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These stories offer a glimpse of the many ways in which faculty and students are addressing some of today's greatest challenges in the Earth and environmental sciences.
Surprising source for ancient life biomarker found
Submitted on Oct 20, 2015

Our discovery of a bactrerial tetrhaymnol synthase has been featured on the SE3 news site!

EESS Seminar 02/04/15 - Daithi Stone, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Submitted on Jan 30, 2015

Can we attribute changes in risk to anthropogenic emissions?

Welcome to our new postdoc - Zhirui (Ray) Zeng
Submitted on Jan 22, 2015

Ray joins our group after completing his PhD work with Mike Tice at Texas A&M and will be working on hopanoid biosynthesis.

EESS Seminar 01/14/15 - Andreas Mulch, Cox Visiting Professor
Submitted on Jan 12, 2015

Stable isotope paleoaltimetry and the evolution of landscapes and life

EESS Seminar 11/05/14 - Jan Amend, USC
Submitted on Nov 05, 2014
EESS Seminar 10/08/14 - Tanja Bosak, MIT
Submitted on Oct 06, 2014