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Departments & Programs



Laura Chiaramonte

Thesis: Geomechanical Characterization and Reservoir Simulation of a CO2 Sequestration Project in a Mature Oil Field, Teapot Dome, WY

Current Employer / Position: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory / Research Scientist

Owen Hurd

Thesis: Geomechanical Analysis of Intraplate Earthquakes and Earthquakes Induced During Stimulation of Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs

Current employer: EOG Resources

Hanna Ross

Thesis: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery in Unmineable Coalbeds of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Current Employer:  Consultant and full time Mum to two gorgeous girls

Naomi Boness

Thesis: Physical properties and multi-scale seismic anisotropy in the
crust surrounding the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CA

Current Employer / Position: Chevron / Senior Geophysicist

Jeremy Brown

Thesis: Fault Reactivation Potential and Stress Path due to Severe Depletion and Subsequent Injection in Paleocene (Lower Tertiary) Reservoirs of the Gulf of Mexico

Current Employer/Position: Baker Hughes/Geomechanics Specialist, Reservoir Software B.V.

Alvin Chan

Thesis: Production-Induced Reservoir Compaction, Permeability Loss and Land Surface Subsidence. Ph.D. in 2004.

Current Employer/Position: Geomechanicist for Shell's deepwater assets
in the Gulf of Mexico. My research interests focus mainly on the
integration of structural geology, rock physics, geomechanics and their
impacts on field development plans and daily operations.

Lourdes Colmenares

Thesis: Rock Strength Under True Triaxial loading, Seismotectonics of Northern South America and Geomechanics and Coal Bed Methane Production in the Powder River Basin

Employer/Position: Self-employed/Educator

Noha Farghal

Noha Farghal

Thesis: Fault and Fracture Identification and Characterization in 3D Seismic Data from Unconventional Reservoirs


Amy Fox

Thesis: Characterization and Modeling of In Situ Stress Heterogeneity

Current Employer/position: Canadian Discovery Ltd., Calgary, Alberta / Senior Geomechanics Specialist

Balz Grollimund

Thesis: Impact of Deglaciation on Stress and Implications for Seismicity and Hydrocarbon Exploration

Employer/Position: Swiss Reinsurance Company/ Head of the Earthquake team within the Natural Catastrophe unit of Swiss Re. I am responsible for overseeing the underwriting tools the company uses to assess earthquake risks for treaty and single risk businesses, supporting the development of non-traditional risk transfer instruments, as well as providing expert advice in all aspects related to geological hazards.

Alex Hakso

Thesis: Analysis of Microseismic Multiplets and Fracture networks in a Hydraulic Fracturing Operation

Amie Hows

Thesis: Geomechanical analysis applied to geological carbon dioxide sequestration, induced seismicity in deep mines, and detection or stress-induced velocity anisotropy in sub-salt environments

Current employer/position: Shell / Research Petrohphysicist

Arjun H. Kohli

Thesis: Micromechanical controls on brittle to plastic fault zone deformation

Current Employer / Position: Stanford University Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences & SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory / Postdoctoral Scholar

Madhur Johri

Thesis: Fault Damage Zones - Observations, Dynamic Modeling, and Implications on Fluid Flow.

Current Employer / Position:  BP / Geomechanics Specialist

Ellen Mallman

Thesis: Stress Triggering of Earthquakes and Subsidence in the Louisiana Coastal Zone due to Hydrocarbon Production

Current employer/position: BP, PPFG/Geomechanics Specialist, North Sea

Stephanie Prejean

Thesis: The Interaction of Tectonic and Magmatic Processes in the Long Valley Caldera, CA

Current Employer: US Geological Survey, Volcano Hazards Program

Hiroki Sone

Thesis: Mechanical properties of shale gas reservoir rocks and its relation to the in-situ stress variation observed in shale gas reservoirs

Current Employer/position: GFZ German Research Centre For Geoscience / Research Scientist

John Townend

Thesis: Mechanical constraints on the strength of the lithosphere and plate-bounding faults

Current Employer/position: School of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington/ Associate Professor and EQC Fellow in Seismic Studies

John Vermylen

Thesis: Geomechanical Studies of the Barnett Shale, Texas, USA

Current Employer: McKinsey & Company


F. Rall Walsh Stanford

F. Rall Walsh

Thesis: Seismotectonics of the Central United States and Probabilistic Assessment of Injection Induced Earthquakes

Current Employer / Position: Decision Geomechanics / Founder


Randi Walters

Randi Jean Walters

Thesis: Understanding the risk of induced earthquakes associated with oil and gas development and procedures for risk mitigation

Current employer/position: College of Western Idaho / Math Adjunct Faculty


Alec Yi Yang

Thesis: An Integrated Geomechanical, Microseismic, and Laboratory Study of the Bakken Formation

Current Position: Petrophysicist/Geomechanist for Shell deepwater well development in the Gulf of Mexico