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Harry Lisabeth wins AGU Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award
AGU News by Robin Bell and Sam Mukasa

Stress and Crustal Mechanics Group postdoctoral scholar Dr. Harry Lisabeth won the prestigious Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award from the American Geophysical Union

New maps created by Stanford scientists reveal safe locations for wastewater injection
Stanford Report by Ker Than

New maps of the geologic forces contributing to earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma could help reduce the likelihood of manmade temblors associated with wastewater injection.

Studies Reveal Geological Faults, Stress Orientations in Texas, Oklahoma
SPE Oil and Gas Facilities by Stephen Whitfield

A team of geophysicists from Stanford University have compiled a map of 200 new maximum horizontal stress orientations in Texas and surrounding areas, potentially giving operators valuable information for avoiding seismic activity in their hydraulic fracturing operations. The stress map, which can be found in a paper published in the American Geophysical Union’s Geophysical Research Letters, analyzed the nature of recent seismic activity in the area, much of which may have been triggered by the injection of wastewater below ground.

Under Pressure, Scientists Seek Solutions to Human-Caused Earthquakes
Scientific American by Anna Kuchment

Wastewater injection has created seismic problems in states like Oklahoma and Texas—but there are ways to mitigate the rumbling.

In a Decade, Oklahoma's Earthquakes Will Be Normal Again
The Atlantic by Robinson Meyer

Next year, though, the state faces a 40-percent risk of a major tremor.

Oklahoma earthquakes linked to oil and gas wastewater disposal wells, say Stanford researchers
Stanford Report by Ker Than

A new Stanford study finds that the recent spike in
triggered earthquakes in Oklahoma is primarily due to the injection of
wastewater produced during oil production—but not from fracking.

Leading scientists say unconventional gas is 'safe' if extracted carefully
Australian Broadcasting Corporation by David Claughton and Sofie Wainwright

Leading scientists from around the world have gathered in Sydney, to make the case for developing massive unconventional gas resources, despite widespread global opposition.

Mark Zoback elected Einstein Chair Professor by Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Sciences awards Einstein Professorships to 20 distinguished international scientists each year actively working at the frontiers of science and technology.

Mark Zoback awarded Louis Neel Medal of the European Geosciences Union, recognizing outstanding scientists in Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

Geophysics Professor Mark Zoback has been awarded the 2013 Louis Neel Medal of the European Geosciences Union, recognizing outstanding scientists in Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics. This medal has been established by the Division on Magnetism, Palaeomagnetism and Rock Physics in recognition of the scientific achievements of Louis Eugène Felix Néel, who shared the 1970 Nobel Prize of Physics for his fundamental research and discoveries concerning antiferromagnetism.