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SCCS alumni's theses can be found here.

Thomas Henry Aird, M.S. (2014)

A Potential Sealant for Controlling Leaks from Carbon Storage Reservoirs [thesis]

Boxiao Li, Ph.D. (2014)

Modeling Geological CO2 Sequestration: Translations Across Spatial Scales and Advancements in Nonlinear Newton Solver [Ph.D. thesis]

Including Fine-Scale Capillary Heterogeneity in Modeling the Flow of CO2 and Brine in Reservoir Cores [M.S. thesis]

Dylan Moriarty, M.S. (2014)

Rapid Surface Detection of CO2 Leaks from Geologic Sequestration Sites [thesis]

Christopher Zahasky, M.S. (2014)

Quantification and Intervention Strategies for Potential Leakage from Carbon Storage Reservoirs [thesis]
Currently in Ph.D. program 

Michael Hamilton Krause, Ph.D. (2012)

Modeling and Investigation of the Influence of Capillary Heterogeneity on Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine [Ph.D. thesis]

Modelling Sub-Core Scale Permeability in Sandstone for Use in Studying Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine in Core Flooding Experiments [M.S. thesis]

Chia-Wei Kuo, Ph.D. (2012)

The Combined Influence of Gravity, Flow Rate and Small Scale Heterogeneity on Core-Scale Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine [thesis]

Whitney Sargent, M.S. (2012)

Development of a Semi-Analytical Model to Calculate Pressure Buildup and Front Movement for CO2 Sequestration Sites and Its Applicability to the Two Elk Energy Park in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming [thesis]

Israel Reyna, M.S. (2011)

Simulation Study of Cap Rock Performance in Saline Aquifers [thesis]

Lin Zuo, M.S. (2011)

An Experimental Study of CO2 Exsolution and Relative Permeability Measurements During CO2 Saturated Water Depressurization [thesis]

Ariel Melissa McKnight Esposito, M.S. (2010)

Remediation of Possible Leakage from Geologic CO2 Storage Reservoirs into Groundwater Aquifers [thesis]