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Tieyuan Zhu

Title:Graduate Student, Department of Geophysics
Primary Affiliation:Department of Geophysics
Other Affiliations:Geophysics
Office Location:Mitchell Bldg  457
Research Group:SWP
Alternative Website:

I am a 5th-year Ph.D student in geophysics department. At stanford, I work with Professor Jerry M Harris. My research interests mainly focus on seismic wave propagation in attenuative media , seismic inversion, time-lapse data processing, and reservoir characterization. One project is to develop an approach to simultaneously fit multi-geophysics data sets. Another project is to estimate reservoir parameters from time-lapse data.


  • Joint inversion of Vp and Vs traveltime and attenuation data.

  • Reservoir characterization using elastic parameters

  • Forward modeling and behavior of seismic wave in viscoelastic media.

  • Time reversal imaging and reverse time migration in viscoelastic media



    • 2008 | Ms, Seismology, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science
    • 2005 | Bs, Geophysics, China University of Geosciences

Professional Experience


Honors & Awards

    • 2007 – 2008 | Outstanding Graduate student in Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • 2004 – 2005 | National Fellowsihps From China Education Minst.


    • Journals
    1. Zhu, T.,
    2. Carcione, J. M., and Harris J. M., Approximating constant-Q seismic propagation in the time domain: 2012, to be submitted to Geophysical Prospecting
    3. Zhu, T., and
    4. Harris J. M., Time-domain constant-Q
    5. wave propagation using the fractional Laplacian: 2012, In preparation
    6. Zhu, T.,
    7. Harris J. M., and Quan Y., Time-lapse data processing and estimating pore
    8. pressure from time-lapse velocity data in McElroy, West Texas: 2012, In preparation
    9. Zhu, T. and
    10. Harris J. M., Iterative joint inversion of P-wave and S-wave crosswell
    11. traveltime data: 2012, In preparation
    12. Zhu, T., and
    13. Harris J. M., Time reversal experiments in constant Q media: 2012, In preparation
    14. Zhu, T., and
    15. Harris J. M., Delineating reservoir by boundary-preserving regularization
    16. inversion: a case study: 2012, In
    17. preparation.
    • Conference abstracts
    1.  Zhu, T., and Harris J. M., 2012, Deriving time-domain
    2. constant-Q wave propagation using the
    3. fractional Laplacian: will present at 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San
    4. Francisco, Calif., 3-7 Dec.
    5.  Zhu, T., Carcione, J. M., and Harris, J. M., Approximating
    6. constant-Q seismic propagation in the
    7. time domain: SEG Expanded Abstracts (2012), DOI:10.1190/1.3628126 (Presentation)
    8.  Shen, X., Zhu,
    9. T., and Harris, J. M., Early-arrival waveform inversion: Application to
    10. cross-well field data: 2012, SEP-147, Stanford University
    11.  Zhu, T. and Harris J. M., Iterative joint inversion of P-wave
    12. and S-wave crosswell traveltime data: SEG Expanded Abstracts 30, 479 (2011),
    13. DOI:10.1190/1.3628126 (Presentation)
    14.  Quan, Y., Zhu,
    15. T., Harris, J. M., Burnstad, R. M., and Zarantonello, S. E., Image
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    18.  Zhu, T., Zhang, Z., and Xu, T., Numerical modeling of
    19. seismic scattering in viscoelastic and fractured media: 13th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy, August 2008, USA.
    20.  Zhu, T. and Zhang, Z., Finite-Difference Modeling in 2-D Viscoelastic-Fractured
    21. media:  International Geophysical and Geological Conference and Exhibition
    22. SEG/EAGO Tyumen 2007, 4-7 Dec 2007, Russia.

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