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Departments & Programs




Sally Benson, Director, Precourt Institute for Energy and Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Research areas: Reducing the risks of climate change by developing energy supplies with low carbon emissions.

Dennis Bird, Professor of Geological Sciences

Research areasTheoretical geochemistry of reactions among aqueous solutions and minerals in magma-hydrothermal systems; environmental geochemistry of toxic metals in the Mother Lode Gold region, CA, and the emergence of life in the aftermath of the Moon-forming impact, ca. 4.4Ga.

Adam Brandt, Assistant Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Research areasGreenhouse gas emissions, energy systems optimization, mathematical modeling of resource depletion, life cycle analysis.

Gordon Brown, Dorrell William Kirby Professor of Geology in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and Professor of Photon Science

Research areasSurface and interface geochemistry; environmental fate of heavy metals; nanotechnology, applications of synchrotron radiation in geochemistry and mineralogy.

Louis Durlofsky, Otto N. Miller Professor, Department of Energy Resources Engineering

Research areasGeneral reservoir simulation, optimization, reduced-order modeling, upscaling, flow in fractured systems, history matching, CO2 sequestration, energy systems optimization.

Jerry Harris, The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Professor in Geophysics

Research areasComputational geosciences, reservoir geophysics, seismic attenuation, and acoustical resonance spectroscopy.

Anthony Kovscek, Keleen and Carlton Beal Professor and Chair, Department of Energy Resources Engineering

Research areasRecovery of unconventional hydrocarbon resources, mitigating carbon emissions from fossil fuels via geological sequestration of greenhouse gases.

Kate Maher, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences

Research areas: Isotope geochemistry, environmental geochemistry and kinetics, and reactive transport.

Gary Mavko, Professor (Research), Department of Geophysics

Research areas: Relationship between geophysical measurements and the rock and fluid properties that they sample in the Earth.

William Mitch, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Hamdi Tchelepi, Professor, Department of Energy Resources Engineering; Co-Director, Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Science

Research areas: Modeling flow and transport in natural porous media. Application areas include reservoir simulation and subsurface CO2 sequestration.

Tiziana Vanorio, Assistant Professor, Department of Geophysics

Research areas: Rock Physics, Fossil Energy Exploration, Volcanic and Geothermal Environments and Microseismicity.

Mark Zoback, Benjamin M. Page Professor in Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

Research areas: In situ stress, fault mechanics, and reservoir geomechanics with an emphasis on shale gas, tight gas and tight oil production, the feasibility of long-term geologic storage of CO2 and the occurrence of induced and triggered earthquakes.