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Stanford Earth Fund Annual Summary


Stanford Earth population infographic

Stanford Earth By The Numbers: 65 Faculty, 5300 Alumni, 550 Students. Students are made up of 23% undergraduates and 77% Masters, Engineer, and PhD.

Gifts to the Stanford Earth Fund in 2016-17 helped fuel innovations in the classroom, the laboratory, and the field.

Stanford Earth thanks the generous donors who provided vital funding for new approaches to learning, discovery, and problem-solving like those described here.


Dustin Schroeder stands in front of airplane in Antarctica

Stanford Earth’s Dustin Schroeder researches new ways of observing, understanding, and predicting the configuration of ice sheets using ice-penetrating radar data.

students at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

New course covering deep sea microbes and outer space draws students from all majors into the study of planet Earth.

Farm field trip

Stanford Earth aims to draw more than 1,000 students from multiple majors for field learning every year at its working farm, complete with animals and crops.

Data visualization showing vegetation patterns in the United States

The class is designed for students from any major or background who want to understand how data analytics can help solve challenges impacting Earth and its inhabitants.

As seen @StanfordEarth

Student climbing rocks

Geology undergrads spent six weeks this summer in the department’s advanced field course.

Shersingh Tumber and Alexis Wilson

The SURGE program played an important role in Shersingh Tumber’s journey to Stanford. Now he mentors others on the same path.

K-12 teachers participating in Stanford Earth's Geoscape program

In Geoscape, K-12 science teachers discover new ways to share knowledge about our planet with their students.

Crater Lake

Batteries, anyone? Professor Gail Mahood’s team unveiled a new method for locating lithium in supervolcanic lake deposits.