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Departments & Programs




Andrea Fildani , Geologist, Statoil

Dr. A. Fildani is a research scientist at Statoil.


Tim McHargue , Chevron consultant, Consulting faculty, Stanford

Dr. Tim McHargue is a research consultant at ChevronTexaco and a Consulting Faculty member in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Stanford. He specializes in sequence and seismic stratigraphy, as well as turbidite reservoir characterization. He is involved in SPODDS as a co-advisor and thesis committee member for numerous students.


Bill Normark (d.) , Scientist, USGS

Dr. Bill Normark (1944-2008)
Dr. Bill Normark was a renowned scientist with the United States Geological Survey. His scientific contributions in the field of marine geology over the last 3 decades significantly improved our understanding of amongst other things, the sedimentological processes associated with submarine fans. He was a co-advisor and thesis committee member for numerous students in SPODDS. He is greatly missed.


Charlie Paull , Senior Scientist/Science Department Chair, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Since coming to MBARI I also have been involved with a series of projects focused on tracking the on-going movement of sediment through Monterey and other submarine canyons along the California coast. These efforts have been greatly aided by MBARI’s state of the art technologies, which include ROV’s to access and sample within submarine canyons, engineering efforts to develop and deploy monitoring systems within Monterey Canyon, and a mapping AUV that provides 1m bathymetric grids and is capable of operating within these canyons.