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Peer-reviewed papers


Kremer, C.H., McHargue, T., Scheucher, L., & Graham, S.A. (2018). Transversely-sourced mass-transport deposits and stratigraphic evolution of a foreland submarine channel system: Deep-water tertiary strata of the Austrian Molasse Basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology. Article link

Lowe, D.R., Graham, S.A., Malkowski, M.A., & Das, B, in-review, The role of avulsion and splay development in deep-water channel systems: sedimentology, architecture, and evolution of the deep-water Pliocene Godavari channel complex, India, submitted to Marine and Petroleum Geology.

Malkowski, M.A., Jobe, Z.R., Sharman, G.R., & Graham, S.A. (2018). Down-slope facies variability within deep-water channel systems: Insights from the Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, southern Patagonia. Sedimentology. Article link

Malkowski, M.A., G.R. Sharman, S. Johnstone, M.J. Grove, D.L. Kimbrough, & S.A. Graham, in-review, Dilution and propagation of provenance trends in sand and mud: Geochemistry and detrital zircon geochronology of modern sediment from central California (U.S.A.), submitted to American Journal of Science.

Nieminski, N.M., Grove, M., & Lowe, D.R. (2018). Provenance of the Neoproterozoic deep-water Zerrissene Group of the Damara Orogen, Namibia, and paleogeographic implications for the closing of the Adamastor Ocean and assembly of the Gondwana supercontinent. GSA Bulletin. Article link

Rotzien, J.R., Browne, G.H., & King, P.R. (2018). Geochemical, petrographic, and uranium–lead geochronological evidence for multisourced polycyclic provenance of deepwater strata in a hybrid tectonic setting: The upper Miocene upper Mount Messenger Formation, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. AAPG Bulletin. Article link

Shumaker, L.E., Sharman, G.R., King, P.r., & Graham., S.A. (2018). The source is in the sink: Deep‐water deposition by a submarine volcanic arc, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. Sedimentology. Article link

Sickmann, Z.T., Schwartz, T.M., Malkowski, M.A., Dobbs, S.C. & Graham, S.A., in-review, Interpreting large detrital provenance datasets in retroarc foreland basins: An example from the Magallanes Austral Basin, southernmost Patagonia, submitted to GSA Lithosphere


AlKawai, W.H., Mukerji, T., Hosford Scheirer, A., and Graham, S.A. (2017). Combining Seismic Reservoir Characterization Workflows with Basin Modeling in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Mississippi Canyon Area. AAPG Bulletin. Article link

Alkawai, W., Mukerji, T., Hosford Scheirer, A., & Graham, S.A. (2017). Integrating Statistical Rock Physics and Pressure and Thermal History Modeling to Map Reservoir Lithofacies in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Geophysics
In review

Malkowski, M.A.; Sharman, G.R.; Graham, S.A.; & Fildani, A. (2017). Characterisation and diachronous initiation of coarse clastic deposition in the Magallanes–Austral foreland basin, Patagonian Andes. Basin Research. Article link

Malkowski, M.A., Schwartz, T.M., Sharman, G.R., Sickmann, Z.T., and Graham, S.A. (2017). Stratigraphic and provenance variations in the early evolution of the Magallanes-Austral foreland basin: Implications for the role of longitudinal versus transverse sediment dispersal during arc-continent collision. GSA Bulletin

Nieminski, N.M. & Graham, S.A. (2017). Modeling stratigraphic architecture using small unmanned aerial vehicles and photogrammetry: Examples from the Miocene East Coast Basin, New Zealand. Journal of Sedimentary Research

Schwartz, T.M., Fosdick, J.C., Graham, S.A. (2017). Using detrital zircon U-Pb ages to calculate Late Cretaceous sedimentation rates in the Magallanes-Austral basin, Patagonia Basin Research 

Sharman, G.R., Hubbard, S.M., Covault, J.A., Weislogel, A.L., and Graham, S.A., (IN PRESS). Spatial and temporal evolution of sediment routing in the Alpine foreland basin system:  Integrated seismic stratigraphy and detrital-zircon geochronology. Geological Society of America Bulletin

Sharman, G.R.; Schwartz, T.M.; Shumaker, L.E.; Trigg, C.R.; Nieminski, N.M.; Sickmann, Z.T.; Malkowski, M.A.; Hourigan, J.K.; Schulein, B.J.; & Graham, S.A. (2017). Submarine mass failure within the deltaic Domengine Formation (Eocene), California (USA). Geosphere

Shumaker, L.E., Sharman, G.R., King, P.R., Graham, S.A. (2017). The source is in the sink: Deep-water deposition by a submarine volcanic arc, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. Sedimentology
In Review

Sickmann, Z.T., Schwartz, T.M., & Graham, S.A., (2017). Refining stratigraphy and tectonic history using detrital zircon maximum depositional age: An example from the Cerro Forteleza Formation, Austral Basin, southern Patagonia. Basin Research
Accepted, pending revisions.


Dumitru, T.A., Elder, W.P., Hourigan, J.K., Chapman, A.D., Graham, S.A., and, Wakabayashi, J. (2016). Four Cordilleran paleorivers that connected Sevier thrust zones in Idaho to depocenters in California, Washington, Wyoming, and, indirectly, Alaska

Maier, K.L., Crundwell, M.P., Coble M.A., King, P.E., & Graham, S.A. (2016). Refined depositional history and dating of the Tongaporutuan reference section, north Taranaki, New Zealand: new volcanic ash U–Pb zircon ages, biostratigraphy and sedimentation rates.