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Strategies for Sustainability Executive Education

Executive Education

Custom, open-enrollment and online courses for professionals 

As the global human population climbs toward 11 billion this century and consumption demands increase, we must find ways to meet the needs of people in ways that do not forego possibilities for future generations. How do we provide energy, water, food, and shelter and improve access to healthcare, education, security, and opportunity, all the while protecting climate, atmosphere, ecosystems, and natural resources for the benefit of future generations? These problems demand a new kind of leader.

What we offer

Drawing on faculty from Stanford’s schools of business, design and earth, our executive programs integrate innovation and design, behavioral sciences, cutting-edge research on the ever-changing world of industry, and sustainability science. The program prepare participants to be more effective change leaders and accelerate the transition to sustainability by developing their capacity to:

  • Understand Complex Systems: Examine the relationships among— and learn strategies for managing—the assets that determine social well-being across generations. 

  • Reorient Mindsets and Behavior: Develop mindsets and lead change efforts to shift behavior and decision-making so that it integrates social, environmental and economic values.
  • Innovate at Scale: Learn how to catalyze large-scale transformations through breakthrough innovation and novel partnerships.

Strategies for Sustainability Executive Education Program

Leadership, Strategy and Tools for Sustainability

The Strategies for Sustainability Program teaches the core mindsets, knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainability and resilience in today's complex environment. 

Online: Essentials for Business: Put Theory into Practice is a short online course that provides an overarching perspective on sustainability and the engagement of business in new strategies and business models that mitigate risk and strengthen long-term value creation. The course offers frameworks and tools to advance sustainability in organizations.

On Campus: Leadership and Design Thinking for Corporate Sustainability Challenges, is a 2.5-day program on campus that prepares professionals to lead change in their organizations by learning and applying transformative leadership and design thinking approaches to sustainability challenges. Participants who take the online course and attend the in-person program will receive a Stanford Certificate of Completion. 

Strategies for Sustainability Featured Events

Strategies for Sustainability Course - Leadership and Design Thinking for Corporate Sustainability Challenges

"Leadership and Design Thinking for Corporate Sustainability Challenges" is a 2.5 day course on Stanford's campus for organizational leaders focused on promoting sustainability and resilience in today’s complex environment. You will learn how to apply design thinking and transformative leadership skills from Stanford's experienced faculty while networking with other global managers from corporate, government, and non-profit fields. Dates: TBD October 2020.