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Abstracts from national and international meetings


Hernandez, M.; Trigg, C.R.; & Lowe, D.R. (2017). Some Controls on the Distribution of Slurry-Flow Deposits, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, April 2-5, 2017


Romans, B., Auchter, N.C., Bernhardt, A., Covault, J.A., Daniels, B.G., Fildani, A., Fosdick, J., Hubbard, S.M., Jobe, Z.R., Malkowski, M.A., Schwartz, T.M., Sickmann, Z.T., Stright, L., and Graham, S.A.
Stratigraphic Record of Foreland Basin Dynamics, Cretaceous Magallanes-Austral Basin, Chile and Argentina. AAPG Annual Meeting, Calgary, 2016.

Sickmann, Z. and Graham, S.A.
Stratigraphic Evolution of the Northern Magallanes-Austral Basin, Argentine Patagonia. AAPG Annual Meeting, Calgary, 2016


Malkowski, MA.
Facies Variations Along an Ancient Deep-Water Axial Channel Belt: Insights from the Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Magallanes–Austral Basin, Patagonia. AGU 2015, San Francisco

Shumaker, L.
Constraining the Formation of Submarine Gullies on Continental Slopes. AGU 2015, San Francisco

Trigg, C.R., Lowe, D.R., Al-Ramadan, K., and Koeshidayatullah, A.
Deepwater Sedimentation in a Proximal, Rift-Margin Setting: Observations of Syn-Rift Strata, Northern Red Sea. AAPG Annual Meeting, Denver, 2015

Trigg, C.R., Jobe, J.R., and Lowe, D.R.
Stacking Patterns and Petrographic Analysis of Slurry Beds of the Wilcox Formation, Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Flow Evolution and Depositional Setting. AAPG Annual Meeting, Denver, 2015


Hubbard, S.M.; Sharman, G.; Covault, J.A.
Oligo-Miocene Alpine Sediment Routing from Integrated Analysis of Seismic-Reflection Data and Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology. AGU 2014, San Francisco

Malkowski, M.A.; Sharman, G; Graham, S.A.
Geochronology, Stratigraphy, and Provenance of the Early Fill of the Magallanes-Austral Basin, Southern Patagonia: Diachronous Initiation of a Retroarc Foreland Basin. AGU 2014, San Francisco

Nieminski, N. and Graham, S.A.
Modeling Stratigraphic Architecture of Deep-water Deposits Using a Small Unmanned Aircraft: Neogene Thin-bedded Turbidites, East Coast Basin, New Zealand. AGU, San Francisco, 2014.

Nieminski, N.
Stratigraphic architecture and facies distribution of the deep-water Neoproterozoic Zerrissene Group, Damara Orogen, Namibia. GSA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 2014.

Schwartz, T., Leppe, M., Graham, S.A., and Menotti, T.
The Applicability of Detrital Zircon in Determining Depositional Ages and Sedimentation Rates in a Retroarc Foreland Basin, Upper Cretaceous Magallanes-Austral Basin, Patagonia. AGU, San Francisco, 2014

Schwartz, T.M.
Placing stable isotope stratigraphy in context of detailed sedimentology: A case study of the Paleogene Sage Creek Basin, Montana. GSA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 2014.

Shumaker, L.
Miocene deep-water deposition by a submarine volcanic arc: Mohakatino Formation, Taranaki basin, New Zealand. 2014 GSA Annual Meeting, Vancouver


Schwartz, T.M., and Graham, S.A., 2013, Stratigraphic architecture of the Late Cretaceous Dorotea Formation, Patagonian Chile and Argentina: implications for tectonic amplification of tidal activity [abs]: AGU 2013, San Francisco.

Sharman, G.
Spatial Provenance trends in the Late Cretaceous-Eocene California forearc: Implications for margin tectonism and paleogeography. GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, 2013.

Zentner, D. and Lowe, D.R., 2013, Archean deep-water depositional system: Interbedded banded iron formation and turbidites in the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa. European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.


Burgreen, B., and Graham, S.A. 
Stratigraphic architecture of the upper Miocene Hikuwai Sandstone - upper Mapiri Formation, Raukumara Region, East Coast Basin, North Island, New Zealand: AAPG Annual Convention, Long Beach, CA. (Abstract)

Maier, K.L., McHargue, T., Paull, C.K., Graham, S.A.
Deep-water channel evolution in the Pleistocene-Holocene Lucia Chica channel system, offshore central California, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Meeting. (Abstract)

Malkowski, M.A., Schwartz, T.M., Fosdick, J.C., and Graham, S.A.
Provenance of Jurassic-Cretaceous stratigraphy from the Argentinian sector of the Magallanes-Austral Basin, southern Patagonia: AAPG Annual Convention, Long Beach, CA. (Abstract)