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SCCS Spring Seminar - Lin Zuo

Date(s):April 25, 2013
Time:4:15 PM
Location: Green 365

Contact: Anshul Agarwal

Investigation of Water Mobility Reduction by CO2 Exsolution

Abstract: Microscopic observation of gas liberation from carbonated water in
porous medium indicates the water phase mobility is reduced by
generating a highly dispersed and capillary-trapped gas phase. A serial
of core flooding experiments are conducted with X-ray computed tomography to
observe CO2 exsolution and saturation evolution by isothermal
depressurization (1500 to 600 psi, 50C) in various reservoir rocks (20mD
to 500mD). Water relative permeabilities were measured in CO2/water
systems. This water mobility reduction caused by CO2 exsolution is also
investigated in enhanced oil recovery applications. Comparing with
continuous carbonated water injection, core flooding experiments show
additional 10~15% OOIP can be recovered by CO2 exsolution and sequential
carbonated water injection at a lowered reservoir pressure.