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Stanford MS and PhD theses


Harrison, C.P.
Aspects of the deposition and depositional architecture of the Upper Miocene Stevens deep-water depositional system, southern San Joaquin Basin, Kern County, California
M.S. thesis, Stanford University, 132 p.


Chester, T.L.
Analysis of vertical cyclicity patterns in two sediment gravity flow sequences
M.S. thesis, Stanford University, 169 p.


Murray, C. J.
Analysis of bed thickness and grain size patterns in a turbidite section from the Great Valley Sequence, Cache Creek, Northern California: in Murray, C.J., Geostatistical Applications in Petroleum Geology and Sedimentary Geology
Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, Chap. 4, p. 183-235.

Zeng, J.
Numerical simulation of turbidity current flow and sedimentation
Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, 300 p.