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Teacher Programs

To support Earth sciences being taught in the schools, we provide opportunities for teachers to learn about Earth science along with ways for them to bring current Earth sciences research into their classrooms. Professional development workshops are designed to support teachers in public classrooms by providing connections to the California state standards. In addition we continue to develop educational resources such as curriculum and teaching kits to enhance classroom learning.

If you are interested in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Teacher Programs, we encourage you to explore our workshops listed below.

Geoscape Bay Area for Earth Sciences Teachers

We invite sixth grade science teachers to professional development program about Earth sciences in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Learn about current scientific research and understanding of the local geoscape. A geoscape is a way to look at the geological landscape - water resources, natural hazards, and earth resources.
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Climate Change Education

Join the Stanford project to bring a new global climate change curriculum to your students. You will learn the basic concepts of climate and climate change as well as the latest understandings of climate science and policy. Offered in partnership with the Stanford Teacher Education Program.
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Mercury in the Environment

From 2005-2009, we offered a workshop on Mercury in the Environment for high school science teachers, funded by the National Science Foundation.

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For more information about the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Teacher Programs, please contact Jennifer Saltzman.

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