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The nature and extent of the SCRF affiliates program allows for paradigm-changing research in the field of geostatistics and numerical reservoir modeling. We are not bound by the limited extent of project-based research with its short-term deadlines and limited scope. This long-term perspective has lead to revolutionary changes in reservoir modeling, amongst which: the introduction of stochastic simulation in reservoir modeling, GSLIB as a standard geostatistical software package, the advent of multiple-point geostatistics, practical solutions for large-scale inverse problems with geological constraints, an open-source software termed S-GEMS, techniques for modeling uncertainty. The funding mechanism of SCRF has created a long-term think-tank where a group of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, visiting scholars and industry experts come together to tackle problems of first-order importance in quantitative modeling of space-time varying phenomenon and its applications in reservoir modeling.

  • Support an interdisciplinary group at Stanford University dedicated to the general problem of reservoir characterization and reservoir performance forecasting.
  • Provide research incentives for faculty and graduate students from the traditional disciplines to cross boundaries and participate in interdisciplinary projects.
  • Integrate data of widely different volume supports and precision into unified numerical reservoir models for reservoir management.
  • Tackle the general problem of scale averaging and quantitative transfer of information from one scale to another.
  • Promote numerical geological modeling by developing practical tools for modeling realistic 3D geological structures that significantly impact flow performace.