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SCCS Winter Seminar - Boxiao Li

Date(s):February 14, 2013
Time:4:15 PM - 5:05 PM
Location: Green Earth Sciences Building Room 365


Small-Scale Heterogeneities in Reservoir Rocks and Its Impact on Large-Scale Simulations

Abstract: Traditional methods in measuring relative permeability and capillary
pressure curves ignore small-scale heterogeneities that naturally exist
in rock samples. The role of small-scale heterogeneities on multiphase
flow has recently received increasing awareness and it finds support
from a more extensive use of imaging techniques to characterize
laboratory core-floods. Such heterogeneities are generally believed to
have less impact under high flow-rate conditions, such as near an
injection well, and attention has been mostly given to the simulation of
the post-injection period of CO2 storage. Here, results are presented
and analyzed from a CO2/water flood experiment where the heterogeneities
influence the core-scale multiphase properties even under relatively
high flow rate. This observation suggests the necessity in honoring
small-scale heterogeneities when determining the multiphase flow
properties for large-scale simulations.