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Selected conference presentations in addition to our group's publications can be found here, as well as doctoral and masters theses dating from 1982. If you are not able to access the most current publications, please contact Jef Caers.



2013 - 26th Annual Meeting

Introduction and Overview (presentation)

Exploring Needed Complexity in Fault Models using Procrustes Analysis (report / presentation)
Orhun Aydin and Jef Caers

Image transforms for determining fit-for-purpose complexity of geostatistical models in flow modeling (report)
Orhun Aydin and Jef Caers

Conditioning Surface-Based Geological Models to well and Thickness Data (report)
Antoine Bertoncello, Tao Sun, Hongmei Li, Gregoire Mariethoz and Jef Caers

mps-tk: A C++ toolkit for multiple-point simulation algorithms (presentation)
Alexandre Boucher

A strategy for managing uncertainty (report) / (presentation)
Jef Caers

A strategy for rapid updating of conceptual model, trend and reservoir facies model at the appraisal stage (report / presentation)
Jef Caers

Sensitivity analysis and cascaded interpretation scheme for subtle seismic signatures in thin shaly-sand reservoirs (report / presentation)
Piyapa Dejtrakulwong, Tapan Mukerji and Gary Mavko

High order stochastic simulations and some effects on flow through heterogeneous media (presentation)
Roussos Dimittrakopoulos

Quantifying asymmetric parameter interaction in sensitivity analysis: application to reservoir modeling (report / presentation)
Darryl Fenwick, Céline Scheidt and Jef Caers

Bayesian inversion of time-lapse seismic data for porosity, pressure and saturation changes (report / presentation)
Dario Grana, and Tapan Mukerji

A bootstrap procedure for estimation of parameter sensitivity from proxy flow models (presentation)
Ogy Grujic and Jef Caers

Modeling Geological Scenario Uncertainty from Seismic Data using Pattern Similarity (report / presentation)
Cheolkyun Jeong, Céline Scheidt, Jef Caers, and Tapan Mukerji

Training image-based scenario modeling of fractured reservoirs for flow uncertainty quantification (report / presentation)
Andre Jung, Darryl H. Fenwick and Jef Caers

Statistical Integration of Time-lapse Seismic and Electromagnetic Data for Reservoir Monitoring and Management (report / presentation)
Jaehoon Lee, Tapan Mukerji and Michael Tompkins

Possibility as a complement to probability in quantifying geological scenario uncertainty: a deep-water reservoir case study (report / presentation)
Lewis Li and Jef Caers

SGeMS-UQ: An Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit for SGEMS (report / presentation / video)
Lewis Li, Alexandre Boucher and Jef Caers

The impact of the scale of geological variability on geostatistical conditioning to effective properties (presentation)
Brent Lowry and Jef Caers

Building Bayesian networks from basin modeling scenarios for improved geological decision making (report / presentation)
Gabriele Martinelli, Jo Eidsvik, Richard Sinding-Larsen, Sara Rekstad, and Tapan Mukerji

History matching and uncertainty quantification of facies models with multiple geological interpretations (report)
Hyucksoo Park, Céline Scheidt, Darryl Fenwick, Alexandre Boucher and Jef Caers