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Kimberly Lau

Title:Graduate Student, Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Primary Affiliation:
Office Location:Braun 305-306C
Research Group:Paleobiology Group
Research Lab:Environmental Isotope Geochemistry
Alternative Website:Stanford Profile


My research is centered on using non-traditional stable isotope systems to decipher environmental conditions in the Early Triassic oceans.  During this time, the oceans and its life were recovering from the largest extinction in Earth history, the end-Permian biotic crisis.  However, biodiversity and other ecological indicators did not recovery until the Middle Triassic, almost 10 million years after the extinction.  I am interested in using uranium isotopes and calcium isotopes to understand the temporal and spatial extent of ocean anoxia and acidification, specifically, as these adverse marine conditions may have impacted the return of complex ecosystems.  In addition, because this event is associated with large carbon cycle perturbations, this time period has been considered as an analog to modern-day climate change.


I am co-advised by Kate Maher in the Isotope Geochemistry group and Jon Payne in the Paleobiology group.



GES 4, Historical Geology

Professional Activities




    2009 - B.S., Geology & Geophysics, Yale University

Professional Experience

    2009-2011 - Assistant Geologist/Environmental Consultant, Roux Associates

Honors & Awards

    2009 - Distinction in Geology & Geophysics, Yale University

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