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Selected conference presentations in addition to our group's publications can be found here, as well as doctoral and masters theses dating from 1982. If you are not able to access the most current publications, please contact Jef Caers.



A neighborhood algorithm for modeling dual medium scenario uncertainty from production data (report / presentation
Sarah Alsaif 

Fast modeling of structural uncertainty by means of image dilation in the depositional domain (report / presentation)
Orhun Aydin

Assessing uncertainties on production forecasting based on production profile reconstruction from a few dynamic simulations (presentation
Gaetan Bardy

An extendable C++ library for algorithm design in MPS (presentation
Alex Boucher

Multiple-point geostatistics: stochastic modeling with training images (presentation)
Jef Caers

Updating prior probabilities through kriging in metric space: application to history matching (report /presentation) 
Darryl Fenwick 

Forecasting framework for shale gas reservoirs based on functional data analysis (presentation
Ogy Grujic

Model selection by functional decomposition of a multi-proxy flow response (report / presentation)
Ogy Grujic

Modeling geological scenario uncertainty from seismic data using pattern similarity: Application to channelized turbidite reservoir, West Africa (report / presentation)
Celine Scheidt, Cheolkyun Jeong 

Probabilistic Particle Swarm Optimization (pro-PSO) for integrating prior information and hierarchical parameters (report / presentation)
Jaehoon Lee

Universal kriging and co-kriging with training images (report / presentation
Lewis Li

A Matlab-to-SGEMS plugin design (report / presentation)
Lewis Li

Uncertainty maps for seismic imaging through geostatistical model randomization (report / presentation)
Lewis Li 

Sensitivity analysis of pre-stack seismic inversion on facies classification using statistical rock physics (report / presentation)
Peipei Li 

Direct conditioning of upscaled reservoir models to fine scale well data using direct sampling (presentation)
Brent Lowry 

2014 - 27th Annual Meeting
Download all presentations (zip file - 159MB)
Download all reports (zip file - 55MB)

Introduction and Overview (presentation)
Tapan Mukerji

A benchmark synthetic dataset for fractured reservoir (report / presentation)
Ankur Roy, Yongduk Shin, Orhun Aydin

Direct forecasting by correlating functional basis components of history with future production response (report / presentation) 
Addy Satija

Seismo-electric imaging with virtual electrodes (presentation)
Paul Sava

Joint updating of trend and depositional model uncertainty at the exploration to early appraisal stage (report / presentation) 
Celine Scheidt