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Departments & Programs


Upscaling/Multiscale/Reduced-Order Modeling

The geological complexity of a reservoir combined with complex flow behavior lead to large discrete models. Simulation of such models is very time consuming. Techniques such as upscaling, multiscale modeling, and reduced order modeling can provide an approximation of the reservoir model adequate for reservoir management and optimization. We are developing methods for upscaling of complex physical problems such as gas and steam injection.




Research Projects

  • Upscaling techniques for fractured reservoirs
- Bin Gong (Thesis)
  • Near-well flow upscaling techniques
- Mun-Hong (Robin) Hui (Thesis)
- Toshinori Nakashima (Thesis)
  • Upscaling techniques for compositional simulations

- Hangyu Li (Web)
- Amir Salehi (Web)
  • Multiscale methods
- Karine Andranikova Levonyan (Web)
- Steven Emil Vogel (Web)
- Yixuan Wang (Web)
- Hui Zhou (Thesis)
  • Reduced-Order Modeling
- Marco Antonio Cardoso (Thesis)
- Jincong He (Thesis)
- Matthieu Rousset (Web)