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Departments & Programs



Anne Sanquini, Graduate Student

Anne is a fourth-year Ph.D. student. She is studying methods to accelerate the mitigation of natural hazard risk, and improve community resilience.

Felipe Aron , Posdoctoral Research fellow

I'm a structural geologist working with geological, geophysical,
tectonic geomorphology and engineering methods to study earthquake
geology and active tectonics, analyzing the response of the landscape to
fault activity.

Please check my website for more details about the projects that I'm working on

George  Hilley

George Hilley , Associate Professor

Active tectonics, quantitative structural geology and geomorphology; Geographic Information Systems;unsaturated zone gas transport; near-surface hydrologic response and landscape development;active deformation and mountain belt growth in central Asia, central Andes, and along the San Andreas Fault; integrated investigation of earthquake hazards.

Sam Johnstone , Graduate Student, Geological & Environmental Sciences

I am interested in the links between the processes that erode and transport materials on earth's surface and the resulting landscape forms.

Eitan Shelef , Graduate Student, Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences

My research interests are in the interaction of geomorphology, structural geology and active tectonics. Currently I am working on the affect of lithologic parameters on landscape evolution in areas of folded and deformed strata in the western US. I love the outdoors, especially deserts and high mountains.

Miles Traer , Graduate Student, Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences

Turbidity current flow modeling and derivation of laboratory-independent erosion and sediment transport laws.