: Phil Vardon], Phil VARDON, David BRUHN, Abe STEIGINGA, Barbara COX, Hemmeo ABELS, Auke BARNHOORN, Guy DRIJKONINGEN, Evert SLOB, Kees WAPENAAR [Paper]

[28010] "Sustainable Development of the Seltjarnarnes Geothermal Field, Iceland, Through Exploration Drilling and Reservoir Modelling," [Presenter: Hrefna Kristmannsdottir], Hrefna KRISTMANNSDÓTTIR, Eric MYER, Sveinn Ó. PÁLMARSSON, Axel BJÖRNSSON, Egill M. ÞORBERGSSON, Smári GUÐFINNSSON [Paper]

[28033] "Direct Use of Geothermal Resources for Sustainable Circular Food Production – Results from the Geofood Project," [Presenter: Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir], THORARINSDOTTIR, R., OLAFSDOTTIR, K., UNNTHORSSON, R., BOEDIJN, A., BAEZA, E., VAN DE VEN, R., ESPINAL, C., TURNSEK, M., PAVLAKOVIC, B. and PALSSON, O. P [Paper]

[28024] "Deep Direct-Use Geothermal: A Probabilistic Systems Analysis Approach for Techno-Economic Analysis," [Presenter: Thomas Lowry], Thomas LOWRY, Andrew SABIN, Bridget AYLING, Nicholas HINZ, Andrew TIEDEMAN, Ray ARGUELLO, Kelly BLAKE [Paper]

[28020] "Geothermal Direct Use Methodology to Develop Sustainable Projects in Mexico and Latin America," [Presenter: Hector Avina], Hector AVINA, Oscar Inti RAMOS, Daniel GONZALEZ, Cesar GASGA, David ROCHA [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 48D: Geophysics R1 -- Resistivity and Joint Imaging

[13051] "The Relation Between Resistivity and Temperature in the Basaltic Crust of Iceland," [Presenter: Olafur Flovenz], Ólafur G. FLÓVENZ and Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON [Paper]

[13003] "3D Resistivity Model (MT) of Reykjanes High Temperature Field in SW Iceland," [Presenter: Ragna Karlsdottir], Ragna KARLSDOTTIR, Arnar Mar VILHJALMSSON, Egill Arni GUDNASON [Paper]

[13162] "Geophysics Over High Enthalpy Fields: Lessons from RLM-3D Magnetotelluric and Joint Inversions," [Presenter: Stephen Hallinan], Wolfgang SOYER, Randall MACKIE, Stephen HALLINAN, Federico MIORELLI, Alice PAVESI, Stefano GARANZINI, Birean SAGALA, Haris SIAGIAN [Paper]

[13149] "Detailed Resistivity Models of Sub-Areas of the Hengill Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Asdis Benediktsdottir], Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Knútur ÁRNASON, Ragna KARLSDÓTTIR, Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON, Bjarni Reyr KRISTJÁNSSON [Paper]

[13109] "Smooth MT Transfer Function Estimation by an Inverse Scheme," [Presenter: Daniele Rizzello], Daniele RIZZELLO, Egidio ARMADILLO, Riccardo BALSOTTI, Claudio PASQUA, Paolo PISANI, Biagio GIORGIO, Eliyasi CHARLESON, Taramaeli MNJOKAVA, Jonas MWANO, Didas MAKOYE, Lucas TUMBU [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 48E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_48E] "Industry Showcase 48E," [Abstract]

Monday 15:00 - 16:40


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 49A: Societal and Cultural Aspects R1 -- World View

[07032] "Women in Geothermal WING: How the Drive for Equality Became a Movement," [Presenter: Andy Blair], Andrea BLAIR, Aimee CALIBUGAN, Catherine COUTTS, Abbie DEAN, Sophie MILLOY, Juliet NEWSON, Trudy O’HALLORAN, Anya SEWARD, Paul SIRATOVICH, Karl SPINSK, Charis WONG [Paper]

[07050] "Assessing the Status of Women in Geothermal Development," [Presenter: Malfridur Omarsdottir], Málfrídur ÓMARSDÓTTIR, Thecla Munanie MUTIA, Sylvia Joan MALIMO [Paper]

[07001] "Views of the Informed Citizen Panel to Enhanced Geothermal Systems Versus Other Electricity Generation Alternatives in Switzerland," [Presenter: Marc Jaxa-rozen], Evelina TRUTNEVYTE, Sandra VOLKEN, Georgios XEXAKIS [Paper]

[07035] "View of Tourists and Recreational Users on Energy Development at Hengill Geothermal Area," [Presenter: Heida Adalsteinsdottir], Heida ADALSTEINSDOTTIR [Paper]

[07015] "Participatory Project Management: the Olkaria IV Geothermal Project RAP Implementation Case in Kenya," [Presenter: Florah Mwawughanga], Florah MWAWUGHANGA [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 49B: Production Engineering R1

[25042] "Þeistareykir Geothermal Field: Control of Scaling in Steam Gathering System and Reinjection Line," [Presenter: Trausti Hauksson], Trausti HAUKSSON, Asgerdur K. SIGURDARDOTTIR, Karl E. SVEINSSON [Paper]

[25007] "Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant, Description of the Steam Supply System: Design, Operation and Experience Gained," [Presenter: Freyr Hardarson], Freyr HARDARSON, Sigurgeir B. GEIRSSON, Karl E. SVEINSSON, J. Gardar EINARSSON, Arni V. SIGURDSSON, Sigurgeir B. GEIRSSON, Valur KNUTSSON [Paper]

[25008] "Micro Geothermal Generation Device," [Presenter: Monserrat Meza], Monserrat MEZA, Gerardo HIRIART [Paper]

[25024] "Industrial Experiences with Downhole Geothermal Line-Shaft Production Pumps in Hostile Environment in the Upper Rhine Valley," [Presenter: Thomas Hettkamp], Thomas HETTKAMP, Joerg BAUMGAERTNER, Ricardo PAREDES, Guillaume RAVIER, Olivier SEIBEL [Paper]

[25030] "Review of Steam-Water Separator Performance Testing," [Presenter: Alexandre Rivera-Diaz], Alexandre RIVERA DIAZ, Kevin KOOREY [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 49C: Geothermal Heat Pumps R1

[29054] "Performance Evaluation of Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Systems Through Energy and Exergy Analysis," [Presenter: Alberto Lazzarotto], Alberto LAZZAROTTO, Willem MAZZOTTI PALLARD, Mohammad ABUASBEH, José ACUÑA [Paper]

[29044] "THM Experiments for the Investigation of Freeze-Thaw Processes Around Borehole Heat Exchanger Systems," [Presenter: Jan Christopher Hesse], Jan Christopher HESSE, Jan-Henrik KUPFERNAGEL, Markus SCHEDEL, Bastian WELSCH, Lutz MÜLLER, Ingo SASS [Paper]

[29018] "Ten Years of Thermal Response Tests with Heating Cables," [Presenter: Jasmin Raymond], Jasmin RAYMOND, Maria Isabel VÉLEZ MARQUEZ, Daniela BLESSENT, Louis LAMARCHE, Louis GOSSELIN, Jean ROULEAU, Mikael PHILIPPE, René THERRIEN, Michel MALO [Paper]

[29043] "IEA ECES ANNEX 27 - Quality Management in Design, Construction and Operation of Borehole Systems," [Presenter: Hanne Karrer], Manfred REUSS, Hanne KARRER [Paper]

[29030] "Effects of Ground Heat Flux on Performance of Vertical Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Peter Bayer], Peter BAYER, Rolf GRABER, Philipp BLUM, Jaime A. RIVERA [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 49D: Geophysics R2 -- Processes

[13015] "Seismic Monitoring During Drilling and Stimulation of Well RN-15/IDDP-2 in Reykjanes, SW-Iceland," [Presenter: Egill Arni Gudnason], Egill Á. GUÐNASON, Rike KÖPKE, Emmanuel GAUCHER, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, Steinþór NÍELSSON, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

[13068] "Induced Seismicity During Reinjection of Wastewater in Hellisheidi Geothermal Field, SW Iceland," [Presenter: Sigridur Kristjansdottir], Sigridur KRISTJANSDOTTIR, Olafur GUDMUNDSSON, Kristjan AGUSTSSON, Thorbjorg AGUSTSDOTTIR, Ari TRYGGVASON, Michael FEHLER [Paper]

[13098] "Assessment of Reservoir Processes Induced by Geothermal Utilization at Reykjanes, SW Iceland, Inferred from Interferometric Analysis of Satellite Images 2005-2019," [Presenter: Mylene Receveur], Mylene RECEVEUR, Freysteinn SIGMUNDSSON, Michelle PARKS, Vincent DROUIN, Halldór GEIRSSON, Sigrún HREINSDÓTTIR, Ómar SIGURDSSON [Paper]

[13178] "Imaging the 2010-2011 Inflationary Source at Krysuvik, SW Iceland, Using Time-Dependent Vp/Vs Tomography," [Presenter: Alex Hobe], Alex HOBÉ, Olafur GUDMUNDSSON, Ari TRYGGVASON, SIL Seismological Group [Paper]

[13127] "A Probabilistic Geologic Model of the Krafla Geothermal System Based on Bayesian Inversion of Gravimetric Data," [Presenter: Samuel Scott], Samuel SCOTT, Cari COVELL, Egill JÚLIUSSON, Águst VALFELLS, Juliet NEWSON, Birgir HRAFNKELSSON, Halldór PÁLSSON, María GUDJÓNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

Monday 16:40 - 18:00


Tuesday 08:20 - 10:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 50A: Plenary 1 -- World Geothermal Updates and a Look Ahead

Geothermal development in Iceland 2015-2019
Arni Ragnarsson, Engineer and Quality Manager ISOR and Vordís Eiríksdóttir, President the Geothermal Association of Iceland

Synopsis of Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2020 Worldwide Review
Aniko Toth, Geothermal Expert for the European Commission

Synopsis of Geothermal Power Generation in the World 2015-2020 Update Report
Ann Robertson-Tait, President, GeothermEx, Inc.

Geothermal Decade
Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association
Alexander Richter, Managing Director - Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster

How Direct Use will Play a Role in the Energy Transition
Páll Valdimarsson, Arctic Green Energy
Marta Rós Karlsdóttir, Leader of Sustainability, Verkís Consulting Engineers
Andrew Jenks, Ambassador New Zealand embassy Stockholm

[WGC_50A] "Plenary 1," Bjarni Palsson [Abstract]

[01063] "Geothermal Development in Iceland 2015-2019," [Presenter: rni Ragnarsson], Árni RAGNARSSON, Benedikt STEINGRÍMSSON and Sverrir THORHALLSSON [Paper]

[01017] "Geothermal Power Generation in the World 2015-2020 Update Report," [Presenter: Ann Robertson-Tait], Gerald HUTTRER [Paper]

[01018] "Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2020 Worldwide Review," [Presenter: Aniko Toth], John W. LUND; Aniko TOTH [Paper]

Tuesday 10:20 - 12:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 51A: Exploration R1

[11126] "Exploring Offshore Geothermal Fields Around Iceland," [Presenter: Arni Hjartarson], Árni HJARTARSON, Ögmundur ERLENDSSON, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Bjarni RICHTER, Geir HAGALÍNSSON and Davíð Þór ÓÐINSSON [Paper]

[11136] "From Exploration to Utilization, Hoffell Low Geothermal Field, Southeastern Iceland," [Presenter: Sigurdur Kristinsson], Sigurður G. KRISTINSSON, Heimir INGIMARSSON, Gunnar ÞORGILSSON, Sigurveig ÁRNADÓTTIR, Magnús ÓLAFSSON, Pétur Einir ÞÓRÐARSON, Þórhallur HALLDÓRSSON [Paper]

[11058] "Development of a Geostatistical Thermal Model of the Great Basin Region, Western USA," [Presenter: Whitney Trainor-Guitton], Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Cary LINDSEY, D. Lane BOYD, Bridget AYLING, Elijah MLAWSKY [Paper]

[11193] "Heat Production and Storage in Western Switzerland: Advances and Challenges of Intense Multidisciplinary Geothermal Exploration Activities, an 8 Years Progress Report," [Presenter: Andrea Moscariello], Andrea MOSCARIELLO, Geothermal Team University Of Geneva, Switzerland [Paper]

[11096] "The GeoTief EXPLORE 3D Project – an Innovative Deep Geothermal Exploration for a Future Sustainable Heat Supply for the City of Vienna," [Presenter: Marcellus Schreilechner], Marcellus G. SCHREILECHNER, Peter KEGLOVIC, Rusbeh REZANIA, Christian PRODINGER, Gregor GADERMEIER, Doris RUPPRECHT, Heinz BINDER and Mikael GARDEN [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 51B: Legal and Regulatory Aspects R1 -- National Policies

[03006] "The Role of Geothermal in Hungary's Energy and Domestic Heating Policy," [Presenter: Aniko Toth], Attila NYIKOS, Aniko N. TOTH, David K. FENERTY [Paper]

[03038] "Legal Framework and National Policy for Geothermal Development in Iceland," [Presenter: Jonas Ketilsson], Jonas KETILSSON, Harpa Th. PETURSDOTTIR, Maria GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Jon A. JOHANNESSON, Jon R. GUDMUNDSSON, Anna L. ODDSDOTTIR, Valdimar EGGERTSSON, Dilja B. STEFANDSDOTTIR, Gudni A. JOHANNESSON [Paper]

[03017] "Status of Ethiopian Geothermal Sector Regulatory Body and Current Development," [Presenter: Tesfaye Kassa Mekonnen], Tesfaye KASSA MEKONNEN [Paper]

[03000] "Recent Attainments and Regulations in the Field of Geothermal Energy in Iran," [Presenter: Farhad Abdollahzadeh Bina], Farhad ABDOLLAHZADEH BINA, Mohammad SATKIN, Ali SHABNAVARD [Paper]

[03025] "Key Aspects of New Zealand's Policy and Regulatory Regimes for the Sustainable Management of Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Mark Chrisp], Mark CHRISP [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 51C: Drilling and Completion R1

[21083] "Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant – Successful Drilling Campaign," [Presenter: Olafur Sverrisson], Olafur SVERRISSON, Bjarni PALSSON, Asgrimur GUDMUNDSSON, Sveinbjorn HOLMGEIRSSON [Paper]

[21093] "Tensile Testing of Casing Material at Elevated Temperatures Up to 550°C," [Presenter: Gunnar Skulason Kaldal], Bert DILLINGH, Gunnar Skúlason KALDAL, Ingólfur THORBJORNSSON, Jens WOLLENWEBER, Frank VERCAUTEREN [Paper]

[21001] "Application of a Unique Loss Circulation Curing Cement Spacer During Cement Placement in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Abraham Samuel], SAMUEL A S, UCHENDU C, OKOTO F, MALECHE J, KHAEMBA A, MURUNGI L and KULAKOFSKY D [Paper]

[21020] "Stuck Casing Mitigation - Raising Situation Awareness During Casing/Liner Installation Based on Real Time Friction Coefficient Analysis," [Presenter: Gudrun Hillbrand], Gudrun HILLBRAND, Manuel FASCHING, David LENTSCH, Gerhard THONHAUSER [Paper]

[21000] "Advanced Self-Healing Polymer-Cement Composites for Geothermal Wellbore Applications Up to 300 °C," [Presenter: Carlos Fernandez], Phillip K. KOECH, Carlos A. FERNANDEZ, Kenton ROD, Gao DAI, Nicolas HUERTA, Sarah BURTON, Quin R. S. MILLER, Charles T. RESCH [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 51D: Enhanced Geothermal Systems R1

[31094] "Heat Transfer and Flow Paths in the Deep Part of the IDDP-2 Well in Reykjanes, SW Iceland," [Presenter: Saeunn Halldorsdottir], Saeunn HALLDORSDOTTIR, Egill Árni GUDNASON, Inga BERRE, Gudni AXELSSON, Eirik KEILEGAVLEN and Gunnar THORGILSSON [Paper]


[31099] "The Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE): A Laboratory for Characterizing, Creating and Sustaining Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Joseph Moore], Joseph MOORE, John McLENNAN, Kristine PANKOW, Stuart SIMMONS, Robert PODGORNEY, Philip WANNAMAKER, Clay JONES, William RICKARD [Paper]

[31042] "Six Kilometers to Heat: Drilling, Characterizing and Stimulating the OTN-III EGS Well in Finland," [Presenter: Peter Malin], Peter MALIN, Tero SAARNO, Grzegorz KWIATEK, Ilmo KUKKONEN, Peter LEARY, Pekka HEIKKINEN [Paper]

[31053] "ZoDrEx an European Endeavour for Optimising Zonal Isolation, Drilling and Exploitation of EGS Projects," [Presenter: Peter Meier], Peter MEIER, Frdric GUINOT, Falko BETHMANN, Roland FASCHINGBAUER, Andrs ALCOLEA, Franoise LIAUTAUD, Jrme THABOUREY, Tiphaine SCHOTT, Jesus CARRERA, Victor VILARRASA RIAO, Albert GENTER, Nicolas CUENOT, Justine MOUCHOT, Martin SAAR, Xiang-Zhao KONG, Rolf BRACKE, Volker WITTIG, Isabella NARDINI, Waldemar MLLER-RUHE , Daniel SCHINDLER , Andre ZUCKER, Florian AMANN, Tobias RAUSCH, Alexander WIENZEK, Alexander BUCHNER, Annabelle MOLLIET, Diana McMATH, Peter SCHNETTLER-KRISTENSEN , Sren HALLUNDBK, Jrgen HALLUNDBK [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 51E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_51E] "Industry Showcase 51E," [Abstract]

Tuesday 13:00 - 14:40


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 52A: Exploration R2

[11166] "Hawaii Play Fairway: Phase 3 Results," [Presenter: Nicole Lautze Maresca], Nicole LAUTZE, Donald THOMAS, Colin FERGUSON, Erin WALLIN, Daniel DORES [Paper]

[11095] "The GEMex Project: Developing Los Humeros (Mexico) as a Superhot Geothermal Site," [Presenter: Egbert Jolie], Egbert JOLIE, Domenico LIOTTA, Víctor Hugo GARDUÑO-MONROY, Luis Carlos GUTÍERREZ-NEGRIN, Claudia ARANGO GALVÁN, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Jan Diederik VAN WEES, Alfonso ARAGÓN-AGUILAR, Aída LÓPEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, David BRUHN, Katrin KIELING, and The GEMex Team [Paper]

[11129] "Ósabotnar Geothermal System, SW Iceland: Low-Temperature Geothermal Exploration and Utilization for District Heating in Árborg," [Presenter: Heimir Ingimarsson], Heimir INGIMARSSON, Helga TULINIUS, Þórólfur H. HAFSTAÐ, Guðni AXELSSON, Sigurður Þór HARALDSSON [Paper]

[11196] "Geothermal Energy in Canada – Kickstarting an Industry," [Presenter: Catherine Hickson], HICKSON, C.J., NOONE, F. RAYMOND, J., DUSSEAULT, M. FRASER, T., HUANG, K., MARCIA, K., MIRANDA, M., POUX, B., FIESS, K., EBELL, J., FERGUSON, G., DALE, J., GROENEWOUD, L. BANKS, J., UNSWORTH, M., BRUNSKILL, B., GRASBY, S., WITTER, J [Paper]

[11061] "The Nevada Geothermal Play Fairway Project: Exploring for Blind Geothermal Systems Through Integrated Geological, Geochemical, and Geophysical Analyses," [Presenter: James Faulds], James E. FAULDS, Nicholas H. HINZ, Mark F. COOLBAUGH, Jason W. CRAIG, Emma G. McCONVILLE, Jonathan M. GLEN, Bridget F. AYLING, Andrew J. SADOWSKI, Drew L. SILER, Stephen DEOREO [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 52B: Power Generation R1 -- Power Plants

[26082] "Thermoeconomic Analysis of Geothermal Power Cycles. A Case Study of IDDP-1," [Presenter: Maria Gudjonsdottir], Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Alberto MERETO, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR, Vijay CHAUHAN [Paper]

[26003] "Cogeneration of Hydro and Geothermal Power," [Presenter: Egill Juliusson], Egill JULIUSSON, Freyja B. DAGBJARTSDOTTIR [Paper]

[26093] "Geothermal Binary Demonstration Power Plant Pangolombian-Lahendong, Indonesia," [Presenter: Stefan Kranz], Stefan KRANZ, Stephanie FRICK, Ali SAADAT, Kemal ERBAS, Ernst HUENGES, SUYANTO, Roy BANDORO [Paper]

[26096] "Design of Hágöngur 100 MWe Geothermal Power Plant in the Highland of Iceland," [Presenter: Asgrimur Gudmundsson], Ásgrímur GUDMUNDSSON, Bjarni PÁLSSON, Björk GUDMUNDSDÓTTIR, Ólafur ÁRNASON, Rúnar MAGNÚSSON and Sunna Björg REYNISDÓTTIR [Paper]

[26105] "Dispatchability Potential of Geothermal Power Plants in São Miguel Island, Azores," [Presenter: Nuno Vieira], Nuno VIEIRA, Bárbara ARRUDA, Fardaneh RAVAZDEZH [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 52C: Case Histories R1

[06010] "Heat of Molten Lava Used for Space Heating," [Presenter: Sveinbjorn Bjornsson], Sveinbjorn BJORNSSON, Baldur JÓNASSON, Már KARLSSON [Paper]

[06052] "Case Study of the Yerka Mt. Ida Geothermal Project, Canakkale Province, Turkey," [Presenter: Logan Hackett], James LOVEKIN, Logan HACKETT, Merve AYDIN [Paper]

[06060] "Geochemical and Thermohydraulic Characterization of Some Production Wells of New Geothermal Project Las Pailas II in Costa Rica," [Presenter: Jessica Arias], Jessica ARIAS HERNANDEZ, Yosniel GARRIDO LOPEZ [Paper]

[06026] "Application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) to Geothermal Energy Reources; Experiences from Six Greenfield Projects in Flores Island, Indonesia," [Presenter: Suryantini Suryantini], SURYANTINI, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Tony WIDIATMORO, Dikdik RISDIANTO, Muhamad FIRDAUS AL HAKIM, Angga BAKTI PRATAMA, Juni YESY SIANIPAR, Betseba BR SIBARANI, Hendro WIBOWO, Waldy AFUAR, Welly T PRABATA, Reyno RIVELINO, Rizki TRISNA HUTAMA [Paper]

[06007] "The Waikite Thermal Valley, New Zealand," [Presenter: Sadiq Zarrouk], Katherine LUKETINA, Sadiq J. ZARROUK, Charlotte GEVAERT [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 52D: Software for Geothermal Applications R1

[33031] "Exploring Utilization Scenarios for Supercritical Wells Using 3D Geothermal Reservoir Modelling," [Presenter: Alina Yapparova], Alina YAPPAROVA, Benoit LAMY-CHAPPUIS, Sigrun TOMASDOTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Thomas DRIESNER [Paper]

[33012] "ÍSOR’s Geothermal Database of Exploration and Production Monitoring, Current Design and Status," [Presenter: Sigrun Gunnarsdottir], Sigrún GUNNARSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[33037] "The European Geothermal RD&I Documents Search Engine - EGRISE: a Tool to Access Geothermal Projects Reports – H2020 DG-ETIP Project," [Presenter: Eugenio Trumpy], Eugenio TRUMPY, Serena BOTTEGHI, Philippe DUMAS, Gianluca GOLA, Ben LAENEN, Anna PELLIZZONE, Valentina PINZUTI, Pavel SORIN, Adele MANZELLA [Paper]

[33000] "The Role of Three Dimensional Models in Geothermal Energy, from Exploration to Production," [Presenter: Bastien Poux], Bastien POUX, Jeremy O'BRIEN, Brennan WILLIAMS, Samantha ALCARAZ [Paper]

[33011] "A New Parallel Reservoir Simulation Tool for the Production of Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Olivier Ricois], Olivier M. RICOIS, Jean-Marc GRATIEN [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 52E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_52E] "Industry Showcase 52E," [Abstract]

Tuesday 15:00 - 16:40


Tuesday 16:40 - 18:00


Wednesday 08:20 - 10:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 54A: Plenary 2 -- Geothermal Role in a Carbon Free World

Keynote: Paul Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development for Ormat Technologies

Geothermal Role in a carbon free world – virtual panel discussion
Rana Adib, Executive Director REN 21
Paul Ramsak, GEOTHERMICA Strategy Lead, Netherlands Enterprise Agency / RVO
Hörður Arnarsson,  CEO Landsvirkjun
Lauren Boyd, Enhanced Geothermal Systems Program Manager U.S. Department of Energy 

Keynote: Ajit Menon, VP Geothermal & Energy Transition at Baker Hughes

How far down the cost curve can we come? – panel discussion
Mette Lind Fürstnow, Solutions Director, Green Initiatives, Welltec,
Marco Frassinetti, Sales Director, Exergy ORC
Sigurdur Sigurdsson, CEO, Iceland Drilling 

Keynote: Richard Tantoco, President, COO Energy Development Corp

[WGC_54A] "Plenary 2," Bjarni Palsson [Abstract]

Wednesday 10:20 - 12:00


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 55A: Environmental and Societal Aspects R1 -- Overviews

[02061] "The GECO Project: Lowering the Emissions from the Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir Power Plants Via NCG Capture, Utilization, and Storage," [Presenter: Nokkvi Andersen], Nökkvi ANDERSEN, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Magnus Th. ARNARSON, Sandra Osk SNÆBJÖRNSDOTTIR [Paper]

[02024] "Overview of Global Existence of Pollutant and GHG Abatement Facilities in GPPs," [Presenter: Lilja Tryggvadottir], Alessandro LENZI, Marco PACI, Lilja TRYGGVADOTTIR, Teitur GUNNARSSON, Katrín RAGNARSDOTTIR [Paper]

[02049] "GEOENVI Project: Tackling the Environmental Concerns for Deploying Geothermal Energy in Europe," [Presenter: Sylvia Gudjonsdottir], Philippe DUMAS, Thomas GARABETIAN [Paper]

[02009] "Risk Assessment of HSE Risks of Ultra Deep Geothermal Energy and Enhanced Geothermal Systems in the Netherlands," [Presenter: Yvonne A Campo], Yvonne A'CAMPO, Siefko SLOB, Stefan BAISCH, Ben LAENEN, Matsen BROOTHAERS, Regillio KASIRIN, David BRUHN, Phil VARDON, Floris BESSELING, Esmée BOTER, Abe STEIGINGA, Gunter SIDDIQI, Eveline BUTER [Paper]

[02072] "Main Risks Related to Deep Geothermal Energy in the World," [Presenter: Philippe Gombert], Philippe GOMBERT, Franz LAHAIE, Auxane CHERKAOUI, Isabelle CONTRUCCI, Francesca DE SANTIS [Paper]

[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 55B: Geochemistry R1

[14053] "Fluid Inclusions in the Deepest Part of the IDDP-2 Drill Core, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland," [Presenter: Eniko Bali], Eniko BALI, Laszlo E. ARADI, Abel, SZABO, Robert A. ZIERENBERG, Gudmundur O. FRIDLEIFSSON, Csaba SZABO [Paper]

[14124] "Composition of Reservoir Fluids in Well IDDP-2," [Presenter: Finnbogi Oskarsson], Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON [Paper]

[14125] "Characterising Geothermal Fluids of the Askja and Kverkfjöll Volcanic Systems, Iceland," [Presenter: Eemu Ranta], Eemu RANTA, Andri STEFÁNSSON, Jóhann GUNNARSSON-ROBIN, Ríkey KJARTANSDÓTTIR, Sæmundur A. HALLDÓRSSON [Paper]

[14055] "Laboratory Leaching Tests to Investigate Mobilisation of Metals Within Engineered Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Christopher Rochelle], Andrew KILPATRICK, Chris ROCHELLE, Máté OSVALD and János SZANYI [Paper]

[14154] "Active Basalt Alteration at Supercritical Conditions in IDDP-2 Drill Core, Reykjanes, Iceland," [Presenter: Robert Zierenberg], Robert ZIERENBERG, Guðmundur Ó. FRIÐLEIFSSON, Wilfred ELDERS, Peter SCHIFFMAN, Andrew FOWLER, Mark REED, David ZAKHAROV, Ilya BINDEMAN [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 55C: Resource Assessment R1

[16028] "Geothermal Power Generated from UK Granites (GWatt)," [Presenter: Christopher Rochelle], Chris ROCHELLE, Jon BUSBY, Andrew KILPATRICK, Robin SHAIL, Chris YEOMANS, MatThew EYRE, Sabine Den HARTOG, Dan ARNOLD, Sebastian GEIGER, Andreas BUSCH, Pete LEDINGHAM, Ryan LAW, Caroline CARROLL, and Members Of The GWatt Project Team [Paper]

[16013] "A Techno-Economic Evaluation of High Temperature Thermal Aquifer Storage (HT-ATES) for Use with the Geothermal Well on the TU Delft Campus," [Presenter: Phil Vardon], Martin BLOEMENDAL, Philip J. VARDON, Marc PIJNENBORG, Gustas SUDINTAS, Anne MEDEMA, Kijze MARIF, Stijn BEERNINK, Franklin Van VELDHUIZEN, Sander SNELLEMAN, Tebbe VAN OORT [Paper]

[16077] "Temperature and Pressure Model for the Námafjall Geothermal System in NE-Iceland and Development of a 3-D Numerical Model in 2011," [Presenter: Saeunn Halldorsdottir], Saeunn HALLDORSDOTTIR, Sigrídur Sif GYLFADOTTIR, Gudni AXELSSON, Anette Kaergaard MORTENSEN, Hedinn BJORNSSON and Asgrímur GUDMUNDSSON [Paper]

[16021] "The Brimstone Hill Geothermal Resource, St Kitts: a New Assessment Making Use of Coastal Infrared Imaging," [Presenter: Jacques Charroy], Jacques CHARROY, Sébastien HAFFEN, Yves GERAUD, Marc DIRAISON, Michel CORSINI, Marc MUNSCHY, Frédéric GERARD [Paper]

[16035] "Worldwide Compilation of Young Igneous Rocks Ages Associated with High-Enthalpy Operating Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Julie Meillac], Julie MEILLAC, Luis URZUA, Greg USSHER [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 55D: Reservoir Engineering R1 -- Concepts

[22144] "Electrical Resistance Study Between Well Casings at Reykjanes Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Lilja Magnusdottir], Lilja MAGNUSDOTTIR, Magnus Thor JONSSON [Paper]

[22105] "Demonstration of Soft Stimulation Treatments in Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Ernst Huenges], Ernst HUENGES, Justyna ELLIS, Sören WELTER, Rob WESTAWAY, Ki-Bok MIN, Albert GENTER, Peter MEIER, Brecht WASSING, Michele MARTI [Paper]

[22128] "Numerical Modelling of the Hveragerði High-Temperature Field," [Presenter: Ragna Bjork Bragadottir], Ragna Björk BRAGADOTTIR, Einar Jon ASBJÖRNSSON and Gunnar GUNNARSSON [Paper]

[22140] "3D Models for Stress Changes and Seismic Hazard Assessment of Geothermal Doublets in the Netherlands," [Presenter: Jan-Diederik van Wees], Jan-Diederik VAN WEES, Siavash KAHROBAEI, Sander OSINGA, Brecht WASSING, Loes BUIJZE, Thibault CANDELA, Peter FOKKER Jan TER HEEGE, Mark VRIJLANDT [Paper]

[22045] "Estimating Flow Performance of IDDP-2/DEEPEGS Well by Introducing Local Injectivity Indexes for Different Reservoir Depths," [Presenter: Sturla Saether], Sturla SÆTHER [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 55E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_55E] "Industry Showcase 55E," [Abstract]

Wednesday 13:00 - 14:40


[Room: Silfurberg B] SESSION 56B: Geochemistry R2

[14129] "Reservoir Tracer Test in the Krafla Geothermal Field Using Conservative and Potentially Degrading Liquid-phase Tracers," [Presenter: Finnbogi Oskarsson], Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Gunnar ÞORGILSSON, Alain GADALIA, Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Paper]

[14137] "REE Systematics of Reservoir Rocks in Kızıldere Geothermal Field, Turkey," [Presenter: Dogacan Ozcan], Dogacan OZCAN, Hakan HOSGORMEZ, Sarah A. GLEESON, Martin ZIMMER [Paper]

[14015] "Isotope and Chemical Constrains on the Hydrogeology of the Low-temperature Geothermal System in Shandong Peninsula, China," [Presenter: Tingting Zheng], ZHENG Tingting, Andri STEFÁNSSON, KANG Fengxin, SHI Meng, JIANG Haiyang, SUI Haibo [Paper]

[14133] "Evolution of a Geothermal Brine from a Low-Temperature Radioactive Spring," [Presenter: DeBonne Natalie Wishart], DeBonne N. WISHART [Paper]

[14058] "Possible Mineral-Water Interactions Delimiting Li Geothermometry in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Agnes Reyes], Agnes G. REYES, William J. TROMPETTER [Paper]

[Room: Norðurljós] SESSION 56C: Corrosion and Scaling R1 -- New Materials and Processes

[27069] "Friction and Wear Behaviour of Surface Coatings for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Gifty Oppong Boakye], Gifty OPPONG BOAKYE, Danyil KOVALOV, Andri Í. THÓRHALLSSON, Sigrún N. KARLSDOÓTTIR [Paper]

[27063] "Application of Aqueous Salt Solutions with High Boiling Point Elevation for Scrubbing Particulate and Acid Gas Impurities from Superheated Geothermal Steam," [Presenter: Gudrun Saevarsdottir], Vijay CHAUHAN, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR [Paper]

[27065] "Computational Modelling and Experimental Investigation of Silica Particle Transport and Deposition Occurring in Superheated Geothermal Steam," [Presenter: Maria Gudjonsdottir], Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Vijay CHAUHAN, Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR [Paper]

[27013] "The Use of Corrosion Resistant Alloy to Address Erosion Corrosion Problem in a Well in Mt. Apo Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Jo-ann Ritch Camba], Jo-Ann Ritch B. CAMBA, Mark Angelo O. MALIBIRAN, Rhemal Jay T. TAMBOBOY, Kenneth S. FAJA, Benson G. SAMBRANO, Gabriel M. ARAGON [Paper]

[27001] "Evaluation of the Interactions Between Hydrogen and Steel in Geothermal Conditions with H2S," [Presenter: Jean Kittel], KITTEL Jean, ROPITAL Francois, GROSJEAN François, JOSHI Gaurav [Paper]

[Room: Kaldalón] SESSION 56D: Reservoir Engineering R2

[22070] "Evaluation and Comparison of Injection and Production Indices of Feed Zones and Wells Obtained from Spinner Logs Measured During Injection and Production Testing," [Presenter: Valdis Gudmundsdottir], Valdis GUDMUNDSDÓTTIR; Gunnar THORGILSSON, Thorsteinn EGILSON, Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Paper]

[22066] "Using the Pressure While Drilling Data to Inform Drilling Decisions in the Kawerau and Rotokawa Geothermal Fields, NZ," [Presenter: Morgane Le Brun], Morgane LE BRUN, Lutfhie AZWAR, Andrew MARSH [Paper]

[22047] "Modelling the Flow Paths at the Carbfix2 Reinjection Site, Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant, SW-Iceland," [Presenter: Thomas Ratouis], Thomas RATOUIS, Sandra Ósk SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Edda Sif ARADÓTTIR [Paper]

[22097] "Development and Application of Enhancements to the iTOUGH2 Simulator for Geothermal Reservoir Management," [Presenter: Jean Claude Berthet], Andri ARNALDSSON, Jean-Claude BERTHET, Larus THORVALDSSON, Hilmar M. EINARSSON, Stefan FINSTERLE [Paper]

[22099] "Changes in Production Capacity at Hellisheiði and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Palmar Sigurdsson], Pálmar SIGURÐSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Íris Eva EINARSDÓTTIR, Iwona Monika GALECZKA, Þorsteinn Ari ÞORGEIRSSON [Paper]

[Room: Ríma] SESSION 56E: Industry Showcase

[WGC_56E] "Industry Showcase 56E," [Abstract]

Wednesday 15:00 - 16:40


[Room: Silfurberg A] SESSION 57A: Closing Ceremony

Hildigunnur H. Thorsteinsson, Vice Chair of WGC 2020 Organising Committee
Bjarni Pálsson, Chair of WGC 2020 Organising Committee
Alexander Richter, Managing Director Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster

Closing of the Technical Program
Roland Horne, Chair of WGC 2020 Technical Committee

Reykjavik Declaration
Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

Handover to WGC2023 Host China
Andrea Blair, President of the International Geothermal Association
Bjarni Pálsson, Chair of WGC 2020 Organising Committee
Ma Yongsheng, President, Sinopec Group

[WGC_57A] "Closing Ceremony," Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson [Abstract]

Wednesday 08:00 - 08:00


Wednesday 16:40 - 18:00


[Room: Exhibition] SESSION 57P: Publication Only

[04024] "GEORISK: Developing Risk Mitigation Schemes to Accelerate the Deployment of Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: Philippe Dumas], Philippe DUMAS, Thomas GARABETIAN [Paper]

[01008] "Macedonia - Country Update 2020," [Presenter: ], Sanja POPOVSKA-VASILEVSKA, Slave ARMENSKI [Paper]

[01028] "Geothermal Energy Resources of Papua New Guinea: Country Update," [Presenter: ], Maxine LAHAN, Gener VILLAFUERTE, Lynell STEVENS [Paper]

[01030] "Status of Geothermal Exploration in Zambia," [Presenter: ], Brian Sinkala MAINZA. Arnold SIMWABA [Paper]

[01031] "Albanian Progress on Geothermal Usage, 2015-2019," [Presenter: ], Nevton KODHELAJ [Paper]

[01045] "The Current Status of Geothermal Energy Research and Use in Bosnia and Herzegovina," [Presenter: ], Neven MIOŠIĆ, Natalija SAMARDŽIĆ, Hazim HRVATOVIĆ [Paper]

[01048] "Status of the Geothermal Resouces of Colombia: Country Update," [Presenter: ], Claudia ALFARO and Gilbert RODRÍGUEZ [Paper]

[01050] "Geothermal Developments in Cyprus - Country Update 2019," [Presenter: ], Apostolos MICHOPOULOS [Paper]

[01056] "Country Update, Faroe Islands – Geothermal and Groundwater Resources," [Presenter: ], Malan ELLEFSEN, Jana ÓLAVSDÓTTIR, Randi K. RAMSTAD and Bjørn FRENGSTAD [Paper]

[01059] "Geothermal Atlas and Resources, Country Update for Belarus," [Presenter: ], Vladimir ZUI [Paper]

[01060] "2020 Ukraine Country Update," [Presenter: ], Yurii MOROZOV, Anastasia BARYLO, Oleg LYSAK [Paper]

[01091] "Geothermal Energy Utilisation - Ireland Country Update," [Presenter: ], Riccardo PASQUALI, Sarah BLAKE, James MCATEER, Taly HUNTER WILLIAMS, Alistair ALLEN [Paper]

[02005] "Detecting Geothermal Subsidence Using Remote Sensing Methods," [Presenter: ], Mark HARVEY, Jim MCLEOD, Katherine LUKETINA, Colin HARVEY [Paper]

[02014] "Environmental and Social Consideration of a Geothermal Project in Arta Area, Djibouti," [Presenter: ], Abdek MAHAMOUD ABDI [Paper]

[02023] "Kā Rongo Te Hā o Rūaumoko… Ka Mua, Ka Muri – Understanding the Impacts of Air Pollution from Past to Present," [Presenter: ], Ringahora HUATA, Agnes MAZOT, Blair MILLAR, Andreas MARKWITZ, Diane BRADSHAW, James WARBRICK, Perry DAVY [Paper]

[02028] "Tracking Surface Displacement with Satellite InSAR. Another Environmental Factor Under Control," [Presenter: ], Paolo FERRARI, Davide COLOMBO [Paper]

[02030] "Side-by-Side and Opposing Fields: Simultaneous Geothermal Protection and Development - the Case Study of Ngatamariki, New Zealand," [Presenter: ], Mason JACKSON, Simon ADDISON, Dale ARBURY [Paper]

[02079] "Risk Mitigation of H2S Exposure at ON Power," [Presenter: ], Dagur HELGASON, Iða Brá VILHJÁLMSDÓTTIR, Sæunn Kolbrún ÞÓRÓLFSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[03003] "Functional Power Trade Key to Achieving Universal Access to Sustainable Energy Services in Sub-Saharan Africa Region," [Presenter: ], Xavier SHIOYA MUSONYE [Paper]

[03009] "Study on Policy Supply and Demand of Geothermal Resources Development in China," [Presenter: ], ZHANG Yanfei, Ge Jianping [Paper]

[03013] "Analysis of Deep and Shallow Geothermal Resources Development and Utilization in Wuqing District of Tianjin," [Presenter: ], LIU Donglin, YANG Baomei, SHEN Jian [Paper]

[03016] "A Review of Geothermal Pricing Policy and Its Impacts on Geothermal Development in Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Yuniarto YUNIARTO and Eko Hari PURWANTO [Paper]

[03023] "Really, What Is That Geothermal Energy?," [Presenter: ], SZITA Gabor [Paper]

[03040] "Strategic Planning for Geothermal Utilization at the Eurometropole of Strasbourg," [Presenter: ], Carine CHATENAY, Óskar P. EINARSSON, Thierry WILLM, Gérard POL-GILI [Paper]

[03045] "Keep Calm and Carry on: the Importance of Leadership and Crisis Management During a Natural Disaster: A Comparison Between Iceland and New Zealand," [Presenter: ], Sigridur Magnea OSKARSDOTTIR [Paper]

[04002] "Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of Geothermal Areas in Iceland," [Presenter: ], David COOK, Brynhildur DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR and Dað Már KRISTÓFERSSON [Paper]

[05028] "Sustainable Energy Development and the Role of Geothermal Energy in Iceland - Stakeholders' View," [Presenter: ], Ingunn GUNNARSDÓTTIR, Brynhildur DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR [Paper]

[05029] "Geothermal Energy in Colombia: Beyond Electricity Supply; A Vision for Sustainable Development," [Presenter: ], Esteban GÓMEZ DÍAZ [Paper]

[05049] "Implementation of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Lahendong Unit 5 and 6 Geothermal Project PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy for Further Development of Carbon Credit Program from Geothermal Project in Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Sapto CIPTADI, Imam HIDAYAT, Primawan RATIANSYAH, Bagus BRAMANTIO, Irma KHOIRUNISSA, Priatna BUDIMAN, Tumpal Parulian NAINGGOLAN, Glifanny RAMADANI [Paper]

[06002] "New Status of Geothermal Heat Pump in Iran," [Presenter: ], Soheil PORKHIAL, Mohsen TAGHADOSI [Paper]

[06003] "Fluid Management System – Acid Neutralization Experience for the Biliran Geothermal Field, Province of Biliran, Philippines," [Presenter: ], MARBELLO, Aylmer, APUADA, Nilo, FRONDA, Ariel, LLENARIZAS, Dennard [Paper]

[06012] "The Phenomenon of Cooling Geothermal Wells in PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Fields; Investigation and Handling," [Presenter: ], Muhamad Bayu SAPUTRA, Gamal HASTRIANSYAH, Fatah GUNAWAN, Fernando PASARIBU, Marihot Sp SILABAN [Paper]

[06023] "Integrated Interpretation of Heliborne AGG and AEM Data for Geothermal Exploration in the Musadake-Teshikaga Area of Japan," [Presenter: ], Jurriaan FEIJTH, Jackie HOPE, Hiromasa ISHIKAWA, Atsushi SHIROTA, Takuji MOURI, Gen NAKAMOTO [Paper]

[06027] "Low Heat Flow in the Orsha Depression, Belarus," [Presenter: ], Vladimir ZUI [Paper]

[06032] "The United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, Cornwall, UK," [Presenter: ], Peter LEDINGHAM, Lucy COTTON [Paper]

[06035] "Geothermal Development in Aceh, Indonesia: Challenges and Prospect," [Presenter: ], Teuku MUKHLIS [Paper]

[07003] "Indigenous Developments: Looking Back to Move Forward," [Presenter: ], Loretta LOVELL and Sandra ERU [Paper]

[07005] "A Cascade Model and Initial Exploration of Co-Production Processes Underpinning the Ecosystem Services of Geothermal Areas," [Presenter: ], David COOK, Brynhildur DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR, Laura MALINAUSKAITE [Paper]

[07016] "Innovative Remote Sensing Methodologies That Honour Cultural Legacies for Effective Management of Geothermal Resources for Future Generations: Whakarewarewa, Rotorua Geothermal Field, New Zealand," [Presenter: ], James WARBRICK, Diane BRADSHAW, Andrew J. RAE, Nick MACDONALD, Rogier WESTERHOFF, Robert REEVES, Salman ASHRAF [Paper]

[07019] "Impacts of Abstraction of Surface Water for Geothermal Drilling on Alalobad Geothermal Project," [Presenter: ], Addisu BEKELE [Paper]

[07059] "Interrelation Between Urban Planning and Geothermal Energy Use. Exploring Challenges and Potential Synergies in Reykjavík Capital Area," [Presenter: ], Holmfridur BJARNADÓTTIR [Paper]

[08002] "The Development of Seulawah Agam Geothermal Working Area Under Indonesia's Geothermal License (IPB) Regulation Era," [Presenter: ], Muhamad Gadhavi FATONY, Askin TOHARI, Aldin AHMAD, Muchammad [Paper]

[08007] "Encouraging Geothermal Investment in Indonesia Through a New Business Scheme," [Presenter: ], Havidh NAZIF, Ida Nuryatin FINAHARI, Andi SUSMANTO [Paper]

[08014] "GEO-ENERGY EUROPE: Providing Geo-Energy SMEs Better Access to Export Markets Outside Europe," [Presenter: ], Virginie SCHMIDLE-BLOCH, Emmanuelle PIRON [Paper]

[08020] "Institutionalized Public-Private Partnership for Geothermal Power Generation in Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Yudistian YUNIS, Yodha Yudhistra NUSIAPUTRA, Hendra Yu Tonsa TONDANG [Paper]

[08044] "Reflections of Exploration Drilling Insurance Mechanism on Geothermal Sector Country Experience," [Presenter: ], Ruken OZTEKIN [Paper]

[09002] "The Postgraduate Geothermal Energy Course Update: Geothermal Institute, New Zealand," [Presenter: ], Sadiq J. ZARROUK [Paper]

[09008] "Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: ], José M ROMO-JONES, Thomas G. KRETSZCHMAR, Rosa M. PROL-LEDESMA, Jessica J. SALAS-ARIZA, Group CEMIEGEO [Paper]

[09023] "Geothermal Center of Excellence in El Salvador," [Presenter: ], Kevin PADILLA, Roberto ESTEVEZ, Diana MARTINEZ [Paper]

[11001] "Investigation on Hydrothermally Altered Rocks in Salmas Geothermal Region, NW- Iran," [Presenter: ], Javad NOURALIEE, Davar EBRAHIMI [Paper]

[11002] "Inspecting the Mahallat Geothermal Field (at the Center of Iran) Through Geological and Geochemical Analysis," [Presenter: ], Davar EBRAHIMI, Javad NOURALIEE [Paper]

[11003] "Thermal Surveying of Mahallat Geothermal Prospect in Central Iran and Comparing Its Results to the Mödruvellir Geothermal Field, SW Iceland," [Presenter: ], Davar EBRAHIMI, Javad NOURALIEE, Ali DASHTI [Paper]

[11020] "Application of Spontaneous Potential in the Geothermal Area La Soledad, México," [Presenter: ], Cecilia LORENZO, Esteban JIMENEZ, Javier LERMO, Antony FINIZOLA [Paper]

[11026] "Preliminary Study on the Feasibility of Segmental Development of Thermal Reservoir in Jixian System Wumishan Formation," [Presenter: ], Baozhen JIN, Hongjing PENG, Juan WANG, Xiaofei YUAN, Yunxiao YANG [Paper]

[11031] "Joint Inversion of Seismic and Geoelectric Sounding Using Genetic Algorithm for Geothermal Prospect Identification," [Presenter: ], Kriti YADAV and Anirbid SIRCAR [Paper]

[11032] "Updating of the Descrptive Conceptual Model of Paipa Geothermal System, Colombia," [Presenter: ], Claudia ALFARO, Jesús RUEDA, Camilo MATIZ, Gilbert RODRÍGUEZ, Carlos GONZÁLEZ, Miguel BELTRÁN, Gina RODRÍGUEZ and Jaison MALO [Paper]

[11034] "Geothermal Exploration Using Soil CO2 Flux Surveys in Arid Environments," [Presenter: ], Mark HARVEY, Guillermo CHAVEZ, Marcos DELGADO [Paper]

[11055] "Geothermal Updates for Pakistan," [Presenter: ], Sayyed Hossein Shah BUKHARI [Paper]

[11094] "Trias Westland, Results of an Innovative Exploration Project," [Presenter: ], T.M. HOPMAN, Z. MANIAR, C.M. DE WIJKERSLOOTH [Paper]

[11130] "Soil Gas Flux Geothermometer for Geothermal Exploration," [Presenter: ], Mark HARVEY, Julie ROWLAND, Giovanni CHIODINI, Clinton RISSMANN, Simon BLOOMBERG, Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Audur OLADOTTIR [Paper]

[11164] "Aerial Thermal Infrared Survey of the Buranga Geothermal Prospect, Uganda," [Presenter: ], Mark HARVEY, Godfrey BAHATI, Edward ISABIRYE, William CUMMING, Nicholas HINZ, David SUSSMAN and Thomas ASKEW [Paper]

[12001] "Study on the Role of Shemshak Formation in Creation of Some Geothermal Resources in Iran," [Presenter: ], Javad NOURALIEE, Davar EBRAHIMI [Paper]

[12005] "Geology of Lumut Balai Geothermal Field," [Presenter: ], Sapto Trianggo NURSETO, R.A. Julia SATRIANI, Mochamad Husni THAMRIN [Paper]

[12008] "Long-lived Volcanic Centers of Kamchatka Geothermal Areas," [Presenter: ], Vladimir BELOUSOV, Irina BELOUSOVA [Paper]

[12009] "Evolution of the Pauzhetsky Geothermal Area and Acid Volcanism," [Presenter: ], Vladimir BELOUSOV, Irina BELOUSOVA, Olga KHUBAEVA [Paper]

[12014] "The Streams of Alkaline Fluids, Controllable by Giant Gas-Rich Hydrothermal Systems (South Kamchatka)," [Presenter: ], Sergei RYCHAGOV [Paper]

[12042] "Geological Study in Hanle Geothermal Prospect, Djibouti," [Presenter: ], Youssouf Hassan SAMOD, Toshiaki HOSODA [Paper]

[12054] "Geological Study of Lake Abhe, Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: ], Youssouf Hassan SAMOD, Sigurður G KRISTINSSON [Paper]

[12060] "Application of Cation Geothermometry: the Case of Butajira Geothermal Prospect, Ethiopia," [Presenter: ], Yared SINETEBEB and Gezahegn YIRGU [Paper]

[12089] "Geothermal System of Mt Pancar and Its Significance for Direct Use," [Presenter: ], Muhammad Alzaid PONKA, Dwi Rizkia NABHANI, Riane Shavira SETIAWAN [Paper]

[12109] "Volcanic and Tectonic Evolution of Azufre – Inacaliri Volcanic Chain and Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Field (Northern Chile)," [Presenter: ], Germain RIVERA, Diego MORATA, Carlos RAMÍREZ, Gianni VOLPI [Paper]

[12127] "Structural Control of Fluid Pathways in Active Geothermal Systems. Insights from Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: ], Victor OTIENO [Paper]

[12129] "The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) to Explore Areas of Hydrothermal Systems, South of Kamchatka Peninsula," [Presenter: ], Michael CHERNOV, Sergei RYCHAGOV [Paper]

[12132] "Feed Zones Characterization Based on the Intensity of Faults and Fractures to Reduce the Uncertainty of the Future Field Development in Ulubelu Geothermal Field, Lampung, Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Muhammad Tajul ARIFIN, Imam Muhammad PRASETYO, Vivi Dewi Mardiana Nusantara, Graniko Reza PRATAMA, Mochamad Husni THAMRIN, Hary KOESTONO [Paper]

[12135] "Update to the Conceputal Geologic Model of the Borinquen Geothermal Field, Costa Rica," [Presenter: ], Edward HAKANSON [Paper]

[12172] "Comparative Subsurface Geology and Hydrothermal Alteration of Pad A and Pad E Wells in Sorik Marapi, North Sumatra, Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Xyza L. OMAC-CANARIAS, Armando C. LICUP, Maria Jhonnie Z. VILLAREAL, Zosimo F. SARMIENTO [Paper]

[12184] "New Areas of Geothermic Interest in the Central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes: Santa Rosa and Cerro Machín," [Presenter: ], Yenny CASALLAS, Jesús Bernardo RUEDA-GUTIÉRREZ, Gina RODRIGUEZ [Paper]

[12202] "Hydrotherms and Volcanoes of Kamchatka," [Presenter: ], L.A. VOROZHEIKINA, N.V. OBORA [Paper]

[13001] "Analysis of Thermal Parameters Variability During Thawing of Cohesive and Non-cohesive Soils," [Presenter: ], Mateusz ŻERUŃ, Aleksandra ŁUKAWSKA, Grzegorz RYŻYŃSKI [Paper]

[13021] "Developing a Geothermal TEM System Using Squid Magnetometer," [Presenter: ], Keita YOSHIMATSU, Masatoshi TSUZUKI, Takuji MORI, Hidehisa WATANABE, Hidehiro ISHIKAWA, Tomohiro YAMAZAKI [Paper]

[13026] "3-D Joint Inversion of the Full Impedance Tensor and Magnetic Transfer Function in Atedai Geothermal Area Case," [Presenter: ], WIWID Joni, Tony RAHADINATA [Paper]

[13027] "Integrated Analysis of Gravity-gradient and Geomagnetic Survey Data in Geothermal Prospective Area in Japan," [Presenter: ], Shigeki MIZUTANI [Paper]

[13039] "Dynamic Modelling of Microseismic Activities in a Geothermal Field," [Presenter: ], Umran SERPEN, Niyazi AKSOY, Zulfu DEMIRKIRAN, Hilal ATES [Paper]

[13053] "Revaluating Glasgow’s Heat Flow Dataset to Account for Corrections for Palaeoclimate: a Case Study of the Maryhill Borehole," [Presenter: ], Sean M. WATSON, Robert WESTAWAY, Neil BURNSIDE [Paper]

[13057] "Fault Characterization in Tondano Depression Using Focal Mechanism Analysis," [Presenter: ], Astha Dandari Kusuma WARDHANI, R.M Tofan SASTRANEGARA, Tommy HENDRIANSYAH, Lendriadi AGUNG, Fadhilaz Didgaya HAQ, Sigit SURYANTO, and Imam B. RAHARJO [Paper]

[13070] "Implications for the Accuracy of Porosity and Permeability Estimates Derived from X-ray Computed Tomography in Reservoir Characterization," [Presenter: ], Mathias NEHLER, Ferdinand STOECKHERT, Erik SAENGER, Jörg RENNER, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

[13077] "Geophysical Characterization of the Eburru Geothermal Field, Kenya from the Analysis and Interpretation of Magnetotelluric and Gravity Techniques," [Presenter: ], Justus MAITHYA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU [Paper]

[13102] "Depth-average Estimation of 1D Subsurface Resistivity from MT Data in Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico," [Presenter: ], José M ROMO-JONES, Thalia AVILES, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, Diego RUIZ-AGUILAR, Jose Luis SALAS, Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Gylfi Páll HERSIR [Paper]

[13129] "Geophysical Study on Nord Ghoubet Geothermal Prospect, Djibouti," [Presenter: ], Salahadine MAHAMOUD, Nasradin IBRAHIM and Hassan MAGAREH [Paper]

[13222] "Using Seismic Interferometry to Identify and Monitor Fluids in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: ], Eric MATZEL [Paper]

[13231] "Geothermal Resources Database in Saudi Arabia (GRDiSA); GIS Model and Geothermal Favorability Map," [Presenter: ], Essam ABOUD, Atef QADDAH, Hussein HARBI, Faisal ALQAHTANI [Paper]

[14016] "Geochemistry Characteristic Monitoring at LHD-α, a Cyclic Geothermal Well in Lahendong Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: ], Wahyu FIRMANSYAH, Teguh PRABOWO, Mulyanto MULYANTO, Benedict A. HANANTO, Fernando PASARIBU, and Marihot SILABAN [Paper]

[14029] "Silica Nanoparticles Produced by Flash Vaporization from Supercritical Fluids," [Presenter: ], Atsushi OKAMOTO, Takamasa NIIBE, Takashi AMAGAI, Nobuo HIRANO, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA [Paper]

[14059] "Reservoir Changes as Manifested in the Geochemical Signature of Production Fluids: Maibarara Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: ], Lea Carmelia D. FERNANDEZ, Michelle Q. MARZAN, Maria Victoria M. OLIVAR [Paper]

[14060] "Reservoir Tracer Testing in the Maibarara Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: ], Michelle Q. MARZAN, Lea Carmelia D. FERNANDEZ, Kennard M. MATURGO, Ray Francisdeo C. ROMEY, Maria Victoria M. OLIVAR [Paper]

[14061] "Study of Hydrothermal Alteration Based on Analysis of X-Ray Diffraction at Cisolok Geothermal Area, Sukabumi District, West Java," [Presenter: ], Andri IRAWAN, Untung SUMOTARTO, Fajar HENDRASTO [Paper]

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