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Departments & Programs



Research in the following areas is now being carried in the Stress and Crustal Mechanics Group:

  • Stimulation mechanisms of permeability in shale gas/tight gas/tight oil reservoirs including hydraulic fracturing, microseismicity and slow slip on faults
  • State of stress and controls and fault-controlled permeability in geothermal systems
  • Rate and state friction parameters of organic rich shales
  • Viscoplastic deformation of organic rich shales and its affect on rock properties, the state of stress and the evolution of geologic structures
  • Permeability,adsorption and gas transport in organic rich shales
  • Micro- and nano-imaging of organic rich shales
  • Affects of depletion on ultra-deep water Paleogene reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Assessment and management of risks associated with triggered and induced fault slip