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In Case of Emergency...

Use "911" to report emergencies from School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Buildings. This number can be used for reporting an unusual odor, a spill involving a chemical, radioactive, or biological material, utility failures, a medical emergency or a work related injury. Outdoor Blue tower phones will automatically reach the 911 Operator.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Work Injury
  • Any Chemical Spill
  • Fire or Explosion
  • Security Emergency
  • Radioactive Spill
  • Unusual Odor
  • Utility Failure

To reach Palo Alto emergency responders directly: 243.2433


Emergency Instructions

  • Accident - Report the emergency, Give first aid. Stay with the victim.
  • Fire - Report the fire. Pull fire alarm. Evacuate. Do not use elevators.
  • Earthquake - Drop and take cover. Wait until the shaking stops to evacuate. Do not use elevators. Buildings will be examined before re-entry.
  • Bomb Threat - Report a threat or suspicious object to 911.
  • Power Outage - Most outages are resolved quickly. Wait for situation updates.
  • If there is an evacuation - Go to the nearest Emergency Assembly Point (EAP). Wait for instructions after an evacuation. Be patient. Listen to SU bulletins and updates on the Stanford Emergency Information Hotlines and on KZSU (90.1 FM).
Bulletins and Updates will be posted by the Emergency Management Team
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Emergency Information Hotline 723-1339
Stanford University Emergency Information Hotline (650) 725-5555


Additional Contact Information

Stanford University Clinics (650) 723-5631
Sequoia Occupational Medicine (650) 566-0288
Office of Risk Management (650) 723-7400
Stanford University EH&S General Information (650) 723-0448
Stanford University Emergency Response Team (Urgent Call) (650) 725-9999
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Programs Office (650) 736-1002