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Eric  Lambin

Eric Lambin, George and Setsuko Ishiyama Provostial Professor; Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

My research is in the area of human-environment interactions in land systems. I develop integrated approaches to study land use change by linking remote sensing, GIS and socio-economic data. I aim at better understanding causes and impacts of changes in tropical forests, drylands, and farming systems. I currently focus on three related themes: land use transitions – i.e., the shift from deforestation (or land degradation) to reforestation (or land sparing for nature), – the influence of globalization on land use decisions, and the interactions between public and private governance aimed at promoting sustainable land use.

head shot of David Lobell

David Lobell, Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

Food Security, Climate Change, Land use, Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Modeling, Statistics, Geographic Information Systems

Nancy Thomas, Spatial Analysis Center Manager

Department of Environmental Earth System Science