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Departments & Programs



Courses Relevant to Carbon Capture & Storage:

Energy Resources Engineering

Energy 101: Energy and the Environment 

Energy 121 (221): Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow

Energy 153 (253): Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Energy 191 (291): Optimization of Energy Systems

Energy 201: Laboratory Measurements of Reservoir Rock Properties

Energy 223: Reservoir Simulation

Geophysics and Geomechanics

GEOPHYS 202: Reservoir Geomechanics

GEOPHYS 280: 3-D Seismic Imaging

GEOPHYS 385S: Wave Physics

GEOPHYS 385: Poroelasticity

Geological & Environmental Sciences

GES 90: Introduction to Geochemistry

GES 170: Environmental Geochemistry

GES 273: Isotope Geochemistry Seminar