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Ice Streams and the Physics of Meltdowns

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Photo taken by the Ice Bridges Project, NASA

Slug or Plug: Why does Stromboli volcano erupt?

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Photo by Tim Pfeiffer

Rethinking tsunami preparedness

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Under the Macroscope

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Injection Model

Crystals stirred not shaken

SIGMA group

About us

The research of the SIGMA group aims at advancing our basic understanding and predictive capabilities of complex multi-phase flows that are fundamental to Earth science. We pursue this goal by developing original computational methods customized for the problem at hand. The phenomena we explore range from the microscopic to the planetary scale and space a wide variety of geophysics systems such as volcanoes, glaciers, and magma oceans. |More|

SIGMA Group News

SIGMA first post-doctoral scholar, Dr. David Dempsey, is now lecturer at the Dept. of Engineering Science of the University of Auckland. Congratulations, David!